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  1. I would like to know this too, but I doubt it will be deleted, none of the items that said they will be deleted were indeed deleted in the end. Only timed items auto delete. But obviously we cannot take our chances. I have a lot in my alts and I will probably open them for stigma enchants, everything else is soul bound and is used in soul bound items (like manastones or enchants)
  2. Server BUGGED again pls fix it.

    Cyan is gone bruh. He no longer works for NCWest.
  3. Guess which server is bugged again?

    ...as long as DN gets some compensation free reset scrolls too, we should all be happy for our KT situation.
  4. Run System vs Mounts

    Mounts exist for some years, they running speed is at best 13 so now with the transformation system they only give +1 speed to the perma 12 most people have, it is the sprintingspeed that makes it more worthy as it goes up to 16 (if I remember correctly) You want them to implement a system where you "capture" a wild horse and make it a mount. Yeah, lets keep dreaming, they have been deleting simple things like professions, housing, skins crafting etc, they most likely are happy with the game retardification, they won't implement such elaborate systems that are bringing only joy to gamers and not money in the company.
  5. Why is this coming back?

    Exactly, and this is why he is asking in the title "why is this coming back", because we had it and it sucked, they had it removed and now they re-implement all the things they supposedly "fixed" with the revamp of the game at 6.0
  6. @hime

    The "hourglass" system is being brokerable as far as I understood correctly in 7.5 for those maps affected. If this is the case then we won't have a problem. I find it obsolete to even have a timer for these maps, they should simply be interserver and that's it. Also we should be able to logout in those maps and log back in to the spot we left instead of getting kicked back to the obelisk as if we died. Many times we get a disconnect and then we have to go all the way back to the spot we were.
  7. Name resets

    We get name resets when there is a server merge. When there is a server transfer (like EK to KT) only the players of that server that are being transfered get name resets (the Katalam players didn't see any change at all)
  8. Servers up?

    The server is unstable, KT is bugged and login has issues.
  9. Could not connect to update server

    Yes because the server is bugged at the moment.
  10. Dragon Carpet set - website stopped registering accounts

    If you already have an account you have to log at May 27th and up to a week later and you receive it. The "register" your account means to make a new account for new players. NA is not only bad at translating the client, they are also pretty bad when it comes to explaining in simple English what they mean.
  11. Return Windows and Partitions to a Housing NPC!

    I have a very good PC but I run a ton of things in the background while playing, so I have to keep my client low details (except for object distance)
  12. Return Windows and Partitions to a Housing NPC!

    I have weather turned off, but that sounds cool. Show us the video.
  13. Why is this coming back?

    Exactly, he didnt' show how easy or difficult it is to enchant, he wanted to show that it is impossible in normal terms of playing. Nobody will have 250+ ultimate stones, exchange them into the new enchants and have 20 of these weapons laying around and start enchanting. The chance to enchant is like 10% and if it fails (aka 90% chance) it has another 10% chance to break. Imagine legendary enchants having about 50% chance to enchant a +10 item and people have been failing 20 legendaries in a row trying to enchant a +10 to +11. (Also please don't show us the screenshot where you used 12 enchants to get a +15 ultimate item, you must have spend the night with a catholic priest that night, no other explanation)
  14. MR - Evasion set questions

    After 7.0 (I think) every item gets to have MR/Evasion (and other defensive stats) in optional stats and they are always higher than m.acc whenever that is possible to get. If you fully optional-stat m.res and you fully socket mr manastones then you are good to go.
  15. new 7.3 sorc pvp vid

    All pvp videos show conditional things (not just this specific one, every person making videos). Sorcerers are nowhere to be seen in arena ranks for example because they are not a powerful class and everyone knows this. Wasa is obviously good at sorcerer but that is it. He is not playing a vandal for example.
  16. verification code

    Damn this sucks big time. I remember I had a similar issue back when I didn't have a static IP and at one day I wasn't even able to log at all. Support can accept a ticket even if you are not logged in apparently, you should give them a ticket.
  17. verification code

