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  1. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I have been playing since 2012 or something here (I came from EU when they sold it to GF). You mean back in the days the leading person would grant the fortress to his legion even if his legion wasn't the best contributor? Guess what... there was politics because of that, people who made pacts with other legion would round robin the fortresses between themselves. NOW on the other hand the legion that does the most contribution, solo or in group/alliance/league gets the fortress. I understand people not liking it because they cannot simply get handed a fortress just because they had the lead of the league, but the legion who actually work are those who benefit. Every patch had its own bad things about the ranking, ever since ranking was implemented THIS is the single best change they ever did.
  2. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    ...there we go again about those imaginary new people or those poor ungeared refugees we all need to help. If you see the arena ranks, you will see plenty of those "support" classes be on top lists, you know why, because they can survive their own and dps good enough, please in Aion every class is a dps. Everyone can solo if they want and those that can support themselves with heals and buffs are better at this. Whether I log for a siege or not, whether I go in a group or solo is literally my business. When you join a group/alliance and afk then THAT affects the people that carry you. When you join a group and you are not trying hard, then THAT is affecting them. New players or ungeared people cannot expect to get carried, nobody carried me. The fact I was always solo disproves your whole rhetoric about those ungeared, nobody carried me anywhere or helped me gear up, when I was ungeared... I was ungeared and had to gear up to be a competitive player. And I kept trying solo and I did it. I owe nothing to anyone for my gear. IF SOMEONE relies on a legion to get geared, relies on other people to get geared and gets carried to do so, and then starts soloing when he gets geared... then yes that is a bad attitude. But I was always solo since day 1, I am in my own legion to get the extra legion wh space and to avoid being invited in legions. I already know people who did this, got loot rights on all pve gear and then left the legion. This i a bad attitude. You know when I personally quit? when coalition was on, because I was forced to play a specific communist-style siege where everyone get thrown into one league with people I never knew, with people that were afk and we got same rewards no matter someone's effort or no effort at all. --- can a new player or an ungeared one go in IDD, or demand to get included in a geared group because other wise they will quit? Nope, you gotta first do Mirash and Coe, get your ancient gear, then do your FM and BoS, get your legendary gear, and then you go to IDD and PF to get your ultimate gear, so at last you can go to Veillenthrone. Everyone can go to a siege and will get the rewards based on their effort on spot on the siege and also the amount of work they put on their characters to gear up.
  3. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    the dps you do while in a group is shared in the group, dropping after this makes them lose that I think. so they have to drop right when they go to dux, and dps alone. But as you clearly and rightfully stated, those that drop just before dux only to get more points, refuse to get them in for buffs and heals at start. You either stick with the group or you go total solo from the start. If you go solo you get the potential to get more rewards as long as you stay alive, if you go with a group you will get heals and buffs and surely survive more giving you the ability to last more and thus contribute more for those more rewards.
  4. What the BOT?

