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  1. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event Reward List

    OK, so I opened 381 poppy's boxes... and I think it was a big fat mistake. I ended up getting enough poppy letters to get back another 170 (the first round) then another 100 etc so I opened plenty of poppy boxes more than the original 381. I am going to make a stand alone post about the rewards in detail but... ....WHY on earth is Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) a 65 and lower one? WHY, I was so happy getting this item, and I didn't even notice that it was the worthless one, you advertised that we are about to get into 6.0+, you gave us a table or exchanges in items etc... and you give us an event that there is a 65 and lower felicitous socketing supplement. REALLY 65 and lower is not even relevant in this current update, we are getting ready for the next one and we get useless items. I understand some rewards have to be sh!tty BUT this is not just sh!tty, it is worthless, it is a deletable item, seriously it sell for less than 3m on broker. Stop making fun of us with these events. I would have been better if I sold all these boxes, save me the extra boxes I had to take and the extra AP I had to give. I would have made more money.
  2. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    Well I am an Asmodian from Katalam, that would have to be the same race/server but also I bought all boons of broker now and then burned them, so I cannot find enough till the end of power up. If there were enough boons I'd be enchanting at the same time 2~3 different ones and see, but I would also have to find a right spot then.
  3. http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/events/08202018-power-up-week-returns.php Excuse them, isn't essence core removed in 6.0+? We want a power up week for everything, not just accessories, stigmas and essence cores. With the chances of enchanting upgraded equipment even from +10 ~ +15 with omega+greater supplements, it will still be a big fail even if we lose only one enchant!
  4. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    Well I didn't know I had to change the stigma itself, I mean I just took a test with a cheap sh!tty one that nobody needs, started at about 2m price up to almost 10m, I bought 17 of them, I ended up with a +3 stigma. you know the struggle, this is what happens most of the time when I try to enchant stigma. There is no such thing as RNG, it is a drop dead algorithm made to devour your kinah, there is some fake advertising with this event that you can enchant easier just because it doesn't get all the way to 0, but a +3 is the safe to enchant without an event and this is what I am left. If it was pure RNG then it wouldn't matter which stigma it is, they probably marked some stigmas with a different success ratio than others so some will succeed and tell their success story to those massively unfortunate ones, trying to prove to them that enchanting in Aion is legit... It is not. When I aske3d for this event to affect everything, I wasn't even joking, even with the event, they could screw us up and make sure we end up losing more than what we earn. First I bought 17 of them Then I enchanted them
  5. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    I highly disagree with you, I have a boon of quickness +7 and keep it like this and got a new one to try to +9 it, it kept going anything from +2 to +7, I have bough practically all boons on broker to the point that the skill cost only 15~20mm and now it costs 35~50m because I was buying them all. I think I had about 45~50 of them used so far and that boon is now resting at +4. I've wasted something between 1 billion to 1,5 billions so far and that stigma is +4. I'd would be glad to pay someone 2 billion and get me a +9 instead, save me the hustle and have that stigma (which is my last). In 6.0 stigma enchanting is easier as they said though, the enchants can take it +2 in one go as well (so I heard) or even +3 with one enchant who knows, but the sure thing is that they won't break upon fail back to +0 so ti will be like a permanent power up event. Do we have any info on how many gold bar it would give at least?
  6. Overall DPS rankings by class

    I didn't make a reply to you though. I am a sorc, I am ussualy the highest dps in my group/alliance etc but that is heavily because of my items and the enchants I did on my skills and my rotation. But there are times other classes are pretty close. As a glass canon I shoul be top fo the top, I have no survivability, no heals etc, I should be top dps with ease even without doing the best rotation possible. I even play with high ping since I am from Europe, if anything I know how good my sorc is for dps. But I do find the sorc to be the least powerful class when ti comes to everything, not just dpsing a boss.
  7. Overall DPS rankings by class

    In short a sin is better in dps than a sorc, better in survivability than a sorc and ten times better in pvp than a sorc. I play one, you can literally tick sorcs off your list since we are only good for sneaky situations. Also before we go to 6.0+ sins are godstone proc machines and their debuffs are not only better and instant but also much more helpful than our slow casting sleep. Of course so far I usually am the top dpser in every group I go, probably due to rotation and also the right enchants in skills and stats.
  8. Enchanting upgraded items?

    I have made my weapon to very good enchant, my main armor went to +20 in one go then requested gms to take it back to +19 so I can regamble my skill, it went back to +20 again in one go. BUT I have wasted about 26 omegas + greater supplements for the shoulders and it went back to +10, again. one time it even went back to +8. I know RNG is a thing but it is also an algorithm, don't tellm e it is only bad luck, an algorithm has no luck, it meant like this for some items to have less chance to be enchanted. Does anyone find shoulders and other minor items difficult to enchant? In my case, my master harvester shoulders will remain +10 forever, no reason to waste any more billions for nothing. 26 omegas = 2,6 billion at least and those 400 gr.supplements every time could be sold for many millions (not the free ones I used this last time, I mostly used normal ones) Please share what other parts are unenchantable by RNG so at least we can save our billions. My 5 cents -> don't bother with shoulders.
  9. PVE : Mage attack speed or pve attack ?

    I have a master harvester on top and a provenance armsfused, I get both c.speed and attack speed maximum and pretty awesome pve bonus from master harvester and nice stats overall. Does sophisticated frigida weapon give any pve stats?
  10. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    Stop spamming the forums
  11. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    What is a gold bar and what does it serve?
  12. Power Up week coming in August 20th?

