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  1. @Cyan - Transformation System

    OK so they nerfed the stats, we can still reach caps stats in attack speed and speed, so I do not see what it served. But why nerf the duration? So we need a ton of scrolls toplay and never be able to use transparent transformation scrolls? What are they earning from pushing everyone to look like an ugly taransformation. To them it means nothing, to us it is the appearance of our character and the aesthetics of the game WE play (not them). If anything, transparent trasnformation scrolls should at least cost the same price to normal ones. If you want to look like a fennec fox, use normal, if not use the transparent.
  2. Old Trade

    Do you mean "fees"? If yes they only make the game worse, people no longer bother trying to sell many things from fear of not selling and end up losing the listing fees. and that makes broker a lesser thing than it was in the past The selling fees are another issue, they could keep them high, but listing fes should be minimal so people can list their expensive items without fearing that they will lose money.. The prices would skyrocket in the past because people could make a ton of kinah, when each player walks around with billions farmed by the game, then price normally rise. Broker fees play little no role in prices of items, the only thing that plays that role is the availability of the currency.
  3. Gameplay suggestions

    Of course I won't, I have read a ton of reviews and game videos about it that made me never have to bother with it. That bot thing is what I saw in videos from players.
  4. Jhyatsu - Legion Phoenix Order - lvl 6

    Windows XP be like
  5. My Aion Calendar/Schedule + Altars doubt

    So altars will only benefit legions who own them, welcome to the old school drama about legion politics. This is an update I know I won't bother much with the new content if this is the case. I enjoyed my solo-friendly content in 5.8 and up to 6.5.
  6. How many ultimate manastones for pve and pvp

    In 7.0 manastones will be craftable, useless manastones can be transformed into crafting mats for manastones and the outcome of a crafted manastone will be an untradeable one. BUT crafting a manastone can proc to produce a tradeable version or even better proc to get a legendary or ultimate manastone (and since it is proc version it should also be tradeable but we need to check this), so sooner or later ultimate manastones will be much lower in price since a ton of people will be crafting those.
  7. Gameplay suggestions

    Absolutely correct ...and imagine that Black Dessert Online offers its own LEGAL ingame bot to automatically leave your char in one spot doing automated things! Yes, they are that serious about their game that instead of leaving illegal 3rd party programs take the lead against legit players, they simply made a bot for everyone! And people play that game!
  8. Old Trade

    You can no longer create potions or any other consumable, you have to buy them from the kinah shop in Gold Sand Traders. The game got so simplified that players can only play one way now.

    ...otherwise everyone should be able to heal+dps, no matter the class.
  10. Gameplay suggestions

    A fully sandboxed game is a free world game with just the players interacting with the terrain, mobs and other players. For example Black Dessert online has no dungeons at all, it only has never ending grinding in an open world and some world bosses and some areas that have something like sieges. To get anything you need to either craft it yourself, or get it as a drop or buy from someone else who crafted it and items also seem to have like "infinite" possibilities for stats etc. That is a trully sandboxed game world. An single rpg game is like Diablo, you only have one path, a predetermined path to progress in game, sure thing you can spend time killing the whole stage again to get more money and items etc, but progress wise you are predetermined, you simply walk the storyline and unlock cinematics and higher stages. MMorpg is a massive multiplayer online role playing game, so it kinda has the values of an open world thingy going on, with classes and roles but also has instances and to get the end game content you have a pretty static way of doing it. For example in Aion you can get end game pvp gear one way only via genesis crystals and enchants and pve items via pve instance dungeons. ~~ Back to the subject, I do not like saying the phrase "Aion has so many problems and this is none of the important one so why talk about it" because numerous times I have made suggestions that later on they were implemented, maybe not because of me, but when you give simple feedback, eventually ti is done. So whatever someone has to say in forums for making the game better (according to them) should be expressed. BUT although I do not like saying this phrase, the anomos loot, and every loot in game, is kinda a game mechanics. The fact that the top dps group/alliance/league can get the drop is almost "working as intended" and is not problematic at all. I do not find it flawed that a specific group with clerics, chanters, dps and tanks can overcome everyone else in DPS and win the loot (same group every time maybe). Like how can people abuse anomos drop? You really have to be in an alliance with the highest dps, and that includes clerics to keep everyone alive, buffers to keep the buffs high and dps classes. And it is not capped with specific players, it is literally open to EVERYONE so if someone wants to get it, he has to be the best. I almost do not see a flaw here. If a person from that premade OP alliance ninja loots, people from that alliance can easily simply kick that person forever from anything in future. The solution you are asking is way too elaborate and most people don't see what it solves. ~~ Let me show you what a simple solution is to anomos ninja looting could possibly be: 1) Make the item non tradeable the moment you loot it, this way alts cannot roll for it to give it to whoever their friend is. 2) Make the loot possible to a class that has the ability to use that item, so people cannot roll for their friends' behalf unless they are the exact same class. ...there, a few simple solutions that almost solve the majority of Anomos looting lament, without a super complicated mechanics for contribution.

