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  1. Event and Bots

    Alts that log to do the free event quest, open one chest and then logout are obviously not bannable. And it is not like they do something that screams "bot" in order to ban them. Plus I doubt anyone spends so much time in Sanctum/Pandaimonium to get irritated by the many characters. If you are not in Lakrum or Demaha then what are you doing in Sanctum? It sounds like you have alts and you can't open a chest in sanctum because of many others doing the same thing and you accuse other alts of being "bots".
  2. Is there any reasons to do weekly luna instance now ?

    But doing the daily (afk) every day on all alts is 240 lunas per day x 7 days a week = 1680 lunas, if you do the weekly on all 12 chars that is an additional 240 lunas in the week. Problem i that you need to do them manually otherwise it is a sure b-rank hence no luna's light to craft the lunas.
  3. @Cyan

    The problem is it was abused so much that even if they fix it, many people already got a ton of rewards. But I think I miss something, I was kicked by someone without asking ,I only do a few of EC premade mostly with lunas, but how did these people get an additional entry? I thought you were kicked and you had to re-enter the same game to not spend your entry, do they get awarded additional entries? I mean why does the entry number get higher? In the end there is no way GMs can't see the logs and check who got extra entries, but as I said some people were kicked without their consent. I have personally asked to be kicked in a game that when I entered, the enemies were in our base killing everyone and they were at 3k+ points while we were at 200 point or something.
  4. And in pvp they have that shield that gives them +3000 pvp defense literally canceling every attack they get for such a long time.
  5. Evergale Canyon

    They should disable the kicking thing until they fix this free entry bug.
  6. Forced Select Server every time?

    It happened when I got a crash in the past but now it happens more than not, and I am more than sure this is a server sided issue. The irritating thing is that Danaria is alphabetically first so when this occurs (surprisingly it doesn't happen ALL the times) I have to click Katalam first and then hit enter. This is defo a server side issue, because if you go to another pc or an internet cafe, you still log to your account from a pc that you never did and it still "knows" your last server. I am sure this is a glitch they will have to fix. Unless I ned to make a whole client repair which wouldn't make sense.
  7. Forced Select Server every time?

    Did anyone get asked to "select server" when first logging in? It is kidna weird, it happened after I put my prestige and made 12 chars to my main account to get more luna crafted for free entries.
  8. I think your problem is your gear man, gunslingers are good because they are one of these classes that have almost everything instant while they can run and hit. Check the video below and see. Be happy you are not a walking dummy aka a sorc.
  9. Enchantment rates...Again..!

    Once I took my T2 ulti weapon to +10 with legendaries, it then failed straight 7 legendaries and never went to +11. Then I had to stop for a few days for the algorithm to kinda cut me some slack and two days later I hit 2 stones and it went +11 and +12 just like that, then I used 1 ultimate, it went to +13 and the next ulti failed, so now I am waiting 2 more days to enchant again. gotta understand the algorithm of sure failing guys.
  10. Anc/Legend/Ulti Mystic Crystals

    So those 5 magic crystals are literally nothing. anyway, the prices are not that expensive, what is out of the way is the titania ores. Hell no, it needs 1 stellium for one extract and you will need thousands of titania ores to manage to get anything. Funny to the link you gave is that the legendary crafts are showing to have 30% proc rate, when in my experience they have about 2~3 times less chance to proc than ancient and this is why the legendary stones where always the most expensive of the three
  11. Anc/Legend/Ulti Mystic Crystals

    I am defo missing something here, all mobs I have ever killed so far are empty. I know all Lakrum mobs are empty and only the mini bosses and world bosses drop the normal stuff. But I also saw that in Demaha because most mobs are quest mobs. I was ready to craft gear since upgrading is almost impossible with the etiums it requires and how etiums are being gathered.
  12. Buying BCM ingame broken?

    There are sites that offer NC codes as well with a slightly higher price (their profit obviously) and they offer paypal, something amazon doesn't. I have also purchased from a site that sells NC codes that work everywhere except Aion Eu because it is not the same publisher.
  13. I haven't read it nor can I provide proof for it, I was told ingame by all my friends that whatever is broker-tradeable (kinah most importantly) will get back the ability to be stored on account warehouse in 7.2 patch.
  14. That is not a good suggestion because it says EVERYTHING should be untradeable including rewards. That means that Berdin Lucky stars, Abyssal stars, sport skill cards etc, would have to be soul bound too. Our single problem here is that the coins were not supposed to be broker-able but they were for 1 week and then they took it away. If the coins were untradeable from day 1, nobody would have a reason to complain. Now giving the coins the ability to be even account warehouse deposit-able, that means our main will have 12 free keys per day instead of 1 and that for them means less people would be willing to spend money from BCM. My suggestion to them is if they are going to have a specific reward soul bound, they better have it soul bound from day 1 to avoid any other problems. Lets be realistic and lets hope some rewards will be tradeable/brokerable so at least we can get something from them. ---> The right thing is what happens in 7.2 ,effectively everything that is broker-tradeable (including kinah) is also account warehouse deposit-able. Can we all have an AMEN?
  15. Anc/Legend/Ulti Mystic Crystals

