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  1. 15 minutes ago, GenericUser46108 said:

    300% exp every day of the week 24/7 would still be a serious chore to farm the amount of EXP marks needed to actually progress in the game now. That will never happen though because the devs are so out of touch with the game. 

    Exactly, I said on that post that even if we got it every day, the amount we need is still too much and it is still manual labor vs automated hunting the others got.

    They could make it like boborunerk coins, they take 25m XP, that would be nice to have (one full bar is about 17 boborunerk coins, that could have been 17 XP marks instead)

  2. 9 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    The Dragon's Setttttt


    I also don't have the Dragon Set motion 😢

    I didn't even want to go through the skins or mounts I love because it would simply make a huge list and would only make me sad.

    I don't need Classic Aion if we could have gotten this in our current patch. I'd stop playing Aion and start playing "Skin-online", for me it would be enough to be able to get them all. and they are tradeable/brokerable too. You could use alts to store them for back up, or use alts to make more with the easy instances.

  3. 19 hours ago, Flatten-KT said:

    I really really really want the horse mask skin back :(. I had it for years on my old toon back in the 3.x days. I'd drop $15 for it, but for some reason it isn't worth NCWest's time. 

    In Russia they have it in an NPC where you can buy pretty much every skin in game with magic crystals from end game instance bosses.


    I made a post here for that, we suck at having fun in NA.


  4. So in RU official servers, along with having better store and more skin options they added another feature which is insanely good and would make the game more fun.

    In every instance that is 80lvl every end boss drops "magic crystals", and with those you go to an NPC and buy a ton of different skins form older patches. How could they come up with such a simple, easy and fun way to make their gamers happy, right?

    They have everything from Tac Officers, innocent Aris, Jotuns, Rank sets, Luncatic items, prowes sets, Reian sets, Seraph set, Danuar sets, Ambassador, Ophidan, themed sets... a ton of them which I can't even list them all.

    They have emotes and motion cards, mounts, pets, a ton of those too.

    I also asked my friend Kano to take screenshots of their God Sand Trader shop in the "Costume Tab" to see what they have vs what we have. I was told theirs have more or better skins, ours got some skins added lately, but we need more.

    This is the male skins video from a person that plays there, and below is the female version. At the end of the female version video you can see how to get the crystals.

    (Strangely you cannot watch it outside youtube as somehow youtube placed it under 18+ only lolz)

    Male characters:

    Female characters:


  5. 24 minutes ago, Ferk-DN said:

    Yeah, but there is no point bot farming for EXP if you can't afford the extractors. It's a massive kinah sink with no obvious solution. There is nowhere on Inggison to farm any reasonable amount of kinah to match the EXP rate. Atm lots of players have kinah to burn, but the sinks outnumber the sources, so the kinah in circulation would start to dry up if EXP got too easy to obtain.

    The thing is that luna still provides with plenty of kinah so most people wouldn't really complain about this. On broker you see things being sold for billions so apparently people have enough money to buy the XP extractors.

    But for someone like you with one character (or a new player) it would be impossible get xp extractors along with other things requiring kinah. Eventually you would have to dual box and have a second account auto hunt so the money from that guy goes to your main to buy extractors (if you don't want to do luna)

    If we had the auto hunt then if one mob gives you 200k XP (just hypothetical, it could be less), then you need 175m/200k = 875 mobs for one XP extractor. It would require about 1,5k kinah per mob to be able to afford an XP extractor to turn the XP from 875 mobs into an XP mark, if the mobs drop less than 1,5k per one then it would create a surplus of XP and kinah sink.

    Demaha drops a lot of materials, but mobs thee give like 20k XP or something so it wouldn't be possible to farm XP marks.

    Since we don't have the auto hunt which is what our patches are based on, we should get permanent XP boost, even if that is just 2x but on every day. And they could boost the XP given by quests. Otherwise they should decrease the amount of XP needed for XP marks to be made.


    One last thing is that in a Gold Sand Trader update, they are putting 5x XP marks ready to buy for practically the same price of XP extractors (don't remember the price). That kinda gives a tiny amount of boost especially for us without an auto hunt feature.

