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  1. To return... or not.

    The game keeps getting a little bit more dessert every day hence the continuous merging of servers. but the game is still here and you can come back if you want to feel the nostalgia. People in aion either left or those who remained kinda turned like old grumpy people that are never satisfied and of course we have both developers and the publishers taking all the wrong decisions. But there are a few new players here and there. And yes whatever items you had are totally irrelevant now, unless you want them for skins.
  2. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    And guess in 6.2 it was impossible to even enchant anything. It was the patch that was supposed to revive Aion, a total mess, with deleted content and nothing worked. Here MechEagle lost about 170 legendary enchant stones trying to enchant his legendary plume and in the end it was +11... with 170 legendary enchant stones!
  3. Post your Aion character!

    Yes this post is lethargic, I gave it a look today and saw that photobucket cancer.
  4. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    Also my 750 legendary enchant stones and 51 ultimates were not enough to make my whole genesis ultimate+15, I had to buy a ton while there were still tradeable ones and also morph a ton of them as well. You were hit hard with the luck stick of Aion RNG, weren't you?
  5. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    ...the only problem Capa is that pure RNG means one person will use 1 enchant stone and will get +2 on the item without any reason other than luck, while another person might use 10 enchant stones and keep failing. Both of them worked, the guy who used 1 enchant stone and succeeded did less job than the guy who used 10 stones, but the 1st guy is benefited by a pure luck while the other sees no reason to keep playing. There is a big phat possibility people are logging in and still being unable to enchant their items because of the failure rates. The enchant rate spreadsheet given to us is absolute garbage, there is no "chance" in enchanting, there is an algorithm dedicated to make sure you start failing an item after a few successful attempts. If I can fail enchanting my robe from +10 to +11, 17 times in a row with 17 legendaries, I do not see how the logic of "you should be done by now" lies on. I am indeed full genesis +15 already but mind everyone, I was given 750 legendary enchant stones with the exchange of 5.8->6.2 and 51 ultimates and I was super wise not to enchant anything at 6.2 untilt hey implemented the 6.5 rates which at least made it somewhat possible to enchant. Also people have quit the game because of kinah sinking on a daily basis. when 6.2 came I lost 11 friends who simply couldn't enjoy the worst patch ever (6.2 was and still is the worst patch), some of them stayed until 6.5 but found themselves unable to keep up with the kinah sink that occurs, adding to this the lack of supplements for enchanting and the failure to enchant gear and see progress and they simply quit. Aion is a game and it is supposed to be fun, it should have some difficulty in order to make you feel like you earned something, but at the same time it should reward your efforts instead of simply dumping them in the RNG algorithm garbage bin. They should bring back the supplement thing and they can make it as expensive as they want, but I would use supplements instead of failing 9 ultimate enchants for my +14 necklace!
  6. Post your Aion character!

    ...in a world where imgur exists, why even bother with photobucket? Photobucket should be deleted once and for good for what they did to our photos back in the days.
  7. Que elegir?

    Get RTL (ReduceTheLag) service, it is super cheap and it helps you both lower ping and stabilize the connection
  8. [EU] Aion 7.0 will not have Italian, Polish and Spanish translations

    We need to read this into context though, let me rephrase it: ...what could possibly go wrong?
  9. Transformations

    ...for "balance" we made the stats worse and the duration smaller. And I am like: what kind of balance did that bring? Who benefited from this? Why do people only throw a word just to throw it. Why didn't they explain why is it balanced to have everything nerfed? How could it even be regarded balanced when they nerfed both the stats AND the duration? You know what balance means... anything from the two sentences below: 1) "We have the stats nerfed, to balance this, the duration will be longer" 2) "We have the stats increased and to balance this change we shortened the duration" ...BUT this is what we got: 3) "We screwed transformations' duration and stats, we will call this balance and you will simply have to accept it"
  10. We should already have 11 slots like Korea and EU, and in 7.0 we are supposed to have 13 slots. We are still at 8!
  11. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    I am fully +15 genesis for like 2 months now. But I also have horor stories to say about enchant rates. Some ultimate items at +10 failing like 17 legendary stones in a row, this is not RNG it is a pure algorithm that somehow failed. To make it +11 I had to wait a few days and somehow it worked. Another time a +14 necklace ate 9 ultimate stones before it hit +15!!! We always found those tricks to enchant gear.
  12. Some ideas about ranger

    I would say they need to make a new class, called "Mexican Mom" that she will wield dual flip-flops, they should also have a range of 100m. It should be the only footwear in Aion giving both speed for running when used as foot accessory, but also attack speed for the attack time. Accuracy should be +10.000, as it can never fail.
  13. Revive PVP and take away GP from fort adds!!!

    Problem is that people who enter alliances/leagues and stay semi-afk or full afk and they get awarded kill counts. Thus the kill count cannot be a way to determine the rewards in this case. Our problem is that the game is designed to have 2000 asmodians vs 2000 elyos in a siege, effectively if the attackers get to the door, the door would fall down in 1 minute, and people would already be in fortress in no time killing the guards and having to share a peti 60 GP per guard. While the 300 GP is always the goal since it will be the most of the reward. So the actual siege is the pvp because any obstacle is not really an obstacle that takes time to take down. The reason why this creates a huge disadvantage is because we have like 10 players dedicated hardcore to GP acquisition thus the big differences in what some people make and what others make. And also that before we can get into the fortress to kill guards, ranged characters have already killed the guards on the walls.
  14. Some ideas about ranger

