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  1. AT nerf

    ...correction, they are op if simply payed by a noob, they are godmode if played well. AY is a tank and should be treated like one, they have more resists than true tanks yet they hit harder than a sorc in some cases.
  2. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    It is amazing how they make hybrid classes that can tank and dps or heal and dps better than a sorc in many cases, and then they make true canon classes like painter, while they totally screw sorc. Why don't they delete out class since it will probably make them happy.
  3. When they fix it we will send them a ticket for that account to compensate.
  4. IDD/PF such a bad patch

    So we are back to easy pve instances like in 6.2 and a ->chance<- to drop the ultimate. God, did we learn anything from Aion 6.2? Imagine people did like 200 PF runs in 6.5 before they could actually gear the whole set because although it was always an ultimate drop, most of the times the RNGeesus was giving a total free for all item that nobody needed. Now imagine having to go there 200 times again and get like 50 drops only which are not for your class. Aion 7.0 recycles all the bad things in Aion... more RNG and less effort driven gameplay. Make the instance as tough and time consuming as you want, but give us the reward we are looking for. Nobody asked for an entry level easy mode PF and IDD, since they give end game items they should be tough and reward you those things you want. ## Side Note: How will people get the new materials? 99% of the time mobs in the new map are empty of loot!
  5. hahahaha I never even hit that link in my life! I didn't even know its existence, it is like something you see everyday and never pay attention!
  6. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    ...yes and it is super easy to do, make one account, level 8 toons to lvl 10 (so they can go to town and use broker) and you can start getting 2x stigma enchant stones per char per week easily. If there was a broker on Ishalgen, a lvl 1 char would do!
  7. I am glad I was the guinea pig for everyone's benefit Sadly this forum seems all over the place. I didn't know this or if I read it I probably didn't pay attention (it speaks for 12 slots, that reminds me of something I read) and this is why i wasted the 7-day free pass on that account to test. Thanks for the link though.
  8. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    Well they are gone now so it is better. I wish those gave me platinum cubicles though. I have everything maxed. I am stil trying to figure out how to make ultimate etium.
  9. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    I took like 10 bags and got only one of them. I suggest people to give money to their alts and start getting gold ingots, you can buy 1 enchant stigma stone for 10 gold ingot (so 13m each) and you can buy 2x per character per week Stigma Enchant Stones from gold ingots are not tradeable but stigmas themselves are tradeable. So trade your stigma to your alt, enchant it 2 times and trade it to the next alt to enchant it 2 more times and so on. I know trading kinah in broker is losing like 14% in fees but for 13m per stigma enchant I do not mind it. (unless they changed something in 7.0 which I miss)
  10. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    They are the old manastones, not the ones that have the new title in front of them (I forget that word). also old manastones cannot be used to extract them for the new manastone materials.
  11. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    I guess I'll have to take my ultimate MP or Evasion manastone and be happy. The new manastones are better even ancient ones are better than old legendaries or something.
  12. Looks like we cannot create more than 8 chars in the same server, at least not with the free 7 days pass although it supposedly allows you to get more than 8 chars
  13. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    Also no more crucible coins which is kinda weird, unless you get a ton of them only if you finish it. Otherwise I do not see the reason to keep the npc outside the instance.
  14. Earlier Seiges

    Yeah but good luck on EU players playing on NA, Altar sieges are at 5 in the morning and Lakrum is at 6. And this is with day light saving, during winter it will be 4 in the morning for altars and 5 in the morning for Lakrum. But this region is not made for us, I am not sure who it favors, it is late for USA players, and it is too early (or too late) for EU players and yes the glove has all 24 time zones, someone will find it good, for most of us it will be shitty.
  15. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    I find it "easier" because for me the first floors were melting but later on I would constantly miss and fail so my MP would be wearing off and my HP would be so low I would have to evade everything if I needed to survive. Now mobs have more HP but their defenses are weaker, no more resisting. And also when we get the best pve items, the new ones, it will be much much easier. I went up to 17 floor again but couldn't kill Kadena and it keeps spawning eggs which are making it super hard. It also seems it has a ranking again but I doubt anyone will be able to finish all 24 floors. We need a gladiator to go there and do it and let us know.
  16. Rollback incoming?

    The problem is that when the GMS offer an NPC with free sh!t they can't expect players not to use the NPC, after all this abuse was done/enabled by NCWest not the players. If you go to an NPC and you buy something and later are told "hey we screwed the price for this, it was not supposed to be 1k kinah but 10m kinah, let me ban you for using the game as we designed it". In a perfect parallel universe, they would simply remove the items purchased, but then again some of them used the items or sold them etc, so it is would still be impossible to change every single transaction made with the bug and leave everything legit intact. Or they could roll back the characters that did use the vending machine and leave the others like this. BUT all this would happen in that hypothetical parallel universe. They will do a simple 2 hour rollback and they will call it a night.
  17. Rollback incoming?

    This is exactly what cyan said will happen. And I find it fair. The only thing unfair is a few people combined their ancient transformations and got a legendary or something and that rollback will revert it to the ancients they had so they will have to play their luck again. But since people got thousands of expensive items for free, that rollback is necessary.
  18. And it is going to be just 12 slots not 13 as it is supposed to be, we are always punished for something we did on our previous life or something. No other explanation. Whatever happens has to be worse for us than all other regions.
  19. Rollback incoming?

    It is not as if they will roll back days worth of gameplay, they will only roll back to the moment when they just opened the servers right before people saw the bug of the selling npcs.
  20. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    I can send you the uncensored image too, think about the benefits of having this logo on your legion. (I got the cheesecake form the web, I drew only the hands and legs with paint cause I am a base meme-maker)
  21. @Cyan - Transformation System

    OK so they nerfed the stats, we can still reach caps stats in attack speed and speed, so I do not see what it served. But why nerf the duration? So we need a ton of scrolls toplay and never be able to use transparent transformation scrolls? What are they earning from pushing everyone to look like an ugly taransformation. To them it means nothing, to us it is the appearance of our character and the aesthetics of the game WE play (not them). If anything, transparent trasnformation scrolls should at least cost the same price to normal ones. If you want to look like a fennec fox, use normal, if not use the transparent.
  22. Old Trade

    Do you mean "fees"? If yes they only make the game worse, people no longer bother trying to sell many things from fear of not selling and end up losing the listing fees. and that makes broker a lesser thing than it was in the past The selling fees are another issue, they could keep them high, but listing fes should be minimal so people can list their expensive items without fearing that they will lose money.. The prices would skyrocket in the past because people could make a ton of kinah, when each player walks around with billions farmed by the game, then price normally rise. Broker fees play little no role in prices of items, the only thing that plays that role is the availability of the currency.
  23. Gameplay suggestions

    Of course I won't, I have read a ton of reviews and game videos about it that made me never have to bother with it. That bot thing is what I saw in videos from players.
  24. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    Windows XP be like