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  1. Dark Wings Skin

    I have some conqueror marks, what is the name of these wings and where do you buy them from? Also how did I get conqueror marks? I am not sure where I got these.
  2. DC while flying - Log back to die

    What the title says, when you disconnect or get critical error while flying, you log back in and your flight timer is having a cool down of 10 seconds, plenty of time to simply die. This is literally such a tiny thing and it wouldn't hurt having people either log back in in flight mode or at least have the flight timer reset so people can instantly start flying again. This is one little thing to fix, so easy and wont' hurt anyone.
  3. Fix it or totally remove it, seriously this is such a huge game, with so much amount of amazing graphics, instances, items etc... and you never made this little window work properly. At first it shows nothing, when you go to character screen and relog it usually showed the event rewards properly. Now it doesn't even work after a character screen and a relog. It is useless and only takes space. You already know this issue, because it is not random, it doesn't work ALWAYS, for EVERYONE. So either fix it, or totally remove it. (I was supposed to see those event keys with their timer, but nothing is shown, I still get the event keys of course but I do not know how much more I will have to wait and if I got them all yet, I forgot to keep the hour and I reset the timer for something I wanted to check)
  4. Post your Aion character!

    I'll post my character when I get my new pc with the new graphics card for better rendering. Are you all women in real life, I saw only one male character so far.
  5. Essence Swapping - Added to the UI

    Yes give us limitations, the armor shortcuts have 1 second cool down, which is normal because we already could do macros (that didn't always work properly). I was kinda stunned to get this feature with set shortcuts before anyone even asked for it. I mean we are asking so simple things and they rarely get implemented. But I have to let everyone know that I made in the old forums a suggestion about broker, I was ridiculed for it and they ended up implementing it better than I suggested (I mean to not pay a fee up front and only when the item is sold, they did it. I wish I could find the !d!0t who made fun of my suggestion to shove it down his throat)
  6. Event Window... will you ever fix it?

    I honestly do not know, but when I go to character screen, or totally logout with closing the client and relog it still doesn't work now. What kind of stupid code does one need to implement so this doesn't work initially and you need to relog? Such an irritating problem and they already know this, because this window NEVER worked properly.
  7. "Friend" Chat Channel

    A better chatting system would be amazing. Friend chat is sure thing a needed thing.
  8. Screenshot naming

    The ingame video capturing feature names the files the correct way Aion_Year-month-day-hour minute-seconds example: "AION_2017-08-16-2201-31.mp4", And this is the correct way, the screenshots still get an increasing number, the problem is if you have Aion0001 till Aion0015 for example, the next photo will get the name Aion0016, BUT if you delete one of the screenshots from 1 to 15, for example Aion0008, then the next screenshot you will take will be named after this blank name. That creates a continuity problem, you take a new screenshot, you go to see it (in the end of the list) but you can't find it because it didn't get named in the end of the list. Sure thing you can sort the files in the folder according to "date of creation" and this solves this issue. But the real problem is when you sort out your screenshots and take back ups in other folders, and you delete your Aion screenshots from the folder, then the files will start from Aion0001 again (or is it Aion0000?). anyway then you make name collisions with Aion Screenshots. There is nothing better than having the date as a file name in all screenshots so you never lose track of when it happened and you can keep all your screenshots in one backup folder because ther will be no name collision. Like my photo below
  9. "Friend" Chat Channel

    They even did something like this for Lineage II, an outdated game but they still can't fix simple things in Aion, like that little tiny Event window that never shows the rewards you are about to take in specific amount of time being online.
  10. Aion Recording Feature

    It simply worked the first moment I hit it. People said that those that made the mistake to change the default folder made it problematic. Even after putting it back in the original folder still kept the problem. It still works for me but the quality sucks. You see blocks of compressions everywhere.
  11. PSA: XP events and XP amulets stack multiplitively