  6. 9 hours ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

    I give you an "F" for fail, they give added 50% which is the second suggestion on the meme and the last person suggested double XP when we get 2,5x XP which is better. That last guy in the meme is supposed to give a reasonable suggestion and is thrown out from the non reasonable boss. On this meme he deserved to be thrown out.

    Is that yourself you just throw out of the window?


  7. 33 minutes ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

    Dude you r the clown of that forum even worst than lapis ....
    Do you even realise what you saying EVERYTHING in future patch its base on Auto-hunt like we are getting right now ...
    When gona take you 200 exp mark to do promotion for ur future weapon with 15 % rate proc let see what you think ...
    ALL THE FUTURE EVENT in aion are base on auto-hunt , like the melon was supose be , like farming the 5 crystal was ( with omega/ragna wb drop box ) 
    Look EU they just got the cat ancient transformation event , you need over 100 enchant stone and you need kill like 100 mobs get one ... 
    All the future design of this game base on Auto-hunt...

    What a joke !


    I'll take it your English suck on a basic level for which reason you didn't read what I already said. Here it is, if you still can't read I can make a drawing for you.

    52 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    this patch is made to have an auto-play in game, as much as we hate it, you can leave your char alone to auto-farm, go to sleep and wake up and see yourself with like 30 XP marks out of nowhere plus the drops from the monsters which you can use to buy your XP marks.

    And stop trying to make memes, your memes make no sense and they suck. Of course people like you would like to have auto hunt, this way you could do your bots without having to be called out. Every region that has the auto-hunt is a botfest but I am sure you would love this. You could have directed your wrath towards the fact the patch is made for auto hunting than demanding the auto hunt to be implemented.

    I even explained why giving us extra XP is still not as good because we still need to grind manually while auto hunt is giving it grind free, but we will get things one at a time so you won't make your brain have to compute so much information in one post.

    Now go back to your auto-pilot class and keep taking like an autistic repeating the same word 5 times in a row on your streams.

  8. Thank you for this, it is a good addition and people need to understand it is also double AP gain which everyone needs. Without prestige and just a runestone for AP I got 2m AP in one run on HM this weekend. With prestige it would have been  close to 2,6m or something in one single run.

    BUT I understand why people complain about the lack of XP. We still lack the way to make XP marks, if you think about it this patch is made to have an auto-play in game, as much as we hate it, you can leave your char alone to auto-farm, go to sleep and wake up and see yourself with like 30 XP marks out of nowhere plus the drops from the monsters which you can use to buy your XP marks.

    Glad we do not have the auto play, but we do need double XP every day at least for this to work. And it would still not be too op because to get XP marks we still need to manually farm hours, when  people with auto play simply go to sleep and get it for free. So no matter the XP bonus we have, it will still be manual labor for us.

  9. 16 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    What -- you don't want to pay $8 look like a rainbow snake? 🥺

    Lol yes, and even worse we got the stupid snake event like 4~5 times already, every year we kept getting a ton of those snake skins, in all colours and we kept throwing them away because they went for 50k on broker.

    If there is no snake costume on broker at the moment that is because people simply threw them all away.

  10. On 1/25/2021 at 8:34 AM, kitkatya-IS said:

    Is the double EXP weekend a one time thing or a recurring event? I didn't notice that. I guess I could do that, there's the prestige pass trial too but I haven't checked if it boosts you or not.

    Are there any updated guide for new/returning player?

    It will come every weekend. But you will be level 80 by the next one and you will only use it to turn your XP bar into XP marks to buy other things.

  11. 59 minutes ago, kitkatya-IS said:

    I'm on Danaria (Elyos). What do you mean by blank area? Do you mean newer quests that my character doesn't get? I prefer to use my old toon though, out of pure sentimental reason. I'm okay if by using it means I'm a little bit slow to progress compared to making a new one, as long as I can get a pointer of what I can do to catch up with the newer version of the game with my current level. Is that possible? Does the main quest (54 onwards) still give you updated equipment? I'm pretty sure the ones I'm currently wearing are from the previous main quest line.

    I mean that at your level you could have had a campaign but since you are an old char you might not get it, and you might have to level to some higher level until you trigger the campaign rows.

