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  1. Oh ok, I never got any rewards from 11th anniversary so I didn't know that. Can you put them together in the combination window? If you have no other use of them give it a try and let us know.
  2. Even solo each mob in instances gives what, 100k XP or something, it is garbage next to what we need. They should have had it the other way around, instanced mobs should give a ton of XP at least in hard modes, because actual players would get an incentive at doing those even just for the XP that is non existent everywhere else. I totally forget about XP, unless we have a passive bonus and an active buff (an amulet for example for those that still have those) then XP is non existent outside quests. During passive + coffin one small bomb mob would give 39m XP and with tea it would go
  3. How do you have daevanions that are not for your class? Unless they are account wh storable of course then it is possible. I have never had this issue before so I cannot be sure. I have the feeling you cannot even combine daevanions of different classes together, but if it is possible then it will probably give you a daevanion of your class. You try it and let us know.
  4. Another thing they need to fix is auto looting with minions in group. I am so bored of having to loot manually, I usually get an invite by some under-geared player in open field while doing weeklies and I always accept, but that gives us less drops in the end. Sharing is not caring in an MMORPG when the loot is exclusive to one player and manual. and yes, event items should never be rollable, they should be given to all players in the group or alliance, or dare I say league!
  5. Welcome back, yes the game changed a little bit more, new map (which is like Idian Depths in zerg mode), some new items, the new launcher. You can fly in Beluslan city, in Alukina spot and also the area in Gelkmaros where you enter Taloc's dungeon. Not much is positively better but it is what it is.
  6. Their opposition is that we do not have enough players. Unless old players return I do not see how classic will solve anything other than kill both versions. Also if classic is f2p that is the ultimate death of Aion West. Because those servers will be full of bots and everyone will again rely on alts to succeed while the average player will still lack. If it is subscription based then it needs to bring new or returning players to justify it. Also subscription based model lacks the p2w which at the moment keeps the game alive, but not really, p2w in illegal ways (like 3rd party seller
  7. There is no use of this item anymore right? I tried to find the discount gear boxes but they are nowhere to be found. I stacked quite a few of them, I wish I knew I wouldn't have wasted my XP marks.
  8. The "new look" is the dark background and white text, I do not see any other change in the layout or work-ability of it. And the option to have an avatar form pre-selected images, which makes little to no change in the workflow of the forums. The colour combination is awful.
  9. Is there ANY way I can change the look of the forum for me? I cannot read anything in a blue background with white text. Is there a way to skin it with white (or the gray we used to have) and black text? Blue background is killing my eyes and makes me feel dizzy.
  10. Easier to read in a blue background and white text?My eyes hurt and scrolling down creates ghost artifacts to text. There is a reason why a white background (or grayish) with black text is universal.
  11. Here is the thing, the first main 6 slots determine a lot, but the other 3 that open with the conditions, also get benefits from the enchants +6 in all main stigmas opens 1 more green slot +9 in all main stigmas opens the second green slot +12 in all main stigmas opens the third blue stigma slot (you can put blue or green stigma here) The vision stigma also follows the stigma enchantments, but it only takes the minimum enchant stigma you have, if you have (lets say) 5 stigmas that are +10 and the 6th stigma is +9 then the vision stigma will be +9 Advanced stigmas act like +1
  12. Is that a private server you advertised there?
  13. I just got a candy blast station appear next to me, I didn't even know what it was, it was like a pile of dunk with a blue half moon icon on top of it, I clicked it and it gaveme 3 candy blasts and became smaller and used it 2 more times. I swear this is how it looked
  14. Expect a ton of bots farming for materials, there is no luna back then so no kinah box crafting and kinah should be tradeable.
  15. TheSecretCowLevel has given a spreadsheet of everything you can use to make points. Click on each one of the types of transmutation and use Ctrl+F to search the item you want. I think the old pre-6.0 items are not eligible. https://maxperiod.github.io/aion/itemreinvent/77/
  16. Thanks, I'll keep my genesis crystals for the transmutation, getting gear to break it won't do me any more benefits.
  17. Truth is that Vengeful Foreman Girad is acting weird on me when I use my minion buff and my Kaisinel collection buff and throw nukes at him and they all crit, he goes from full HP to 1/3 in a few seconds. At some point I got the fear thing even though he didn't even cast it (or at least I didn't see him cast that skill, it just got me out of nowhere)
  18. If they are fixing things that never worked back then and created injustice (whatever those could be) then I do not see it as bad. But I personally won't play aion classic. No way am I getting myself into that again.
  19. Sywo was the guy who made videos on how 6.0 would revive the game and he mentioned how much he likes RNG and then was happy to tell us that he needs his wallet to progress. Of course 6.0 (or 6.2 for us) ended up being the worse patch in the history of Aion. What I understand is that Aion classic is not old Aion, it is the older patches mechanics with the old maps and a little bit of 2020 refinements (fixing what didn't work back in the days), and if Aion Classic has to be, then this is the best way to be.
  20. If people jump up and down in gelk now, it is because pvp instances are obsolete and pve is ridiculous, limiting them ore won't make them play more, you are asking for them to be mandatory to eventually jump up and down in gelk because you reached the limit allowed. And lets limit the amount of people in sieges, when you log in to go to a siege and you are not allowed to participate, that will defo make you want to play more. Tell us the amount of players you would allow for a siege, that number is the amount of players allowed to play aion. The game is empty now because of lack of c
  21. You never gave any suggestions or solution to this injustice. the more I read your list the more I remember how bad the suggestions are. limit the amount of people in a siege, how could that go wrong? you also said this: and then this: So explain to us how they would eventually solve the problem of the weekly XP.. a weekly XP ladies and gentlemen. ^^^ All of these limitations would make people log on Wednesday, do their weekly limits and log off until next maintenance, that would revive the game for sure.
  22. And I explained in basic English that weekly caps benefit long term players than new comers. In this game you can be a starter and in one month you can be the governor, and that is a good thing. Giving people the ability to progress as fast as they please is giving them the ability to catch up with the game at any given time they decide to start.
  23. You asked for weekly limits on AP and XP so you can catch up, nobody is going to criple a game because "I hAvE a LiFe" so do we and we cope with it. It makes no sense to you that rifting was awful because apparently as a sin you would enjoy attacking levelers in hide. How long does it take you to read and understand basic English? ^^^ Also that is an Ad Hominem attack, very basic and low IQ way of trying to pass your own opinions. You want to make a point and when you see other opinions you attack the person pretending you have some moral high ground and that somehow your o
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