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  1. 3 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

    That's what I'm currently doing  somehow on very rare occasion the luna run could be 30 mins (daily)

    I thought sandbox/VM don't work in Aion anymore.
    Anyway windows 10 1903 has windows sandbox right ? If that is how I can use Aion in sandbox ?

    Get your char in, put one aoe canon (2nd option) and hit mobs for about 58:40 mark where the first MAD-74C mob comes so you kill it and take the aether it gives you, you already have one unused plus whatever it gives you, if it gives you only 1, activate a single target big canon with 2x aether, if it gives you 2 aether, you now have 3, activate a big single canon and a small single canon, if it gives you 3... you have 4 aetehr in total and activate 2 big single target canons. And then go afk

    3 hours ago, DevilNest-KT said:

    kill mobs for 1 minute an then first miniboss to install extra aoe canons and then afk, that should speed up things like 25%

    Or you can run multiple Luna in same account while DC. For example.

    Toon A you install canons and disconect. Set an alarm to 9 minute 15 sec to go back before u get kicked.

    Log Toon B, here you do the instance actively, that takes from 6 to 8 minutes.

    Log Toon C, install canons dc set an  alarm and run back to Toon A before gets kicked :D

    Problem is that in the past if you logged back before 10minutes, you could go offline for another almost 10minutes and you could be doing this forever.

    Now your offline time accumulates, if the total offline time is >10 minutes then you get kicked. So logging out to run multiple chars in the same account is not a good suggestion anymore. Otherwise we would be able to finish one whole account of 8 chars in max 20m all together or something.

    Unless of course they changed it back to before the update they did.

  2. Why did they have to degrade the rewards into the new morphing thing for normal (aka useless) transformation contracts? Prestige users can use their luna materials to make mroe lunas to get more entries like every player does. Why would prestige users waste luna materials to craft a normal or greater transformation? You can get a normal transformation contract from any entry level pve instance.

    I simply delete those, sure thing I have Kaisinel so why would I keep those, but I do not see ANY player wasting luna mats to morph these, if you are not crafting kinah bundles with your luna mats, it is because you craft lunas with them to get a currency that worth having for selective re-tuning or extra instance entries.

    Edit: It is the amount of luna mats it requires to craft those that makes it useless.



  3. 19 hours ago, WinBoat-KT said:

    Change the pvp system to abyss points only with 3 month resets. Delete the glory points.

    I will disagree on the GP to be deleted. Abyss Points are a currency and have always been, they are being given by a ton on pve instances and pvp instances as well. AFKers get a ton of AP as well, losers in instances get AP as well etc. When Abyss Points were used for buying abyss items but also for ranking, it only created problems with pve farmers getting high ranked while pvp players were falling behind. also high ranked people would rather stay in safe zone fearing to die because death meant a loss of ranking points.

    GP is a solid ranking point system and at the moment it is the best it ever was. It is exclusive to Siege with a tiny amount of it added to some daily pvp and a weekly camp quests Lets not confuse ranks with pve, afkers and Abyss Points again. You also have nothing to lose going out of safe zone and dieing, because losing AP when you die is not a problem.

    I was the winner of previous season in GP on my server/faction (after the GP from IB/ID was removed of course, when they were still around I was 3rd), but I can't continue to stay awake at 3 in the morning to do the weekend sieges, and daily sieges are at 6 in the morning for me. So I am no longer participating, at least not for this month/season. With this being said, if AP is what determines ranks, I get a ton from Herelym Mine and I can also reset with luna to get more. You actually ask for pay-to-rank to come back.

    Resetting every month is better also, because people can always have a fresh start on every new season and nobody will feel left behind for a long period of time (aka 3 months).

    AP and GP are two totally different things now and they should stay like this.

  4. 10 hours ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

    Korea will never develop anything specifc for us here.

    ...so deleting 90% of the game was something that worked for Korean amrket place? If it did that would have been weird.


    On 23/6/2019 at 2:48 PM, Neleth-KT said:

    I never understand the housing part why they stopped developed it,they could add many thing such as crafting table,training dummy,mannequin that displays your skin collections even a store that selling your items without broker taxes make a reason people should visiting houses make it fun instead they decided to totally abandon it after 4.5

    Aion graphics is outdated but not primitive,people like Aion because what it was not what Aion has became.

