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  1. Is the Abyss still a thing?

    Well I found my ways around being in abyss and when hide users were always anti-sorcs by creation so I would try to go to a place slowly... and then boom, it was like the tinking days in Morheim. I am more than sure those people who enjoyed simply ganging undergeared people in Morheim and then in Abyss by surprise of hide, no longer play the game, while it was them who ruined it slowly in the beginning. But it also had to do with the fact that gearing up was stupid slow and hard so many people were left without good gear to play. And of course free flight is Aion's best thing, I liked that part too, it is just abyss was never made to make anything normal in difficulty, the moment you opened the wings it felt like a chore and had to take everything into consideration because you would end up back in base in no time if someone found you. Oh I remember very well flying upwards as high as I could, go to the spot I needed and then start flying downwards to reach it, most of the times it worked. It is just the people with the mentality of ganging or ninja ganging were always playing the super strong classes of every patch to take the advantage of the situation, if they couldn't kill you they could avoid pvp better and if they could kill you there was no way to avoid them, and then was when I learned how many client side hacks this game has because I was constantly finding myself in perma flight speed still not being able to avoid them. Pure freedom in a game is good until people start to abuse it. and although people might defend the term "pure freedom" just by definition, that is what made the game die so fast, the average user that found no pleasure in constantly dieing from pro gangers had no reason to play, and then the pro gangers also quit because they had nobody to gang anymore.
  2. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    Early Aion 7.0 painters will not be that op in a placebo way, because everyone else is already perma geared while they will be running on legendaries. the moment painters start to gear in ultimates I think the people who didn't reroll will probably have to quit if this class is so op.
  3. We already have a few retarded classes that do not die, and do a ton of damage that can also self heal, if this painter class is THAT broken then I guess people like me that are not willing to reroll will have to quit Aion. What is the point of playing walking dummies so a few chosen classes can simply enjoy the game.
  4. Zangettzu Where that Ban Hammer ?

    Good lord why did he do that to me, he is defo an alt and I am unwillingly making a brainstorm making scenarios on who's alt this one is. Could it be MechEagle himself that wants to take revenge or taste how good it is to hack? Could it be Aly's alt making a conversation with herself? Could it be a GM himself asking whether it is ok to glide hack so he knows whether to ban or not? (yeah I am that autistic about it) ...lets vote!
  5. Whats the lowest gear you can PvP in?

    You also brought another issue here, class imbalance, the guy in the video probably belongs to the cancerous players where in 5.8 he played the ultra-broken templar which would never die and could aoe-kill a whole group and in 6.2+ he plays the ultra-broken gladiator which is as tanky as that templar and can also kill a whole group in aoe as well. I never understood people playing stupid-op classes and making videos on youtube. It is like an AT putting pvp videos in 6.5 or something, yeah you win we get it, it is not like you are a pro player, you simply play the class that is broken as f^ck at the moment.
  6. I never did BoS in 5.8, never bothered with pve content before 6.2. In Aion 7.0 this becomes a solo instancel! And it ends in the boss where the debuff is removed, no Narakali boss. I assume Aion 10.0, PF will be solo entry level instance
  7. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    I mean I would delete them if I got them, same way I kept deleting all snake costume skins I got from the snake useless event.
  8. Zangettzu Where that Ban Hammer ?

  9. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    There, I fixed it for them... the chance to get anything good is so flimsy that those "good" rewards will never be seen
  10. Wow NCSOFT Best event ever starting tomorrow

    These look as awful as the snake costumes that we kept getting over and over again every year! I regard not having an event, after all ti is not an active event, IF you do a pve instance you might get an event item and you either sell lit or use it. Do they think these event bring them money or something?
  11. Looking for name owner of suga

    I loled
  12. Is the Abyss still a thing?

