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  1. I am sorry he is the one who made that announcement and signed it with his name. He kept saying "we" he never tried to say that it was a decision others made. And who made those decisions? NCKorea or GF that have nothing to do with us? In any case NCWest is the one that decided to screw the game for us.
  2. Can we get the official Aion?

    If the official prices are like this, we wouldn't even dare to ask them to lower them because someone would jump in and say "this is how the game is designed" but the rest of the nerfs they intentionally did are awful. Who had the bright idea to destroy a game that is already dieing?
  3. Can we get the official Aion?

    I cannot believe we are the joke around the Aion community at the moment. We have everything nerfed. We used to make fun of Aion EU for having everything nerfed in the past, people had to make complaints in order for their GMs to bring back the original rewards in instances and other stuff. But 6.2 came and our publishers thought it would be great to reduce us down thinking this would make the game better for us or something! Right now there is nothing better in Aion NA than any Aion in the world, whatever others have, we have it worse! Our transformations have nerfed stats Our transformations have nerfed time Our BCM is more empty than other cash shops (they said they are adding things, they added some but that is so slow, BCM = money for them) Our Gold Sand trader shop is more empty than other publishers Selective retuning takes 1 Luna normally, WE NEED 160 luna (aka 2$) per selective retuning, give 2$ to get a chance to lower that 1 stat, REALLY! Transparent transformation scrolls are 1 NC coin = 20 transformation scrolls EVERYWHERE except us, we used to have them 80 NC coin for 1 scroll, 1$ to look like your char for 4 minutes... now they made it 20 NC coin for 1..., which is ridiculous since our transformations have a nerfed time! We have no skins left anywhere except thsoe few that nobody wants, while other developers are giving their gamers every skin possible in the game to fill up the gap that 6.2 patch made, we get nothing. We are the only Aion that has no events anymore (the ones we get are insulting us) I am sick of people saying "our publishers are only a few and they do not have time to fix this or that"... my question is did they have enough time to screw our game? If I was a new player (and since I am from Europe) I wouldn't even consider NA, it is just that I play here for many many years and I cannot quit everything to start over in another part. ---------- Remember I am not asking you to fix anything, or change something for better, I am asking you to stop touching the game, if you do not care about it, at least let us enjoy the real Aion! I am making this thread because 6.5 is coming, I hope we get the real 6.5 with the official stats, otherwise this game will continue to die a little more every day.
  4. Can we get the official Aion?

    Also please leave a comment below to keep this post alive.
  5. Anyone interested in Fanart?

    link is broken
  6. Everything in NA is a nerf, it was Cyan's decision to throw shit on our faces. NCWest was better than EU up to 5.8, after that they decided that we need to have the worst experience than any aion publisher because they thought this would benefit them forcing people to buy thing from BCM hopign to save their company.
  7. Make all BCM items brokerable.

    It will benefit everyone, it will benefit NCWest more than anyone else.
  8. Make all BCM items brokerable.

    We have said it so many times so far, that BCM items should be brokerable, there are people willing to spend ingame money for transformation contracts for example, but can't, while there are people willing to buy transformation contracts from BCM and then put them in broker. NCSoft will be selling more People who can spend more real money for ingame currency would buy more items to put them in broker And free to play players can buy everything they want with extra work to get the kinah needed. Everyone wins and most importantly the game doesn't die out.
  9. PF's Drop

    I was doing PF for about 3 months and I only had 1 single drop, the tunic. Then the tunic dropped another 3 times....! which was frustrating. Everyone had half their set ready, except me. other people were in legions where they would hand them loot rights to gt their items. I could get nothing. I did like 60 PF before I got my 2nd item (the leggings) and just today I finally got my gloves! I have 0 drops from IDD so far. In IDD it is either no ultimate or it is usually a physical. The 2 times something mystic dropped, I lost the roll. And I am top dps in there, the people who usually end up rolling highest are those with the least dps contribution! There were people who got carried and got items while I get nothing. This game is run in RNG, nothing here is effort-driven, you can be useless but get lucky, you can be useful but unlucky. I would never in my life, EVER waste real money to get any additional pve entry. You can get geared in 2 weeks or in 2 years. Wasting real money to get more pve entries is literally the only thing I will never do in my life!
  10. Fix Daevanion Skill For the Love of God

