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  1. Farewell Daevas!

    Everyone was picking on him for every little bad thing on Aion, and now that he is leaving everyone is sad because deep inside you, you know you haven't been easy on him either. I am happy for him, it is his decision and the fact he is leaving NCSoft screams waves of reasons. Now let me finish peeling these onions because my eyes started watering.
  2. dead pandaemonium

    Who was it and why does he looks like the enemy is on fire?
  3. Fame System...

    We have to see how easy/fast it is to get the fame, in general this system kinda looks like "be active or gtfo". Also those XP extractors... 2 per full bar and all mobs are giving 10k XP.
  4. [7.5] Lakrum Repeatable Quests / Area Changes

    Man, take a seat and stop making assumptions. Here:
  5. remove the need to run all campaigns1~8

    This is how it used to be before 6.0 and yes it was easier to mentor a new char and simply run the Daeva campaign at level 9. I prefered the older method, back when getting XP amulets with alts was a thing. I doubt there is a reason to make "many" characters level 10 now so this might be obsolete.
  6. May 27th?

    We get 7.5
  7. A few questions, casually returning

    You buy a ton of things with them, they become the new thing with fame system. Exclusive vendors that you can use once you reach specific level or fame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcvLoG4tgX4
  8. [7.5] Lakrum Repeatable Quests / Area Changes

    AP is never bad to have, I know when 7.0 came most people had like20m AP and thought they were OK, while you need hundreds of million of AP for the whole set. I am being future proof. I was already standing at 200m AP or something and the only thing that kept me from having a DT set 1st day were ultimate etiums because in 7.0 they were not account storable so they were hard to get. It took me like 2 weeks or repeated luna resets to get me all the etiums.
  9. [7.5] Lakrum Repeatable Quests / Area Changes

    Damn, I am happy I spammed it while passive AP + snake buffs were on, but I wish I spammed it more back then. I am close to 700m AP at the moment, but halving the AP in HM sucks. I guess I'll have to pop an amulet and run it as many times as possible again before update.
  10. Crucible Spire Middle @Cyan

    I received the rewards normally both weeks, strange.
  11. Temporary Everything Isn't Rewarding

    Yes, 7-day enchants, I have like 4~5 different type of legendary enchants for pve and 5 for pvp. like make it more simple and stop eating our inventory slots.
  12. Legacy Weapon pack II - Drop list?

    Someone said it has a Winnie the Pooh weapon so the mech will look like him apparently. Someone gotta waste 480 BCM and let us know.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 13, 2020

    Well in this case I am lucky I didn't get more than 1 on my main by appraising.
  14. Looking for Leather Skin DN/Asmo

    The site has a ton of item with similar look but since the site is so outdated I doubt we can find where this skin drops in today's loot table.
  15. why not

    But they were not tradeable right? The earrings I mean. Unless you got the brilliant on your main then the boxes were good only for the soldusk weapons.
  16. why not

    I appraised more than 100 rings (main + alts that got ring pieces by being afk for stormwing tokens). I got 1 ultimate ring by appraising and 0 from upgrading from all chars together combined. I was going to call you "lucky" for getting 3 ultimates out of 30 appraises, but then again all 3 of them burnt so I guess you were less lucky than me with my 1/100 ultimate because I wasted less money on dust.
  17. Ring Event (or kinah sink event)

    Event is finally over. I have upraised more than 100 rings because I did a lot in alts that were afk in for stormwing tokens while upgrading the pet. So I was like "let me appraise those as well". On my main nothing changed, I had gotten one ultimate ring directly from appraising which didn't upgrade. Everything else was ancient or some legendary they were all becoming dust at first try, 2 ancient out of the 20 or something upgraded to legendary and then burn. Not a single legendary upgraded to ultimate. On my alts, I have gotten 0 ultimates by appraising, and 0 ultimates by upgrading. I had 7 ancient rings upgraded to legendary and 0 legendaries upgraded to ultimate, everything eventually became dust. ~~ I couldn't have done anything better, nor could I try harder to get more rings. This was probably the most ridiculous event I ever had to witness. If we ever get it again I'll be deleting the rings that are appraised and not ultimate already, because opening them for the 7-day enchants is also ridiculous, and to open them you had to go to a pvp spot that many times it was camped by elyos hordes.
  18. Ring Event (or kinah sink event)

