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  1. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    Of course 24/7 farmers flood the market with good, but still that titania gemstone needs stellium to be gathered.
  2. @Cyan - Transformation System

    It is much better to not have to take 10 scrolls to be buffed and rely on one thing that can be autobuffed by a minion, the problem is always the fact we have to look like the transformation. If they at least remove that, I think we can be MUCH happier
  3. A map with mobs would be good. But whoever plays the game by now knows where to go for farming.
  4. To return... or not.

    ...it is good to bring those threads up, the threads that were trying to figure what future brings, and eventually failing miserably. It was like the Aion 6.0 will revive Aion, and those threads (and youtube videos) were from people who actually tried aion 6.0 before it came to us... and then Aion 6.0 (6.2 for us) ended up being the absolute most ridiculous and worthless patch Aion ever had. I am going to keep a track of future posts about "Aion 8.0 is going to be <this> and <that>" so I can revive those and show people we are always wrong.
  5. Question about PVE equipment

    You can also get a selectable weapon (legendary) and armor with gold ingots from the Gold Sand Trader shop, the weapon costs 25 gold ingots thus you need 5 days to get the gold ingots unless you already have them. Of course you would probably need two weapons so you can armsfuse them, so 50 gold ingots is what you need to get a rather ok legendary polearm armsfused.
  6. Material conversion

    Welcome to my world!!! They could at least make basic material crafting to be 1 second instead of 4 seconds, even if that means having specific "buff" or itemt hat we have to use on demand for this to work. Back in 5.8you could trade mats to alts so they all together crafted at the same time and then trade the mats to main to craft the final item, but now it is only via broker and it either costs a fortune or is risky to lose the materials.
  7. {event} black flame weapon chest

    Whatever chest Vandals cannot open is because there is no items/skill/stigma/skin for them from that box. For example sports day skill card, can't be opened by vandals because vandals still don't have any altered skill animations for any of their skills.
  8. Aion 7.2 arriving to mainland China service on 2019-09-19

    5.8 without the godstones, without overenchanting past +15 and without minion skills being op.. was a much much better patch than any 6+ will ever wish to be. Imagine wasting so much time getting to lvl 75 and thenone day they tell you max will be 80 and you can do it 1~80 lvl in a few hours!
  9. BCM?

    Normally you get a button that makes your NC coins into BCM coins, if youlog in your account in the site, do you see the NC coin you bought? If yes then open a ticket. If not you did something wrong I guess.
  10. @cyan really 2 seconds kill 1 vandal

    We knew Vandal would be a big op class initially and it will still be too op in 7.2 not much will be nerfed except his laser. Imagine playing a sorc likeme, we are even more useless now, there is a far better dps class out there that is also the best in pvp and pve.
  11. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    But we want the pve weapon not the pvp one.
  12. Dorinerk's Wardrobe

    They should implement a wardrobe with like 200 slots or something. After all we pay 96 luna for re-skinning, it is already too much, and they would be making money, I would be willing to alter my skins even daily just to have some fun, but now I don't
  13. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    PvE extraction doesn't give spirit fragments, so any failed item is an even bigger kinah waste. My example for prices in the craft above was addressing this, this is why I made the example for weapon because the only thing worth crafting is the T2 pve ultimate noble weapon.
  14. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    But nobody will bother to craft T2 pvp gear for the spirit fragments because you can craft T1 with much less cost, now I am not sure if there is a difference between tiers in spirit fragment amount on extraction which should be taken into consideration, but cost wise these are the current differences. The T1 and T2 recipes have a minor difference in the same mats with the big most important difference being the titania gemstones that doesn't exist in T1 recipes, which is what real contributes to the extreme price. T1 weapon = 6 alcemiums + 15 ancient weapon codex (aka 75 guiding stones + 75 ancient weapon scrolls) T2 weapon = 6 alcemiums + 24 ancient weapon magic stones (aka 72 ancient stones + 72 ancient weapon scrolls, 3 less than T1) + 24 ancient cold titania ( aka 24 Titania gemstones + 24 cold acidic agent) If we take the above examples for gathered materials on broker and we add the mats on NPC these are the results. T1 cost (gathered + NPC mats) = 7.642.950 kinah T2 Cost (gathered + NPC mats) = 26.440.104 kinah T2 = 3,5x T1 in materials cost at the moment, so unless it gives 3,5x the spirit fragments, it is a big waste. BUT crafting pvp gear hoping to get ultimate noble T2 gear to wear is not really a good option, getting the best pvp gear with genesis is more streamlined and will end up needing much less effort and money. I do not even upgrade my ancient masterwork T1 to legendary T1 myself either, while I have lvl 300 aetherforging, it is just the legendary craft mats are much more expensive now because not many mobs drop mats anymore so it is kinda less productive to upgrade them to legendary to break them for more spirit fragments because it might cost more per fragment in the end (I haven't calculated it precisely to be honest), you either better break even ancient masterwork, or try to sell those to those poor unfortunate souls that haven't checked it no longer worth upgrading those.
  15. To return... or not.

