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  1. 11x Anniversary Coin Vending Robot Gacha Data Collection

    Exp Extractor x3 A Grade Minium x2 S Grade Minium x1 Typical rubbish 100%
  2. Ultimate Enchantment Stone Bundle?

    This is typical of NC creating confusion using trickery involving colour coding and wording! For example in the English language a "bundle" means multiple items where as NC will only give one but yet state there are multiple items to claim! and they will use Colour code to physiologically think you are getting the best where wording saying says you are a little nyerk like the rest of us non pay to winners!
  3. TOMORROW ! Ultimate Transformation Event Please!

    Woahhh! as much as we would all like one ( apart from the P2Wers and the lucky bastards who got it on first roll) Keep demanding like a little nyerk and we all wont get anything!!
  4. Is it worth it to come back?

    If you enjoy the game then yeah try it out an rejoin... but beware NC are continuously creating a barrier from casual players to the hard core pay to winners who actually without thinking pay them for the "rights" and "ego" to bully us in order to be the best! NC have recently had these so called events which are actually pay up event.. allow P2Wers to max out their characters... Manastone event, Transform event, enchant stone event and just recently and a hefty cost is the stigma stone event! enticing?!
  5. The great NC P2W divide

    Thats right... a Pay to Win topic to which id like to bring to the attention of both NC and new/existing players. What i mean by divide is how much NC charges for these so call events to what we can actually afford which has created this massive disadvantage to the average player who cant afford hundreds to even thousands of dollars every few weeks that NC have put out these P2W events. This is the last 6 months worth of P2W events... First was the Ultimate Enchant stone (P2Winners maxed out here), Second was the Transform Contracts (P2Winners Capitalized here to get Ultimate Transform) Third was the Ultimate Manastone (P2Winners max out their sockets here) and lastly and to which i believe is by far the most expensive event to date is the Stigma "event" and my understanding it takes around 250 Stigma stones... give or take.. to get 1 Stigma to +15! now add this up and its Thousands of US dollars worth! See where im coming from?! Its either you pay your life savings to NC to not only try to be the best but minimum just to compete. Now what id like ask NC is where is the game going from here? I for one gets rolled every time it comes to PVP even though im maxed out at +15 DT gear due to P2W players on top of a lagging Server that hasn't been figured out yet! i also play often and really enjoy the game but no way in hell can afford the extortionate prices NC charge and find it demoralizing and after almost 10 years of playing am looking a quitting! i do pay some money for this game like Prestige and the odd event and even Luna! I believe you have created a massive division in the game for your own financial gain! You are constantly after new players but yet allow players to spend massive amounts of money to out the people who cant afford... hense the division!! SO looking forward to the big spender comments...
  6. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    No im not a fan as of yet! a couple of things ive noticed from Day 1...... Some items Post 7.5 are now obsolete even though with the new update they are exactly the same thing! SIS is nowhere to be seen! As a SM player we are yet again neglected and are only given a tiny defense upgrade where most characters have an attack stat upgrade?! No surprise here but another 'event' is labeled as an event where its actually a pay to win (credit card) sham! Ive tried and my friends its another big payout to NC only to fail..... just think about it! NC creating confusing with the non PVP/PVE items..... i dont know the math behind the PVP/PVE buffs to compare to the new items, hence the creation of confusion nor the understanding why they would release these items. The Paragon gear which has a great chance of destruction when trying to enchant! Honestly there's nothing more demoralizing when we spend so much time in the game only to get a fail result.... a slap in the face for even trying! more to come no doubt
  7. FM - BoS drops success rate

    I actually don't mind the drop rate for the event given the fact its easy runs for top end game gear! The annoying thing is that most of the time its useless as its not our class so i think and wish if NC made the gear account tradable so we can actually use it for our alts atleast! Ive also found drop rates don't really work all that much. Also like to point out that BoS bugs from time to time, my experience is the gates disappear and cannot pass through.... it sad and a waste when you buy the reset scrolls and this happens anyone else experience this?
  8. End Game topics of interest

    I think you guys have misunderstood, im not talking about the transformation system to which I actually like that its the transform into Guardian Generals, I just think its unfair alot of the time and yeah maybe have the top couple of ranks who should transform. Cant stand it when your out in the open world pvpn and someone get mad and has to destroy everyone by transforming into one of these guys. Yep i understand where to get A grade Miniun from but im talking about B grade. A grade is easier to get.... but whats the point when you have no A Class minions and hardly any B grade Minium to combine to get A class? cheers
  9. End Game topics of interest

    Hi guys n gals, So there's a few end game topics id like to bring to attention and i hope NC see this, now i will offend or cause outrage because nowadays people are pusses and or easily offended, BUT!! First id like to offer my opinion that NC get rid of Xform.. again... why?! Im sure anyone would know that there is nothing more demoralizing when not only is every man and his dog Xforms numerous times within an hour of every fort battle resulting in continuous death in less than 1 second.... what gets me is that NC allow these guys to no only pay to win but give them an extra buff to be almost unbeatable to the point where they run into a group and do the hulk smash with an AOE so god dam ridiculous itl kill people on other servers! how is that even skillful?! Second is Arena of Discipline rewards....why on earth do you guys give us potions that are the same as open world but can only be used in the arenas?! just takes up our cube space or 100% of the time discard! Third is Minion minium, now im pretty sure most of us have realized that it takes many many months to get enough A minium to upgrade our A classs Minions only to fail.... for me that was well over a year of collecting as not only is A minium hard to get but B class is as well and this is what im not understanding... why is B class SO hard to get and infact i believe harder than A class nowadays?! Expression of opinion is always welcome! more to come............
  10. Attack speed VS cast speed

    Hi Guys,, First post for me and i have a tonne to discuss but first id like to bring to attention is as an old Gladiator (when it was a shit class... not so much now) gone SpiritMaster im questioning if Casting speed is up to date with attack speed?! i mean given the fact i have 80% DT +15 gear meaning all DT just not all is +15 & im still finding and not only Glads but any who has attack speed (Vandal, Chanter, AT.... stun, stun,stun,silence ,silence cant do F all) am already dead before i can cast the third skill let alone any defense! On that note one of the only defenses we have is fear and im not understanding when the skill says reduces targets movement speed by %60 when in actual fact it speeds it up by %60 in the opposite direction! seems to me yet again the are on the upper hand?! Love any discussion on this topic. Cheers