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  1. @Kibbelz Regarding Server Transfers

    They need to make one final merge of DN and KT and make everyone happy. But make sure the merge is on the broken server so we get 2~3 resets per week.
  2. Response to Producer's Letter

    Auto hunting is turning every server into a bot fest. Real players can't even find mobs to do their routines, they are forced to also auto hunt and leave hoping when they come back their char finished the grinding successfully. Also the vast majority of people now auto hunt with 3rd party software which is more capable and thus do a better job than the ingame. So unless you are wiling to turn yourself into a real illegal bot, don't wish for the autohunt system because you won't even be able to kill a single mob.
  3. Bugged Katalam Server = 4 days life span

    Excuse everyone, I made two more yesterday I forgot to upload them. It is never too late tho. Here:
  4. So right 4 days after the maintenance, Katalam gets the same bug in the same time frame. Last week when we got an extra maintenance for the prestige issue, we reset the server and thus there was no bug on Sunday but it we got the bug on Tuesday if I remember correctly (4 days after the extra maintenance). So yeah, Katalam server's NPC bug can be at least avoided by making 2 maintenances every week before the bug appears because we know it can only stay alive for 4 days before it becomes bugged. While you do 2 maintenances per week, now you know another clue about the bug appearing in a specific time frame.
  5. KT bugged (breaking news)

    There was nobody there on Sunday, this is why we got bugged server for 12 hours or more every Sunday. Someone had to get notified and had to go to the headquarters to do the reset. Transfer the main maintenance from Wednesday to Monday and then do a second one on Thursday
  6. Bugged Katalam Server = 4 days life span

    Confirmed and now we need a whole week worth of the anniversary +300% buff to compensate. Wrong day to do the reset.
  7. KT bugged (breaking news)

    because that means someone has to be there on weekends.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    You constantly either don't get what people say or you put words into people's mouth. I said people would prefer to hang out with a non annoying person than an annoying one. I am trustworthy and easy going. I never even take any ffa loots from pve instances (when I do them) cause I have alts that I get kinah from from luna afking and a ton more from events that benefit having alts. I got plenty of billions, a petty 5m sale loot won't do me any good, defo not worthy of "stealing it" I make a perfect ingame friend, you would make hell of a bad one for sure.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    I assure you most people would prefer a lying+easy going btch than an annoying one.
  10. Do you even care?

    Yes the corruption system either needs to get the boot or be revamped, it would be reasonable if you needed ONE sanctifying potion to fix the corrupted item regardless of its enchant level or number of corrupts it got in the past would be far more reasonable. The sanctifying potions are not easily obtainable and if by any chance you get a corrupted item at a high enchant level you are pretty much screwed. not to mention every time it gets corrupted you get the amount you need multiplied! The way it is now, a sanctifying potion would have to cost 1m max in gold sand traders in unlimited amount purchasable in order for it to be viable with the amount we would need.
  11. Cubicle misnamed

    And aren't they the same item? I see the only thing changed is the amount in the above pictures from 15 to 25.
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    1) Honest & fair but annoying 2) Based on my preference but lying ->3) Honest, fair and based on my preference. I made my choice, no regrets so far.
  13. Random server maintenance

    Unless the bug lasts plenty of hours and we lose half a day worth of anniversary buff.
  14. Random server maintenance

    What is funny is they did this on purpose for the stability and they "know" it is 4 days but they still couldn't bear to have one person at work during weekend and have the maintenance on Saturdday, which is the right day to do it for the whole week to be smooth.
  15. Random server maintenance

    Last time they did a maintenance on Friday we got it exactly on Tuesday one day before the actual reset. Thankfully they were active so the bug didn't last half a day.
  16. Random server maintenance

    So they listened... they now know that the server can only stay alive for 4 days thus they are making a maintenance, I am scared they did the maintenance too early, we might get the bug during Tuesday which is 22nd of September aka ANNIVERSARY. You guys better not screw this up for us. ...lets hope we do not get the bug on Tuesday though the day that we will have the buff! Imagine the amount of people they will nyerk off.
  17. New Launcher