    The +200% event that we get during September for the anniversary combined with a 200% XP buff that you can get from some pets or from pre-66lvl amulets would mean (3x 3x) = 9x XP. And if you had (a huge amount of) Berdin Stars that would be another 4x on top of it, making it a total of 45x XP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now there is one thing I do not know. Do Berdin's lucky stars work on the basic XP before the Amulet (+100% XP) buff multiplies it, or do we get the multiplication from the amulets first and then they pass from Berdin Stars? The XP should be the same but the way the Berdin Stars deplete would be another issue. Example: 1 lucky star takes 8.333.333 XP from mobs and adds another 25m to it and it is totally depleted as far as I know (I am talking about 1 single Berdin Star). Because 8.333.333XP + 3x that = 8.333.333 + 25.000.000 = 33.333.333XP total. So lets say a mob gives 2.083.333 XP if killed without any events or buffs or amulets or stars (basic XP from the mob). The event would double this making it: 2x 2.083.333 = 4.166.666XP which is half a Berdin Star. If you have both Berdin Star and Berdin Amulet at that moment, which one of the two would happen (I got an answer without testing it, so I'll just mention it in the end and I rest my case in case this is not true) Case 1: First Berdin Star applies then Berdin Amulet applies First 4.166.666XP gets another 12,5m XP from the Berdin Star, while the Berdin Star gets depleted in half, total XP from that mob = 16.666.666XP And then that XP is doubled by the Amulet Total XP = 33.333.333XP. Case 2: First Berdin Amulet applies, then Berdin Star First 4.166.666XP gets doubled by the Berdin Amulet so it turns into 8.333.333XP And then that XP is passed through Berdin Star and adds 25m XP, but the Berdin Star gets totally depleted. Total XP = 33.333.333XP ...so in the above examples you would get the same amount of XP in both cases, but if the XP passes through the Star before it passes through the Amulet then you get more Star bonus since it depletes half the amount that it would deplete to the second case. SO WHICH ONE APPLIES? I was told by someone that you see the array of buffs and you start counting from left to right. So the first option applies which is a good thing. Server Event Bonus -> Berdin's Star -> Amulet (or other XP buffs). That means we are lucky that our Berdin Stars don't get super fast depleted when stacked with Berdin's Amulets.
  12. Aion Recording Feature

    It works for me and the good thing is that it is there ready for you to hit the record without having another program launched. BUT, the quality sucks, they give little to no options on quality and bitrate. So if you want to make something looking good, and your pc can manage it, go for fraps.
  13. Quite simple: Legion Warehouse in UA landings

    They need to put legion warehouses practically everywhere. It is not that hard and it is nothing that woudl change the row of the game in a bad way, it is just people won't have to go to specific areas to use it. I say yes lets do it.
  14. Lag during Everglade/fort hours

    I get like 3000~5000 ping if I am inside Evergale, this is the main reason why I never go there any more (and the afk people that ruin the game). But truth to be told, I also have plenty of lag at time that evergale is on. It is weird, we have other massive interserver instances like Iron Wall Warfront and we didn't have lag issues.
  15. Morphing + Crafting professions future

    Correction: Ancient Crafting stones went that hig when 5.6 launched, not they are in a better price. But you get my point. when max level was 55, professions were up to 55, when we got level cap to 60, professions went up to 60 and then it was 65 and we got the professions upgraded. Now we got up to 75 but none of this is upgraded.
  16. It is sad how this game was so rich with crafting professions, that could make money, gathering materials that had a reason to exist... and now all we do it remove everything good from this game for the same of luck or bots farming materials for the server. You upgrade the game but don't upgrade all the good things that go with it. Now that crafting professions are all useless (except Alchemy for potions and scrolls) and morphing is useful only for those specific materials for alchemy... is there any hope we will get an upgrade in future? How about they can even increase the aethertapping and essencetapping beyond 499. Now for crafting professions, I know Aetherforging is there to rule them all since it is one crafting profession to rule them all since you can make anything with it, armor, consumables, weapons, materials etc. BUT what about morphing? Ancient Aether was ever used for anything? I only got them to sell them. Why not have 66+ morphing recipes with Ancient Aether? And to make it harder make those morphing recipes 66+, or put other requirements that won't be spammable and ruin the market? (Morphing never ruined the market, it actually shaped it in pre-66 items, it just made materials easily accessible and practically made essencetapping worthless) Anyway, I really wish we got 66+ morphing recipes for materials, whatever the requirements are. Pre 5.6 we would get mythic items as world drop and now they removed it, that increased the prices of basic materials by 10x~20x. For example ancient crafting stones went even for 150~200k now they go for 3~5m or more in Siel, the only reason why Spirit Stone of Eternity is staying low is because of that Landing NPC that sells 100x of them for about 110k each.
  17. Evergale A++ but burns ap.

    Augment is never going to "pay off" unless your goal is not the AP (like win in Arena of glory for example where you care about the victory and less for the AP). I know it sounds bad but this is meant to be like this, a pay-to-win feature for those that can afford it. I would prefer to have augment scrolls easier accessible that would compensate for the AP loss. Maybe put it in a reward for instances. At the moment you can either buy it from BCM (like duh) or buy it from broker from someone who got it from BCM, or hope to get an untradeable version from an instance by luck. (you lose augment even when you make Duel between you and your own function)
  18. Berdin's Lucky Star Nerfed?

