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  1. Got those things when my char was already 65. You got indeed a twin's gift level 1 and a box with level 65 gear which had a timer of 30 days. I have also some alts, but they are at least 24+ and thus not able to open the twin's gift (you get a message that only 20 and below can open it) and you can't store them in the account warehouse. I wish that was at least possible or an option to open that box anyway.
  2. Is Aion worth playing. A question that is asked often. Saw the same question over at youtube as well, at the channel of mmobyte (though they called it is aion still worth playing in 2017) Gonna say the same as over there. I would say yes and no. Much has changed since 5.0 and not always in a good way. With the expanding of fast track to level 65 and the addition of the fledgling daeva armors as well as removing the fortresses and artifacts in inggison (probably also gelkmaros) PvP in lower maps is dead, just plain dead. The maps itself feel dead as well, especially Cygnea and Lower Reshanta.
  3. The silver fledgling daeva armor is recommend for 10 to level 50, though you use it till level 55. At level 55 you can get the elite fledgling daeva at Cygnea/Enshar from the first mainquest. That one can be used towards level 70. Both sets can you only get if your char didn't have passed the level to which you would get it. For the silver fledgling you need a toon that has not passed level 10 yet, otherwise you won't be able to get it. For the black and gold elite one you need one which ain't level 55 yet. As for myself; my main was already level 65 when i quit, so i didn't got the elite on
  4. Since israphel merged with tiamat and kahrun into Danaria most went to there. Katalam is Siel and Beritra. The odd thing however is that the game recommends you Katalam, even if you played on Israphel before. Luckily you can cancel it and go to Danaria anyway.
  5. Bad idea. That is actually one of the reasons many people leave aion already, because it becomes too much PvE. Inggison for example used to be a PvX area, now they removed the fortresses and artifacts over there and it is a pve area now. Cygnea is also mostly pve now. Heck, even Eltnen on standard server used to be pvp. Earlier on fast track stopped at level 50 (was later extended to 55). And now you can freewheel through both Inggison and Cygnea without ever being worried to hit by an asmo. I was used that asmos were camping at the entrance of Rentus base or in front of henor village. If y
  6. I have 2 accounts myself. My main has 7 Elyos chars on Israphel, including this one and one Asmodian on Tiamat. Also have a prestige pack on my main. Have a legion as well on israphel On my second account i have an asmo on beritra and an ely on israphel. I wonder how names are handled after the merge and also with legion names. Bit concerned there that i loose all my names, because someone else find it funny to claim it. Next to that i'm European, so when it's evening for the other side of the ocean it's night at my time. I do hope that the name claiming will be available earlier on and not
  7. Yep. Choosed also to make an account on NA rather then on gameforge. It's indeed too bad that NcSoft doesn't maintain the EU servers themself, something to which they do with BnS. Aion is not the only game where this happens though. Gameforge also handle the EU servers of TERA.
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