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  1. Pandora Reward NPCs Gone?

    I already knew from patch notes that the pandora system will be gone. And by "be gone" I understood that the whole system is gone except for the items you already got. And yes who told you the gear form it would get a boost?
  2. Server Lag on Danaria

    I left my character afk crafting in my estate, and due to lag he stopped by himself like 5 times, I went back to see what stage he is and he was standing there not crafting. I clicked craft all again and left him, then came back to client and saw he had crafted like 200 more items and then somehow lag made him stop. This happened many times, it sucks I have to be there and wait for him to craft 4000 pieces.
  3. Can't choose a proper name to my account on the forum

    Aion forum names are kinda buggy, you are supposed to have a character high enough in level (not sure what the level limitation is). But it doesn't work like that, it doesn't update the chars you have at least not instantly. There are people who have level 80 characters in their accounts and can't even be part of forums because the forums do not recognize they have high enough player to have a forum account. I guess this updates pretty rare, so you gotta give it a few months to be sure your newer char is going to be selectable in forums.
  4. @Hime

    Someone asked for this already and it was ignored, I am sure this is a developer thing to change and most likely they won't bother with it. We have a ton of problems in our region that are still not fixed, so since this is working as intended I doubt they have time to change such sophisticated things for the benefit of players.
  5. Where is my Survey? Where is my Dragon Carpet Pack?

    You enchant stigmas, when a stigma is +15 or higher you can promote it and get the Advanced stigma. You have normal (green) stigmas (greater (blue) stigmas and major (golden) stigmas. The vouchers allow you to select what kind of stigma scroll you want to get.
  6. Baby Stormwing Memorial

    This should have been in in Fan Creations though.
  7. Pandora Reward NPCs Gone?

    Pandora system is removed in general. Items, NPCs, Quests... all gone, and when I say items I mean that you cannot use marks to buy them anymore. Those that you already have remain obviously. If you still have the marks you can simply discard them, they are useless.
  8. Arhdaeva Transformations that I miss

    These looks awesome, mini transforms that lasted 5 minutes and had at max enchant about 30 minutes cool down. And they did look cool. I forgot to take screenshots with a female character though. So if anyone has them (and the character is not chibi short) post them please. The hair from Fire and Earth transforms were on spot!
  9. Server Lag on Danaria

    I play outside USA too and I used to have 200~220 ping at worst without ping reduction, now it can jump all the way to 1000 or sometimes goes above 3000 (not as a lag spike, but continuously)
  10. Adding the possibilty to turn on and off PVP

    I remember Tiamaranta, but turning all maps pve only for 1 hour before daily reset won't be an issue to pvpers, if 23 hours per day everything is pvp and you wait that last hour to complain then it is the pvper's problem. But here I am trying to figure out how pve only would work when I personally have no issue with the game as it is, since I am always perma geared (still a drop dead sorc tho)
  11. Violets are Long, Roses are Bread, This poem is Wrong, And so is this Thread Delete, ban, burn!
  12. What's happening with the game?

    We get more forum replies now by Loki and Hime than we got from Cyan before. This has nothing to do with Cyan himself, they probably did some changes and he either left or they fired him, we will never know and it is irrelevant. What matters is that Loki is always trying to reply and we get Hime to reply as well.
  13. Adding the possibilty to turn on and off PVP

    This is why turning all maps into safe zones 1 hour before daily reset wouldn't hurt anyone and rather allow ungeared people to finish their quests easily. Or even 2 hours who cares, that time is kinda dead anyways.
  14. increase in the probability stigma enchant rate