    Excuse me, I remember Berdin's Lucky star to give 4% Berdin's Favor buff, why does it only give 2.22% per star now? Like it wasn't already way too expensive with 4%, you lowered it's worth by half!
  19. PSA: XP events and XP amulets stack multiplitively

    They do multiply each other, currently we have 2x XP week, and with the amulet it is practically 4x (2x 2x)
  20. More Frequent Exp. events ?

    They need to give a whole week of 3x XP (like last time) and give us that cake that gives the buff.
  21. New Server Name Suggestions

    Siel + BR = Ariel The othe one Azphel Please do not put Siel + Br anything that sounds bad like Tahabata, or Ereskigal or something. Keep it sounding good, Siel sounds good so Ariel should be good as well.
  22. AFK = what kills Aion

    Is this why the title is from my post and the original poster changed?
  23. pvp balance

    Guys this thing is real, like SW can kill whoever they want, some classes are better than others in pvp, pretty simple. Like clerics can outheal all dmg they take, till your mp is gone or till their slow dmg kills you. Some classes are so good at everything that they can solo bosses >< There are three types of classes in this game: 1) Dps and debuff classes with little to no healing abilities 2) Dps and healing classes, with very few or no debuffs but great survivability 3) Dps, effective self healing, with plenty of debuffs and resists and too much survivability. I do not understand how can someone be a tank and a dps at the same time for example. Or a healer and a dps at the same time. It is just that some classes cannot kill some other classes at all. I, as a sorcerer, have big trouble killing these classes: Cleric: they will out-heal all my dps and I will run out of MP and they will kill me slowly with their dmg skills. SW: They can heal themselves, refill their MP, remove my MP, and they can do equal or more dmg than me. SM: if they don't have the instant fear ready I could stand a chance, but they have the pet and the shield and it would take me too long to kill them. Templar: I do not know if this class has the ability to lower it's HP lower than 99%. I tried, and most of them kill me in 1~3 seconds (I am in normal AC mythic +10 at the moment). I do not know if it is the class or if I always face 75 lvl templars with +20 AP sets, but this class does more dmg to me than I do to it and their HP never falls. Archer: anti mage, 0% chance to win Assassin: double pure anti-mage, -100% chance to win. I would understand if my class was anti-something, but for me to survive, I need to use ten sleeps, avoid dmg and hope for good dps. Also way too many classes have silence and going against m.boost is easier than ever now. Woudln't it be fair PvP between a pure dps class (e.g. Sorcerer) versus a pure tank class (e.g. Templar) take ages to finish because one class nullifies the other? Anyway the last 1~1,5 years I simply refrain from doing any kind of pvp. I suck at it, I play from Europe with ping, my class is not a pvp one, my items are never the best so what is the point. From all the magic classes I played in all previous game, I have to say that the Aion sorcerer is probably the biggest p^ssy.
  24. 1) ...why do you constantly keep putting events far far away from "normal spots"? I remember most pre 5.0 events were held right outside the broker/warehouse area in Pandaimonium. Then we got the tree event that was put rather far from anything people would go, and now you placed the Puzzlebox event in a spot that normally is deserted because characters have no reason to go there... There is SO MUCH space in Pandaimonium, right outside the broker/warehouse are. Can we please stop putting the event npcs so far? 2) And what is this thing with having to click so many times to give one quest back to the npc? Last night I had 42 Ancient Shards from the event and I had to click so many times to give them back. To take the quest: Click the NPC (inevitable) -> Select the Quest (inevitable) -> Click OK button. So far so good... To return the quest: Click the NPC -> Select the Quest -> Click "I can do that" -> Click "Thanks" -> Click OK button the return of the quest requires way too many useless clicks and none of them is in the same spot to the others, having to move the mouse, aim for the chat, click it, click the next chat, click the next chat, click ok and repeat! I have read the quest log once, twice or ten time, do I have to keep the same dialog in EVERY quest I return? Do that 42 times. Make those repeatable quest easier to get and give especially when they need to be done so many time (I had the same problem with the event with dolls, returning 10x broken dolls for a new one)
  25. Removal of afk players in instances

    I suggested for rewards for no contribution to be 0, bad players will always try to find ways to create a contribution to their alt char, but at least lets make it harder for them to benefit. In the end I would love to see two different entries of the same instance: 1) Same as before, afk = rewards 2) All or nothing, you win you get rewards, you lose you get nothing. I swear I would constantly be in all or nothing entry. I cannot believe how you all are ok with afkers, maybe you have ten alts and you love to afk this is why you defend this thing. There is no other explanation.