    I can't be the only one who has never managed to get a single brilliant ring so far. I have only gotten ONE ultimate ring by appraising the quest ring and it obviously didn't become brilliant. I always get ancient or legendary and they all fail first try, I think only 2 times did I manage to upgrade a ring from ancient to legendary, never a legendary to ultimate. #ΤινΑυτοΡαε
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 13, 2020

    Good riddance, I have gotten 0 brilliant rings. I even tried with alts that had rings from being afk for the stormwing tokens. Not a single one got an ultimate and all the others became dust first try.
  20. Aion : Cities of Light

    My comment is that this could have been static images zoom in and zoom out, the video would have been the same. It is not derogative in any way, or hateful. Just a comment on how he could add a little bit difference in the next videos if he wants to make them better.
  21. Heey Reset the DN server too

    Bro we can run 100 FM runs free of charge with risiel alts. Nobody needs an unstable server with tons of ping and lag spikes and waiting time until they realize our server is bugged and it needs a reset. The first days we had to wait 4 hours until GMs took notice. The resets come from the server restart, you can't have a super stable server and want the extra free runs that come with a bugged server.

    Yes it is bugged, high ping, lag spikes, unstable server, long wait until we can play again. What resets do you want? FM? Who needs FM resets, it is not like you can run it with a risiel alt easily right?
  23. I wish i had free resets like KT

    Hey hey now there, the cool kids always have their own cool-kid-table and you are not welcome. Please, life is unfair, not our fault you belong to the wrong side. Don't hate, learn to appreciate! Here:
  24. Recommended Class

    I totally agree on this and this is where the imbalance is imported, a templar for example with all of his things open will take a 3-digit dmg from a sorc because he is a tank and he is supposed to have insane survivability, BUT at the same time he can hit me for 10k dmg or even more with one hit. He has 100k HP I have 60k HP. I need to cast my skills for a tiny dmg, he will instantly use his skills for insanely higher dmg than I do to him. And as for the "CC" god, please sleep is the most outdated of all because it still needs to be slowly casted and is not affected by c.speed, while he can pull me instantly, stun me instantly, knock me down instantly, 2 solid seconds to cast my sleep which he will most likely resist anyways or break it. So the problem with Aion is that EVERY class is a dps class plus their original role, but the dps classes haven't gotten a survivability mode too at least not all of them (like Gunner got enough survivability with the shileds). As in: Tank + DPS + enough self healing: Templar, AT, Gladiator DPS + amazing Heal (and/or) buffs/debuffs: Cleric, SW, Chanter 3xDPS + enough survivability: Vandals DPS + Debuffs + Fear: SM DPS + enough suvivability: Gunner Mobile instant DPS: Archer Immobile + insane amount of HP: Test Dummies in Cities ... slow casting DPS: Sorcerers If I have 2 seconds to cast sleep, then might as well I cast Illusion Gate in 1~1.5 seconds (affected by c.speed) and teleport me to Pandaimonium and avoid dying.
  25. Sorc- What stigmas do people run these days in PvP

    This is exactly what it is, our class is outdated, we are the only casting class, every other class has predominantly instant skills with only a few that need charge or cast. And because everyone is hitting at max attack speed, they can throw hits like an automatic weapon or something, shooting 10 bullets per second. For sorcerers to be a competitive class, we need 90% of our skills to be instant cast like all classes do and leave the rest 10% with some casting time. And that won't make us overpowered, it will make us equal to all other classes, because we still have the least HP, least defenses and least amount of surivability.