    I will never miss the abyss to be honest, it was more hustle than fun most of the times, the worst part was the inability for the majority of its existence to teleport to key spots unless you had a fortress. They always made it super hard to go anywhere in the abyss and most of the time you had to slowly fly until the area you wanted. Add to this there was a time when hide users would simply camp in key positions, only to go out of hide, kill you in 1~2 seconds and vanish again. And of course there was always those enemies who would never get out of their safe zone unless they had a full pvp group, which felt exactly like zerging, so me as a soloer always had to be super cautious. The very first time I quit Aion for about 8 months until a new update came, was when abyss was at its most relevancy and everyone was there and there was continuous ganging so I felt the game was over for me as a soloer. I do not even remember which patch this was but I couldn't get out to do anything without having a mini siege-worth amount of enemies ganging whatever moved. I only agree it was exuberant while it existed, plenty of areas, plenty of quests, urgent orders, fortresses, sieges, artifacts, instances etc.
  13. Worst thing is that it is per account, not per server, I used to have 8 characters in my main account for making extra luna runs even back in 5.8 and I also had one in DN, then at some point I had to delete one characters because my account had a total of 9 characters. They intentionally changed this to 8 per account (not per server) so they surely do know how to alter the max amount of chars, and what is the excuse, the other publishers already have it, they don't even need to code this into existence, all they have to do is stop altering the client for our servers to the point they can't get simpyl the official client and impelment new things.
  14. That moment when

    Not sure about "transfer a char" but if you make a new char in DN he won't have the transforms unless there is a char there, as far as I know.
  15. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    You didn't choose luck, luck chose you. You had absolutely no control on being the chosen one. But then again I got a kaisinel by combining 2x tahabata, first try and it was success. I now have 2x kaisinels.

    The best thing they could do is add spirit fragments on pve gear disenchant as well. Of course 6.x + is meant to totally separate pve from pvp but you can't do that, you do pve, you get kinah and then use the kinah to get pvp affiliated items, or you craft pvp gear by pure pve farming of materials. So if they want to make it better but not free of charge, PvE items should also give spirit fragments, even if they give half the amount. And white items should also give spirit fragments too. Time to make Monarh crafting relevant.
  17. That moment when

    And after 7.0 transformations will be only server-wide, now the whole account gets them. So before 7.0 I would suggest people to make a character in the other server too (if they have a slot) so they can have transforms in both servers just in case.
  18. If you already did it then there is not much you can do about it, you need a new set of items to remodel again.
  19. instance queues

    ...even he doesn't know what he is suggesting, first he said if you play in 5.8 you are part of the problem or something, then if you play the game you are p2w even if you do not pay to win, because you play in a game where others pay to win and you might benefit from it if you group with them or go afk in EC or whatever. If being impotent makes one p2w because you benefit from others who p2w, then he is surely the biggest one here.
  20. instance queues

    Well since you are an utter ignorant of Aion, in 5.8 you could get a ton of money from events, quests, instances etc. Everything was tradeable and you could literally make money out of broker by buying things that were cheap now, to resell higher later. I remember I purchased like 3000 big berdin lucky stars for 1m each when there was an event that threw a ton fo them, and after the event was over they started selling for over 20m each! EC in 5.8 wasn't even important, you had infinite amount of entries to it, this should give you a hint of how not a game changer it was. You could keep getting in EC over and over again without a limit. And I was the one carrying afkers and alts in EC that did nothing, if you bother to make a simple search for EC in forums you will see half the posts are from me asking for the GMs to do something about the afk fest that EC is while we the real active players can't play the game as intended. Daeva dash was so broken in rewards, I made about 150 billion just from it. ~~ It is really hard for you to believe people were being active and really worked hard for what they did, you are really stuck in your head that whoever is better than you is a p2w player right? But in a game where everyone is better than you isn't this an overstatement? I have been playing this servers for many many years and I am not a new player. Whoever played in Aion pre 6.x had the ability to really progress much financially and have a huge benefit over 6.x+ which you clearly missed. Instead of assuming things and attacking people you could open your eyes and ears and learn a thing or two instead of complaining you are bad at this game.
  21. instance queues

