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  1. Which is a rather good addition to be honest, you can always get AP from HM and pvp isntances, while XP is almost impossible to get directly from mobs now.

    S-rank gives 8 XP crystals, 5% each = 40% XP bar.

    And these also interact with Berdin Lucky Stars... one XP crystal with star at lower than 50% gives you 20% of your XP bar, which means 8x XP crystals are 160% XP bar! If the Berdin Star is above 50% and you get the additional bonus that is even more.

    Yesterday I did my free run and I reset it with luna 3 times (with 40 luna per run). I got worth of XP that is 500% XP bar or a little more, which translate to about 10 XP extractors or about 85 Boborunerk gems!

    --> They are NOT affected by Tea of Repose, XP amulets or passive XP buffs (otherwise the prestige +30% passive would have already increased it but it doesn't). I wish they would interact with those as well :D

  2. If it doesn't increase the dmg then I guess it is a cap. And they didn't think of it much because getting 20k difference is something only against a dummy could have occurred.

    Imagine someone managing to gt 20k more attack than the enemy's defense... one shot.

  3. 15 hours ago, Aly-DN said:

    Did they really? Can't say I ever had that happen. What has changed that suddenly they want to load things on to your computer? 100% that is not cool.

    this one:

    13 hours ago, LadyLoredana-KT said:

    Additionally, I would like to request a WinMTR report that can be generated through a program called WinMTR. This not only helps us determine the health of your Internet connection while installing, patching or downloading NCSOFT, but it also helps us determine if the issue is coming from your network, a data center in-between or from the NCSOFT servers themselves.

    Download link: https://winmtr.en.uptodown.com/windows

    And I obviously ignored them. My pc never had issues, and the issues only occurred when they did changes to their servers along with 7.5


    I just installed ReduceTheLag and it worked for me, I still get the server freezes here and there, but that also happens to USA players a few times. It kinda stabilized my ping, but again since in pvp isntances the lag was non existent, they must have done something to their routing in their main servers, probably trying to combat against foreign bot accounts or whatever and in reality hurting real players more.

  4. 13 hours ago, Violeta-KT said:

    When using an Extraction Solvent on Accessories you get Refining Dust instead of Manastone Fastners. If used on a PvP Item you also get Fighting Spirit Fragments.

    Oh ok, I didn't know that, that is one more thing to add to the confusion lol.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    The Frost Binding skill is not too bad because it cannot be removed/dispelled. Inhuman Toughness could go either way. On one hand, you can't use any skills while it's in effect, but on the other hand, it reduces your Remove Shock CD by 10 seconds.

    Sorry, could you elaborate on this a bit more? I was out of town for two days at the start of this patch, and I feel so lost about many things now since I missed all the legion chat/lfg questions that were being asked and answered during that time lol. So if I use the Extraction Solvent on a bracelet (or whatever) to get the Refining Stone Dust, does it destroy the bracelet? In other words, should I only be doing this on rubbish gear I don't intend to keep? And when you say you use it like an enchantment stone, is this what gives your gemstone the +5 effect over time?

    It extracts it for manastone fasteners, if you also use this solvent you also get the dusts. Edit: Devil got me on this first

    I am practically done with 7.5, the amount of bs they brought to the game is insane.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    This is super weird. What programs exactly did they ask you to install? It would be interesting to find out.


    I am sure those analytics that analyze your pc and think this is the problem. Those fake scam PC companies that try to steal your data are more legit than NCWest support.

    They once asked me to install such a program that shows everything about my pc, as if it is my fault their servers lag.

  7. PvP instances do not lag because apparently they are in separate servers. Everything else lags, including the interserver maps.

    This has nothing to do with crowded areas, the server is the problem, when the hour is slow and not many people are logged, this can ease the extreme lag people have (especially those outside USA), but crowded areas vs non crowded areas have exactly the same lag because they are hosted in the same server.

  8. 21 minutes ago, Tullaris-DN said:

    I don't even understand the rates i saw today someone from DN based on the notifications went from 10>10>10>10>11>12>13>14>15 on a glacial shard. 

    How is that even possible? 

    I took a screenshot but I'm not technical enough to figure out how to post it here.  I understand though that there could have been a few in there that were not success but remained the same..but whats the odds on going from 9-15 without a fail (decrease)? 


    You only see the successes of other people, the gazillion fails are the secret pleasure of the guy enchanting.
    This : "10>10>10>10>11>12>13>14>15"
    Could have been this:

    +9 -> +10 (global notification)
    +10 -> +9 (fail no global notification)
    +9 -> +9 (fail no global notification)
    +9 -> +9 (fail no global notification)
    +9 -> +9 (fail no global notification)
    +9 -> +10 (global notification)
    +10 -> +10 (fail but not going down, no global notification)

  9. They most likely did some expense cuts during the migration to 7.5, there is no other explanation. This will cost them the servers, I am from Europe and had to quit Aion when NCWest decided to sell Aion EU to a 3rd party company who was a joke until 5.8. But then NA turned into awful mode and right here they are blatantly asking us to quit the game.

    This will not get fixed any time soon, at least 1/3 of the players will have to quit. If they are not willing to continue this they better sell the USA rights to a 3rd party company as well.

  10. 3 hours ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    I'm still very lost with this new patch, but i think it works this way.

    The first buff/Unique skill in this case Exp buff it works just by socketing the rune.

    The second buff enhance transformation, does not depend on your rune slot shape in this case Support, depends of the Rune Tag, wich is Madness type.