    OK then I guess I was right

    ...in this case I stand corrected, obviously EVERY group in harmony has one cleric so no doubt clerics are going to be overpresented in the harmony arenas. But nobody plays there normally, top people are always teamed with their own alt group. I thought this was for discipline, I stand corrected.
  13. sorc vs. anything but

    (playing System of a Down's - Chop Suey: "Father... Father... FATHER... why have you forsaken me")
  14. @Cyan - Transformation System

    the transformation system would have been a true blessing because with the use of one only scroll you can be maxed at attack speed and speed, so I think as an idea it is pretty good but the parameters made it bad: The way to get transformations is too RNG, I have 2x kaisinels and I paid 0 money for it, people have wasted thousands of $$ and still don't have it Transparent scrolls should have been treated as a consumable not as a privilege ...if those two things were implemented differently the transformation system would have been amazing. Having your toon self rely on having 12 speed is a blessing. I am speaking as a sorcerer which is the slowest class in most cases. This at least, but that would make them more cost effective than normal scrolls for kaisinel at least. I would say at least transparent trasnformation scrolls should have 2x or 3x the duration of the normal scroll, so a kaisinel would last 2 minutes with a normal scroll and 4 minutes with a transparent. But in the end I think making all transformation last 10 minutes would be my all time favorite. This way I would be using transparent transformations constantly.
  15. Gameplay suggestions

    As much as I agree on putting rules, this game is semi-sandboxed meaning that it is an mmorg, so it has a pretty pre-determined way of playing, but at the same time it offers a real world freedom in many things so loots and rewards are more free to the players' wisdom or lack thereof. In WoW for example (a fully mmorg game with no sandboxed world) they have the loot point system, when a loot occurs you earn loot points, to get an item you bid with those points, the one that gets it loses the amount of points he needs to win over the 2nd highest bidder. This way it doesn't even matter what group you go with, if you do anomos 50 times it is guaranteed at some point you will be the highest bidder. This also means if you waste your bidding points for a loot that is not about your class, you just played yourself. Of course in WoW you do not even have those open world bosses which is another liberated gaming experience we have that they don't. Everything is instanced so whoever gets in is accepted to get in. NCSoft is known for making games with more freedom to players and more power to them, remember Lineage II, a few people who managed to get leader status were the ones that would loot everything and then would trade whatever they wanted to their friends and try to hold everyone else low so they will never become better than them. Now Aion has more restrictions and securities than Lineage II, but it is still pretty liberal to how people treat each other. This little social system we have in any liberal game proves why democracy has failed in the real world. Whoever is given the chance to cheat the system to get an advantage will do so and this is done with people bringing alts to sieges to leech points from active people, or additional alts for anomos or mini world bosses. They even put alts in exclusive content like Pandora or if you remember Pandaimonium siege. --- Laslty I should add that people will learn the formula of the points and will simply put their alts to spam those things. Imagine someone bringing his lvl 80 lakrum geared alts near anomos' aoe, constantly dieing and constantly rezzing them! Whatever you do, people will find a way to exploit it.
  16. Didn't they fix all bugs so far, because this is still a sticky.
  17. sorc vs. anything but

    Or this "eeeuuuhm, nope:" alien:
  18. Enchantment Stone Morphing In 7.0

    They shouldn't touch this, we were the very first to have this implemented, EU followed (with more expensive morphing recipes, so we are better than them) so no reason for them to alter that. It is a regional thing.
  19. Prestige to get extra character slots?