    Then don't ask questions. I never paid real money and I was never carried, I was very good geared in 5.8, I got compensation gear and I was PF ready since day 1 in 6.2. I was constantly the highest dps in my group even when others were having their frostpacks and I was still in exchange gear because I am a sorcerer. ...you really love to assume things, and for this reason I will assume you are a man, you act like one. If anything YOU are the one carried because you started naked in 6.2 and even 10 months later you are still unable to do basic sh!t. Whoever puts you into his group is making you a big phat favor because you are a total imbecile. Next time someone invites you to his group, start with a "thank you" because he really is going to carry your sorry ass. I was never carried by anyone literally. I had +10 legendary/ultimate compensation gear because in 5.8 I was over-geared, I still have my +27 weapons. Plus I had a ton of enchant stones and plenty of billions from exchange to new kinah. That pleb think he can start drama while complains about not being able to do weeklies! He even said "I do not understand how p2w works" literally! The guy doesn't know how Aion works and thinks he can school us.
  22. Quiting game

    I was doing it on Siel, but I am an Asmodian. I would also go to help lowbies when they requested help against cancerous twinks. And at that time the majority of twinks were archer (a few were assassins) and sorcs had lvl 1 eye!
  23. Quiting game

    When I hit max level, I was dedicating some time of my day in Aion being in Morheim waiting for the twinks. And I remember when they came after low players RIGHT next to me, without fearing me... because inside their tiny heads, they have persuaded themselves of their unwritten rule that if you are past +9 levels of an enemy "you don't attack because it is not fair" or something. They were literally shocked when I would simply 1-shot kill them ruining their fun, of 1-shot killing the lowbies next to me! Then they would log in Asmodian alts just to use LFG and "bash" me for killing their twinks in an Asmodian land because of their own self written rules. They even pretended I was killing the fun of Aion... blatantly!
  24. instance queues

    I should inform you that the only thing I paid in the past is prestige, I have never in my life paid for anything. I am from Greece and a daily salary is about 20~25 euros which translates to 25~30$, I would be stupid to pay an insane amount of money of a daily salary to be able to make even a simple luna reset. I even purchased NC code with kinah with a friend of mine to buy my next prestige. I got my tahabata before everyone before New Year of 2019 when people still didn't have ancients, and I got my kaisinel with the first try with 2x tahabata combined (first in our server) out of pure luck, others tried 20 times and still failed, and now I have 2x kaisinels by combining another 2x legendaries at some point. My rolls suck, my craft procs suck ( paid 2,5 billion to craft ulti monarh wings) but my transform combines are on spot. My "p2w" gear is not p2w, it cannot be p2w, I am not going to insult you, you obviously don't know jack shit about the game, I have full genesis +15 and there is no way you can pay for it, you have to earn it, nothing is tradeable and nothing is able to be done by paying for it. I was (and still am) a multibillionaire in game even in 5.8 (I made about 200 billion at some point by broker trading and taking advantage of events etc) and when the 6.2 came I had 51 ultimate enchant stones and 750 legendaries and a ton of kinah and gold ingots which kinda helped me. And I never stopped doing the weeklies which you hate because it involves pvp, I never stopped doing all my pvp instances, going to sieges etc. I enjoyed the game for a long time, I am simply bored of being on top for so long, you will never understand this feeling obviously. and of course I am bored of it now, not throughout the game. Also my friends are quitting or not playing as actively so it gets even more boring not having anything to do. ~~ But I simply told the people on this thread, that you are new to game and this is why you make these retarded questions, but then you decided to come after me, so I'll take it, I can play your game better than you.
  25. Ultimate Firebrand Items

    There was a time a filter existed and would prevent people from writing words that "could be bad". In Greeklish that many Greeks use (Greeks with English characters) the phrase "I ate" is "έφαγα" in greeklish ti is "efaga" and it was censored or the whole message wouldn't even pass, because it contains the word "nyerk" (e nyerk a)which is a derogative term! It doesn't work liek this anymore, but I have seen MANY times whispering something to someone and see that the message simply doesn't go through and then I have to re-write ti and rephrase words hoping it won't get blocked. But if you can link it in group chat and not in whisper there must be another explanation.