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  1. Regions & Number of Availability Zones US East. North Virginia (6), Ohio (3) US West. North California (3), Oregon (4) Asia Pacific. Mumbai (3), Seoul (4), Singapore (3), Sydney (3), Tokyo (4), Osaka-Local (1), Hong Kong SAR (3) Canada. Central (2) taken from: https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/global-infrastructure/ East or West, no Central option.
  2. Title says all @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime
  3. Surveys always are send after 12h server time, can you wait a bit, instead of crying for everything?
  4. Title says all. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime
  5. https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=937218&categoryId=0&viewMode=list&size=20 It seems, they fixed the bug of Renown Weekly Deduction, so I can bet, soon it will be applied here. And PF HM and IDD HM are not sharing entries, but less entries for each one.
  6. I read the patch notes, but is not there. It was in Gameforge's EU patch notes, and Korea Updates Notes. maybe NCSoft forgot to quote it. I have the button too, I tried and got disconnected from server.
  7. This a serious problem, because it can used in middle of PvP to get auto-disconnect, and avoid death. @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime Please, enable it or fix it.!!
  8. This is not a bug, is a 7.6 feature, the npcs has been move to Inggison/Gelkmaros.
  9. I'm playing in EU and NA and use in both regions myaion DPS, if you wanna a tester in NA
  10. The best solution (impossible, is just a dream) is give to all players, this item: This should be delivery once per account at Level 80, and gives to anyone a chance to get a decent transformation each week. [item: 188072472] https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188072472/ With luck (RNG), a chance to get an Ultimate Transformation. But come on, this real life, It will never happen.
  11. No need to explain, title says all, same bug as always, please fix it @Hime @Kibbelz
  12. @Loki @Hime @Kibbelz do something fast, game is unplayable
  13. Look around Gelkmaros and Inggison for <Abyss Deep Layer Fragment> and <Sealed Ancient Relic>, cast it, and bingo your Hidden Mobs.
  14. @Himeplease inform to Tech Support. We can't play.
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