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  1. Hi, just wanted to let Cyan or any NCsoft support know that I'd like my old name back, Ricochet. I logged on about 10min after the maintenance was over only to find out that somebody had already taken it. It's not a very "common" name, and people already associate my lvl 75 gunner with it. I'm pretty sure whoever took that name has malicious intent (scamming other people into thinking it's me, taking it so I cannot have it, etc.). I sent in tickets to support and no response so far. I know people who sent in tickets after I did and got faster responses. All I want is to g
  3. 70AP >>>> 65 pvp gear. It's better because: It's upgradeable into end-game 75ap gear. It has better pvp defense (tiny number, but still matters). Can socket archdaeva manastones into it. (Only perk about officer/mythic r1 set is that you can socket ancient manastones into it, so if you have yours still, time to make a temporary msup/accuracy/strike resist/whatever set.) Just remember archdaeva manastones are better than blue composites stat-wise. Depending on your level, I'd say: levels 66-70 : just make the 70 ap set, yes you would use more omegas to
  4. Just wanted to say that this event has really improved from the previous Kumuki from a few months ago--really good way to help players gear up before merge without ridiculously inflating/changing the economy. (i.e., people can't store up hundreds of tradeable omegas >_>) People can still make decent kinah from this, but it's more so about supplying items needed to actually upgrade gear. YAY NC FINALLY! Question - would it be possible to include tempering solutions as part of the prize list? They don't have to be tradeable. They can also be ridiculously priced by the NPC (like the fe
  5. hi my name is ricochet and i'm sl-e (75, gunner) i have a lot of alts that i use to (unsuccessfully) farm spinel medals: PickDussy (not named by me), Disdain, Sainte, Soterya (sl-a) i was motivated by mr. goat-br to post this lovely self portrait of my gunslinger. i'm not that great at taking screenshots in game but i feel like this really shows my personality and ability to create attractive toons. thanks, hope to see you guys in game haha
  6. Wow, Fest just gave a really thorough guide and there's not much you can really add to it in terms of steps of acquiring gear. However, a lot of new players are really intimidated by prices of enchanting/socketing gear, so here are some personal tips for those looking to complete their sets. This is directed towards new players. 1) Make friends. Obviously, look around for a legion to join that has some experienced players willing to give server/faction-specific advice. Every server has a different economy. I know friends on Beritra who have issues making spinels, and I know friends
  7. I do believe there's some issue with the matchmaking/queue system and it's snowballing. I remember that when the 6v6 grand arena first came out, there were a lot of premade teams in queue. The next weekend, I know of about the same number of premade teams who decided to queue, but then gave up because the time was too long. Every weekend that the queue system is broken, the queue gets longer and longer. I don't think it's a matter of people, but people do give up on queuing because the wait takes too long, and so it makes the queue take even longer. I think that once NCSOFT fixes the ran
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