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  1. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    I just got the 50 coin on one of my alts, what really pissed me off, is that on an A-rank (when I was still learning it) I got 24 coins and then in an S-rank I got 20 coins! Because pouches can give you as little as 2 coins or as much as 7 (at least this was my max). So put even more RNG to this event, less effort, more luck!
  2. Arena Of Discipline

    Exactly, I have also suggested this in an older thread about someone who addressed the issue with people quitting. Once you get an opponent you should be teleported inside instantly. Now... are you on wc that moment, or is your phone ringing, or did pizza just arrive, or is your baby crying... and you are not on your pc, well next time make sure you apply on a timeframe that will be on your pc because this is nobody's problem. The only way you could cancel your arena queue, is while you are still waiting for it to pop, once an enemy is found, both people should be teleported in without the need of a confirmation. ---- Another similar suggestion would be: if a confirmation is needed (so those that just got diarrhea won't lose their arena), then both enemies should click "enter" before both get teleported inside. If you hit "enter" button and the opponent doesn't, then you won't get teleported until he also hits enter (or something). In any case, dodging arenas shouldn't have an impact on those who actually do enter to play it and do not dodge and even better it should penalise those that dodge it or quit it early.
  3. arena of harmony. Is fixing matches a huge problem ?

    This could be fixed by making arenas pop at certain times, like every 5 minutes, this way those that apply with their alts WILL get a pop the same time, because everyone will also get their pop the exact same time with everyone else. Of course in a dead hour someone might still be able to team himself with his alts but this is another story.
  4. Arena Of Discipline

    His problem is enemies dropping and the guy who stays, gets no points. If you get in against your alt, you can just spend 1 minute killing him 5 times and win. Teaming with your alts is another problem which is not discussed on this thread. What Misfire said is that he enters to do his arenas,and people use their alts to make him lose points by dropping out of the arenas.
  5. Arena Of Discipline

    The change should be, if you get an opponent that leaves the arena, you should be awarded the points you would have taken if your opponent stayed and you won against him. So if they leave = their loss. If your opponent leaves that means you are too good for him, hence you should get the points. If you enter and there is no opponent, you should get no rewards and get our entry back for sure.
  6. Well, this is the game and everyone has lost things because of enemies. We are playing in KT and the server is elyos infested, try going into BoS as an Asmodian or do any weekly on the elyos side and you will see the real struggle. Our camps are usually being raided by groups or alliances of elyos, and when we go to your side, we are a handful and elyos are waiting in hordes. I am sorry you lost your weapon, why didn't they wait for you to get in and then do the instance? P.S. it is a pvp game
  7. Pandora entry + naked alts

    ...glad I am giving your existence a reason.
  8. GP

    AMEN ...so you want people to spam resets on any instance and turn that into GP now? Because you do not like the IB/ID spam? Isn't AP to GP giving those who reset even more power to go upwards? Especially those that do not need AP for anything else?
  9. Pandora entry + naked alts

    I am not trying to convince you, your single cell brain is not enough to compute anything. Plus I am not throwing a lot of money on this game, I just purchased some items from bcm via broker which indirectly gives them money and I also purchased some NC codes from a friend with kinah. Which does count for money on their pockets. Right inside Pandora pve if you remove shock on the 2nd boss in dessert, it bugs your char and some times it makes you walk on air, some intellectual amoeba like you might even report a poor soul for this. When a char goes in hide sometimes a character will still keep you in target, people have posted videos of others doing so and many people know it is a glitch Invisible walls everywhere Inside IB there are times where you get stuck inside an invisible box around you and you cannot move out of it, you gotta jump around and change weapon to get it fixed or something People get inside Pandora and they are not even in an alliance because it bugs, their name is white and they do not get contribution. For a whole week Magenkyu-KT was bugged-lead in all pandoras while being offline or not in Pandora at all and that was another glitch which was fixed in Wednesday reset. During 5.8 there were people bugged in a premade EC which had to be fixed by server reset. Right now for the 2nd week we do not get any AP if we are star-1 or above and we also do not get contribution from sieges, which is another glitch. There are sync errors, where you see a char next to you but he is like 60m away from you, or you see chars moving forward but in reality it is a graphic lag that makes them not stop moving when they actually stop. ...of course I am talking to a wall, you either do not play this game or you hack yourself because for every glitch there is, you seem "know" a 3rd party program which can do that. So lets us know some more of those hacks you keep talking about so sure. You seem to know a lot about them. And then your equally low IQ friend @Vantheria-DN can give you a clapping gif.
  10. EU Cares About His Community

