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  1. Kaisinel transform

    Today I got my Kaisinel, I was told it is the first on my faction (on katalam server) but I am not 100% sure. I combined 2x tahabata and got it first try. I am always rolling the lowest numbers on every loot(I still do not have pve wings, think about it). My proc rates on crafting suck (I crafted 160 ancient monarh mystic wings... and I ended up with 4x ultimate simple ones!!! About 2 billion kinah worth of crafts for my server) But I cannot complain about transformation combination. I was the first to get a tahabata on my server from pumpkin event (first event ever on 6.2) with 1 try with 2x ancients. and now this! RNG is a b!4tch for sure, and although I am lucky I still hate how RNG-driven the game is. P.S. I paid 0 real money for my transforms or anything in game. Nothing p2w here and many people on my server have tried like 3~4 combines and still got legendaries back.
  2. Siege Bot Party

    ...I know why they do it, I saw some items being sold on broker already +15, and these are pvp stones they get here. There were people on the forums accusing others for not entering a league for siege, and they pretended people are being selfish for going solo or just in small groups with their friends. Because in the last siege people were accusing the top 3 ranked people (which I happen to be there) for not using commander chat to coordinate the siege, when it was already lost due to numbers of asmodians vs elyos and when we told them they should make a league, they told us that we should also enter the league to make it more effective! People just want their alts to farm at the expense of others. We refuse to do so. If someone wants to go to siege and group himself with his ten alts, he has every right to do so.
  3. Siege Bot Party

    These are probably alts of people who place them into leagues and then they complain people no longer enter leagues to "share with the faction". I am sure their mains are solo farming contribution so they get plenty of GP while some poor souls feed their alt bots so they get extra compensation which is untradeable hence it doesn't make sense anymore to put a ton of alts afk in sieges/instances.
  4. Siege gp

    Apart from the AP reward and the better enchantment pouch (losers still get reward), how does owning a fortress really benefit the faction at the moment? Yes the legion owning the fortress has a special NPC that sells some stones for insane amount of legion coins, but what else, I mean where is exactly the faction placed into this? Heck, when the enemies own the fortress you can go there and farm guards for XP to convert your coins to gems, and the fortress is usually empty because there is nothing there to do. In Danaria and Katalam maps back in those days, I remember owning a fortress meant exclusive entry to specific instances, same to abyss fortresses, remember? People wanted to own the fortress not only for the ranking but mostly for the exclusive content which actually mattered. What about Divine owning, you can't even go there, the teleport to Core exists only during the 1 hour that the siege is happening. Once this hour passes, even if you stayed there, you get teleported back to lakrum. ~~~ Pay to rank was bad also, what is a ranking system if you can purchase your place to it. The current ranking system is same for everyone, it is limited to a siege only, in a tight area, with plenty of enemies and it is a pure pvpve, what Aion is meant to be. Some classes benefit from dps to guards, but other classes benefit for their survivability to the pvp and thus the amount of time they can stay alive while farming the guards. You can get more GP by attacking a fortress and losing it, than winning it. Defenders get a tiny amount of guards to kill that spawn at specific times only.
  5. I was playing L2 for years, but I would have to take a shot in the leg before I had to go back to that trashy game. Aion was bound to fail because of the engine that allowed for so many hacks to exist, and a developer team that instead of fixing the errors they decided to delete 90% of the game. If they wanted, Aion could have been alive again and the only MMORG that worth playing, at least from aesthetics approach, it is still the most customizable game in character creation than any game would ever wish to be.
  6. Shugo form disappeared after send log

    It is broken mechanic, simple. It is almost as if they haven't made this game themselves and they have no clue on why things don't work. did someone else make the code and sold it yo you and now you are trying to figure it out?
  7. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    Banning someone for buying something pretty cheaply cannot be a bannable offense. Finding who is broker snatching could be done, but how do you know ti si a bot. I mean, they rpobably refresh the sales pretty fast or find another way to find new entries, they obviously check the price and only purchase it isf it is low enough and they do this pretty quickly, while they are probably 24 hour non stop on broker without getting dc...! But what did Cyan say, that they are trying to make the items account bound? So no more crafting and trading via broker at all? The untradeability of the items was to counter the effectiveness of bots, and the only thing they did was to make the bots more relevant by giving them the ability to snatch items from legit players. This game goes downhills faster than we thought, instead of them making the items tradeable again, they are trying to make everything souldbound to the point we won't be able to broker anything. why don't you also make the materials soul bound, this way farming bots won't be able to benefit from 24/7 farming... yeee, but wait this means legit people won't be able to craft anything too because I am buying my stones from broker, I no longer farm for them. Stop this, you are having a broken engine for this game that allows for so many cheats and hacks, and every time you try to make it hard for cheater... you end up hurting the actual players more.
  8. Compensation for the returning players

    They should bemoce 1-star the last days of the bug, get the AP and rewards and cash the compensation. there were people that were merely 1-star, not active and thy also got the insane compensation. The only reason why we (the super active people) didn't complain that we got same rewards to those not trying hard, is because oit was an over-compensation so even we got something more than we would have gotten without the bug. Lets just hope there will be no more bugs
  9. Kaisinel transform

