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    ...you know it is not that Aly, otherwise what is it with clerics playing vs their alts but not sorcs (cause they are absent in the list). It is a matter of class imbalance, a cleric is a class that can outheal most of the dmg (if properly geared they can outheal it all) and can also do pretty good dmg for a healing class. This is the problem, that all survivalist classes were given dps as well, making them 1v1 gods. This is why I never bother to do arenas. In arena of Harmony you need to team yourself with your own alt team, and in arena of discipline you must play an op class for 1v1
  2. sorc vs. anything but

    ...didn't someone already make a VD in a 7.0 server and said that the character has a permanent smirk (crooked smile) or something and people hated it? Unless they have an emotion thing that you hit actively like those emotion cards we learn and it is exclusive to their class only.
  3. Give us origin transformation buff status please

    But they failed to explain where is the balance, if they increased the stats and lowered the duration, this would be a change and a balance, if they increased the duration and lowered the stats, this would also be an change with a balancing effect. But what they did is lower BOTH the duration AND and the stats. This is not balance, this is a plain blatant nerf. And on top of this they made transparent transformations impossible to use as consumables for the whole part of 6.2 until today. I would gladly use a transparent transformation with my kaisinel, but I need 30 of them per hour when I would only need 6 per hour if the time at least was not nerfed. That is a lot of money per hour just to look like your character. Another effect this has is that they made the end transforms more important, because most classes won't be able to reach max stats (at least speed) unless they have kaisinel. With the normal stats, most classes would be capped with just a legendary transformation so someone with Kaisinel wouldn't walk around like a semi-god. So to us, this bring more imbalance than balance. Whoever was lucky to get a higher transform can be much better than the lower tiers because lower tiers are so nerfed it is almost that they do nothing important other than bring back a little bit of speed and some attack speed or c.speed. So to them "balance" means more money for transformations contracts and transformation scrolls and more hustle to the players. They simply hoped they would cash more money by making it difficult to play with the transformation system, but I am sure they didn't make all that much. They took a sh!tty system and made it even worse.
  4. sorc vs. anything but

    They will be deleted by the sorc guild if they ever dare to go to a trully easy class. ...man I have a better trick, I am close to the front, I make sure a poor melee class is ahead of me taking the hits, I throw an AoE and then I don't even run backwards... I BLINK myself into the crowd. Please, I was a governor for some time, I know how to sneaky-pvp!
  5. sorc vs. anything but

    ...let me lend you a hand fellow sorcerer, we need to help each other, here I made this for you:
  6. sorc vs. anything but

    I've been a sorcerer my whole life, whatever meme I made is made out of my experience and it is absolutely real.
  7. sorc vs. anything but

    People stay in topic, this is a sorc meme post!
  8. sorc vs. anything but

    You mean you need to hit all buttons at the same time and if ti doesn't work simply go in hide? Now that requires plenty of skills doesn't it?
  9. sorc vs. anything but

    Hey, you requested it so beautifully I had to work hard! Enjoy those:
  10. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    Excuse everyone, the most important thing is HOW THE HELL is everyone going to abbreviate the new class. Current nicks/abbreviations/acronyms for the classes are like this Abbreviation: Sorc, Glad, Temp, Sin, Chant Acronyms: SM, SW, AT Nicks: Gunner, Archer No Nick: Cleric ...let vote! My vote goes to VD
  11. It all went downhills when EB was more important than anything in Aion, pure pve to get everything you wanted for pvp you would never do and a rank that wouldn't matter in EB. But it kinda held itself until 5.8 with the ton of event everyone enjoyed. 6+ is the biggest mistake they could have ever done, 90% of the game deleted, enough said.
  12. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    Yes, they want to prove the point that transforms are a punishment so they make it hard to at least look like our chars.
  13. sorc vs. anything but

