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  1. Online games are not gambling companies because they sell you items (virtual ingame goods) and then you use those to play the game even if it has gambling ingame with the items you purchased. The reason it cannot be regarded gambling is that there is no way you can cash out your virtual goods back into real money via the company. If NCSoft sold and ingame gambling currency like luna, to go to Daishunerk's Game of Fate, earn goods and then give you back real money based on the reward you got from that game, that would have been regarded a gambling company. NCWest is selling you virtua
  2. Are we sure this is a bug or a patch change? They also change the amount of AP you get at every mini patch the last year. Maybe that was intentional. Those pesky 60 level manastones and some useless outdated mats could have been omitted on purpose.
  3. You cannot sell snowballs after the event ends, everything gets deleted except those purchased by BCM.
  4. We might get it next year with a better way to buy things.
  5. You have a good point here, if the "amount of accounts" logging in is causing the problem then the server should be marked as "full" while we also know the server load is about 30% for KT server and almost half for DN, also when Aion was still alive we should be getting a bug every day if the amount of accounts logging caused this issue. If luna instance itself causes any problem to this then it must be a mechanic inside luna instance itself in addition to the amount of people doing it (thus KT getting bugged while DN not). I am extremely curious to see what happens in two weeks fro
  6. Will that be deleted as well? They can turn 10 of them into 1 event coin, I'd start faming meloons if this was the case.
  7. I was never able to get a single mob during that time due to scripters killing the mobs before they even spawn, I love how everyone complaining about this in the post are users with 1 post only. Someone logged his bot alts to complain.
  8. Dredgion was good at some points that is true. I remember winning by doing weird mechanics and splitting etc.
  9. Your server is simply less populated and thus it never reaches the memory overflow, did you just pretended your side doesn't have bots because you never got the bug? If luna is what causes the problem that is because KT server has more people and thus more alts accounts and bots. Having less luna botters doesn't make your server legit in any way. The actual benefit for the KT bug was DN players that had a fully functional server and cashed double entries while KT was bugged for half a day or more. I hope they find the reason KT server bugs and fix it. I know DN people will find a way
  10. This is exactly what I have been saying for so long, DN never got it because they never had too many players doing things to create the overflow. We got the bug earlier when we had more people doing things, lately we started getting the problem on Monday or even Tuesday since there is not much to do now and I see we usually have less and less people active. Even popping animal farm takes time.
  11. On the other hand everyone else loves having their game play interrupted so yeah we are all bad. Man it is closed for us too, we also run it for luna on our mains and we also do it for extra runs on abyssal splinter and other instances. I also didn't like it when we had 2 months without Abyssal Splinter during summer, but there was little to nothing we could do about it. That is one week and after that one week I am more than sure a nerf will come.
  12. And also lets admit losing one week of luna isn't the end of the world, we should be more concerned about the outcome of all of this and the permanent solution they will implement. So lets focus on giving suggestions on how they can battle the problem without hurting the actual players too much.
  13. They most likely won't do that, and even if they did it would have been for 1 char per account worth of materials, not 12x. Lets hope they come with a good solution and not hurt us all over because the hordes of bots doing it.
  14. Better than nothing to be honest, but we will use it all and make sure we get the rewards they give as well.
  15. They can make all of those rewards account bound then. Case solved.
  16. The thing is luna itself will have to be brought back since it is the only way we make luna currency to retune and re-enter instances. They just have to do something about the massive botters doing it. If they remove the kinah recipe it will be useless to kinah farmers but they will also damage everyone else too. They have to be careful on how to handle this.
  17. This happens if you enter and the enemies are not in when the timer for the race stars (when doors open). Enemies in white name occur in two occassions: Someone didn't enter the instance when they got an entry, and you applied with "quick entry" so you were thrown into their game but the timer was already running so now you are a white name and you didn't waste your entry You got an entry normally, but you clicked "enter" the last second, due to lag and time it takes to get you into the instance you were thrown into it once the timer started, and again you are a white name and your
  18. None of these should be possible to be used in the race. But there is something wrong in your image, why do both groups have 0 points even though you have people passing through the check points while both you and DMob are finished?
  19. A-M-E-N, I wouldn't mind looking like those awesome legendary transforms here and there, I never liked kaisinel look with all the fabric flaoting around him when running and jumping, the transform looks good when standing like a statue. I'd still prefer to look like my char obviously but that is good thing. They should also make the normal transformation be able to be transparent as well via the same feature. Two whole years worth of people complaining about looking like animals or npcs and they finally implement a reasonable thing.
  20. If souls are affected by drop rates it is good to know. A drop amulet and a stuck drop rune would help a lot in this case.
  21. It is beautiful. Sad you "skinned it to death".
  22. RNG is acting lately a lot, the last time I was in TT I killed a ton of mob to get me the 200 ones, at some point I killed 29 (or something) monsters and not a single soul spawned. Then I got two mobs in a row.
  23. ...lol same, open world things are not my thing, when somethign requires a lot of people I am a soloer and can't compete against big legions and when something requires you to be faster or be at the right spot etc, i always lose to those "fast clickers" I've learned to avoid anything that I know I will fail so as to not get discouraged by constantly losing.
  24. The point is that you do not get the previous enchantment level lowered if it fails (or returned to +10 if it is past that). Removing that means most normies will not be able to +15 their items, ever!
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