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  1. Long Awaited Event

    ahahahahaha they even said that? Nice, I knew 6.2 is going to be an effort for them to make us all quit, nothing to do, 90% of the game deleted, no events, nothing. Theya re probably trying to make us beg for 5.8 back, even if that means get back all the +30 gods that could kill a group. I literally snorted my drink out of my nose dude. They really said they want to ruin the economy by not allowing people to do anything, so no events, nothing, just 24/7 griding, hoping others won't report you for botting or something
  2. Great Event

    I have taken like 200 shugolin gems since reset wednesday and this is from waiting afk on my prestige, I also think I did 1~2 quests by mistake while I did the dailies. Other than that I will never bother wasting time on this worthless event just to take some worthless transformation potions.
  3. Gear Disparity current patch

    The compensation gear is not the issue here, if all we did up to 5.8 was simply deleted, I would have personally quit the game along with plenty of people, point blank period. Heck even now I have little to nothing to do in game, all pve instances I did drop useless items for me (except IDD/PF but why should I bother dress in pve, so I can pve more?). If they rendered my items useless and made me start from scratch that is deleting all I did. The problem here is bad drop rates of legendary enchant stones for pvp and the fact enchanting rates are super low. You cannot say compensation gear is a problem just because otherwise we would all run around with +12 ancient and it would be fair to you... you cannot ask for everyone to suck because rates and rng suck. What you need to hope is for 6.5 to be rushed or alter the enchant rates to 6.5 even from now so everyone can start getting their real gear done and the game can progress for everyone.
  4. Quitting again

    Whoever still plays is an old player that never quit, 6.2 is the least new player friendly update ever. There is absolutely nothing a new player can do to even get 10% of what old players have that got ready since 5.8. I am sorry you are leaving, but this is the right choice. I am practically the same, I just keep logging in to make some dailies and weeklies and then wait till Wednesday reset, and I got ready since 5.8, it is just that there is no content to even play.
  5. Nothing to do basically.

    I am not even sure why there is pve in game. Lets say you dress your char in full ultimate +15 pve. OK then what? You did IDD and PF... you did once, twice, ten times... will you keep doing it 100 times? Why? So you can get more pve things that you do not even need? You are already ultimate +15, that means pve is now useless, and all the job you did is useless. Maybe that will help you on daily grinding, I could live with full legendary for open world pve, killing mobs to get some shards. Separating pve from pve was kinda wise but this made pve totally irrelevant, it is not like you can make money via pve and thus directly affect your pvp purchases, you can hardly purchase anything for pvp, unless it is a masterwork crafted ultimate pvp, all other things are not tradeable & not brokerable. I am invited to BoS and I simply never do my entries at all, the instance takes forever to finish if there is 1~2 people who do not know what to do and the drops are literally useless to me since I am full legendary. I might do FM only because it is fast and still any drops is worthless to me. I have all daevanion skills already. I even quit world bosses mid-fight if a cubic entrance spawns because it matters more, but I am almost done with my cubicles ass well (9 out of 10 stats are maxed out, even stats I do not need). I have a prestige for the last time, why get prestige for entries that I do not burn? I would do every single instance even low lvl ones, if I knew there is 100% chance for a transformation contract in the end boss. At the moment even if they add +100 BoS entries per week, I still will do 0 of them. They deleted 90% of the instances, and those few left are repetitive and kinda not necessary to bother. PvE died in 5.8 (along with Aion) #Bring5.8Back
  6. enchantment

    Ancient item +10 -> +15 using only ancient stones is about 0.17% chance to happen, that is about 590 ancient stones needed. Ancient item +10 -> +15 using only legendary stones is about 2.6% chance to happen, that is about 40 legendary stones needed. Of course the above numbers are just chances, and chances mean you can get it first try, or never get it at all. A theory of chances also says the smaller a chance to happen is, the more prominent it is to never happen. Example: A 99% chance of success is more likely to act like a 100% chance because that 1% will most likely never happen in real world. On the other hand a 1% chance of success will most likely act like a 0% since it will always fail in the real world. With this being said, all you can do is wait for 6.5 where the chances will get a revamp (ancient items get +20%, legendary +10% and ultimate +0% increases)
  7. This Event / Balance servers ?¿?¿?¿ :S