    I used to get the 200 GI (gold ingot) books and even those gave me doubles a few times. I had like 3700 GI when 6.2 launched so I was one of the few lucky. But not everyone is a 5.8 exchange user. Getting 200 GI is 67 days more than 2 months. And 200 gold ingots = 260m kinah! At least THAT skill book should let you choose which one you want!
  11. BCM JOKE 2019

    So you prefer everyone running in low gear while a few only run in full ultimate +15? I'd rather see everyone in full +15 than the current situation. ~~~ Anyway the current prices in BCM sound like you price ice cream for 100$ and since everyone loves ice cream you will make a ton of money, but in reality if ice cream cost 100$ nobody would buy it. When something is good, the price needs to be reasonable. Overpricing makes people not buy anything.
  12. Mighty Morphing Minium

    How about they make it like this: 100x C-minium = 1x B minium 100x B-minium = 1x A-minium I mean yeah, that ratio is really bad, but that would put a purpose on miniums lower than A. I would even be super happy with this ratio because i keep getting thousands of B and C miniums and when i get A minium it is like 5x minium!
  13. PVP stone BCM pricing

    These people have done a lot of wrongs in BCM pricing, in official servers and Eu the prices are reasonable for minor things 1 BCM coin = 10x transparent scrolls, we had them 80 NC coin for 1 transparent scroll, they reduced it to 20 NC coin... literally! 1 selective retune in Korea/EU = 1 luna/Quna... to us it is 160 lunas (aka 2$), they think 2$ for a selective retune that might take your stat lower is "reasonable". I am more than sure NOBODY ever did a single selective retuning, except those who use luna rez on open world! ...also our BCM had the worst items, they are starting to add things. In official and EU heir BCM equivalent is literally full of things, even all skins etc. ...NCWest in a nutshell.
  14. Siege times and PVP windows

    I am from Europe, every day the sieges are at 5 in the morning and weekend they are at 2 in the morning!
  15. Chanter needs a nerf

    Gladiators are probably the most broken class at the moemnt, they can kill a whole group in 1~2 seconds. Remember they are a tank as well!
  16. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    I am from Europe myself. I had to quit my characters and all my friends and I have to constantly play with high ping... and all this to run away from GF that ruined the game. At this patch it seems GF did a slightly better job than NCWest that went full retard, but I would quit aion altogether if GF takes over the NA servers as well. Might as well I learn Russian and go play the russian servers instead.
  17. Idle motion - hide!

    Can we please have an option to hide that irritating idle motion for prestige users? I am prestige myself but I would never use such an animation for idle, it seems people enjoy it because a lot of people use it, but it is infesting my screen with all that orange-golden animation wherever we go, even if they are behind me and i do not see them, the particles of the force are everywhere in my screen. Look even people from behind me are filling my screen with that animation that goes really high. I am forced to play with Shift+12 both for the transformation-vomit look and these weird idle animations. the whole game is a big particle noise on the screen, nothing feels like the good old aion we loved.
  18. I am making this question because I do not want to complain about no animation hackers and open tickets or anything. I want a way to make sure that hacker that is blatantly using no animation hack to get reported in a way that is a solid way to expose him. Does making a video show proof of someone hitting way too fast? Does having aiDPs or Aion Rainmeter provide proof? Because I was told videos are not proof of animation hacks because they can be manipulated to look faster by editing it to look like that and dps meters are not an acceptable way since they are 3rd party software, so I wanted to know if this claim is true or not. Video can be proof for people using glide hacks, or gravity hacks or eye-hide hacks etc because they show a direct and blatant hack that is undeniable. BUT my problem is animation hackers. So how do you get a hacker to get reported properly and get banned? I do not want to open a ticket and "complain" to the GM that will reply to me with a copy-pasted message. This game is going to die because of these hackers.
  19. Rank 1,2,3 from ranking list option to renew

    ...make the ranking monthly based, do not delete GP. Yes I liked that suggestion on the ninja looters because it was actually constructive. What you are telling here though sounds like "yes the ranking list is locked and we should all accept it". We cannot afford to lose who? people who no longer play the game and will lose their locked status? Or the active people that will regain high ranks and have a reason to keep trying? If there is ANY person in high ranks that will lose his rank if the GP system is fixed, then it means they never deserved to be high ranked. It is not like you will get people deleted. They will just have to fight for the rank every month or fall lower if they want to afk and not care about it. Simple!
  20. Make all BCM items brokerable.