    75 stigma enchants? Did you forget a 0 in the end, like 750 stigma enchants? Unless you waste close to 1000 stigma enchants you cannot complain (sarcasm), this is what the stigma rates are for quite some time lol.
  15. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    To get Dark Talon all you need is enchants, everything else is handed to you, Etiums and Spirit fragments are account wh storable, AP is abundant everywhere (HM got about 40% AP reduction now, so this sucks but still enough AP if you need it, I think I got 750k AP solo mid with prestige and no AP buffs, it used to be like 1,1m~1,2m AP or something.) But you get enchants in every pvp instance even when you lose, it will sure take time but you cannot do it in one week if this was your goal. Forget about everything else, Dark Talon is still the best and you should focus on that. The transfomation system is not garbage, the garbage part is the way you acquire the higher tiers (through the RNG bottleneck). I prefer to have ONE scroll for every buff (and then food+drink) than have to have running scroll, casting speed scroll, 4 resistant scrolls, critical spell scroll and have them removable by dispell. By now everyone should have 3~4 legendary transformations if not more and the only thing is the ultimate is still hard to get. 7.x+ patch made pvp gear acquisition a breeze.
  16. "Stigma Event"

    The only thing they have as an event is the BCM limited sale for the sure +9 stigmas. There is no stigma event currently, no increase in rates and safe spots in +9 and +12 are not part of any event, 7.5 already has these two safe spots.
  17. Please make Luna wardrobe unlimited

    If there is ONE single thing I will probably enjoy in the game, this will be it. Everything else I have accepted they will be going downhills, but please make the wardrobe infinite. At least give people the chance to use every skin they hoarded and is no longer acquirable.
  18. Lag

    Exactly, I always thought that the awful patches are going to kill Aion, but this lag is probably gonna do it for me. I am already pissed off at many things in game, I am not going to complain since it won't change anything, but this lag is inexcusable.
  19. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    I was in Lakrum and there was a cleric from Team Para, he could practically kill a whole group and his HP never fell low, he had a cat transform (aka an ancient transform). Is there any special item in Lakrum that makes people invincible and OP in ofence? This class imbalance has to stop. I will not even use prestige through 7.5.
  20. List of Items Needing to go into Special Cube

    You need to delete useless quest stuff from Aion 1.0 DevilNest, stop being a hoarder!
  21. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Things I knew I wouldn't enjoy is making more instanced interserver maps like Red Katalam, we never needed this, Lakrum and Demaha could have stayed as they were. They are practically harder to get there now theoretically. Herelym Mine should have stayed in its original position. Lag is awful but that is not a 7.5 feature. I tried to do some pve quests in Gelkmaros and there were no mobs, the players trying to kill them were more than the mobs! I dislike the new lugbug dailies and weeklies to be honest. ~~ Positive things is that Gelkmaros feels like home, we are used to it. I also like the fact we have maps dedicated to the race unlike common shared maps. When you see an elyos in Gelkmaros you know they are intruders so there is an urge to kick them away.
  22. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Interserver maps could have been open every time but the game is designed as if 10.000players will play it, so apparently the interserver maps could not hold all possible players and also they must not be as powerful as the actual game servers. So this is why there are limitation to how many players can go in, (1000 on each side in katalam for example) and also you had the timer so you couldn't camp in and prevent other players from entering. It is also regarded an instance server so logging out teleports you back to your obelisk which sucks. In our servers the max limit of 1000 players on each side will never be filled, most times we can hardly pop an EC game while the majority of characters are alts that jump afk in obelisks for events. We could have had it regionally different here, but regional changes usually are nerfs for us. only a handful of times we got things that are better than other regions.
  23. Ia AION becoming a only PvP game?

    I obviously referred to mmorpgs. Lineage II (I was an avid player) was the biggest grindfest ever created. Aion had more things to do but they deleted them. They could be adding features instead of removing. The rest of your post is about class imbalance and how some hybrid classes got used to being tank+dps+healers and when they got it removed they were mad.
  24. List of Items Needing to go into Special Cube

    I have 6 cubes in my inventory, so how many more can we get (and how do we get more to begin with)?
  25. Lag and more lag!

    I play from Hellas and I had 2000~3000 ping yesterday.