    Also I am the exact opposite, Asmodian katalam,, so I cannot offer ingame help at any point.

  12. 1 hour ago, Unbuff-DN said:


    100% boost is double.

    Server rate is 1x

                             + 1x (100%)

                             = 2x (double).


    The 3x was only during that week without daily luna, sadly.

    Here is the thing most people forget, when we get a buff we get }100%, it is not 100%, it is PLUS+100%

    So yes, the base XP is the 100% XP of the server, when we get +100% it is base (100%) +100% (buff), so that is a total of 200% aka 2x. The base is always never told obviously because even though we call it 100% it is not a percentage, it is what it is, the base XP the default.

    Also buffs for XP should be better not portrayed as +%Percentage because they multiply each other but it is also simple to see the outcome.

    Example: +200% passive + 100% amulet doesn't make it +300% total,
    +200% = 3x(default)
    +100% = 2x(default)
    Total = 2x3=6x(default)

    The only exception to XP buffs is the Berdin Lucky Star buff, it is added to any buffs you have, not multiplied, the only thing it multiplies is the default XP.

    Example 1:
    No passive buffs, just Berdin Lucky star = (1x)Default XP + 3x Default XP = 4x default XP
    Example 2:
    +100% passive + berdin lucky star = (2x) Default XP (from passive) + 3x Default XP = 5x default XP

    The formula is like this:

    (1+XP buffs) * Default + 3x*Default (if we have berdin) = total

  13. The fact they constantly bring up this specific video with the bad accent and the illegible "dual" is only making people realize someone is targeting MechEagle on purpose and not because they think he is botting with alts.

    If this was meant to make people dislike MechEagle, at this point it does the exact opposite.

  14. They shouldn't bring open world events to begin with and you guys want an extension... let me guess you are elyos.

    There is absolutely no fun there, it is going around a few fatties, killing, trying to loot and have elyos hordes coming to our side to kill lowbies. That's not fun for anyone except those who want easy pvp.

  15. 4 minutes ago, Flatten-KT said:

    I got at least 5 Shebas and 2 Modors from the 9x that I rerolled. I REALLY wanted Kromede, preferably the PvP one but I got the PvE one... oh well. I was honestly thinking around the 7th re-roll, 'Maybe you can't get a Kromede or anything but Sheba and Modor from this thing???'

    This proves that the boxes were pre-wired towards specific minions, or maybe characters themselves. Everyone practically kept getting a specific minion over and over again. Only a handful must have gotten the one they wanted. I sure didn't.

  16. 23 minutes ago, Flatten-KT said:

    Hrm, I thought each paragon enchantment stone  bundle had a chance to have a blessed paragon stone but usually gave a regular paragon enchantment stone. Am I wrong? I've never bought one, I thought that was how it worked. Like the pack for 2880 coins you get 1 blessed for sure and then 20 bundles. I'm wondering what is the rate that you get the blessed stones from the bundles, if I have this all straight. That way I can have the correct statistics in this little monte carlo code I'm trying to write.

    I understand that there is 1 blessed and 20 normal ones and that is it.

  17. 7 hours ago, Flatten-KT said:


    I'm writing some code to simulate enchanting these weapons just for fun. I'm curious if anyone knows the approximate percent at which you get blessed stones from the pouches that are sold on the BCM ([BCM] Paragon Enchantment Stone Bundle)? 

    Thanks for any help.

    There is a "chance" tog et a blessed? I thought the pouches had a specific amount of normal paragon enchants and a specific amount of blessed ones.

    Do you mean a chance for them to succeed?

  18. 1 hour ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    I think the Kromede was actually a bug, or it was their intention. Someone in my legion said they rerolled and got Kromede 8 times. So I think they made her RNG a bit - a lot - higher then everyone else.

    And USELESS?! I use courageous Hyperion! Its good on sorc so you have more def and can take those big hits with his buff.

    I think the boxes had a prewired chance to get something and that something wasn't same for every box. I have the two kromede types already and I kept getting kromede. Other people were also getting constantly a specific minion, but not Kromede.

    Each person was rolling and there seemed to be a minion that was persistent in the rolls. For me that was Kromede for others it was Viola etc. I didn't get a single viola for example which is what I wanted.

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