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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    It is more like 1~5 coins per char per day, an average of 3 coins per char per day is like 21 coins per week per char, so that number would be 31 chars
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    I know what they are thinking, that if the coins are broker-able effectively every reward sold with coins is also broker-able, indirectly via the coins. But I see no problem with this, the game was doing fine until they decided to limit everything. 5.8 seems like paradise next to what the game is now. If nobody is happy why are they continuing to take actions like these? If this event was meant to be a single character thing, why are the coins not dropping with higher numbers? One time you might get 5 coins ok, but many times you might get 1 coin. Good luck accumulating 100 to get one single stone!
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    If they never had them tradeable people would simply accept it, they left it tradeable for one week only to take it away. Heck no event is better than a bad event as well. It is like giving you ice cream but it is the flavor you hate the most.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    I can assume, they had it open the whole week so the broker snatchers made a few thousands of coins by stealing good from people trying to trade coins from alts on rather low prices, but everyone learned their lesson, so everybody traded on the normal price, so those snatchers can no longer snatch anything for pennies, hence there is no reason for the coins to be tradeable anymore. After all making things broker-tradeable-only benefited the bots even more, kinah sellers as well and also it created another issue with broker snatchers. Whatever measure they took against abusers, ended actually benefiting them more than legit players.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    Well time to trade everything I made on my alts NOW or never
  6. KBF Rewards bugged

    ...NCSoft should listen to the mysteries of the universe, chanting 4.0 content to their faces. Rollback servers to 4.0 please!!!
  7. Coin of challenge

    Take 10x gold ingots on an alt, buy 1 stigma enchant stone and trade your stigma to him to enchant it. Every char can get 2x stigma enchant stones from GST with 10x gold ingots each (aka 13m per stigma enchant)
  8. True, I think it is made for all ultimate items dropping on anything. There should be a way to simply close it on client options which would be easier, I do not care to see what an elyos got on stella laboratory for example.
  9. Kamar Battlefield rewards changed back to old

    People can form an enemy alliance and apply and make sure they match their own alt group, like they kept doing for AD, in this case it can be a sure win. GP should remain a siege-only thing.
  10. EC rewards bugged?

    There are many big problems in EC, and someone asking to be kicked in a sure loss entry is non of those problems. These are the actual problems: Enemies put alts on your own faction to apply so as to fill slots with afk people so they win easier, you have every reason to want to leave. People on our own faction put their own alts at the expense of real players and they even claim it is their right to do so, so you surely have a reason to want to leave that one too. Entering an EC when the timer is already on, your side has 200 points and the enemy side has already 3000 points and are inside our base, why stay on that one? Make your own "alliance" is the fattest excuse, but still this is a 4 alliances vs 4 alliances instance, until they give us the ability to form a 4-alliance league to enter as a FULL premade game, there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of wanting to leave a broken algorithm.
  11. Do monsters drop anything?

    NCSoft's plan to stop botters abusing the game by farming = "delete the game so they can't abuse it". This is what they have been doing so far, they killed the trading ability and made botters richer by snatching off broker trading from legit players because abusers will abuse anything possible and they are faster at buying from broker, or making most things untradeable and putting big broker fees created a lack of kinah to everyone so now the botters can sell their kinah easier because people need kinah and can't make it, something botters simply continue to make. Now they are deleting loots from 90% of the mobs, so we the real players will only kill mobs that we need for quests (cause what real player is going to sit 5 hours in one spot killing mobs to get mats anymore), aka no drops, while the 24/7 farmers will simply go to a spot where mobs drop loots and this way they will monopolize the material market. GREAT job NCSoft

    ...lol I have used luna to reset... I feel rich-stupid. I shall turn my Greek mode on and stop paying to play again
  13. Is NCsoft's server bad or my computer bad ?

