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  1. Auto Hunt in TT AJAJAJAJJAJJAJAJ @Kibbelzand thx for post about open details poll
  2. Kibbelz Posted August 28, 2020 Hi everyone. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of feedback on the forums around your experiences attempting to obtain Ultimate Transformations, and we understand this has been a source of frustration for many players. With that in mind, we will be introducing a new feature which guarantees an Ultimate Transformation for any player who consumes 12 Legendary Transformations through transformation combination during a single promotional event (the current event concludes on September 2). This will also apply to all future promotions where bonus rewards are provi
  3. ID: 190020138 Stormwing Egg Item Can be used above level 1 Unsellable Unstorable in Account Warehouse Unstorable in Legion Warehouse Untradeable Cannot be enhanced Stormwing's egg. Automatically uses your cooking and magic items when necessary. You can hatch this at a Pet Minder.
  4. rubbish event again and more advantage for PTW players ........... what is next 100% paragon enchant on bcm???
  5. is seriously? not even a garbage event? I had low expectations but really no event??? ....... worst team ever
  6. Plz Add the vandal Skill Skin to the game i want it all!!!
  7. We DONT want a event with Paragon enchant rates, just DONT touch Paragon equipment plz
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