    ..bots are beneficial to the botters, if you bot you benefit from it. If you do not bot you are literally racing in resources against a program that can farm 24/7, never gets bored, doesn't have to sleep, has no other real life job other than grinding ingame and doesn't have children to feed. Kinah sinking in the game is a real thing, but you do not fix this with bots, because most of them are kinah sellers or people that use them to their advantage. Bots would have been "beneficial" if it was allowed and thus everyone did it. I have a friend who used to manually farm guiding stones to get money from broker sales, but then he realized it was no longer profitable because bots dropped the prices so much that him, grinding for 1~2 hours per day like he used to is not profitable anymore, due to the bots overflowing the market with an abundance of mats.
  5. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    I never did coalition siege (except like 3~4 times until I understood what it was), because everyone had like 10 alts there and I had to do the job for them. I refused to go into any alliance now for sieges because of the higher-than-me ranks in the alliances that stayed afk in the walls. I asked people to kick afkers but everyone was mad at me because afkers are not aliens... they are alts of the same people who make those alliances and advocate for additional afk people. I also already said that luna resettable instances shouldn't give GP because this would be a real pay-to-rank mode. My game play solo or not is defo not your business and it is the only thing nobody can complain, afking in a mass event like Pandora is an issue, afking in EC is an issue, going solo in anything is literally not your business. I am not relying on anyone's work other than mine. I have already spoke with some good friends of mine to team up after the reset to maximize both our survivability and GP rewards... but that is again none of your business. I have soloed my gear, soloed most of my game play so far because this is my gameplay. Listen to yourself, you complain that someone is self reliant and doesn't want to get carried nor wills to carry anyone. ----------- People drop before they start dpsing dux not before it dies. Who are these people, black list them and never team with them again I guess. ---------- How long have you been around Aion? GP was ALWAYS a race until they decided to throw coalition in and then turn it stale in 6.2. If you were glad in the coalition days where sieges were an afk feast why are you complainign that everyone iwll have to be in turbo mode now trying intensely to kill the most amount of enemies and guards to get higher in rank? You really think that sieges now will not be intense? In my server/faction, teamwork never managed to win us a fortress. It was always a matter of siege buff and the amount of people that showed up (at least after 6.2)
  6. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    And you also "cashed" on that permanent rank for many years from rewards, anking status, social status etc, nothing to complain here, that rank had a few years worth of expiration, it now has a monthly expiration. Show up again and you will be rewarded just like you have been rewarded all these years. We got our kinah reduced, our items rendered "useless" in every patch because we kept getting new levels and new gear... we cannot complain, we played with those items for the time they were relevant, time to re-gear, to re-level, to re-rank. The rank you worked for was enjoyed by you for the time it lasted, and it lasted a long time. The problem isn't just EB, in 5.8 you could get like 100k GP per month if you did everything and you won a lot, because GP was everywhere and there were GP rewards for other ranking types etc. People cannot get that many GP per month now, the list was practically locked. PvE instances gave a lot of GP, coalition made people go in, afk and get rewards. If there is at least 1 person in the ranks because of this abuse, then it had to be fixed. I saw people being on the walls currently in Lakrum fortress, being high ranked, and I learned they are from Europe (like me) and because siege is in 5~6 in the morning they gave their chars to their friends just to log them in for the siege to keep their ranks. These people will be gone. I have to be awake at 6 in the morning now to go to siege and 3 in the morning for Weekend sieges. ...the way you get GP now is flawed and the fact guards can give you tons of GP (again pve) is flawed. Guards should give you max 10 GP per guard just to justify killing those and max GP should be given by pvp (and obviously the fortress boss which is pvpve), it would be better if max GP for the best contribution in pvp would be like 1000 GP and would get progressively less, this way people would focus on pvp instead of pve to get the big GP profit. I belong to those that cheer this change not because I want ME to be a transform, I love that the game finally becomes competitive constantly and those afkers in the walls won't get to keep their top 20 rank or something. I am clinging between 5-star and 4-star (mostly 4-star) and I might even end up much lower than what I currently am but that means I deserve to be lower if that happens. There will be people finding new ways to abuse this ranking but at least they can't work for some time and then resort into afking because they did their job and they don't have to work anymore. I agree pve-GP from siege should be different, but that is another issue. The monthly GP race is the single best change they ever implemented in Aion after all these years of people asking for it. They make people stay alerted to earn their rank and actually have something to "brag" about because now being high ranked means you just stuck around for a longer period of time than others and did enough pvp and pve to accumulate that.
  7. Pandora entry + naked alts

    I am so happy with the news about the GP reset that I do not mind anything else, but since we have been asking for a GP reset for so long and it is finally implemented, that mens you guys listen. Problem: Pandora is infested with alts that have like 25k~30k HP or something, since cubics are account shared. Due to that we end up losing the pvp/pve many times. Especially the pvp one is so tight that even 1 alt afk is enough to ruin the whole thing. We just lost yet another pandora pvp because of those alts afking in the base with their naked chars and this is not how game should be. Any of the below could fix this issue Suggestion 1: Put a second portal to get into the final stage of pvp/pve, to go there you need to kill an elite lvl 80 mob solo, same mob to those that are on Enshar maps for the pandoras, if you cannot kill it it the portal won't spawn for you to go to the final stage. Suggestion 2: Limit the quest to account wide (since cubics are account shared) so you cannot do the quests in all chars of yours. Suggestion 3: Make pandora an actual instance where people can either fully premade it or pug it, this way everyone can get into pandora Because I am not sure what kills this game more, bots or afkers? If you have anything else to suggest please do so. If you wish pandora to remain the same it means you are abusing it with naked alts.
  8. Pandora entry + naked alts

    there I fixed it for you. I never understood why that bug bugged you so much.
  9. Pandora entry + naked alts