    I also get random DCs out of nowhere, I can only blame the ISP though, because other people don't get it, and it is not like I lose my connection in general, iti s my ISP servers and the NCWest servers as a group issue.
  14. Daevanion Skills

    I agree the gold ingot one should be a select-able one, after all it costs a lot of gold ingots, it cannot be abused and you can only buy one per week. OR at least remove that clumsy shugo, not only it is hard to get a shugo, but when you get the clumsy one it now has always an ancient daevanion which sucks. Make all daevanions legendary, why keep one ancient after all? to bruise our bawlz? I have had all my good daevanions before 2019 but we were a group of active people doing everything on our alts possible to get as much as we could and I was kinda lucky on that. There was one last daevanion which I couldn't care to have and I got it on April 2019... imagine if it was a necessary one.
  15. Cauldron Coin - Event Items

    First of all they should at least make them account warehouse deposit-able, this way one account could easily put the coins to the main character, after all all chars belong to that person so there is no "trading". Now back to your issue, this is what I do to make a safer trade: Lets say the minimum price for one coin is 3m at the moment, try putting ONE coin for 2,5m and leave it there for like 3 seconds... if it is not instantly snatched it means those botters are not taking it at this price. So now retrieve the coin back after 3 seconds and re-place it back for (lets say) 2m... and leave it for 3 seconds again, if it is instantly snatched the price is not safe for trading, but if you can still get it back after 3 seconds most likely the bots also do not buy on this price because I think bots get the item almost instantly and it constantly seems there are afk characters right in front of broker and not only in main cities, so there must be a ton of them racing each other who will snatch first. Then try slightly lower, like 1,5m and re-check. This way you will at some point lose one coin to a snatcher but you will also know the "safe" price to exchange your coins at a bigger number, and by safe I mean something the bots won't get at the speed of light. Because remember, whatever lower price you are putting your coins, someone legit might be there that moment and s̶n̶a̶t̶c̶h̶ purchase legally from you at a lower price. So when you find your safe price you can trade bigger numbers at the same time. -- OR you can simply put them in the minimum current broker price, lose about 14%~14,5% of the fees and then trade the money back to your main losing another 14%~14,5% fees. So if a coin costs 3m you would spend about 28%~29% of that, on back and forth broker fees, which is like 850k per coin loss of kinah.
  16. Valiant and Top Tier

    Imagine if this game was alive and we had like 1500 people playing in each faction, one league is mere 192 people and in a dead server people even bring alts. In an active game there would have been normally fights between different leagues of same faction fighting each other. If we had common sense, we could have had 192 active people on that alliance and everyone should roll for their class only so everyone could also enjoy the alcemiums.
  17. IDD/PF such a bad patch

    So we are back to easy pve instances like in 6.2 and a ->chance<- to drop the ultimate. God, did we learn anything from Aion 6.2? Imagine people did like 200 PF runs in 6.5 before they could actually gear the whole set because although it was always an ultimate drop, most of the times the RNGeesus was giving a total free for all item that nobody needed. Now imagine having to go there 200 times again and get like 50 drops only which are not for your class. Aion 7.0 recycles all the bad things in Aion... more RNG and less effort driven gameplay. Make the instance as tough and time consuming as you want, but give us the reward we are looking for. Nobody asked for an entry level easy mode PF and IDD, since they give end game items they should be tough and reward you those things you want. ## Side Note: How will people get the new materials? 99% of the time mobs in the new map are empty of loot!
  18. Wrappable gear, where are the wrapping scrolls??

    Wrappable gear is pre-6.0 and it simply still exists, but this is outdated, there are still items that have augment or conditioning, but you won't find the consumables to condition/augment nor the npcs to do so. It is like they made us a favor and didn't completely delete everything from the previous patches when 6.2 was launched, so we still have items from the past that have features and stats that are not in line with the new content.
  19. Character slots

    And we were supposed to have 13 instead of 12 but we will be happy with 12, happier than 8 obviously.
  20. Dorinerk's Wardrobe

    I would say we need the wardrobe to be able to be expanded to 100 items instead of just 8. I have a ton of skins that I won't use because they are no longer produced in anyway thus if I skin them they are gone and if I want to change the skin to something else they are gone for good.
  21. Valiant and Top Tier

    Just don't go there anymore to dps when they are present and it is done. If their legion and friends can kill the boss and survive the enemies that might come, then they deserve every loot of it.
  22. Upgrading pvp = pve and p2w?

    I wish I could close this thread because it seems they have fixed the other pvp instances and now everything gives ultimate etiums by a lot. so now upgrading is easy. EC will dtake the lead, 6 ultimate etiums per win is more than enough. My observation was from before those fixes and I thought this is how the patch was going to be.
  23. Upgrading pvp = pve and p2w?

