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  1. ...peopel with 300 alts are running luna and create the kinah pouches in mass already, they won't change much on the event other than a tiny addition to the kinah generated. It would make a difference but it would make the luna bots less relevant because now every person can simply get his kinah directly and won't have to compete with 300 bots doing luna. Also what you are saying is that it is better for real players to struggle to make kinah while even a single retune costs half a million and you might need up to 200m to retune on part before you can get the 4 stats. Enchanting also gets
  2. Yes I am not 100% sure what they do to block people from making multiple accounts, but I know different devices and different IPs kinda help.
  3. You do not need quotes, just paste the image link directly and it will appear
  4. I have never been able to get 9800 coins for that legendary since the 1000 coin pouches were class based and I only have 2 classes in my account. Other than that the event rewards kinda suck, mostly due to the restrictions in how many you can buy per week. Of course that is made to avoid giving hordes of alt accounts to get a ton of kinah in an afk event. But it is still more alt friendly than main friendly this way, because the main can't get any decend rewards and the guy with 10.000 alt chars will be able to get kinah pouches for free for 10.000 alts! They should have made us able
  5. A lot of things no longer need npcs for altering. The item menu gives everything you need to alter any item based on the options you have for that item. Otherwise open the menu that is next to your flight icon and it has a lot of options there to open windows (like cubics, transmutation, daevanion enchant etc)
  6. Someone needs to tell me where Dalishunerk npc is for exchanges, the site says nothing.
  7. As far as the event allows us to take Event coins exchanged I am hapyp with it, and we will have to see how much kinah the boxes give. That kinda makes it alt friendly too.
  8. I'll have to be excused as I have absolute lack of knowledge on assassins.
  9. Actually we can turn our animal coins to event cins in 1:1 ratio! I just saw the reward list.
  10. I am level 8~9 renown in Gelkmaros and Lakrum but I have no use of that level 9 in them. I could have been high level in Katalam if there was an incentive for me to go there and do the weeklies/dailies. All the others I am either level 1~2 or max level 3, the maps that lack the typical "weekly" style quests that Gelkmaros and Lakrum have are badly designed.
  11. NCSoft made the game, you are talking about NCWest the publisher of NA aion.
  12. One reward tho: Fluttering Dandelion motion, is this a new one or identical to the one we already have? The rewards are mediocre and the stupid part is that they are limited, why limit them, you say people can reset it with scrols or luna and then what? Why woudl we reset if the rewards are so limited? also are the legendary engraved manastones selectable or totally random?
  13. Getting to level 9 is indeed slow, once you get ther eit is super easy to maintain. Some maps are making it impossible to keep up with level 5 much more to progress to the next levels.
  14. Lol my sorc has like about 4,5k m.attack more and I did 14.400 dmg, maybe I should have tried multiple times too. But I'll never use that skill in my life so I wouldn't bother even doing tests cause that is 5m cool down. Unless you don't talk about the aoe skill and we talk about another one. **** OK, I did another test and now without buffs open I did 16.992
  15. I only have mystic classes in my account so I cannot test the difference. But I can use the skill on my main to see the dmg he does since my main has a rather OK m.attack value. Let me log on him and test on a dummy. And as I said focus on the positive things your instant skill user/class has than this low dmg skill. ^^^ Edit: With 22.754 m.attack + 3.152 pve attack my skill did 14.400 dmg on a level 1 dummy If I melee hit the dummy with my orb I do 21k dmg, so yeah that skill is useless along with the fact it made my collection buff go to 5 minute cool down which gives m
  16. Well there were ban waves throughout the years so I doubt it is anyone on the inside for the cheat program and also it is not just one, there are a few of them plus you can even alter some things on the cheat engine yourself if you know how to search for memories and alter those with injection. The game simply enables the use of these loopholes because they left al ot of things unchecked on server side which they could change at any given time (like if a 3rd party program on a gamer's client can detect animation hack, I guess the server already knows that information far better already and mak
  17. What is the total dmg though? Like if your glad does 30k and your cleric 32k with it that is literally nothing of a difference given the fact it has 5 minutes cool down and most people that have ultimate transform use the buff that shares the cool down with this one. Sadly many things are not that fair, like rune chance skills favor those that use many skills in short amount of time (just like godstones) while slow skill users suffer a lot from these benefits. Another unfair thing is physical attack users rely on attack speed exclusively while every caster needs both c.speed and atta
  18. We need to run tests and see the dmg difference to see how much m.attack affects that skill because most of these skills appear to do a pretty static dmg little affected by my stats.
  19. Fill any of the gear you are missing with gear from the XP marks NPCs, sovereign +some XP mark gear is very good. You also need to enchant it and retune it, it is like wasting enchants but at least do your weapon (gear is mostly for defenses). Unfortunately when you miss a ton of events you miss the chance to literally catch up for years worth of progress. For example in the end of 7.2 we had an event where Frozen Monolith (solo-able by that time) was giving sovereign main gear! then we had an event that gave us a selectable daevanion skill every day for like 2,5 months or something
  20. Account creation is kinda tricky now, they do this to avoid people having multiple accounts for botting. Try making one from another pc and another IP, like go to a friend's house and try or go to an internet cafe.
  21. Even if it was static in one camp it would still do better than now. Numerous times I was going towards the entrance only for it to vanish seconds before I went there! That doesn't serve anything to the game except for frustration. Like I am not earning or gaining anything from having to constantly port and go back and use those XP mark scrolls to go to camps (because teleporting in maps after 6.x was never player friendly).
  22. Imagine doing all these to get 25 XP marks by the end of the week and realize you need a lot more. Even when we had the passive buff and coffin buff, normal mobs weren't even good enough, you still needed to kill like 50 of them for 1 XP mark, only LUT and bomb mobs worth doing.
  23. Didn't they also have a list of the characters that did it or something? Did they remove that list?
  24. Perma XP passive buff please! Even if it is just for level 80 chars only so leveling won't get altered.
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