    I never spoke against people who are mains but ungeared, only those that afk or those that put their alts to cash more rewards against the real players. I'll let you be the afk-friendly worthless player you are, you are the reason this game goes downhills. UYou guys love locked ranks, pve-afk-friendly ranks, afk possibility in everything WITH rewards. If anything, I personally am better than you in playing the game because I actually play it instead of afking it. --- Also to do the Ad Hominem attack you at least need to be better, you are the one who lowers everything in your game just because you enjoy being sleazy, enjoy afk and always invoke those imaginary "new ungeared players" that need our help so we all need to shut up about your afk alts ruining this game. You are like those SJW, creating a strawman to hit so they can pretend they are good and defend the weak ones. You are just defending yourself.
  10. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    [Event] Aether Bloom is from another event and [Event] Aether Blossom as well. These Aether Blossoms have not [Event] in front and are a different type
  11. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    ah ok i only saw asmodians thanks
  12. Siege schedule Time

    I also play from Europe and the times are kinda harsh and I only acknowledge the schedule is meant for USA players thus they will not even consider us. There are people who play from East Asia and Australia, people from Europe and USA so we have people from all time zones. I still wish the times were better especially during weekend, it is 3 in the morning now, the everyday sieges are at 6 in the morning, which makes me an early bird
  13. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    EXACTLY, because no mater how better I am next to that AFKTolerance for example, she is still like pretty high, no matter how afk she is in the league, she still has her rank because all she cares is to afk enough to keep the locked rank. If I end up much lower than what I currently am then I guess I deserve it. I get 300 GP at EVERY siege, thanks for pointing my rank. So what is your rank, there was no Vessttemona in the ranks
  14. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    link me the thread, I will support it, I hope it has a poll because polls help the overall outcome better
  15. Pandora entry + naked alts

    ...you obviously missed the point where I speak of alts.. and 30k HP. you are defending those so far. I do not care if someone is in legendaries and does pandora pve, but to do the pvp if you are not ready to kill elyos then what are you doing in there? ...pandora pvp. You go in there with your ungeared people and try to beat the enemies. I am defo not there with my pvp ultis +15 trying to win an unfair fight because some ungeared people want me to carry them. Go ahead and do your thing in pandora pvp, It is over for me.
  16. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    ...but but... but he "worked" for that. He deserves to be permanently in the ranks. Everyone need to enjoy the fact that to be on high ranks you have to be active and try to be there and qualify for it. Whoever doesn't like it is the reason thsi game was going downhills and was abused by people buy all means. there will still be people that will buy their ranks (if it is possible to get GP from luna-resettable instances) and it will be fixed liek they did on other publishers, but we are going towards a fair competitive Aion right now. you earned that "right" while it was working like this, you also enjoyed that rank for a big amount of time. You enjoyed your rank while it was an AP thing, as long as you tried about it You enjoyed your locked GP rank up until now If you want to enjoy the new ranking system you gotta be active permanently, the moment you decide to slack other people who are more active will take the ranks that are highly needed for the siege. ...but lets be honest, you love being in a locked ranking list because there is nobody in the high ranks that didn't benefit from pve-GP and you are scared you wil have to compete in the real pvp thing. If you want to be in the ranks, earn it now. ------- I earnerd my right to have a 300 profession on my toons and it was deleted, I earned my right to have items that I worked hard for, but in every patch we get new better ones and we all have to start again. Once you win an olympic medal, you keep that medal as a memoir but you are not awarded a medal every year just because you participated for many years. To get the golden medal you have to be first on that specific race, if not you lose rank for that race.
  17. Pandora entry + naked alts