    Ladies, please don't ruin a perfectly meme-worthy thread, keep the memes coming, they give me life. @wasa-EK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------
  14. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    Man you better didn't. PA sounds like "dad", it should at least be "Pr". Anyways we do not see the internal codes for them in skills, we see what NCWest decided for the name so it is Vandal. We can call "her" shortened to Vanda since every person playing the new ret@#rded class will surely have it a female with no clothes and pigtail hair, super short with short crooked legs or something. Nothing close to the real Vanda of course
  15. Cyan

    I would gladly take the buffs than this event myself too. Because I could easily farm with alts the event to get extra things, but the only tradeable rewards are the berdin lucky stars and the giant abyssal stars which is not, but thanks not. I wouldn't spend 80 luna to get back into mirash hoping to get another 5 gems out of my pure RNG luck! ...I am sorry but I had to
  16. About the 7.0 and possible nerfs

    We are the only region that still has 8 slots only, everyone else has 11 already and will have 13 by Aion 7.0. Lets hope we get the 13 as well.
  17. End Of The World Instance not dropping chest

    There is no chest in the Cubic Lab though, you get the cubicles from those little cubes. They could/should have added one but oh well. We also have 7 entries on that per char so that would boost the event rewards by a lot.
  18. IMPORTANT: for the new class

    Go ahead Rakesh, tell us your thought, be true to yourself, fill in the rest of the word: Vene....
  19. Please bring these to BCM store!

    They need to bring back everything on BCM and leave it there permanently. Including more Cabinet types for houses because it is practical since we can no longer craft those, and more inventory pets as well for those that never got them and SKIN... every possible skin on game should be there.
  20. Colorweaver ?

    OK so it seems Vestlemona was right, it is not painter, it is "Vandal" hahahaha
  21. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    I killed up to the bunnies and went to Tahabata. But I also have a good transformation collection with a skill dedicated to Crucible Spire which does a solid 44.600 dmg and never fails, even my ulties do half that dmg and this takes no mp and never fails and have 15 seconds cool down. I killed sorc, the bunnies, the Tahabata and went up to Kadena, but killing Kadena was not enough because the eggs spawn mobs which also count towards the end of the stage and I had to kite those and they ended up being too many. So I killed Kadena and then time ended. I used the 80 luna buff that time because I wanted to see where I could go, I had no prestige buff tho, so I was missing that 400 pve bonus.
  22. Cannot connect to update server

    Today the whole day out of nowhere I keep getting this message, I deleted the whole aion folder and installer and everything, redownloaded the installer form site and installed it, then when I hit the Aion shortcut the installer creates (in order to login and then hit install game etc, update) I get the same error before I can do anything else. So this has nothing to do with the client, or my account(s) etc because it simply doesn't even start anything. It was working perfectly ok until today. I even deleted the whole game and tried to do a fresh install from scratch because nothing else worked so far (like flush DNS, or restart router, rerstart pc, etc)
  23. Cannot connect to update server

    Another thing I did and I am not sure it had any effect, but it was recommended from an NCWest site that spoke about launcher update issues is edit my hosts file and add the update server IP and name (which is where I found how the tracert command should probably be) C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Add this line: updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com And you can run the tracert command by hitting windows key + R, hit cmd in the little window to opent he command prompt and write any of the below commands 1) tracert updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com 2) tracert they should both do the exact same thing.
  24. Kaisinel doesn't break the caps.
  25. What a Shame

    I was a governor for a few times in my server (KT-Asmodian) with the new GP system while I tried, (I stopped, he sieges are an awful hour for my country) but that is not a representative of the class being good or not, in a siege you aim from distance the guards and you hide in the crowd. Sorcs are weak because whatever other classes have instantly, we have it with casting and we also lack a self healing ability that many classes have. We have one less delayed blast skil now which makes sleep a little less good etc. Every class in this game has plenty of CC far better than sleep which is probably the worst CC in game at the moment. Many classes can stun lock you easily. Plenty of classes have shield or passives that are making them resistant to slows, roots, silences and what not. A sorcerer is just casting Archer or something, without a hide skill. Templars are no longer weak, they can hit really hard and they are undead for quite some time while their shields are up.