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  1. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Im gonna try to give you an insite and hope maybe u guys think about this. The problem of aion 7.5 its progression, the path for new player or casual ones, the hardcore players have the same problem too, its long, so hard, and with so many ways to go back instead of forward, that players will never reach endgame. So my suggestion is take away the punishment of progression. Implement a positive progression experience. A system that if u fail upon enchantment gear, stigmas, daevanion, gems, runes or fusioning minions, a positive progression bar is filled, like in the shugo Rollet event. Every fail, instead of dropping-1 punishing the players actions, u show a bar that when filled up at its full size will be 100% success result. This will give the player a sensation of progress even if its a rng filled bar, the takes 50 failed tries of transformations legendary fusions to get a 100% success try. If u guys continue this punishement Road, aion will eventually die for new players, and only the hardcore, pay to try to win players will remain. Thats my suggestion.