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  1. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    @Aly-DN @HealingSquid-KT The button got the explanation after the maintenance, also after maintenance it was not possible to make more than 1 because it was fixed. My original post was done before the maintenance, apparently the button was already in the client, it was just not visible and then they enabled it server-side and appeared to our client when someone logged after the enabling. This is my first post. Nobody knew what it was, there was no explanation, nor any additional info to mention it was 1 only. like someone saw a button that makes new chars lvl 80, he clicks it, he has a new char, he clicks it again and has a 2nd char. They could literally simply make all chars lvl 1 and let it be like this. This wasn't even a glitch, it was working as intended when they first made the button appear... right before maintenance. (image from my original post)
  2. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    NCSoft Developers: We need to fight bots, lets destroy 90% of the game while trying to do this. Also NC Developers: Level 1 to 80 now can be done in 1 minute. ... I am not even mad at this because if it is going to take you 1 day to make a level 1 to level 80 character, might a well have it level 80 already. And I am not mad because it really doesn't matter anymore whatever change they do. BUT who is going to benefit from this? A player that wants to make a char and play the char, who wouldn't even mind if it took him 1 week to make a level 80 character? Someone who wants to have a new char ready to farm right after creation (probably because his previous farming bot got banned)? I can't even see how this would help players. Because making the level 80 char wasn't even the problem, it is the months or $$$ you need to throw to make your character play worthy. On the other hand this literally helps farmers more. The Risiel set is given for free, which is literally farm perfect.
  3. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    DPS formula allows one player to be better than many combined. Let me give you a mock example. Lets say one boss has 10k m.def 1 pro player has 19k m.attack 19.000 m.attack - 10.000 m.def = 9.000 m.attack thrown into the dps formula 5 nubs have 11k m.attack each. 5x(11.000 m.attack - 10.000 m.def) = 5x 1.000 = 5.000 m.attack thrown into the dps formula M.crit: pro player most likely has like 6k while the nubs might have 2k Skills: the pro player might be at +15 stigmas or +15 daevanions (or both), the nubs might not even have +9 set Skill rotation: I assume the pro player knows better how to skill rotate ~~~ In this scenario the solo guy might be twice as good as 5 new players combined! I know it is an extreme example, but it just happened with 6 people vs a league. If 6 people snatched your league-wig, then you need to get your hair did better.
  4. Character Customization Files

    I didn't pay attention to the NPC part, so my bad, but yes it is impossible to do that. At least not with the ctrl+prtscn
  5. Character Customization Files

    You cannot snatch levelrs of NPCs or other players. As I said it doesn't even matter who is in the screenshot or not, when you take the screenshot, it captures the appearance of the character you are logged and taking the screenshot with. If you want to make a player based on the appearance of an NPC you have to figure it out yourself and make the character as close as possible to the NPC If you want to look like another player, that player needs to take a Ctrl+PrtScn screenshot with the character you want to look like and send you the file.
  6. Bloodmarks - guide

    Does anyone have any guide for bloodmarks? Apart from getting them, where do you use them? I saw some NPCs in Lakrum but they seemed not to ahve all the items we are supposed to be able to get. Are there NPCs in Demaha as well, or Crimson katalam too? I saw the GameForge patch notes and boy they offer more information, at least they mention NPC names not abstract things. Unfortunately we do not have same names in NPCs or locations so that guide is missing the names and locations of the NPCs
  7. Character Customization Files