    I'll probably do the same after that exchange list. I currently have a little more than 30 billion in cash left and plenty of things to sell, including omegas and temperings. I will probably be better leaving my char as is and work in 6.0 to get the new equipment than to waste my 30 billion for nothing at the moment. My essence cores are all +10, my acccessories are all +8 (both pvp and pve and I don't plan to waste any more money on them) and half of my stigmas are +9 the other half are +7. I learned the hard way it is better to purchase a ready made +9 than try to make one.
  13. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    I am using omega + greater supplements ALWAYS, I have never used a single normal enchanting stone in anything, I only sell those in broker. I failed at the shoulders about 10 times already, two times it was to +14 and failed, the rest it was between +10 ~ +13 and failing and one time it went back to +10, then back to +9 and back to +8... with omega and greater supplements! Yep this is upgraded items enchant RNG for you and GMs are telling me that there is an exchange table for master harvester +35. Nobody laughed at the joke.
  14. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Meanwhile my master harvester shoulders went from +14 back to +8... It is insane how RNG is made to make players quit this game. ZERO effort, just pure luck.
  15. Mirash Sanctum bonus entry scrolls

    Self titled, literally, we need those miniums! I used to get prestige before I even got my Sheba but I stopped getting it ever since I saw 6.0 patch notes. I will not give a single dime till 6.X because if it sucks I'll simply quit the game and I don't want to waste any money. Meanwhile give us mirash sanctum entry scrolls and why not frozen monolith bonus entry scrolls, that I'd love to buy since we are still in 5.X
  16. Old Skills Icons

    Does anyone remember these old icons of our skills? they got different hue as they became higher and higher. Nostalgia hits here, but I remember how difficult it was to get some skills due to rare books etc. Then they gave us the books in NPCs, then they realized it was useless to need books so we got an auto learn. I just remember the skills' colours and I wanted to share this.
  17. Aion 6.0 Gear exchange table

    I partialy agree with this, but it is nearly impossible to enchant anything past the range of +25~+29... it is the bad RNG and chances that they make it impossible. On another note, if getting the new gear is "possible" and when I say possible, I mean not have to burn yourself in everything, then I have no problem not being able to get me new items from start. They making a drastic change in all this and the fact most things will be untradeable will make this game a little bit more dead.
  18. Muting my characters battle grunts.

    Well there are a few languages that I can't stand in my ears, like Russian or German, just they are harsh, on the other hand find Chinese kinda soft while Korean, Japanese etc sound pretty difficult for me to hear for a long time. I am from Greece, I am sure there will be plenty of people that wouldn't be able to stand my language, nothing to be afraid to say. The fact it is made by Koreans doesn't mean we should like the language as well. I have never been able to enjoy an anime (I am not a fan btw) in the original Japanese language, they all sound like trying too hard to sound tough when their male voices are higher pitched than the scruffy American dub. This is why we get a translated version in many things, so we get familiar voices and a language.
  19. Arena dodging

    OR if by any chance you get in and the opponent hit cancel or left before the match started, you should get the full winning rewards as if you won the opponent 5 times (or whatever it is needed to win) (P.S. I haven't entered the arenas since like 1,5 years now and I don't even know if winning a non opponent match still gives you less rewards than a fully win against an opponent does, so excuse me if it is changed/fixed)
  20. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event Reward List

    OK, I got it
  21. [Updated] Aion Equipment System Update - 8/29

    Well I had my master harvester at +27 and thought I'd try to get it to +30, let me tell you what. I wasted 42 omega stones (worth about 4,5billion) and with the enchant fees it was an additional 6B or something. That was a good 10 billion worth of wasting money and my weapon was still at +27. It looks like after that it could get to +28 pretty rare and only ONCE it went to +29 and then failed. I am not even your average player, I have alts and play all day when there are events. If you really want us to stay here, at least remove the ridiculous fee of the enchants past +15, we can't use supplements and so we fail, at least we should only lose the omega and the enchants, not additional money. A +35 weapon is a joke with the current rng. P.S. you better make an event where if you fail you only lose 1 enchant/tempering at EVERYTHING, not just accessories and stigmas
  22. +20 skill fail!

    All my friends get worthy skills in their items. In my pve weapon, I got a speed buff!!! In my pvp weapon, I got the exact same speed buff!!! both are virtually useless next to other more op skills you can get. In my pve main armor (master harvester) I got a passive pvp buff that reduces my pvp dmg taken by 5%, this would have been PERFECT in a pvp armor, but it is in a pve armor! And these skills are not reassignable with a scroll.
  23. Muting my characters battle grunts.

    ...I usually play with all sounds muted, but if I ever had to endure Korean voices I would burn the hard disc that Aion is installed on and throw it away. I can't stand the asian languages at all, maybe because I grew to loath them while in university because of all my friends were watching anime without an English dub.
  24. Crucible tough time :')

    Make sure you have "Display Effect" into "All" so you can see those ground skills they do especially pierce which is great damage. Melee chars are having trouble in that instance in general.
  25. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event Reward List

    OK so, the item can be enchanted without breaking above +15 just like the upgraded weapons (harvester and prime archon), but does it get any bonuses? I mean how is this going to be an OP pvp weapon, if someone has an 80a2 pvp upgraded weapon, enchanted to +25, it gives additional pvp bonus. A suna weapon +25 will only have the base stats upgraded (right?), to make it pvp you have to armsfuse a pvp weapon below, but that armsfused weapon won't get any additional pvp bonus because it is +0. Is the extend-able so important that this beats a real pvp weapon?