    You are asking for those geared people to carry those ungeared in pandora so those ungeared will gear up. This is what you did. My problem is with 30k HP alts entering a pvp instance full of enemies with ulties +15 and expect to get rewards they didn't work for. If we win it is not because they were there, their presence there is a burden to win to being with, so if we win... they are being "magically" given rewards they did not work for. I am running pandora for the cubicles to do the Veilenthrone. Once I am done with cubicles I will not even bother with it again, the additional rewards do not even worth it. Yesterday I decided never to go to Pandora pvp again, 4 out of 5 times we lose and we have 30k HP alts contributing ONLY to the loss of our side. I will do my pandora pve only and it will be enough, I have alts in my main account that are in legendary geared, hence good enough for the pve and I can do cubicles with them too. Every char in my account can give me 2x pve quests per week, that is better than going in pandora pvp and lose because of ungeared people. Let those lakrum geared people you defend so much go alone in pandora pvp and gain nothing and maybe realize that to compete in an end game pvp instace you need to at least be geared to actually kill the enemies instead of relying to the geared people to carry you so you can cash and roll on those ulti manastones. For me Pandora pvp is over, I cannot waste my time entering a highly geared pvp instance with enemies that even cheat or are in full +15 ulti, only to lose because our side has plenty of lowbies who want to get carried and do not understand that it is impossible and also losing in pandora= 0 rewards. So far in all pandoras I did I got 0 ultimate manastones, because no matter my contribution, those pesky 30k HP afk alts are rolling for those and plenty of them are getting them.
  18. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    ...we do not know how this will work and we will have to see obviously. If we have 1 week of no trannies then even better, lets see those pro players doing a transform in open world pvp just so they can kill someone that otherwise would evaporate them. If it is the same for everyone nobody can complain. I am the one who wants something "easy", dude I am the one that wants to have to work for it EVERY MONTH constantly, the moment you stop trying, you have nothing. YOU are the one who wants to rely on your years of slowly accumulating GP while new players cannot even get the amount per week you used to get. You want new players to be a dummy for us the veterans, so we can let them know that since we are odler players we matter more even though they might be better. People quit the game for many reasons, if they quit it because now it became competitive for everyone then they are the reason Aion died so fast. The old players know how to play better, they should be on top ranks. Just because you farmed enough pve/pvp in 5.8 with 350 GP per instance and you got many thousands... that doesn't make you put more effort. Losing in all pvp instances in 5.8 would still give you more GP per month that winning every siege currently. THAT is the "worth" you are arguing for. ...if I am not in the 100 ranks after the monthly reset then I deserve it. To be in the top 100 you have to try. If the resettable instances with luna do not give GP I do not see why anyone losing ranks would complain. The monthly GP reset is a good thing, if they decide to allow people to gain more GP by paying that is another story. It was possible to pay more to gain more in the past and plenty of currently high ranked people actually paid to be there, so do you shouldn't have problem with that ? If yes then a monthly reset will make them have to constantly try. Then why don't you keep working to be there? That's it? You worked for it and you want it to be handed to you permanently? If you "worked" hard why don't you keep working hard for it? I know a good friend of mine came back from 4.0 or something, he is better at pvp than most people in the ranks but he could have never been in the ranks himself due to the fact he wasn't playing. Ranks = activity, not something you did in the past with a ton of GP in everything you did and have it locked now. I am from EU and I agree on this. Weekend sieges are at 3am and week sieges are 6am for me. It used to be 2 am in weekend before the time change and 5am as well. Whatever it is, it is super hard for us. But be sure NA will not cater to EU players
  19. Pandora entry + naked alts