    To take the screenshot with the details you need to take the screen shot with Ctrl+PrintScreen button together, you then get this information: As you see it also has the name "AionCustomize<number> here. This screenshot needs to be in the screenshot folders in your aion and if it is not edited or altered with external image processing programs at all it should be usable as a character customizing file. The levers are apparently in the metadata of the image, so if you edit it with photoshop for example it will most likely destroy that data. The screenshot can be taken anywhere and anyhow, it doesn't even need to show the character up close or clear, the info of the levers is still there. BUT I would suggest you to take a screenshot clearly of that char so it is also a good reference, when you try to load a specific character it helps with the previous image. You can also take the screenshot of a char in the character design screen so it is a clear image of the char for reference.
  8. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    Exactly... as a matter of fact, stealing the world boss is a game feature, it is meant to be fought for and whoever manages to get it can simply enjoy the loot.
  9. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    This is a mentality a lot of people still have today. Remember not so long time ago people made complaints for players being "selfish" and not sharing Anomos for examples. Some people thought it was their "right" to get loots. Heck some people in LFG wanted "justice" for it. I still remember the heat for people bringing a ton of afk alts just so they can roll on the weapon and then high ranked legions decided to not be in the league trying to get it for themselves and keep a list of people that helped in order to get in queue for the weapons. I belonged to the happy class not to ever need a world boss weapon, so I always enjoyed the heat.
  10. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    How did people steal Sunayaka from their faction? Wasn't Sunayaka a world boss that spawned in Tiamaranta eye? Wasn't it there open for everyone to dps (asmos and elyos too)? Who had the ownership of it so others "stole" from?
  11. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    There should be a permanent decrease in luna for selective retuning, not an event that only a few will be able to enjoy. They already opened it, a lot of items are not account wh storable We would all love this but this will negate the whole thing they did in 6.+ A.K.A. a bot heaven.
  12. Evergale Silver Cubic Bundles

    Each pvp instance gives a different type of cubicle bundle, that when opened gives a set of 4 cubicle types or something. E.G. for the bronze cubicles there are Bright Bronze cubicle Bundle Complex Bronze cubicle Bundle Dazzling Bronze Cubicle Bundle and obviously you have the same types for silver, golden and platinum. Prior to 7.0 we had the cubicle instance, which gave everything randomly. Which was a far better way for people to get their cubicles done. After 7.0 they removed it and put these cubicle bundles into instances from pvp and pve. The reason why they have them grouped into 4s is because if you miss something specific you can focus on that specific instance and get more of that type. I know IB for example gives the Dazzling type. If I needed this I would have entered alts int he same account in IB and get the cubicles which are account wide. The new cubicle instance gives cubicles for bosses only, like the Ereshkigal cubicles we get from Pandora.
  13. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    There is no such thing as "stealing" a boss in Aion. Otherwise there would have been specific game mechanics that wouldn't allow "outsiders" to even attack it. Lesson learned, either make sure you have more dps than outsiders or make sure you spawn it a time that not many people are online to steal it. The catch here is that you spawned it, so somehow it must be for you. but in a free game, even a group of asmodians could appear to kill it.
  14. Leveling: 1->80 in one minute

    Bumpity bump. This is from a friend of mine (he is the person who actually told me about this right before maintenance, I made the thread right before maintenance before we even knew about what this was going to be). He didn't see any discussion over this or any announcement about this anywhere. So he thought it was a feature and he did more than one character in the account. Then maintenance came, they made it into 1 per account and then we got the maintenance GM thread about this. Days later, after he purchased things, transferred money and even bought some BCM to play the new chars, he got a ban, he thought it was a security check, sent a message and they told him he abused the system of jump characters. He didn't even know what the jump character abuse was meaning. EVEN if there was a forum announcement about it that iti s a bug and nobody should do more than 1... plenty of people do not even enter forums. The best solution to this would be to make all chars that were made with this feature to be turned back to lvl 1... like it takes 4 hours to make a char 1->80. I made this meme above but boy was I true?
  15. What has happened to quest/campaign in Lakrum?

    I think they are in the yellow quests that are not campaigns, but part of the risiel sets. If you hit "J" and go to "Guide" tab those quests once done fully, they also give you accessories.
  16. @Aly-DN sorry but I had to recycle here.
  17. Q42019

    I used to be a hardcore Lineage II gamer myself, there was a time they relaunched Lineage II (something liek aion 6.2_) and they merged all the classes in the game into fewer and more basic ones. It was the easiest decision for me to quit. Now they kinda upgraded Lineage II more, there are jump skills (we couldn't jump in lineage II previously) and teleports and generally the game feels more Diablo-ish (a friend said). they also have a new race that kills everyone easily (something like Vandals 1-shot killing everyone). People seem to get hooked on games that have broken classes. I know I am never going back to Lineage II
  18. Aly's Adventures and the Classic Server/flat Earth believers

    Do your eyes glow in heterochromic yellow and orange when you see a post you saw one times too many?
  19. How to get transforms?