    Well between me and you and everyone else, I'd rather spend time doing luna afk on my alts crafting kinah boxes and buy those materials instead of going there and painfully slow kill mobs to get mats and compete with afk farmers. I wanted to craft the pve weapon but it is probably the biggest waste because whatever fails is useless, selling it to npc is better than extracting it because manastone fasteners are useless (I would have had more than 80.000 of them if I didn't delete most of them, I now keep 20k on me all the time). If there was a way to safely do the proc version of crafts I would go for it, but that titania ore is the biggest fattest nope.
  16. Anc/Legend/Ulti Mystic Crystals

    I do not kill anything that is not part of a quest and so do most players that are not 24/7 farmers so that means more power to bots. Not that my limited mob killing would make me a fortune but after completing a ton of quests, I am still completely empty of any loot at all. BUT it looks like bots are going to "fix" the economy again, I see people selling a ton of new mats on broker (by thousands) and the prices are rather cheap. The main reason why normal mats are cheap is that to craft the new items you need titania ores which are gatherables, and gathering is extremely limiting so the other materials are practically useless (hence the low price) But since etiums are dropping like rain now, there is absolutely no need to craft anything new, so they can delete Aetherforging like the rest 90% of the game, nobody will notice.
  17. 12-characters unlocked now?

    Hi, before I make myself the guinea pig again and waste another free 7-day prestige on an alt account, can someone confirm that the prestige indeed unlocks correctly the 12 characters max? And if it does are there any limitations once the prestige is gone? Thanks
  18. They would limit accounts logged in based on IP then... good luck internet cafe gamers. And good luck people playing in a home together. I mean the game is so overpopulated they might want to limit people to 3 per house. If anything like this is implemented it will again hurt only real players because they will be forced to have one account open while abusers will defo find a way to fake IPs, MAC addresses and amount of clients per pc with virtual machines and they will be able to open 50 clients without getting caught. If NCSoft learned anything (I laughed when I wrote "learned" as if it is possible for them to learn) is that whatever drastic measure they take against abusers, bots, farmers etc, it hurts the actual players ONLY while it gives the abusers even more exclusive content because they will still be able to whatever they did before and benefit even more when the rest of the people will get limited.
  19. Is there any reasons to do weekly luna instance now ?

    I do not do it anymore, stigma enchant stone is easy to get now with gold ingots and alts. Weekly takes twice as long to be done and has harder mechanics to keep in mind and you effectively get the same rewards to a luna daily when it comes to mats. The stigma enchant stones is super easy to get now with gold ingots and alts. Plus you can afk daily and get S-rank or rarely A-rank, if you afk the weekly it will take your char 30~40 minutes to end and you get a sure b-rank because the instance is timed. If you only have your main, then do it, but if you have other chars to do luna daily etc, I do not see how doing the weekly is even wroth the time. You might as well level anotehr toon to lvl 30 meanwhile and do the event now and get a tradeable reward and give it to your main.
  20. Fix enchantment rates!

    There is no way this is just rng, I have managed to make my ultimate T2 weapon +10 and ever since every legendary enchant stones simply fails, i never got to make my weapon +11 at all! There is no way I can fail 10 legendary enchant stones on a +10 ultimate weapon when the success rate is supposed to be 42%
  21. 12-characters unlocked now?

    Thanks, I did waste a 7-day prestige on an alt account trying to do more chars for those pesky luna kinah boxes, but I saw it was impossible and then i learned it was a bug. They now said they fixed it so I was wondering if indeed it is cause I do not want to waste another free pass on another account cause I will have to pay for those new slots.
  22. Expoitable bug, need fix ASAP

    Well it is not bannable to get kicked (or ask to get kicked) for any reason, it is not bannable to re-apply, and re-entering the same game is total RNG. Take that for making our cauldron coins untradeable NCWest!
  23. You need to wake up

    I know I played there before I came to NA because I am European, up to 5.8 Eu was the worst publisher and NA seemed pretty liberated and everyone was happy. But after 6.2 NA went full wrong on everything. What I said about EU is that there is no 100% free player and for the company this means money, not that much but it is money, and since the game is alive they sell more items because there is more competition. And the money people need to pay is not too much to play, so they are willing to pay it. I haven't put prestige since June and I won't be putting any time soon because I see no reason since I do not go to sieges for GP now, while I also do not care for the extra pve entries. I also have alt accounts who are also 100% free and I can make my playing easier. The most important reason for me not wasting any real money any more on NCWest is because I see no reason to do so, everything is expensive, RNG is leading the game, events have bad rewards. It is like NCWest is selling ice cream at 10x the price and wonder why nobody buys ice cream anymore, while they already gave one free ice cream to everyone and people used alts so they can eat as much free ice cream as they want!
  24. Cauldron Coin - Event Items

    Yeah and one week of the abusers managing to get thousands of coins by players who tried to give them to their mains and now they screw the real players more by making it all untradeable.
  25. You need to wake up

    It is a problem trying to make the game too hard to play, I assume they end up making more money this way otherwise why do they keep doing things like this? I guess their version is a success story, we simply do not see it. EU is free to login, not free to play, to play you need the gold pack (like prestige) and every account needs it to be able to play so they still have a subscription model and they already make a ton of money just by people logging. I would be glad if we also had a gold pack thing here too that would have been brokerable like theirs, so NCWest would be making money. This way the events could have been better and if someone wanted to have 100 accounts he would have to pay a subscription for every account.