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  1. Leveling too hard ? too easy ?

    But 1 NC coin costs around 250k kinah if you take into consideration the amount of kinah you need to give to someone to buy his NC code. At least this is how I calculated it since the last time I purchased a 4k NC coin code. Still if the time for transformation was 10 minuts I wouldn't mind that (or the 250k from the gold sand traders) but with a kaisinel you need 30 scrolls per hour! Even Kim Kardashian doesn't have such high maintenance just to look presentable!
  2. They do listen to feedback...

    ...I be like:
  3. They do listen to feedback...

    YAS! In this case I will get a prestige, and when they fix the 12 char max, it will be 12 chars, doing 2x IB per day (cause ungeared alts can still win on IB since it doesn't matter) and this will be 24 ultimate etiums per day potential (if you win them all). OK, I am ready, when is this coming out?
  4. Sharp/Tough/Complex Manastone Extraction Stone

    Manastones are grouped into 3 categories: Sharp (physical.attack, magic attack, evasion, magic resist, HP) Complex (accuracy, magic accuracy, block, parry, healing boost) Tough (physical critical, magic critical, physical defense, MP) When you extract a (worthless) manastone it gives you Tough/Complex/Sharp Manastone Extraction Stone, the type you get is the type you extracted (i.e. an evasion manastone will always give you Sharp Stone), which is a material to craft a manastone of the same category. To actually craft you indeed need to purchase the recipes and learn them first (I do not know where to get them exactly). When you craft a manastone it will give you a random manastone of the same type (i.e. if you craft a Sharp one, it will give you any of the manastones from the above list). There is a chance for it to proc, a proc version of the manastone will be tradeable and has a chance to be legendary or ultimate. ### In short, no manastone is now (totally) useless, because those who are not for your class, you simply extract, get materials, craft and hope it is the one for you. RNG is strong on this one, so someone might be super lucky and get an ultimate tradeable M.Attack manastone and someone else might get a non tradeable ancient evasion one.
  5. They do listen to feedback...

    Ulimate Etium is the one and single material I am interested in the whole game at the moment, I only need this to upgrade my items, nothing else. Of course I could have gotten a prestige to get 2 entries in AD and 2 in IB which would double the etiums I get, but I think I will hibernate throughout Aion 7.0 logging in to do basic stuff because this patch seems emptier than 6.5 or something, lakrum is empty and nothing happens other than weeklies and the new map has literally nothing for me. I still haven't done Stella, but I think I could skip it for this patch, after all I wasted my time and money to go to more than 100 IDDs and more than 200 PFs throughout 6.2 till the end of 6.5 and then the items I wasted time and effort are 3rd grade ultimate because a new patch came. Not to mention I only got 2 drops from IDD only after all these runs. It feels like if I miss a whole patch worth of pve I won't miss THAT much, hoping a next patch might make Aion slightly better. I will accumulate slowly what the game allows me to get by doing basic instances in pvp and some pve quests in lakrum. In another patch they will lower the price of etium with stellium. so if people are slow on that save your stelliums.
  6. Upgrading pvp = pve and p2w?

    Kamar is once a week right? Cause I sure missed it. I haven't seen this quest you are talking, all the quests I get from altars are to kill a few mobs for 2 stellium once a day or something.
  7. IDD/PF such a bad patch

    Thanks i saw that item recommendation, it is good to know what items are higher than what I currently wear.I also saw that the best pve weapon is the crafted one and itis weird. Apparently they haven't added any pve weapon in instances.
  8. Make altars faction based and not legion based please!

    Alliances do not matter at all in this subject same to Lakrum and Divine fortresses. Back Story: Incoming (Asmodian KT) kept getting the fortress when 6.2 was launched (and the buff started working) and people were accusing them of being "selfish" because they wanted other legions to "enjoy" owning a fortress (even if they didn't do the job to earn it), just like it was back in Katalam/Danaria maps sieges where legion politics of giving fortresses to legions, that didn't have the man power to get a fortress by sheer number of contribution, still existed. So incoming tried to give the fortress by being in the league of a legion that wanted to get handed a fortress free of charge, but they (incoming) still got it. Then they tried not doing too much dps but of course they still got it. The only thing that would make them not get the fortress was for any incoming player not to dps the deity at all but it was going to fail us getting the fortress because the dps of the rest was not enough, eventually they ended up getting the fortress almost every time we won it from that day on. So if the format is exactly the same (which most likely is cause I don't see why would they bring back the complication of who is leading) it doesn't matter if you go solo or grouped or alliance'd or league'd. Your dps counts towards your legion and apparently you should be there and alive when the altar boss dies in order for your contribution to count towards your legion getting the altar, much like it works for capturing fortresses.
  9. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    Because 10 ancients = 1 legendary with the morphing system but if you got stellium to waste you can use 3 ancients + stellium material and get 1 legendary. The goal is to make it +15 so instead of wasting 50 more ancients trying to get i to +15 you can at least use a legendary at +14 is not at +13 and forth. Of course those can fail as well but with far less chance to fail.
  10. @Cyan - Transformation System