    First thing you can do is run luna on an alt, get the ancient transformation contract thing from BCM, it is 1 per account per week (or 2 if you are prestige I think). Make sure to buy it with the char that has the materials, I think ti is not account wh tradeable. Open the morphing tab (Shift+K, the go to craft tab and hit morph). there you can see the morph recipes for transforms. Unfortunately the ancient doesn't let you choose, so you might have to do this a 2nd time. I think you can choose the greater and the normal ones. I woudl suggest you to do this one time, or maybe two if your first ancient is not good enough. Because you can use luna materials from alts to craft luna currency and use it for retunes or instance re-entries. You can also buy the transformation contract 1 per char per week from GST shop but it costs liek 13m, you can buy it with 12 chars in the account. But that usually gives normal or greater transforms. You can also craft transformation contracts with luna, they take the same amount of materials that a kinah box takes. But you need to get the recipe and also have the luna materials for it. They also usually mostly give normal and greater transforms The last thing you have to do is to get the breath of transformation from BCM, you can get 1 legendary and 1 ancient for free per account per month. You need 1x ancient breath of transformation + 200 ancient memory shard. So this way you can have 1 free ancient transform per month and one more by paying the extra breath of transformation You need 2x legendary breath of transformation + 40 legendary memory shards. So this way you can have either 1 free legendary per 2 months, or 1 per month but you need to buy the 2nd breath of transformation which costs quite some money. The ancient memory shards are given to you buy doing lugbug quests, there are plenty of those. The legendary are kind of harder to get, you can get 5 of them if you finish the weekly lugbug quests (all of them) and it gives you the reward. You can also buy 5 of them from gold sand traders for 25 gold ingot, one purchase per week. If you do both the gold ingot and the weekly lugbug you get 10 per week max, so you would need 4 weeks to get the legendary memory shards, but as I stated above to use all of them you would need to buy the extra breath of transformation because you need 2+40 to combine). To do it 100% free of charge you can do just the weeklies (and not buy he gold ingot ones at all) and it will take you 2 months or buy the gold ingot ones (and not bother with the weeklies) and still take you 2 months to get all 40 of them, then in 2 months you get 2 breath of transformation for free from BCM. 2 months and you have 2+40 to combine ~~ Theoretically it is "easier" to get transforms than when 6.2 launched where people were literally gambling or wasting money on BCM. But also when the right event is on you might be able to get a ton of them like we did last year.
  20. 7.3 top Korean pvp class rank list

    AlI saw was: 이것은 구글 번역입니다 or something
  21. What has happened to quest/campaign in Lakrum?

    Pandora quests, you can get almost the whole accessory set with 1~2 weeks or something.
  22. Jumped Character Missing things

    Risiel equipment is pretty dope though, it really makes you not need to do any low lvl instances to get geared, for pve it also gives you 2 accessories. I would simply do some pandora quests while they are still on and get me the T2 pandora ultimate accessories. It is far faster and easier to gear up now on pve for new players, and of course getting the real T2 pve items from instances is near impossible.
  23. Aly's Adventures and the Classic Server/flat Earth believers

    I just tried mudfish ping reduction service and boy does it suck, it took my normal 200~250 ping and was spiking it up to 1000, once closing mudfish my ping returned to the normal ones. I tried it because it has pay per traffic so it can cost pennies in the long term (like 3$ for 25GB of game traffic). So far only RTL worked but I am not going to renew it for a game I hardly am active anymore. But when I was setting up mudfish this is what I saw, @Aly-DN
  24. DC in Crimson Katalam = back to obelisk

    In Katalam in the general good merchant there are two kisk types, one that says 20m and one that says 2 hours, whatever I purchase, when I place it, it says 20m remaining. And I can also check this in my return skill info, it says 20m. I allowed some minutes to pass to see if the timer goes down, and yes 1 minute later it was indeed saying 19m remaining (so it is not a visual info bug). I'll have to take one, set it up and let it finish to see if it is indeed is 20m or just a visual bug.
  25. If you dc in any instance or interserver pvp instance, you get to log back into it within 10 minutes. Can they do something about Crimson Katalama about it? Even when you want to log to another char for 1 minute you should be able to log back to the spot you were. I just got a dc at some point, I was located far south... and then I was taken back to Lakrum obelisk where I am bound. Needless to say I was so bored to go all the way down to where I previously was. It takes away the will to continue doing what you did before the dc. I do not usually get disconnects, but if this happens boy it is irritating. And what is it with kisks lasting only 20 minutes in there only?