    So i guess you can have 3 differents Shapes, Support, Attack and Boost, but if all 3 of them are Madness tag then you will get the second buff


    Well this s what happens when you have no patch notes. I am more concerned that since 7.5 came everyone outside USA is practically blocked from playing due to 5000 ping.

    If this thing doesn't get addressed mark my words, NA will soon need another merge and then shut down or something.

  11. Can someone explain to me, this rune needs to be socketed and gives you the XP thing, and if you socket 3 you also get the transformation boosts, OR do you need to put 3 identical runes and then you get the XP buff and the transformation boost?

    And one more thing, if you get a rune slot that is not the same type to the other items, (so you have 2 of one type in plume/bracelet and 1 other type in wings) this way you cannot make 3 identical ones to take the benefits... so you need to make a brand new item and hope it gives you the right type of rune slot? If yes, then I think the developers are out of their mind because I am not going to start making more itms, I already did my Dark Talon +15, socketed ultimate manastones and spend a ton of luna selective retuning.


  12. 39 minutes ago, Hallo-DN said:

    I cant get even past the title screen or where it shows the list of servers and when I do and dcs me soon after when I log on a toon today. I checked and its not my connection cause of this! I can deal with little bit of lag but suddenly out of nowhere these lag spikes, over 700 -2500+ ms is not normal. My usual ping is 200-300 (I dont live in the US).

    @Hime whatever you guys  changed on your side for this  patch ,its effecting many players!

    I can log my toon but it usually takes him like 10 seconds to load the skill bars, the name and the environment, then I lag with like 3k~5k ping constantly unless I am in a pvp instance, which is an indication they did something to the main servers and they do not want to admit it.

  13. Put a safe enchant at +6 permanently, like we have at +9 and +12 which are OP, a +6 safe spot wouldn't hurt.
    Stigma echant event needs a stigma  success rate increase, not some BCM sales.

    I'd rather not have an event that gives you 200 stigma enchants per account and then burns them off failing. I'd rather pay 13m per stigma enchant at GST and then enchant the stigmas normally.

  14. 2 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Boyfriend and I were doing camps in Katalam yesterday. Three people rolled up, so we invited them out of the usual courtesy. We waited a few minutes for the captain to spawn. In that time, they actually left group and then tried to outdps us on the captain. Like...??? You could have stayed in group with us and been able to roll on the items, but instead you left so you could try to get the loot to yourselves and ended up fvcking yourselves.

    Guys, it's not that critical. We'll all get our renown built up over time. You don't need to do it all in the first week. The processes will still be there.

    At least they tried to outdps you and cash up themselves. I wouldn't mind someone killing the captain instead of me, but this was lowkey lame.


    2 hours ago, Aly-DN said:


    Take my loot, here, I am offering it to you... take it. RAAAAAAAWWWW TAKE IT I SAID!


  15. 9 hours ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    danm you are right i was thinking about the old Lakrum, sad. Still getting used to all this crosserver BS.

    Tell me about it, I had like 2 accounts full of SM located everywhere, those legendary mini bosses, and every camp.

    During 6.2 I also had alts of my account located in cubicle lab locations, remember when people rushed to get in and many people either died to pvp or 24 people managed to get in? I usually was the first one to enter, since all I had to do was log my main in character selection and log the designated char and get in.

    Instanced maps suck big fat unwashed athlete toe in a hot summer day marathon!

  16. Here is a general advice in a game that is already going downhills, don't trust anyone.

    Story time:
    I was on Katalam doing some camps, I got me the Katalam weapon that gives you 250k HP and I was trolling a group of clarity (side note: do clarity people ever go anywhere solo or in a small group, or do they form a league to even do weeklies?), so I was there killing the camp commander of an elyos camp, and I get an invitation, I accepted him thinking there must be either a guy who needs to finish a quest killing the camp leader or someone who is ungeared and needs help with the weekly. I always accept blind invites near camps with weeklies aimlessly not even paying attention to the person inviting me because it is selfish to kill the mobs while more than one person can claim the kill to finish a quest. When I got the invitation the boss was already less than halfway down (it was a 2 star camp), I killed the boss and tried to loot it then realized the guy who invited me took the time to instantly change the loot to "Leader - normal" so only he could loot the camp commander.

    Now now... the loot is literally nothing important, it is almost junk material, who cares about it. But take a moment and realize someone was there, invites you, and instead of trying to help with the cause, and then share any potential loot, he takes the time to really change the loot seconds before the boss dies! The specific boos/loot is irrelevant, it is how deep invested some people are in Aion to the point they need to do things like this, call me naive but I learned this today, I never in my life ever thought about taking advantage of loot from someone else like this. There is someone who's brain is fast at thinking like this.

    Here my friend, enjoy the loot and the 5 minute fame.


    (I checked the loot rights, it was Leader-normal, I didn't screenshot it then because I found it funny at that moment that he had to do such a low key act, then I thought let me share this story with the rest)


  17. 2 hours ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    Advanced version:  Make a second acount with 3 Spiritmasters Lv 25, one stationed in each Entrance Spawn, this way with the 30 seconds untargetable feature from loging in you can scout the area first, and then use the Summoning skill to move your toon safely, for extra safety you can even socket stigma Cloacking Word in your SMs, just in case.

    Spirit master needs to be level 50 for summon friend skill and also you cannot logout in an instanced server and log back in the same spot, you get ported back to obelisk.

    I know because I had summoners near every possible camp to port me there easily while doing weeklies etc.