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  1. 30% (+13) * 30% (+14) * 20% (fail but not go lower +14) * 30% (+15), I put the 20% last, my bad But anyways, there is more to the formula than just the 30% chance to succeed, since it can go +2 so the chances are higher.
  2. https://www.aiononline.com/news/may-store-progression-event So you are telling me we need to use 10.000x~550.000x Ancient Refining Stones and/or Sanctity Potions and/or Stigma Enchantment Stones to get from the 1st tier to the last tier? I want to see how much we can reach but I doubt we can go through all these milestones. Sure thing we have people with alt accounts that got stigma enchants from stormwing but I really doubt we can do all that. If we do it, it means those 100 active players we currently have, each have like 50 accounts that did stormwing religiously and got stig
  3. ...yes that is true, I remember I also had a +16 for this reason. There is a chance to go +2 so the chances are even different. Truth is that we can add this chance too. 30% * 30% * 30% * 20% = 0.54% to succeed which should be added to the success rate in a way. It is still too low and pretty close to the chance I wrote originally.
  4. The deletions of the boxes from stormwing SHOULD have been in the event information on day 1 of the event. or at least give us this notice a week earlier at worse. You literally told us a few hours before the reset. I have opened all mine, but I am sure many people didn't read this and there will be a roar after the maintenance. Then 2 things can happen, you either restore the boxes so people have a chance to open them and alienate those that already rushed to open them now Never restore them and have a ton of people waste a ton of boxes because they didn't know the deletion
  5. If they didn't announce it we would ask them to restore them If they announced it earlier we would have had enough time to think of it. ...but they did exactly what is worse, announce it the last moment and this way alienate the players once again. Thank goodness I saw it early enough. This information SHOULD have been in the event details the first day we got the event.
  6. People with 100 accounts already opened and took the stigmas anyways, there is no reason for them to get the daevanions in alt farm accounts, it is the actual players that will have to make the decision over what good reward to take and which one not to take.
  7. There is no +2/+3 past +9 I think, I could be wrong. The chance to succeed is 30%... and yes I didn't count the fact you can fail and still remain the same which is a good chance that makes it easier overall. But the chance to have a fail and not go back to +12 is so small that if we had to add this to the equation it would make the chance even worse. I think the chance to fail and stay the same is like 10% or something.
  8. Garden of Growth ends this Wednesday, it is not permanent event. The rest of the questions are good ones. I'd love to know the changes, but we won't know until GF/RU get 8.0. when Korean servers get something we rarely ever get any actual information since nobody bothers making accurate translations and/or explain the new systems etc.
  9. Just delete it and see what happens.
  10. 30% is a rather low chance so if you see many enchant fails in a row, it is kinda justified. Imagine seeing 10 fails in a row in enchanting gear that the chance should be close to 50%, that is a fail. Not to mention that to enchant 3 times successfully the chance is 30% * 30% * 30% = 2.7% which is pretty close to getting an ultimate transform by combining 2x legendaries.
  11. Don't take my word for it, I am only hoping they won't delete those. They usually delete previous boxes when the event will happen again next year. They either have to say it beforehand or if they don't, we will pressure them to give them back to us and give us time to open them. Unlike snowballs that they specifically said the snowballs won't be available on the next day of the end of the event, which sucked because I didn't have time to open all my hoarded snowballs.
  12. I do not think they will delete them instantly, but apparently we have to get informed for it beforehand. This time I won't keep a single box because next year they will delte them again. Thankfully this time we got them back but I wouldn't bet on NCWest's communication on this matter.
  13. Yes you see people's gear by asking and they are willingly showing them. If they do not want to show their gear they wouldn't open. And in this case you are showing your details only when you want. But if there is a site that has everyone's gear then case solved, you do not need open details since there are 3rd party programs that are sniffing the details.
  14. So some assassins cannot sneak behind you in hide and check your gear before attacking you. To not make fun of people based on their gear. To not allow people to evade fights in arena based on gear. For privacy. To not make fun of people that have better gear but lost even when the class imbalance in rampant and it is not just the items. If you want to run an instance with people you do not know, you ask them to open details otherwise you do not take them with your group. Some people even ask what is your ping, yes, I have heard this in the past.
  15. Not sure how fast I got booted, but I sure lost the entry.
  16. If you are running with people you do not know you can ask them to open details to see if they are qualified gear wise.
  17. Some transformations have no gender (or no obvious one, like the animal ones), some are changed based on your char's gender (like Pixels or Cats) and some have a specific gender like Apostles, and other legendary/ultimate ones which have an obvious gender irrelevant to your char's gender. In 8.0 I think they allow people to choose the look of their transform no matter which one you use for stats. You could be transformed to a Kaisinel one for stats and get the look of a Fennec Fox for example. Not sure when this is being implemented, but I did see it in a video no youtube at some point
  18. I got a dc at 56:00 mark lol, I did 4 minutes, came back and saw me dc'ed! Rip me.
  19. Of course people will still claim that a 1-hour per day auto hunt is not enough because open world auto hunt is 24/7 but at least Garden is a safe zone and instanced so it is a place exclusive for every person. The next best thing would be to make the first 3 resets 40 luna instead of 100 that it is now (just like Minium Vault and Abyssal Splinter have) ~~ Of course we will have people with 1000 accounts running it and we will start having the server bug once again like we did with luna.
  20. That would be even better because auto hunt is permanent everywhere else and in this case auto hunt would be good for cubics but people would still not be able to use it to generate kinah with a horde of legal bots.
  21. That is a good suggestion. Get another Garden of Growth but this time for cubicles. Or just add cubicles in cubic instance for a period of time, as an event..
  22. Fair enough, I apologize if I sounded wrong, but you understand this is not possible, people buy prestige for the benefits it brings including the extra runs. People who run multiple times an instance work for this. You can get ultimate pve items from XP marks enough to run every instance in non hard modes, and it is not even 12 chars you are limited to, you can have a 2nd account and run. There is a reason these limits exist, for the company to sell reset scrolls or currency to reset like luna, for people to have to make decisions on how to spend their "extra" entries with those, to not
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