    I think I am a single case though, others have tried many times and failed. The truth is i also did plenty of ancient combines after my first Tahabata and failed plenty of times, but since I got this the first try, it really lifts a weight off my shoulders. I just wish we had the un-nerfed stats though. Because our Kaisinel looks like a legendary next to the real transformation all other publishers have. P.S. I am Asmodian, the Elyos in Katalam already have like 4~5 Kaisinels before this event even started I think.
  10. GP Quests

    Yes, looting named mobs for kibrium is league trade and we cannot even have an alliance type of GP quests, the balaur camps are so rare now that we have a big fight for them.
  11. coins event tradable between characters of your account

    Theoretically this would mean one character would have 8 entries per day and hence nobody would be buying the reset scrolls. In the previous event they allowed flowers to be legion wh depositable, which was weird, they probably missed it and left it there. Because if they were going to make them tradeable somehow, why not brokerable which would cost broker fees, thus kinah sink? I would love to see them being tradeable in any form too though. Even if it is for one account only. I got my kaisinel today, but I want to get the collections.
  12. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    All skins should be permanently on BCM on a reasonable price so people can treat them like consumables. Micro transactions can save the game for sure. 1 NC coin = 20 transparent transformation scroll, with my kaisinel transform I need 30 per hour, they could be making money from me, but they won't now. Motions, housing items, skins, mount etc they should all be there. Give people a plethora of items to please the visual aspect of the game at least if you are going to keep us without good events like other publishers do.

    This and also make the PF and IDD ultimate drops be into a box, that you select what you want or even if it is random, it has to be for your class for sure! I have done like 200 pf runs or more since 6.0+ came, the last 30 runs it was always something for nobody on our group... a total free for all.
  14. Pandora entry + naked alts

    ...meanwhile being afk on coalition for long enough gave people the impression they are worthy because every time they saw some Gp being awarded at them, even though they didn't even waste a single skill for that reward. When the time came that they had to actively compete they were left below 100 ranks, even in a dead game with not even 200 people active, while they still think they actually deserved anything because once they were stuck in a broken ranking system that benefited them from years of abusive GP earning and the fact that a lot of people above them had quit, making room for them to get even higher in the locked lists. Also I wasn't playing the game for many years, I took a hiatus 3 times for about 6~8 months each time and this is why I was left behind in GP, me and many good players reached a good rank now because we are good at the game and we try our best instead of whining that our locked, afk-friendly ranks, were taken away
  15. Pandora entry + naked alts

    I am so happy with the news about the GP reset that I do not mind anything else, but since we have been asking for a GP reset for so long and it is finally implemented, that mens you guys listen. Problem: Pandora is infested with alts that have like 25k~30k HP or something, since cubics are account shared. Due to that we end up losing the pvp/pve many times. Especially the pvp one is so tight that even 1 alt afk is enough to ruin the whole thing. We just lost yet another pandora pvp because of those alts afking in the base with their naked chars and this is not how game should be. Any of the below could fix this issue Suggestion 1: Put a second portal to get into the final stage of pvp/pve, to go there you need to kill an elite lvl 80 mob solo, same mob to those that are on Enshar maps for the pandoras, if you cannot kill it it the portal won't spawn for you to go to the final stage. Suggestion 2: Limit the quest to account wide (since cubics are account shared) so you cannot do the quests in all chars of yours. Suggestion 3: Make pandora an actual instance where people can either fully premade it or pug it, this way everyone can get into pandora Because I am not sure what kills this game more, bots or afkers? If you have anything else to suggest please do so. If you wish pandora to remain the same it means you are abusing it with naked alts.
  16. The most ridiculous item(s) on BCM

    With 50$ you can buy 4000 NC coin hence 4000 luna, which is 50 luna resets on any pvp instance (ID/AD/EC) which you could afk 50 times and always get the losing rewards and you get 1 pouch of enchant stones (instead of 2 if you win). That pouch gives you 3 ancient enchant stones min reward, so 50 losing/afk runs = 150 ancient pvp enchant stones at worse. If you actively play all those runs and you win on all those you get 2x pouches hence double the enchant (300 ancient enchants min rewards). plus the AP you will get and the other rewards. BUT the pouch has a chance to give a legendary instead of 3x ancient... so take that into consideration So the choice is pretty tough here: 50$ for 10 ancient enchant stones or 50$ for 150~300 ancient enchant stones and potentially plenty of legendaries plus the ton of AP and other reward mats?
  17. Why one new weapon though? Wont' two old weapons do as well?
  18. Suggestion for GP / Arena Dropped