    Nobody sugar daddied me for what I did and what I currently have. Excuse you but even if you afk in all pvp instances you get half the rewards of the winning one. If anyone wants to gear up they can do it just by being afk now and in no time they will also be geared. Do the weeklies for a ton of enchant and upgrade the equipment, Herelym provides you with an insane amount of AP to gear up like 3~4 times faster than we did in 6.2. ...but this is exactly what you are advocating at the moment. Also going in pandora gives you nothing but the ereshkigal cubicles which is meant for end game content and nothing for pvp or open area pve. My post was about the alts that have 30k HP, ruining especialyl the pvp content, there are no losing rewards and especially those that do not roll fast enough and everyone loses rewards. P eople who go in with their mains do not have 30k HP because if they do it means they just came there yesterday, 1 week worth of FM/BoS and you are already halfway legendary, 2nd week and you are almost done. Active players never have 30k HP, I am not an elitist, ym issue is with people bringing their main account 30k HP alts to get more cubicles for their mains while in the end we end up losing it all.
  20. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Bad and annoying? Why. It makes you have to compete for ranks constantly, instead of relying in your old AP->GP conversion days or 5.8 GP earning days where you could get like 60k~100k GP per month or something, and be secure for the rest of eternity in a high rank feeling important because you did enough pve in the past. Imagine having been married to a man for 20 years and expect him to love you, just because you are with him for 20 years while you no longer have to try, while a young 20 year old loves your husband more than you do and tries more than you do, and you complain he left you for her! To be loved by your significant other you have to try every day, if one day you stop trying you lose it all. To be on top ranks of Aion you have to try every day, if one month you stop trying, you lose it all. Amen, people got their CURRENT GP from means that are no longer possible, if they allow us to turn AP -> GP again, if they allow us to get the amount of GP that we could get in 5,8 then I guess people won't complain that some old whales accumulated millions of GP. The ranking system has been revamped one time from AP to GP and since then GP was also altered on how you get in every patch, every time they change the GP acquisition they should discard any previous accumulated GP. If AP->GP was bad and hence removed, then they should also remove the GP people got from that and compensate them (with gold ingots lol). GP was never a currency, it was supposed to show how much you "worth" being high ranked but it failed miserably because people could even afk enough to get high ranked. Now it is fixed. It is a monthly match. If your problem is the compensation then lets demand more Gold Ingot purchasable items, arguing that the monthly GP reset is a bad thing only makes you sound like you loved the locked ranks. I am SEEING people afk in sieges even though they are high ranks. I am seeing high ranks being unable to help in siege because their high rank is only because they never took a hiatus from game and managed to accumulate more GP while they never really did enough pvp to earn those. The current top ranks DID convert a lot of AP to GP and did get a ton of GP by pve means during 5.8 If people ARE active they have nothing to complain, effectively everyone can be governor now as long as they try/qualify for it. If active people do not want an active ranking race constantly it means they no longer have the will to try to get on top which negates your whole argument, active people will love and active ranking system where they can even be No 1. If anyone leaves because of the GP reset then the GP reset actually served the purpose. Those people kept logging in only to keep their ranks without effort. I will be "bye felicia" to them.
  21. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Are you high ranked? If yes I can feel the salt. Because you are not quitting due to the bad GI shop, this can change and will change in future as we keep pushing for this to be more fair and closer to Korean Aion. If you quit the game because of the GP reset, it means you loved the locked status of the ranks and now you do not want to compete. ...you didn't care about GP rankings because there was no way you could progress, NOW you actually can. Every month the GP will reset, giving GI per 500 GP and people will make a fresh start every month, no more afk people in sieges just to hold their locked rank.
  22. Pandora entry + naked alts

    I spoke about alts with 30k HP, if you do not have these alts why did you feel offended by my post? Also the pandora PvP is full of enemies with ultimate gear, if you are not ultimate geared you shouldn't even try pandora pvp because the only thing that happens is your team will lose, you will gain nothing and the geared people waste their time as well. Pandora is not a free for all instance, if you cannot contribute then you are a burden because there are not losing rewards like in all other instances. people have been sugar-daddies by afk rewards for so long, they think ti si their right to afk at the expense of the real players who actually play the game instead of afking in it. In Pandora pve you also need to be at least full legendary if not more, if all chars in Pandora pve are with coe gear, can they finish it? Nope, because ereshkigal cubicles are meant for end game help for final bosses in IDD, PF and Veilenthrone. So if a full alliance with coe gear people cannot finish it, then you are getting carried by others. ...these are the worst, but at least most of the afk kings and queens will lose their rank after the monthly reset and this will be a good slap on years of abusing the afk-friendly system.
  23. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Solo benefits those who are active and dps, groups benefit people who do great team work. Alliance/league doesn't benefit those whoa re active but those who slack. The problem you wrote here is that leagues are infested with afk alts doing nothing while leeching the kills from the active people. And these active people probably have no problem with that since it is their own alts. Time to go to the good old days where leaders would run dps meters to check who didn't dps/heal/take dmg at all to blacklist them so they won't re-invite them. Enough with the needs of people who think it is their right to afk at the expense of others and enough with people bringing ten alts to siege just to cash additional enchant stones for the crafted tradeable gears. This is #MAGA in the making, Make Aion Great Again. ------ As for the instances that can be reset with luna, I totally agree they shouldn't give GP at all.
  24. Reset Glory Points for Merge

    Mind you, I did a search on all GP posts done in the past, hoping to find those people wishing it will remain the same and not want the reset, only to to paste the link in their faces. Man this is the best news we got in a big time frame. AFKTolerance is going off the ranks finally!
  25. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    We still do not know how the GP from pvp instances will be and how much will it be. Why do you assume people who do not know how to siege will be on top ranks? Are top ranks innocent people who do not p2w as well? The problem here is that we had locked list of ranking with afk people sitting there, while the Gp they got wasn't even from pvp, but mostly from pve things in the past or AP->GP conversion days, or even worse with the coalition afk-system where everyone could get same rewards whether they tried or not.