    5$ = 400 NC coin = starter pack which has the 7 days prestige along with some other (basic) stuff. Will be more than enough for the 13 slots.
  20. sorc vs. anything but

    The only class that transformation will actually do the job then. BUT who are we kidding, everyone will make the shortest characters with the tiniest legs, and skinniest bodies and then will waste money on skins pretending it matters. Nobody can see a smirk in the face of a character that is 2~3 pixels max.

    Nobody will ever be able to bring absolute balance because that would be impossible. The right thing would be 1v1 arenas to be class based and have ranks for every class individually. This will be the only balance that will ever be. If a healing class can dps, a dps class should heal. Get ready for aion 7.0, give it 1 month and we will see painters walking around with ultimate +15 killing everyone in the arenas.
  22. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    It doesn't worth trying to get to much higher grounds, I went up to 18 Floor 15 = Suyaroka (1 boss with minions that you don't need to kill) Floor 16 = Bloodthirsty Vampiradu (4x white evil bunnies) Floor 17 = Tahabata (single mob) Floor 18 = Greedy Kadena (eggs spawn minions that you have to eat to pass to the next stage) It is not like you get a ton more coins to justify wasting 80 luna for the buff, I could have used the luna buff to re-enter and get almost double the coins. I can get to floor 15 easily without a hustle and if mana was not an issue for a sorc, I would have been able to get higher. I am constantly low in mp. Looks like there are 24 floors https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Crucible_Spire
  23. CoE re-entry scrolls weirdness

    You can re-enter as many times as you want with lunas, at least it worked like this in the past with all entries past 10 costing 140 lunas, unless they fixed it somehow. In any case I doubt anyone would buy reset scrolls because anyway you can only get 5x manastones per week and most likely you can do it with just 10x entries per day with lunas + the free ones. OR as I said you can re-enter with a lakrum geared alt. If anyone does this event, itis for the manastones which are broker tradeable.
  24. CoE re-entry scrolls weirdness

    So one CoE re-entry scroll costs 140 NC coin in BCM, but you can re-enter CoE by using 80 lunas in game, which costs you 80 NC coin (normally). BUT there is a bonus in luna purchasing at the moment which is +10% in small purchases and go up to 20% in bigger bundles so lunas cost less than normally now making it even more affordable to re-enter CoE using lunas instead of the scrolls. Re-entry with lunas gets progressively more expensive with the most expensive is the 140 luna... but with the bonus in purchases this is still cheaper than 140 NC coin. ~~~~ Lastly I am not sure anyone is using re-entries to get more coe runs when you can simply use a lakrum geared lvl 80 alt char to get in there 4 free times and simply take the manastones (which everyone is after) and broker-trade them to your main. If NCWest wants to make money, they better put CoE bonus entry scrolld like 30 NC coin or something then people might buy them and NCWest might make a tiny profit. Because I am not sure anyone would ever waste any money on a coe re-entry with this RNG in gem rewards and price to re-enter.

    ...you know it is not that Aly, otherwise what is it with clerics playing vs their alts but not sorcs (cause they are absent in the list). It is a matter of class imbalance, a cleric is a class that can outheal most of the dmg (if properly geared they can outheal it all) and can also do pretty good dmg for a healing class. This is the problem, that all survivalist classes were given dps as well, making them 1v1 gods. This is why I never bother to do arenas. In arena of Harmony you need to team yourself with your own alt team, and in arena of discipline you must play an op class for 1v1