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  1. Hello, I'm planning on returning to Aion and I wanted to just do a fresh start. I played since it's launch in '09 through the years quitting around the time 4.0 came out. I mained Chanter and Cleric, I'm not too concerned with what my class choices will be since from what I seem to have gathered some info on how the classes have changed since, of course I've popped in now and then just to see how stigmas changed, etc. I'm not entirely caught up so any information would be extremely helpful. I know there's going to be trolls so I'm just going to say now, I don't care too much about the state of the game or how you feel its boring at end game. I loved this game and still do and I definitely don't have the time to go as hard as I used to for PVP. I'm an official adulting casual now, so let me have my nostalgia. With that being said my biggest concerns is server population, ability to find groups, and class solo-ability. I know NCSoft still has a LOT of issues and the game is old, etc etc therefore I know some servers have better populations. I don't want to log on to a dead server, basically. I want to be able to find groups, do dungeons, join a legion, whatever. There is nothing more infuriating and depressing then you are leveling up or just logging on to play and it just consists of refreshing a dead LFG window for over an hour. And finally, class solo-ability. Cleric used to be the reigning supreme solo class for certain dungeons which made leveling up a easier, you could sell loot, etc. Is this still the case? I'm in a bit of a toss up between Cleric and Chanter only because of familiarity and I thoroughly enjoyed them PVE and PVP. But I also kind of want to try something ~new~ this time since, I might as well you know? I was looking at SM or Bard as alternatives. I've played every single class in this game thoroughly at some point except gunner/AT of which I have zero interest in, so this is kind of a tough cookie for me. Anyway sorry for the long read, much appreciated if you read it through!