    ...effectively Aion could have been an amazing pvp mmorg, role playing game and "sims online", all in one game, if they bothered to take advantage of the housing and social things of aion like skins, looks, housing etc. They probably never realized plenty of people kept logging in to try the new outfit and increase their skin collection or remodel their house with the new furniture that was out. then they deletedi t all thinking the game was dieing because it had a lot of features and thought a simple retarded version would revive the game!

  5. 1 hour ago, Voodoodoctor-DN said:

    I feel that sorc is fine in pvp in the hands of pro players only. By nature, sorcs are like magicians as they require fast reactions to execute the lock down combos. There isn't much margin for error hence why the skill ceiling is higher.

    If the scenario here is to have an ultra skilled sorc vs a not so skilled enemy, we are comparing nothing.

    The only way to talk about a class is to forget about the abilities of the players, we compare classes based on their skills and their combos and sadly the sorc is simply a walking glass class minus the canon now that every class is literally canon.

    you have tank cannons (AT, Glad)
    you have healing canons (SW)
    you have killer canons (sins, archers)
    you have a glass canon (sorc)

    since we are all canons, remove the canon, and leave the rest of the explanation, you have tanks, healers, killers, and glasses! We are the glass here.

  6. On 20/6/2019 at 0:14 AM, Rapier-DN said:

    Well put.  That's a BIG advantage. Sorcs need to kite and have excellent situational awareness and even then they may help

     their team more by distracting the other team and CCing, rather than by DPSing- because they are so focused on staying alive.

    Incidentally you left out 1 area sleep - there is 1 vision, 1 stigma and 1 DP. You also left out several  areas CCs - snares - such as winterbinding, ice sheet, freeze, etc. Plus debuffs.

    ...I forgot to add them because the archer has me already silence locked and I am about to die in the next second. Give me another 100 sleeps they won't do much, when the archers starts hitting a sorc, it is almost over. Archer is made to kill a sorc 101, not even need to have a single knowledge of how to pvp in general.

  7. On 20/6/2019 at 0:04 PM, MemeDream-KT said:

    Im returning again and got into a 1v1.  I outplayed them but had no chance cuz of gear... (Proof: i.imgur.com/M2I3LYu.png)

    What is baseline gear that you need to do damage in PvP because this is just ridiculous.......... 

    ...a ranger that outplayed a sorc? you are literally an anti-sorc class, so don't bring this specific pvp into this.

    Back to your question: It depends on what gear the enemy has, if you are in ancient and he is in legendary he won, if you are in legendary and he is in ultimate, he won, if you are in ultimate +0 and he is in ultimate +15 he most likely won again.

  8. 2 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

    They need to understand they can find a balance between making money and make players happy not targeting money 120%.Maybe they should try my suggestion about 3rd party partnership for that balance.

    ...they utterly failed on this part for sure, making money is giving people the ability to have skins, to have a unique look (not a transformation), to have mroe content, to expand the housing system etc.

    Aion already got ahead of every mmorg in looks, all they had to do was to make sure it is fair, no bugs, keep expanding the game instead of deleting it and making sure everything they make can be implemented forever.

    Working for months to make a map and then delete it, sounds really idiotic. people dont' spend money on a game that has one single end game shared map, with a forced transformation look and limited areas and housings.

  9. On 20/6/2019 at 8:41 AM, Neleth-KT said:


    Is this why all game servers in Europe is based in Frankfurt,Germany despite English servers ?

    Server location has to do with regional laws and pricing, infrastructure and also the absolute location.

    Servers are all located in central Europe, England is an island in north Europe, i don't see how it would be practical to have servers in UK. and I do not know who they asked for this poll because I happent o be from Greece and I am more than sure my country wouldn't be to 54% only but rather a 94%.

    Europe is a continent, we are Europeans because we are in European region, not Europeans as race/tribe etc.

  10. 10 hours ago, Ele-DN said:

    You mean the "loser" who didn't queue in, quit the match? How do they end up with enchantment stone bags if they quit? with all those screenshots i posted and plenty more i can find, why aren't the matches instant wins?