    This is also because people get under the same cause and push for it. There was a mass boycott done in their player base for not buying anything until the things they demanded were done and they realized it because whatever hurts their pocket, is a matter they are willing to deal with. Here we have people fighting mostly. nobody wants to do suggestions and if there are good suggestions people either down vote the poll or bash the thread/poster with the claim" they won't see this thread"
  11. When ap gained is fixed..

    Oh I also do not get the rewards now, I was replying to how much I am losing with this bug. The only GP I get now is from killing guards.
  12. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    ...lol exactly, it is not even an investment, I wouldn't buy me luna resets for so little GP ever. But some people do not mind wasting money, I mean they still get to keep their rewards from those instances like before the GP on them.
  13. I was going to write all these, so I'll just agree. In this game they deleted content an called it an upgrade or something. 90% of the game is removed. They also need to make all previous skins that ever existed possible in BCM at reasonable prices. I never understood why does it have to be THAT expensive to get a new look every time. I is as if they are trying to fine you for wanting a new skin. Skins in BCM should cost like 20 NCcoin or something, so people can treat them like consumables, one day you use this skin, next day you use another one. Right now you get one skin carefully and never change it because it is expensive to do so and it is regarded a waste with the transformation system. Skins are not game changers, but they are the fun of Aion, they should encourage everyone to use them and have all previous possible skins in game constantly. Having a unique look is what made this game appealing in the first place. they simplified the game to the point it feels like a 2010 game again with just a higher level cap. which you can reach in 1 day
  14. When ap gained is fixed..

    I always get 300 gp per successful defend/attack and 120 on losing the fortress, since I have prestige. I have never taken anything less than that. Not to mention all the millions of AP I lose this week from every instance. i didn't even bother doing Herelym Mine.
  15. Memes for 6.5 GP reset... and more.

    I have accumulated all the excuses from old players who didn't want the GP reset and my heartless, selfish replies to them. Here, I just made these:
  16. Remove GP from IB/ID

    Thank you for making the GP ranks monthly, this is making it competitive again and p2w whales that did EB non stop in the past, or those that got GP from things that were wrong and fixed, like AP->GP, or coalition afkness, or insane amount of GP in everything during 5.8 are gone from ranks already. GP needed a fresh start and even better we get a fresh start every month. BUT please, remove the ability for the ranks to have a p2w ability. Some people might have done like 40 luna resets to get where they are, this is money to your company but this tells people they need to take a second seat because there is a vip seat section for those who pay. If the ranks are meaning to show who is "better" then this ranking system failed. It is like running the Olympics and those who are not good enough can pay to get the golden medal. So there you have it, leave a comment if you agree or disagree. Stay on topic (P.S. fix the reward system, 1-star and above get 0 rewards and 0 AP)
  17. Remove GP from IB/ID