    Nobody asked for this to be honest and I don't find the reason. In the site it says that you will be able to see twitch videos and streamers... nope, this is where you stop, if we want to go to social media we can do it. This looks like you are trying to make the launcher like EPIC games where it is not just a launcher but a promotional and advertisement platform and social media. We are old school grumpy mmorpg players, we won't like this for sure.
  18. Event instance - Tips

    It favors attack speed users, if you are a mystic class use an old pre 6.0 weapon with attack speed if you have it, you cannot transform in there so you hit as if it is Aion 1.0. All skills are instant so your attack speed is the only thing that makes you a god or worthless. That sorc-ranger that uses the skill on aetherheld mobs is like twice as fast with an attack user than with a casting user, so you better get a sin with you and give him the sorc-ranger. Runes for extra attack help but only the single one, the aoe rune wouldn't proc because all your skills are aoe. The rewards are random amount of event coins in every cake, you might get more coins in an a-rank run than with an s-rank run because you can get anything from 10 to 100 (I didn't get more than 100 not sure you can get more). Didn't try the weapon dmg pre 6.0 weapons to be honest, I remember those were far better at killing the bosses, one person with such a weapon wouldn't transform and would auto-attack the boss, 2~3 hits and the boss would die. Someone needs to test it and let us know. And a question, you get 2 rangers to spawn in there at some point, apparently you have to "use them" at the same time (2 characters) and they probably help, something like the Frozen monolith poles you had to use at the same time with all 6 chars. Didn't do it so I am not sure what its their purpose and how they help.
  19. Event Vault advice

    Have you guys tried the trick with the pre-6.0 weapons for physical classes? I mean this can't be the only way to make s-rank but if it still works it should make this a piece of cake. One physical character with an old weapon (and highly enchanted if possible) doesn't transform into any power ranger, so he can still use a normal attack (like /attack)targets and his manual weapon damage does a ton of damage to mobs and especially the bosses. In the previous time we got this people could kill the box in like 3 hits or something (but the tank had to make sure to have his targeted shield available so the non transformed character wouldn't die in one shot from the boss either). This anniversary I did this event 2 times only and stopped it, as long as Abyssal Splinter exists, everything else seems obsolete.
  20. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    You are being categorized based on your posts, not your favorite ice cream flavor or whether you prefer blue over green colour in clothing.
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    ...no no you got it all wrong, there is an explanation for this behavior and I simply linked a simple article about it, no shade.
  22. Outdated rewards in Shugo Sweep.

    Actually no, I stand corrected, this is not a selection manastone, so pretty much it is garbage most of the times.
  23. Thoughts From A Returning Player

    The key thing is to stick around and never stop playing for big periods of time, even if you simply log to take the lugbug daily and log out, there are events that really break the game to the point if you miss one of them you are pretty much screwed (like the stormwing event). Stay around, do whatever pleases you and wait for the awesome event that will break the game again and catch up everyone. Like if you were around the previous event (a couple of weeks ago), you could have gotten yourself an ultimate transform, something most people that stick around since 6.2 and played religiously never even manage to get up to this day (in a pay to win way but you get the point). So give it a go, continue playing and as HealingSquid said in 6 months from now you will be much much better. -- Hint: do your lugbug weeklies, get your free legendary transform every 2 months from that, do abyssal splinter, try to do it with as many chars you can in the same account because fragments are account wh storable, get legendaries from there too. Start farming XP marks (in the next patch they will be super important). Gather AP, you never know when they will be extra needed in future.
  24. HELP !!!! High Ping for past 3 days

    Never heard of an account causing ping issues on the exact same pc. Of course an outdated item could be causing a problem or a collision because some other people with very old accounts said that something was wrong with a few chars only (not even the whole account) I suggest you log other toons of that same account and see the ping. If other chars are not having ping but one char does, it defo has to be some weird item in their quest cube or whatever and in this case, simply delete all old stuff. If every toon of her account is lagging equally then I really am not sure why this could be and you should better tell her to open a ticket to support.