    ...because the bag rewards are from roaming the whole map killing bosses. If they had to kill the boss to get the bags as well, they would have killed it and you would have gotten nothing. they allowed you to get the AP reward.

    You chose to go to a quick queue which clearly states that you want to be thrown into the instance and you do not care whether the instance is ful or not, or whether it started already or not.

    There are 3 options to enter Dredgion and you chose the one that you dislike the most apparently.

  11. Well in theory this is every other thread since 6.2 came, even back in 5.8 we kept having threads for bringing back the good old things.

    -Ability to hide all pats = make your char look naked or something? I would be glad if I could make it hide the transformation look on everyone.
    -Battle royale, yes any additional pp instance would be good, but they better not give any rewards to afkers or it will be another EC-afk fest.
    -More details for character creation would be good, and they could simpyl bring back the pre5.0 changes and it will be enough. they don't even need to make anything new
      eyebrows, blush etc, are already there i think but they are not visible in the end on the gameplay.

    ..and everything else you said, people have already been making tons of threads about. They are probably regarding these changes because in 7.0 they bring back an instanced map of Katalam and Danaria I heard. They already added an instance Abyss Core etc. They still probably don't understand why people ask for a reverse on the changes they make, they still think the changes they did were for the better of the game, when clearly it is not.

  12. 2 hours ago, mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT said:

    Consider that out of the 5 "daily recipes" slot, the first one is always material_gacha, leaving only 4 slots available to be picked from the 192 daily recipes. Each character-day have 1 in 48 chance to get any recipe with a specific product/success chance/material cost combination.

    aka to get the recipe you want in the percentage that you want you need a little more than 1,5 months.

  13. On 21/6/2019 at 3:06 PM, Cheesecake-DN said:

    That'd be fun, but I don't think you can do that in any active NCsoft MMO (but I haven't played lineage/2), so I don't think they'd ever develop it for a game as small as Aion, but it'd be super cool to have. :(

    Lineage II actually had the subclass system that you could take another class of your race and you could have as many as 3 subclasses (main class + 3 subclasses).

    Aion could do the same so you don't have to quit your main class but have a subclass system which would at least give you the other option of level 10 even if it had somewhat limited abilities. Being able to switch between one class to another for a specific reason wouldn't hurt.

  14. 21 hours ago, Ele-DN said:

    So, loot all the bags and leave and have the "other" team finish the game for lesser reward? Whats the point in adding enchantment stone bags then?

    Can't tell if anyone is saying this is or isn't a problem with all these posts saying it perfectly fine as it is..

    The instance has two types of rewards, one is collecting bags from mobs and another from finishing it. You cared for none apparently!

    I wonder why do you keep logging in a game where you have given up all reason to actively try anything, and your first-word problems revolve around what the enemies should or shouldn't be able to do so your afk is more effective time wise!

    The other team did actively try to get the bags and took them, and they actively left it and didn't bother getting the AP. They actively did that and it was their decision. they played the game and instance as it is designed.

    In any case the only problem I see here, is a team that did nothing, and got 182.000 AP.

  15. 54 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    And thats the problem with these games. If they want the reward, stay till the end. bags should be given out when the game is finished.

    If they want the AP reward for winning they do have to stay until the end, but guess what they didn't get the reward because they left.

    54 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    And for you to hate afkers getting rewards, why do afkers in daeva dash get anything then? Getting to the first gate and afking is perfectly fine to get stuff right? such hypocrite to say afkers shouldn't get anything for afking when doing that.

    Three things probably apply:
    1) you do not understand English
    2) you do not read what I write
    3) you do it on purpose to shitpost here
    4) A combination of the above

    ...goodness lord, I have written it numerous times, if I was making the rules then 2 afk teams in daeva dash = 0 rewards for everyone, you would hate it more than anyone because you seem to be perma afker. To get 6 keys in saeva dash you should FINISH with most points, to get 3 keys you should FINISH with the least points. If you afk and pass first fence = 0 rewards. Would that make you happy?

    54 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    goes to show how much people want that pvp in end game. 