    Arena dodging is an issue (for those who do it, I personally play a sorc, hence I won't bother being a walking dummy so broken classes can get free win in arena), but giving GP options to arenas is not a way to fix dodging. Many times people dodge with their own alts hence an alt that dodged won't suffer anything. You can cheat in arenas by teaming with your alts, or you can cheat on open world pvp killing your alts as well. so adding Gp to anything that can be cheated, is not a good idea.
  19. I am making this question because I do not want to complain about no animation hackers and open tickets or anything. I want a way to make sure that hacker that is blatantly using no animation hack to get reported in a way that is a solid way to expose him. Does making a video show proof of someone hitting way too fast? Does having aiDPs or Aion Rainmeter provide proof? Because I was told videos are not proof of animation hacks because they can be manipulated to look faster by editing it to look like that and dps meters are not an acceptable way since they are 3rd party software, so I wanted to know if this claim is true or not. Video can be proof for people using glide hacks, or gravity hacks or eye-hide hacks etc because they show a direct and blatant hack that is undeniable. BUT my problem is animation hackers. So how do you get a hacker to get reported properly and get banned? I do not want to open a ticket and "complain" to the GM that will reply to me with a copy-pasted message. This game is going to die because of these hackers.
  20. Proxy users geting banned

    With RTL open I play with 200~220 ping since I am from south-east Europe, without it i get lag spikes and if I get to EC I have like 10.000 ping sometimes, effectively I can only see chat and I cannot move.
  21. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    My friend Naduah got plenty of transforms both free and some paid, with the flower event she got plenty of ancients.. she combined them and so far she has gotten 3 legendaries that are not good for her class. I would agree the "free legendary" to anyone might not be the best option, at least NA has taken this path cause in other publishers the ancient is the minimum and legendaries are the norm, but I belong to the few luckiest players when it comes to transforms, I got my tahabata almost first to anyone else, I combined 2x ancient from the pumpkin event (first event in 6.2) and got a tahabata the very first try. So do not take my word on this issue because I already have taken 5 legendaries, 3 of them are for my class (2x Tahabata and 1x Veille) hence I wouldn't be the right guy to tell others how to feel about transformations. RNG is what bothers people the most, I haven't spent a single dime on the game directly, and I walk with legendaries while people who really paid the publisher money to keep this running are still not running in a legendary they want. And although I was RNG lucky that day, I shouldn't have to be lucky to do this. And this event has plenty of RNG when it comes to how many coins you get. I have been doing this event, S-rank always since I know how to do it, with plenty of time left. Some times I get 35 coins in an S-rank, one time I got 20 only again on S-rank, and one time one of my alts got the special pouch! --- The good thing is that reset scrolls are tradeable so effectively if you can afford those you can also get a transform. I mean instead of wasting 9,9m and get the useless GST shop transform you can spend some more money for extra runs on the event. If you get 30 coins on average on every s-rank, you need 66 runs to get the sure legendary selection. You get half of those free daily and you need to buy the additional with scrolls. If you are lucky and get the 50 pouch 1~2 times you can cut on those resets.
  22. Proxy users geting banned

    I use ReduceTheLag and I didn't get any ban, me or my alt account. But I'll close this just in case, that means no EC for me, cause in there I always have liek 2k ping without RTL. Outside I can play, but not in sieges. They have to understand that when our connections are bad, that takes a small toll on the server as well with lost packages and re-tries. A stable connection benefits the player and the whole server. Automated bans based on IP or ping reduction services are a sure bet to finally destroy the game, once and for good.
  23. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    Exactly, and we also need to remember a free to play game dies, when the free players quit. And free to play gamers will quit because at some point they are walking dummies for those who paid enough money so they can be at the top of the food chain.
  24. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    If the transparent transformation bundle of 20, was 1 NC coin like it is on all publishers, except ours, I would have gotten those, but instead they are 20 NC coin for ONE scroll If the transparent scrolls were cheap and reasonable, and if there were a lot of skins in there, like there is in other publishers, people could care to spend money on skins again If the selective retuning was 1 luna, like ti is on all publishers, instead of 160 which is on us, people would spend money on them too, only a handful of rich-stupid people pay for a gambling with 2$ per stat, which can go even lower than what it was If there were housing items on BCM, with reasonable prices, people would also spend on those, as long as the housing bugs were fixed If there were reasonable prices for enchant stones, those p2w people that do support this game, would actually purchase those items, instead of paying 30$ to get 10 ancient enchant stones!!! nobody is that rich-stupid. If the BCM was more rich, with reasonable prices in general, people would pay money for it. Let me give you an example, let say a monopoly government was selling ice-cream for 200$ a cone... people love ice cream right, some rich people would pay 200$ for a cone, and then wonder why nobody eats ice cream anymore! And even if someone eats, that would be 1~2 people who would afford it. Now take this example and put sh!t instead of ice cream for 200$, rich-stupid people are not that stupid to pay 200$ for sht. The key to make this game survive is be reasonable and PLAY the game you are handling so you see what it needs.
  25. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    I just got the 50 coin on one of my alts, what really pissed me off, is that on an A-rank (when I was still learning it) I got 24 coins and then in an S-rank I got 20 coins! Because pouches can give you as little as 2 coins or as much as 7 (at least this was my max). So put even more RNG to this event, less effort, more luck!