    Old thread but I just remembered it ...how wrong we are always for every new patch right. 7.0 only brought one new map that is badly designed, a few stellium quests and a new pve instance. Also 90%ofthe Lakrummobs are empty and like half the Demaha mobs too. I am scared in Aion 8.0 they will simply make the game be in the starting towns only.
  16. The Dragon's Set Motion Card

    They should put those thing permanently on BCM, if they want to be making money, they should be available for everyone.
  17. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    correction 96x, and the calculation was down with 96
  18. Add Additional Craft Proc Chance for Prestige Users

    Yes it is 16%, but that is for the ancients, I find the legendary to be the most difficult to proc, sometimes the proc rate to my statistics is lower than 10%
  19. 7.0 Aetherfolging is horrible

    ok you said noble so you mean T2 items, I wonder how the heck you did all those!
  20. Add Additional Craft Proc Chance for Prestige Users

    I would like to see proc recipes implemented on aetherforging or make somehow the ability to take non-masterwork version items and combine them for a sure masterwork even if it needs 10 of them. When the proc rates are so bad, they would have to double the chance to make a difference. Last time I crafted 50 ancient weapons T1 for spirit fragments and I got 8 proc ones only, which of course I also broke since upgrading them to legendary doesn't worth and alI needed was spirit fragments.
  21. Any EC update?

    For Abyss Points you go to Herelym Mine solo and you can get 1m AP without prestige and no AP buffs and 1,3m AP with just prestige, if you use abyssal stars it gets plus 1 more million AP you have to go solo and take middle route
  22. 7.0 Aetherfolging is horrible

    Are you talking about the old items or the Tier 2? Because if it is tier 2 then you could possibly be the richest person on the game.
  23. T2 Aetherforging crafting, so hard!

    Exactly, to craft one ancient weapon you need 6x ancient alcemiums, currently at 450k each 24x ancient weapon magic stones, which need 72x ancient magic crystals, currently at about 95k each 24x ancient cold titania, which need 24x ancient titania gemstones, currently at about 680k each Total= 25.860.000 for one ancient craft For legendaries: 12x legendary alcemiums, currently about 200k each 48x legendary weapon magic stones, which need 144x legendary magic crystals, currently at about 310k each 48x legendary cold titania, which needs 48 legendary titania gemstones, currently at about 350k each Total=63.840.000 for one legendary craft For ultimates: 24x ultimate alcemiums, currently about 50k each 96x ultimate weapon magic stones, which need 144x ultimate magic crystals, currently at about 400k each 96x ultimate cold titania, which needs 48 ultimate titania gemstones, currently at about 1,5m each, yes and there are not even enough on broker to even hit a craft. Reason is essencetapping titania ores is also RNG on what you get and as long as they require stellium to harvest, titania gemstones will be expensive no matter what Total=202.800.000 for one ultimate craft If the chances are 20% to proc (my chances are usually less than that), then you need to craft 125x ancient weapons, so 20% of them (aka 25) of them will be ancient masterwork. 25x legendary weapons, so 20% of them (aka 5) of them will be legendary masterwork 5x ultimate ones, 20% (aka 1) of them will be ultimate masterwork. Then the total would be like: 5.842.500.000 for one weapon. (If the prices go halfway down, then this would still be 2.921.250.000 for one weapon. If they prices go even further down to 1/3 this would still be 1.947.500.000 per weapon) EDIT: If I made any mistake on the calculations correct me, and if you think the prices do not reflect anything, they reflect the effort,if one ultimate titania gemstone costs 1,5m on broker that means it is drop dead hard to get. Prices reflect the economy and how much of each item is available and why is the availability so low. Effectively, instead of trying to craft one ultimate masterwork weapon think that you could have sold the mats for the above prices.
  24. Can we ever think about bringing back the supplement type for things, and having proced recipes, and generally give people a more secure way of doing things at the cost of more materials/effort/money? Crafting with proc'ed recipes: We had them in professions because trying to proc a recipe 100 times and still failing was never fun and it only hurt the game. A solution would be to have a recipe for a proced item using 10 failed versions, yes even 10 failed version for a sure proc item sounds pretty good next to the situation we have now! Being able to get somehow a selectable daevanion box, it doesn't matter the cost or effort, if it is a sure selection it is a goal for many people that 1 year later still miss a key daevanion skill for their class. Supplements for enchanting daevanions already exist but you have to spend like 4000 luna to get one per day (aka spend 50$ in one day or it resets). That item could have been on BCM in a reasonable price. Upgrading minium to higher grade, 100 c-minium = 1 b-minium and 100 b-minium =1 a-minium, the ratio could be as bad as you want, whatever you do, c-rank minium is absolutely useless at themoment, c-rank minions as well. Upgrading minions: upgrading 4 full evolved minions and still failing is bad, in the end giv peopel the ability to combine more than 4 for a sure higher rank still random if you want. whatever you do, this situation is madness. NC codes that are broker-able in game, imagine the amount of money you could make if people could easily "sell" NC coin in game, that NC coin is money to your company, it doesn't matter who pays for it and who uses the code, them money is in your pocket. I am not asking for free stuff, I realized why I feel bored of the game more than the past, it is because in the past if I was bored of sieges, or instances, or pve, I would go on aethertapping, then morphing, then crafting. People would take some time off the stress of the game trying to craft a skin from professions which was fun to do, hunt for specific materials, gather some,morph others and then craft. Housing is irrelevant now, there are like 1% of the items for housing left in game. Even skins are useless with the forced transformation system.
  25. is this a joke?????

    Or this is the punish for the EC abuse, *cough* *cough* @ MetalPhantomEvil-EC