    Man are you serious? The asmodian team WAS out and they WERE ready to pvp you but YOU were AFK... are you accusing them for not pvping because you were absent?

    Dredgion has two types of rewards:
    1) Kill the bosses to get their bags
    2) Have most points in the end to get the winning rewards.

    If one team doesn't care for the AP, they don't have to wait in the instance. This is to force people to play the whole map instead of rushing to the boss like previous patches

    So my question to you is WHY did you not finish it?
    Why do you have a problem with asmodians not finishing it? They didn't want to finish it after all, you are the one who wanted it
    Why don't you have a problem with your own self that you did absoltuely nothing and still got 182.000 AP


    The asmodian team cared for half the instance's rewards, they went, took them and then they left. They left the instance for you to win it. You chose to stay at base doing nothing and you have an issue with the enemies not finishing the instance faster for you. Why didn't you go do that?

  16. 7 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    And for you to hate afkers getting rewards, why do afkers in daeva dash get anything then? Getting to the first gate and afking is perfectly fine to get stuff right? such hypocrite to say afkers shouldn't get anything for afking when doing that.

    ...I think I was crystal clear that afkers in Daeva Dash should get 0 rewards, and yes if nobody finished daeva dash NOBODY should get rewards, this is what you just said, in this case your afk bots wouldn't be getting a single reward, be ware of what you are asking.

  17. 3 hours ago, Hellish-DN said:

    That's per toon though, so theoretically someone could get upwards of 3k luna in a week since Luna is shared across the entire account.

    Yes that is totally true and I also forgot to add the luan mats from pve instances. Not to mention you can make a char, take him to lvl 10, do one daily luna and one weekly luna, craft 2x40 and then repeat.

    whcih indeed makes it kinda too much, they will surely nerf it.

  18. 1 hour ago, Ele-DN said:

    Takes surks with 2.4 attack speed? lul

    And we can agree people who never finish daeva dash not getting rewards too right?


    Or all 5 bags if captain is killed

    ...there we go again, Daeva dash didn't require you to finish, it required you to have the most points, same to Dredgion, finishing them only gave you more points in order to be first in points and thus win. In dredgion if the team with highest points has more than 1,5k points they don't even have to try because boss only gives 1,5k points and they might stay in base to abvoid losing. It is a matter of pve and pvp and it has a point system to see who is first.

    In arenas people might have more kills but still lose because mechanics make it so you lose more point sif you are first and die.

    The asmodians in this case didn't get any winning reward because they left, they got the bags which is a pvpve thing. They went in, you were afk, they got the bags and then they left.

    You were afk and you hate the enemies for not finishing it and thus you had to wait even more afk? you went afk in daeva dash and you complained that the others got more points and thus won.

    It seems to me you are running a horde of afk bots and you complain your bots don't get enough or don't get it fast enough. If you were present in daeva dash it means you are not a new player cause that was 1 year ago or something. If you still rely on going in afk to get minimum rewards because "you can't get geared" then you obviously don't play this game.

    Asmodians in this case ot 0 winning rewards because they left, Bags are not in winnign dreg, they are at bosses, and is made liek this so people won't rush to captain and finish but ratehr make the whole map relevant.

  19. 2 hours ago, Shavera-DN said:

    I'm fine to see a nerf of the luna exchange; we'd like to see NCsoft make some money, after all. 

    In theory you can craft 9 lunas per week by doing the daily (7x per week), +1 from the weekly quest that you can get another luna's light, +1 from the luna weekly. BUT the material box also has a chance to drop you a luna's light, but it is a chance. So lets pretend you can craft +1 per week because getting luna's light is probably lower chance.

    10x40 lunas = 400 per week, nobody is saved by this, the only reason why you think it is OP now is because you probably had a lot of materials waiting to be crafted and you made plenty of lunas in one day.

    With 400 free lunas per week you can do 2x selective retunes (2x160 =320) and have one additionalfree entry to an instance of your choice
    Or 5 free entries (5x80 luna each = 400) in the instance of your choice per week.

    People have been paying for tons for lunas per week, they won't stop buying those because of the 360 sure free +another 40 by chance.