    There is no event at the moment, we only had one event since 6.2 and that was pumpkin event and it was only good for the quest to get ancient transformation contracts and that is it. At the moment there is no such thing as an event, only a shugo in the main cities of lakrum map giving you three useless pink quests. If you finish those you get some stones and you need a whole week to get 1 legendary stone. There is a myth you find some event shugos in the map and you have to kill them, that mythical creature was never seen, at least not by me. I run the whole map doing weeklies, urgent orders, other quests, I have never in my life seen that supposed shugo thing. Let me repeat myself-> we do not have an event at the moment.
  8. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    I failed 12x legendary stones, an ancient item taken to +12 with ancient stones (tons of them) and then I used legendary hoping to take it to +15. They always either directly failed from +12 to +13, or some times it went to +13 but then failed to +14. Not a single one went to +14. This is the patch everyone was hyping about bringing new players and reviving Aion. Every single person on youtube who made such a video was either paid to say that bs or simply never played 6.2 and just pretended. One of them was that big ree-tard Sywo. You can see the enchant rates here: +10 is a safe pad, once it goes there it can never go lower. +10 -> +11 = 28% +11 -> +12 = 28% +12 -> +13 = 28% +13 -> +14 = 28% +14 -> +15 = 28% if you multiply these it is 0.17% chance to make it with ancients and of course I didn't count the chance to get a +2 with one stone by crit enchant but who cares. Also the biggest problem is that if you fail you go back to +10 and that simply resets any luck you had prior to a fail. If you used only legendaries from +10 this should be 2,55% which translates to about 40 legendary stones to be able to make an ancient +15. Now good luck finding those 45 legendary stones, you probably need 2 months to get these or even more.
  9. Nc Will Kill Aion

    I am personally hybernating at the moment, just logging, I finished my cubicles in my account (all of them, even those stats I do not need). I am simply doing weeklies the first 1 hour after reset etc. I just didn't quit logging. So yes, 6.2 was probably the worst thing they ever thought about so far. They really hate this game so badly, they are trying to make us all quit.
  10. How to see the minions' appearance?

    Taken from images on a search on the internet Abija Kromede Sheeba Karemiwen Hamerun Saendukal Modor Viola
  11. I made these and now you have to suffer

    Which one is it? I know normal tablets do not have the precision needed.
  12. But the problem is that SM do not get that big of a nerf and even get some upgrades, right now I just lost in ID where 3 SM + 1 cleric, 1 archer +1 more (I do not remember what class) literally stepped on us, one SM had like 25k HP but it was impossible to get close to them, we had perma fear forever. Three SpiritMasters is broken mechanics, nobody ever lost a game so easily if there were 3x sorcs for example. BUT I am almost happy they are going to ruin the game so much for me because I was looking for a date to not only quit the game but delete my char and never look back. There is nothing to enjoy in a game when your class become the moving dummy that everyone can beat and test their skills on.
  13. I made these and now you have to suffer

    You using a drawing pad I assume right?
  14. Pretty much. I am already way too pessimistic about 6.2 and in 6.5 it might get a slight better game play. But I am sure that my class ends in 7.0, my class gets practically deleted. No they will not hit /delete on the class, but they render it useless even more. Just take a look at the sorcerer, they must have thought that we are so OP so they decided to nerf it all. It is not like we can heal and dps like SW and Clerics, or debuff and render the enemy useless and still dps like SM, or be able to semi-tank and still dps like gladiator or AT... we are supposed to dps and that is it. We are like a Cleric/SW without the heals, a SM without fear and 10 debuffs, we are like gladiator/AT minus the HP and survivability. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wv23KKpS-mPBe4Xpu6uOlPFYvurr-55-GkPitTGo_aM/htmlview?fbclid=IwAR3EbQ7G06MF6MfOasOX3V8vkBIKqupxyVcOrt7f9yGyoN6njs3Iwi8fgBI&sle=true#gid=0 P.S. can they just delete sleep already? Nerfing it doesn't really make any difference, sleep is practically useless unless it is in strict 1 vs 1, everywhere else is practically useless.
  15. Adding the possibilty to turn on and off PVP

    And it is something that was already previously implemented and dare I say successfully since it didn't hurt anyone, cause those maps weren't anything super important. So it wouldn't be too much for them to make. But do not expect this to ever happen, after all this is a feature that I am not sure if the GMs in a game can make, it surely has more than that to do like developer stuff. And expect people to come here and write an essay of how you should "stop whining" and "get over it" and "learn to play" or even better "uninstall aion" and such. Forum grinders are in need of post count. ^^