    I wouldn't mind a magic single hand weapon with a shield for sorcs. We had these in Lineage II. Or maybe a dual mystic weapon for mages. And I am only saying about mages because I play one. If they ever bothered to remake Aion with more options it wouldn't be bad. but they decided to over-simpify the game, they probably wouldn't even bother bringing more item options.
  15. Good maid,bad maid (18+ xD)

    are they also soft porn like this one? lol
  16. NC Coin

    In my country a basic daily salary is 20~25 euros (per 8 hour shift) which is like 22~28$... some people get more obviously, like 30 euros per day so that would be clsoe to 35$ per day It is not a decent salary but you have to live with it. Hence why I am a 100% free to play player. So a monthly salary of 5 days per week should be roughly like 600$ (rounded and averaged) But this is NA servers where people in USA are regarded poor if they don't make at least 3000$ per month. So paying 1$ for an extra 80-luna entry on their game is not regarded expensive.
  17. Steel Rake reentry not working on One of my PJ

    Well open the instances window (menu -> instances) find the Steel Rake and hit the "+" button, it will bring you the window that uses one of those green balls and you will increase the entry by one. but I think they fixed it now, you can re-enter just by the NPC
  18. Some ideas about ranger

    Well in this case I would like to request from the aion developing to give the sorc the ability to hide using a cloak because not only WoW had this ability but also Harry Potter had it as well. Or make mass sleep have like 100m range and sleep up to 1000 enemies, because in Charmed series, Piper could freeze everything and she was a witch. And also give the sorc invisibility since with magic you can practically do everything. I am not being sarcastic, but maybe I am. The game could at least have some balance, everyone could request their class to be revamped and/or upgraded, but here is Aion that nothing matters and whatever class the developers decide to destroy, they will destroy and whatever class they decide to make overpowered, they will do it. You have actual tanks that do more dps than glass classes, you have healers that can dps a lot etc. There are no roles, in every patch you have to choose the class they overpower and play it until next patch.
  19. Atreian Passport new "rewards"

    You can even craft an ancient (sure with an insane amount of luna mats...) but that is with the 1x free material per week from BCM for 0 money. So if someone is a new player and needs a transform, prestige or not, he will most likely get the ancient material from BCM, morph his ancient contract and if it is not for his class he will do a 2nd one hoping it will be In any case being given 2x normal and 1x greater contract transformation essences per week... is at least useless. Nobody is going to waste luna mats for that and if they do is because they are new and they need an ancient which is not given by the atreian atlas, but from the BCM that costs 0 money..
  20. Atreian Passport new "rewards"

    Why did they have to degrade the rewards into the new morphing thing for normal (aka useless) transformation contracts? Prestige users can use their luna materials to make mroe lunas to get more entries like every player does. Why would prestige users waste luna materials to craft a normal or greater transformation? You can get a normal transformation contract from any entry level pve instance. I simply delete those, sure thing I have Kaisinel so why would I keep those, but I do not see ANY player wasting luna mats to morph these, if you are not crafting kinah bundles with your luna mats, it is because you craft lunas with them to get a currency that worth having for selective re-tuning or extra instance entries. Edit: It is the amount of luna mats it requires to craft those that makes it useless.
  21. Any tips to do fast luna instance ?

    Get your char in, put one aoe canon (2nd option) and hit mobs for about 58:40 mark where the first MAD-74C mob comes so you kill it and take the aether it gives you, you already have one unused plus whatever it gives you, if it gives you only 1, activate a single target big canon with 2x aether, if it gives you 2 aether, you now have 3, activate a big single canon and a small single canon, if it gives you 3... you have 4 aetehr in total and activate 2 big single target canons. And then go afk Problem is that in the past if you logged back before 10minutes, you could go offline for another almost 10minutes and you could be doing this forever. Now your offline time accumulates, if the total offline time is >10 minutes then you get kicked. So logging out to run multiple chars in the same account is not a good suggestion anymore. Otherwise we would be able to finish one whole account of 8 chars in max 20m all together or something. Unless of course they changed it back to before the update they did.
  22. Vote 20 skin candinates into GST

    I am a simple man, I see a skin ,I say yes. I mean.... (pic related)
  23. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    I got a brainstorm after readiong all these acronyms, T2, T1, gen,comp etc. I am full genesis +15 I have nothing to wait for, but if I knew my compensation gear was also upgradeable to the exact same items I would probably save a ton of enchants. Meh, I guess I'll have two sets.
  24. IDD BUG

    Well giving you a scroll means you have to re-run the whole thing. Wasting more time, shards, potions etc. They should probably give you 2 scrolls each to compensate for all the losses.
  25. Can we request to Korea from here ?

    I will disagree on the GP to be deleted. Abyss Points are a currency and have always been, they are being given by a ton on pve instances and pvp instances as well. AFKers get a ton of AP as well, losers in instances get AP as well etc. When Abyss Points were used for buying abyss items but also for ranking, it only created problems with pve farmers getting high ranked while pvp players were falling behind. also high ranked people would rather stay in safe zone fearing to die because death meant a loss of ranking points. GP is a solid ranking point system and at the moment it is the best it ever was. It is exclusive to Siege with a tiny amount of it added to some daily pvp and a weekly camp quests Lets not confuse ranks with pve, afkers and Abyss Points again. You also have nothing to lose going out of safe zone and dieing, because losing AP when you die is not a problem. I was the winner of previous season in GP on my server/faction (after the GP from IB/ID was removed of course, when they were still around I was 3rd), but I can't continue to stay awake at 3 in the morning to do the weekend sieges, and daily sieges are at 6 in the morning for me. So I am no longer participating, at least not for this month/season. With this being said, if AP is what determines ranks, I get a ton from Herelym Mine and I can also reset with luna to get more. You actually ask for pay-to-rank to come back. Resetting every month is better also, because people can always have a fresh start on every new season and nobody will feel left behind for a long period of time (aka 3 months). AP and GP are two totally different things now and they should stay like this.