    I do not see them complain when they can rule the other ranks like arenas because some of them are either broken or have healing+dpsing+tanking abilities when they shouldn't. Sorcs suffer in arenas for example because our class is getting weaker. Class imbalance is not an excuse for giving people the ability to buy their ranks. We can ask them to balance classes, this would fix it. And if people can pay 10x luna resets per day they most likely already have prestige. P.S. we can make a new poll asking them to give more GP via pvp means and less by killing guards. Excalibur is 2nd but he didn't need a ton of luna resets, he got 600+GP plus the 300 winning reward in the first siege. He used grappling hook along with vaguely and sourdouh and they went in and aoe melee all the guards
  18. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I know 3 people above me wouldn't be there if it wasn't for luna resets, YES I dislike this. Be productive and go vote here. Monthly reset = perfect Luna reset for GP = awful VOTE and tell your friends and legion members to vote:
  19. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    ------------------ If you guys want to be productive, go vote here lets make it viral and lets tell the publisher we want a real ranking list, not a way for p2w people to get on top.
  20. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    3 days, 2 free IB per day = 6 days right when I wrote this comment for my total of 736 GP or something... oh my god stop replying! you make yourself look worse. This is the 4th day since reset and I am about to do my 2x free IB, for a total of 8 free IB so far! Also siege is over I got 64 GP only since rewards are bugged and went from 12th place to 8th. And I am about to get 50 more Gp from the two new free IB I have. …and no I didn't want luna resetting instances to give GP, I was hoping and still am only siege can give GP. Our 1st slot wouldn't be there if it was like this. Resetting GP every month is still the right thing to do, what they have to change is the ability to pay to get GP. Do you ever read what people write? Did you want a ranking system where people p2w their EB ranks and then they were locked so people could afk-ranks? Because this is what you were advocating for. ~~~~ Next attacking siege I will get more GP than many p2w people.
  21. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    ….also this ...my today GP from siege was 64 from killing those few guards that spanwed, also no reward box (we lost the siege, I should get 120 GP with prestige and a box). No pay to win for that either.
  22. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    No I didn't because I got 314 GP from attacking guards, 300 GP from winning the siege and like 150 GP from the 6 free IB I have every day or something. 1st day I had 50 GP, 2nd day I had 50 GP +the rest, before siege I was in 34th place or something, after siege I was 6th, a few days later and without a siege, I am 12th and Luck is back to 1st place, he surely resetted with luna. Learn how to play the game. that 324 gp I got from that siege was too little, BEFORE the reset (and after guards started giving GP), I once got more than 1k in one day. I noobed on our first siege and I promised I wont do that again, and I also promise to take screenshots from every siege I do so people like you learn how the game is played actively. Here, this is from a siege right before the reset Aly, you have 2376 posts Every time people complained about a bug, you were there to consolidate them and reassure them this game will always have bugs When people complained about injustices you were there to slap them and tell them this is how the game is and always was When people suggested to the suggestion section, you went there to tell them to stop suggesting because the game is good as it is and even if we suggest something it won't change (the GP reset proved you wrong and many more things) when people blasted the game for everything wrong you were the NCSoft lawyer and supported every shitty decision hey took. ...and here you are now, 2376 posts later, proving to everyone you are not even playing the game. I bought my rank? I did 0 luna resets. Don't hold your breath, learn how to play the game. ...of course you didn't know, you do not play in our server and you were so happy just to "point out" that you wanted to blast me with a p2w accusation, let me tell you I play from Greece, aka poor, and I cannot afford to pay 1~2 $ for potential of 10 or 25 GP for IB resets! I wont' do it I saved your quote for last because I really wanted to simply git gud in your face. people purchased ranks from EB but you wre happy because apparently you di that as well people got a ton of GP from 5.8 even when they failed People afked in coalition and you loved it People could rest afk in walls in 6.2 just to keep their rank and you thought it was the right thing ...now you have to compete and you call me a p2w This GP reset was literally the best thing ever, so many people shouldn't even be able to lay the game due to mental retardation but they were even ranked because the system gave them the ability to rank just by logging in and now people have to compete. My reply to you:
  23. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Arenas should give GP and they should have a slightly smaller window to play so people cannot pre-plan those to team with their own alts. Maybe make them pop every 5 minutes sharply for everyone. Example, whoever applies from 12:00:00 to 12:04:59 would get a pop at 12:05:00 whoever applies from 12:05:00 to 12:09:59 would get a pop at 12:10:00 ...and so on this way everyone would get a pop at the same time and within these 5 minutes enough people will apply so the system can decide who gets with whom based on the points already existing.
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 24, 2019

    That would be amazing to get, I would dedicate myself into getting the legendary this way on all my account chars for sure
  25. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I love the monthly reset because it is the right thing to do. I was hoping arenas would give GP. Or maybe only sieges and be it. Arenas would be more reasonable to give GP than luna resetting instances, it is pure pvp and something could be done to avoid people timing themselves with their alts to always win. If there are people willing to pay a ton of money to be on top ranks every month then I guess their pockets will be full of money and NCSoft will be happy. Monthly reset of ranks = best decision ever Luna resets for GP = wrong @Cyan