    Thanks, well if they want to get more money and save their company, they need to regard this simple thing. It hits me that they always take the wrong decisions on any subject. Whatever needs to be done, they do the exact opposite. Also please tell all your friends and legion members to come here and vote for this.
  21. LFG restrictions or chat options

    LFG is being used by characters as low as lvl 10 now, which takes a few minutes to make. I have been bombarded by kinah sellers that make lvl 10 toons and LFG that "hai frend, sorry to bother you, pleze buy kinah have a good day" or something. They make a lot of characters, I block them all, and report them for kinah selling. But they keep making new characters over and over again, and they make them all together, before you can block one, there are like 10 more to come and spam you. You also HAVE to block those because they will use them for at least one hour before they delete them and make a new char. I see they vanish from my block list so that means they delete the chars since everyone has them blocked. Previously the min level to use LFG was lvl 20, heck bringing that back would at least make it harder for them to spam us. Suggestion: Give us the ability to hide messages from people lower than a level that we will choose. There is an option "hide messages from players lower than 10" which is probably the most ridiculous thing ever, since characters lower than lvl 10 cannot use LFG nor whisper anyone as far as I know (unless they changed that too). In the tab options we can choose what chat to show or hide in every tab, so why not offer us client-side way to stop looking at chat and text from people that are lower than a level that we will decide? If this is too much, at least make LFG possible after lvl 30 or 40 or something. Real players would need 1 hour to reach lvl 30 and communicate, kinah selelrs would have hard time making a lot of alts to spam since they would get blocked instantly.
  22. Make all BCM items brokerable.

    Thanks, please tell it to your friends and tell them to vote.

    That is good suggestion, heck I would make roll be class based by default, if a cloth drops and there is a cloth present and rolls, there is no way he will lose it against a physical and vice versa. I would be day dreaming if I said that we could have had a more elaborate bidding system like WoW has, the more you do an instance, the more points you earn, so when something that you need drops you can outbid others and have these points deducted. I have lost items that I needed to mystic classes that got carried because it was their first time on that instance while did the instance 50x times and still couldn't get me a loot. But that is comparing WoW to Aion mechanics again, which has been done gazillion times and it never offers any solutions that will ever be implemented. ~~~~ BUT ninja looting shouldn't be your problem, never go with these people again. It is like recruiting for a pvp instance and one person decides to go afk. Blacklist him and forget about it.
  24. Rank 1,2,3 from ranking list option to renew

    Goodness lord Aly, have you played the game the last years? People in 5.8 would afk in coalition and get a tone of GP doing nothing in sieges. Winning in dredgion or Idgel or any other pvp instance would give you a ton of GP and even losing would give a lot by 6.2 standards. EC was not limited to 2 entries like now, people would continuously go in to afk and didn't bother, but GP was accumulating. PvE instances would also give GP, plenty some times and next to the GP we get now from siege, that was too much. People who did exclusively pve in pre 6.2 have gained more GP than any active player in 6.2 will ever wish for. The problem here is that we got our kinah reduced by 2,5, we got our items rendered useless, we lost professions, maps, instances and what not, but they forgot to delete the old broken GP ranking that was accumulated by afk means or pve means! They have changed the GP system now by making it super hard to get GP, but carried on the GP that was gotten in previous patches. Effectively old players that did enough afk or pve in the past, can be on top ranks now and don't even need to try to win a fortress at all. And of course active players of the past are also locked in high ranks. In the early days GP was even gotten easier by turning AP to GP which is no longer available. In 5.8 an afker could make tenths of thousands of GP per month... just by being afk. Medium active people could get like 50k+ GP per month. Highly active people could get a ton more GP. Keep the GP number since they got it, but ranking should be monthly based. Lineage II, such an OLD NCSoft game, had a far better "Hero" system that was based in a monthly arena style. ~~ This is the suggestions section, all you do is come here and "suggest" to people stop making suggestions to make the game better.
  25. Broker Interface issues

    That also happened to me one time, I was putting items and one of my items' last digit didn't go through because of lag so my item was sold for 1/10 of the actual price, thankfully it was not something too expensive, it was close to 30m and it was sold for close to 3m. double check your item sales once you put it for sale.