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  1. Dragon Pet Set

    OK, now for the people who could never register (like me), put it on BCM so we could also get it somehow. I remember I was clicking that "register your account" and it took me to just another page with information and nowhere to "register". Then someone said in the LFG that you do not need to do anything other than log in and you should get it or something. Next time make sure you either have the feature correct or at least give it to the people who still stick around your bugged updates, laggy servers and awful support.
  2. Dragon Carpet Pack Still Missing?

    The only dumbass here is you, this is a pvp and pve game and the elyos are equally notorious on ganging soloers and going in easy areas with full groups and alliances. Whoever finds an enemy they do not take their chances and simply kill. Nobody owes you anything in this game, use hide and move on.
  3. What is Sanctification?

    ...in short we should stay away from this because it is RNG infested feature and it will make you wanna quit sooner. By the time we manage to do something good, a new patch will be out and all of these will be outdated or new versions will be out.
  4. Removing gem/runes from gear...

    And also to "enchant" it does it have to be out or something? Or is it refined/enchanted/amazed/glorified or whatever it is done into the item as well?
  5. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    Hai beautifel, I friend with you and I new to game, do you has kinah pleez?
  6. Dragon Carpet Pack Still Missing?

    A 30 day mount? Hahahahah bruh I'll pass seriously.
  7. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    In a hypothetical universe they could, imagine if they made 49m per half a minute, this could have been about 140B per day per mob (as far as we were told there were 2 mobs who had this bug). That would have been close to a trillion per week per mob .
  8. Dragon Carpet Pack Still Missing?

    I tried to register when you put the thing out in the front page. Tried the next day too and it was still the same. It was never mentioned which day it would start and when it would stop. There are people who got it in 10 accounts and some people didn't get it at all. But in any case I will let it go, it is not even that important. The way you put those things out is wrong. Logging every day in the game should be enough for people to get it.
  9. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    We also do not know the respawn time, like if it was a normal mob that is 30 seconds, and we do not know how long they knew about it and took advantage of it (like they could be doing it since day 1 of 7.5)
  10. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    Tehre was a mob that was supposed to give 4,9k kinah and instead it was giving 49m kinah, some people found it and have been killing it non stop (god knows for how long).
  11. Dragon Carpet Pack Still Missing?

    But the "register" page was bugged, when I clicked on it it took me to just information for the new patch and the dragon set. That is awful way of giving a simpel gift that is not game breaking. Next time give it to people who play the game simple as that.
  12. minion grade b

    B-grade minium usually drop much easier than anything else from minium pouches. It is the a-rank and s-rank that matter the most because those are end game ones that you will need.
  13. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    But we all have to admit this meme I did some time ago is still relevant.
  14. Countless posts about Stigmas

    EVERYONE mark your calendars, this day... 5th June 2020, I 100% agree with Ele-DN's post! NO COLLISION DETECTED!
  15. All Servers Down for Emergency Maintenance

    We do not need a rollback, if this is regarded an abuse then ban those who exploited it and all those that they transfered kinah to. No more server-wise punishment for a glitch that a few took advantage of. And if killing a mob is an abuse then they should be more careful with the amount of "000" they put behind kinah acquisition.
  16. Shattered Abyssal Splinter Missing AP

    I actually got about 650% because I forgot to calculate the free run. anyways this is insanely better than the 250 AP
  17. Shattered Abyssal Splinter Missing AP

    Which is a rather good addition to be honest, you can always get AP from HM and pvp isntances, while XP is almost impossible to get directly from mobs now. S-rank gives 8 XP crystals, 5% each = 40% XP bar. And these also interact with Berdin Lucky Stars... one XP crystal with star at lower than 50% gives you 20% of your XP bar, which means 8x XP crystals are 160% XP bar! If the Berdin Star is above 50% and you get the additional bonus that is even more. Yesterday I did my free run and I reset it with luna 3 times (with 40 luna per run). I got worth of XP that is 500% XP bar or a little more, which translate to about 10 XP extractors or about 85 Boborunerk gems! --> They are NOT affected by Tea of Repose, XP amulets or passive XP buffs (otherwise the prestige +30% passive would have already increased it but it doesn't). I wish they would interact with those as well
  18. Attack cap?

    If it doesn't increase the dmg then I guess it is a cap. And they didn't think of it much because getting 20k difference is something only against a dummy could have occurred. Imagine someone managing to gt 20k more attack than the enemy's defense... one shot.
  19. The lag is getting worse

    this one: And I obviously ignored them. My pc never had issues, and the issues only occurred when they did changes to their servers along with 7.5 ~~ I just installed ReduceTheLag and it worked for me, I still get the server freezes here and there, but that also happens to USA players a few times. It kinda stabilized my ping, but again since in pvp isntances the lag was non existent, they must have done something to their routing in their main servers, probably trying to combat against foreign bot accounts or whatever and in reality hurting real players more.
  20. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    Oh ok, I didn't know that, that is one more thing to add to the confusion lol.
  21. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    It extracts it for manastone fasteners, if you also use this solvent you also get the dusts. Edit: Devil got me on this first I am practically done with 7.5, the amount of bs they brought to the game is insane.
  22. The lag is getting worse

    I am sure those analytics that analyze your pc and think this is the problem. Those fake scam PC companies that try to steal your data are more legit than NCWest support. They once asked me to install such a program that shows everything about my pc, as if it is my fault their servers lag.
  23. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    OK so how do you enchant them>?
  24. Server Lag on Danaria

    PvP instances do not lag because apparently they are in separate servers. Everything else lags, including the interserver maps. This has nothing to do with crowded areas, the server is the problem, when the hour is slow and not many people are logged, this can ease the extreme lag people have (especially those outside USA), but crowded areas vs non crowded areas have exactly the same lag because they are hosted in the same server.