    How is kinah making easier in 7.0? Previously you could even get a potential drop that yoou would sell on broker, now the broker will be empty. Even manastones are untradeable. The best way to make kinah in 6.5 was from lina kinah box crafting, same to 7.0. Yes the duration at least should get back to normal, or at least not be THAT nerfed.
  11. IDD/PF such a bad patch

    So does Stella drop all the items, including those that are being dropped in IDD/PF?
  12. IDD/PF such a bad patch

    thank I was referring to the different new pve items, like are all the new ultimate pve gear same type" or do they have different names and different stats?
  13. ...I think they keep trying to halt the progress in every patch, I think we went to the point that making progress is impossible now. How do people get mats to craft anything, Alcemiums drop from named mobs in Lakrum and mini bosses and world bosses so ti is exactly like it was in 6, but everything else is empty in Lakrum and in Demaha I got like 12 ancient magic crystals since 7.0 came live! I am probably missing something, I saw people selling a ton of them in broker, are they farming special mobs that still drop loots in Demaha?
  14. patch notes

    You can read it all in aion powerbook but anything pre-6.0 is irrelevant now, so read it after 6.0 if you want. I doubt you will understand anything though. You understand a game by playing. Also Na names are different to EU and aionpowerbook is EU based. Do not get confused on instance names, NPC names or key things like skills, locations, maps, instances etc. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Update_History
  15. They do listen to feedback...

    So Etiums will be account wh deposit-able? Nice, we all need to play 8 (or 12) characters now to gear our main. when NC realize they are losing a ton of money from luna resets because they will no longer sell lunas, since people will simply do their alts, they will nerf it for sure! (Just like they nerfed the luna craft from luna mats form 40 to 20 people the amount you could get was more than enough for most people)
  16. IDD/PF such a bad patch

    so you have to go away from the boss when he does it? Because I remember everyone instantly dying to the boss except me because I was hitting always from a range. Haven't done the new instance (or Veillenthrone) and since most of my remaining friends quit I doubt i'll ever go for any time soon. what are the differences in ultimate gear from PF/IDD/ and stella laboratory or Veillenthrone, are they same in stats or different? And if they are different which one is better?
  17. Aidps confirmation

    I just installed this and something is wrong with my dot skills. They give a red number most of the times, especially flame cage which is weird it is not even spammable. Some times skills before or after flame cage might have a red number or an orange number. Does it take into consideration I have perma attack speed with kaisinel many times? And getting wow increase the attack speed past cap or something? I have 1,2 attack speed with transform only. I have 0,9 attack speed with wow and if I use the old weapon with attack speed (with wow) it stays at 0,9 attack speed, without wow and my old weapon it is also 0,9 attack speed so that weapon's effect works (it is safe to say max c.speed and attack speed is capped as a number at -60%. so Kaisinel +wow would get me lower than 0,9 attack speed if possible for the number).
  18. New map too big for NA aion

    The only thing I dislike about it is the intense obstacle type of map, Lakrum is more open from one spot to another, Demaha is like a one way, every region is kept separated from the others via rows of mountains. There are still areas in the new map I never bothered going, there are no camps quests like Lakrum on a daily basis and plenty of altars share same quest.
  19. AT nerf

    Yes SM was always the easiest class for winning pvp, there were a few times that they didn't have enough dps to kill people through the whole fear cycle but for the most part they are still the most op class for pvp.
  20. Upgrading pvp = pve and p2w?

    Is it when you win the instance? What about the losing team? Because AD is a strange pvp instance, it has both bag harvesting from mini bosses and the final win of having the most points when the boss dies or the timer ends. Thanks for the info Hm this sounds kinda strange, is the end rewards better in the box if you have more people? I assume "progress bar" does a thing for rewards. i thought soloing was going to be beneficial. Thank for this input, of course I am not trying to get legendary etiums but someone might need the info.
  21. Anyone try low latency mode yet ? :o

    What is low latency mode? Is it an option in the client?
  22. AT nerf

    ...correction, they are op if simply payed by a noob, they are godmode if played well. AY is a tank and should be treated like one, they have more resists than true tanks yet they hit harder than a sorc in some cases.
  23. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    It is amazing how they make hybrid classes that can tank and dps or heal and dps better than a sorc in many cases, and then they make true canon classes like painter, while they totally screw sorc. Why don't they delete out class since it will probably make them happy.
  24. When they fix it we will send them a ticket for that account to compensate.
  25. hahahaha I never even hit that link in my life! I didn't even know its existence, it is like something you see everyday and never pay attention!