    DevilNest has the same issue. If you are logged in the site-forums didn't you have to verify your account for this IP? If yes you should be able to log to the client as well.
  18. Cant reset Frozen Monolith entries

    Luna used to be able to reset infinitely, just the 10th re-entry cost 160 luna and everything after that cost 160 luna until the daily reset would come. I am not sure when they changed the luna resets to a max per char, in this case it would be wiser to first reset with luna all the entries you can and then use the scrolls.
  19. Troubles loging in

    Did you try to log in the site first and then authenticate your IP? I know in the past the client made this an issue but logging in the site did make the verification code thing work. This is a client bug, it doesn't mean you are banned for 8 hours, I have gotten it many times myself. All you have to do it hit OK, the client will close and then you log back in normally.
  20. Shattered Abbysal Splinter not spawning the gatekeeper

    Yes, I was going to make a post about it. you have to wait the whole timer to get the portal to open by itself.
  21. Last time I was trying to get in EC and we had like 16 people applied and there was a random asmodian literally begging people to apply to EC just so it pops, it smelled fishy so I logged an elyos alt and I saw elyos having like 100 players applied (while we had 16). Whenever I enter EC the asmodian side is full of asmodian "alt names" which might even be elyos alts so they can pop the EC. The few times there are "known" asmodian names in EC, they are most of the time afk, nobody does pvp. Even people in my friendlist enter to afk, in full DT+15. Pandora pvp is always empty, not that it is important, but elyos side is almost always full alliance, while we have 1 person (me lol). There was a time I entered pandora PVE and I was alone too. Elyos get into our main city in Lakrum with or without transforms and they usually have a dream team full of templars, spirit masters, gladiators, vandals and clerics and there are like 5 active asmodians who might try to counter them, everyone is either afk bots jumping near obelisk or teleport statue and many asmodians are afk in Demaha. I haven't been super active the last year, I haven't been in a single siege since May 2019 (because I stopped playing for summer and when i came back 7.0 was implemented and the patch was like a chipotle diarrhea with the vandal c̶l̶a̶s̶s̶ cancer implemented so I went back to hibernation and not being active). Lakrum map is full of grouped elyos and they usually all belong to the same legion. I almost never see a single elyos walk alone, they are always in a group or even 2 groups. Not a single Asmodian around (like does anyone do the weeklies?). Is our side really that dead? Are sieges alive for example, if there are plenty of Asmodians in the sieges then I guess they are not really into anything else other than sieges because I have entered multiple different time zones into the game and it is always an Asmodian desert. P.S. that is not a complaint, it is just a question because the game seems deserted and I wanted a confirmation.
  22. RED TEXT!

    When the item has the word "Mystic" then ti is for a Gunner, when the word "mystic" is missing, it is ranger and sin. But then again it is Valkarie-DN, we have been talking to a wall. Same reason why a Chain is physical or mystic, and it is for chanter or cleric.
  23. Asmodian incentives incoming soon?

    But last night Elyos were again like 70 applied to EC and asmodians were not even 10, I know you guys have had the same situations happen to you. I am talking about amount of players. Do Asmodians run into your Lakrum main city 5 times per day for example? Because our city is sure invaded plenty of times per day.
  24. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    You joined this thread to throw the excuses though. I do not envy him, I am still in Frostpacks , Pandoras and some Monarhs, I'd rather cut my hands off than have to run an instance 1000 times to get me a pve item. Show us with a video or a screenshot. I am curious to see if there are any NPCs there that are functionable.
  25. Yes, If you Reset 1 Server, do the other too.

    I would expect people to ask to "fix KT server" so we won't have to play in this awful way. But people prefer to ask for DN to reset even though their server is not bugged. FM is doable with risiel alts, PFHM can be reset with luna, it is not like people who can kill bosses in PFHM need the free extra runs to gear up, whoever can do it most likely already reset it a gazillion times and is already geared with the accessories. But lets reset DN server too, they will have a stable server and free resets, while we will have to suffer an awful server instability. Every time we have to suffer (for hours at times), DN server can enjoy a stable server and free resets because people think this is how it is meant to be. ~~How about they fix our server and stop those resets.