    I am trying to figure out all ways to make ultimate etiums directly, but also stellium (so I can exchange 14 stellium for 1 ultimate etium) and upgrade pvp items. But I see a small problem here. I'll list the things I found out and correct me on anything I wrote wrongly or add anything I still haven't found. I'll also mention if the way is high, medium or low in helping you get the goal. Low - Urgent orders: So far I know that the urgent orders are 5 only, we have 5 regions in Demaha map and they are 3x repeatable giving 5 stellium on each repeat so this is 75 stellium in total from pvp, but guess what, they are weekly (unlike urgent orders in Lakrum that are daily)! Don't force yourself to do those, you will eventually do them, the map is full of enemies and they need a tiny amount of effort. This is not even mention-able, 75/14 = about 5,3 ultimate etiums per week! What would fix this: either make those daily or I do not know, include more pve rewarding quests, and I am not suggesting this, because this is imagining how it would have been better. HIGH/PVE - Repeatable Weekly Quests: Those 4 weekly quests which are 100x repeatable, that most likely nobody will do, 2 stelliums per quest. Theoretically if you do them all they are 4 quests with 100x repeats per week giving 2 stelliums per repeat so this is 800 stelliums per week potential, or about 57 ultimate etiums. One of them has "easy" mobs only, it is on the top of the map, the rest have elites and are hard and unjustifiable even for a group of 6 people. BUT the most important thing is this is pve, didn't they destroy the whole game at 6.0 when they said they wanted to separate pve from pvp in means of gearing? What would fix this: The legendary mobs are way too hard to need 20 kills per quest, and doing 400 pve quests in total to get 57 ultimate etiums to upgrade pvp gear is not the mechanics we were expecting from a game that is supposed to focus on pvp when it comes to pvp gear upgrading. Remember stellium is a pvp item, it increases your pvp attack if used as consumable, and it is a reward of so many pve things. Highest - Pay to Gear: IB gives 1x ultimate etium and 3x legendary etiums per win, losers only get 2x legendary etiums. I can see many people using IB resets to simply pay to gear. Effectively if you do 74 winning resets you can upgrade your weapon, if all of them cost you 80 luna only this would be close to 6k lunas (excluding free entries and the fact reset costs higher and higher the more you use it). I think AC/ID and EC do not give etiums, I could be wrong. What could fix this: Put etiums in all pvp instances if the do not have them already, and I hope the company can make a ton of money from people wiling to pay 6.000 lunas for 1 item upgrade. Low/PVE - Herelym Mine: Herelym mine gives 1x legendary etium, I went both solo version and grouped version (soloed the grouped version myself) and still got 1 legendary etium only in both times. Legendary etiums are not end game of course and it is better to reset IB which gives more legendary etiums even if you lose. What could fix this: nothing, another pve solo instance, if it gives ultimate etiums i can see people spending luna for resets here instead of IB, but iti s not the path anyone wants to see. Siege give Nothing!: Sieges give non of those, I expected Lakrum siege to give them but as far as I know it doesn't, siege is the single biggest pvp event in the game, I expected it to be updated to the new items. Altar sieges also doesn't give etiums to participants of a capture, I think it awards stelliums but I do not remember. What could fix this: Duh, put etium in sieges, both Lakrum fortress and Divine are end game content. Low/PVE - General Quests: General quests are scarce in the map. And it is not like they give a lot of stellium. so questing isn't a way to get enough stellium to get etiums. Conclusion: Am I missing something here or is it going to take years for normal people to upgrade gear? If you have to turn into a total pve and do those 400 quests very week for 57 etiums per week then it will still get you more than 1 year to upgrade all items. If someone can pay enough money to get his gear to ultimate T2 in one week then I do not see what this game is trying to achieve here. Corrections will be appreciated.
  24. Fixing AD in 7.0

    Ladies... ladies, relax your uteri, EC gives 6 ultimate etiums now if you win (2 for entering and another 4 if you win) and it is much better if you are going to lose you get a kick and keep your entry so you can re-enter. On the subject a solution to AD would be if they added one more ultimate etium for winning (along with the AP and other rewards), so everyone would be rushing to also finish it.
  25. Manastone failed 20 in a row?

    GMS need to bring back the safe socketing supplements, make it a BCM item and brokerable, if you want to make money!