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  1. Ice Harpoon and Boon of QUickness useless ?

    Many of the sorc skills are getting so outdated, I use ice harpoon because I find myself running out of skills to use often so I throw it when possible. Ever since our flame bolt was exchanged for flame harpoon I feel that ice harpoon is like a mini stormstrike, itdoes a little more than 50% than stormstrike's dmg, while at every enchant, ice harpoon gets +1% base dmg. Mine is at +9 in stigma and +12 in skill due to combination of enchanted stigmas.
  2. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    What DevilNest said is kinda true for any class since p/m.cit and p/m.attack are practically the same theory. critical is getting diminishing rewards the more you upgrade it so going at about 5000 critical is about 29% m.crit, you could go as high as 5500 maybe but after that it becomes obsolete. Magic attack on the other hand is kinda more direct and it gives an advantage on every attack and even better on criticals. If I remember correctly about 5k crit is about 29% and 10k crit is about 50%
  3. MMOS as a genre is dying it seems

    The mmos die because of the updates and patches the developers do that ruin it. Every time the developers decide to implement a new class, a ton of people will have to quit because that class will be OP. then you have general class imbalances, deleted content and outdated engines and/or game mechanics. Aion for example has been asking to die for so long and the players keep it clinging to life. It might sound catchy but what happened to 6.0 was probably a suicide and it was advertised as the patch that would revive Aion. Let that sink in for a moment, the developers thought Aion 6.0 would revive Aion... by deleting 99% of the game... and making some classes so powerful while others were weak. The fact mmorpgs still exist means they are actually a good genre but it is the current games that always take bad decisions. ## But I agree people can get bored of an mmorpg easier than a shooter game, because shooter games start from 0 at every fight and you build yourself until you win that game, rinse and repeat. There is not much to upgrade in shooter games other than implement a new map or keep players active by making massive events where people can play and win prizes like it was happening in the past with counter strike and warcraft.
  4. What's the problem with the boss Anomos?

    Lakrum map in general favors elyos more than it favors asmodians. There are more dead ends in asmodians and narrower paths. For example the beach on elyos side is theoretically a "safe" spot unless asmodians decide to go there just because they know there are elyos to kill. It is not a path to anywhere, it is not like asmodians need to pass from that spot to go somewhere. Going from their pf camp (ex-FM) to their middle camp is done by foot, asmodians need to go through dead ends and use a stream to go upwards to go there. Their closest camp to their city is literally next to the middle camp in the middle line, you just jump down and glide to it. If you have the fortress, going towards the asmodian side is easier than the elyos side for the pf-camp (ex-FM) since togo to the elyos you need to pass very close from their camp but in asmodians you can practically avoid it, hence elyos can avoid unwanted attention and potential pvp. Of course people can argue this is not to the elyos favor or it favors asmodians. Back to anomos... I feel so glad I never had to go there. So much drama in the past about it.
  5. Asmos exploiting siege

    Goodness, how doesn't he get dizzy playing like this? It looks like he is watching the game from a fish bowl full of water.
  6. They tend to have one event like this per year, we had the legendary event in Spring this year so wait until then to have it again. they might bring it back.
  7. New account: locked, appeal@ncsoft.com doesn't work?

    These accounts are not banned, they are locked. And they get unlocked by messaging them. maybe he/she has a non static IP and that IP was used to make other accounts.
  8. Germ Hypocrite 2019

    This is a trick with luna but at the same time since everyone knows this is done wait there and kill them, they are not even transformed so they will simply die while others walk until fortress.
  9. My first Vandal PvP video

    No offense but when a class is stupid-op making videos about pvp is like making a video with a lvl 80 ulti T2+15 playing against a lvl 60 or something. Be happy with the class you play and enjoy the easy mode but making a video with pvp proves nothing about your skills at pvp as the class is made to kill everyone. The only pvp that is acceptable by vandals, is Vandal vs Vandal.
  10. Arcade Tokens

    ...what a party breaker you are Aly. Hide your hammer of logic before we start complainign about it.
  11. Magic defense

    Magic defense is the exact opposite to magic attack, it actually helps more than HP stat because overall it will save you more HP due to taking less dmg than simply having slightly more max HP which won't serve any good in most cases.
  12. In my server Siel -> katalam we had elyos dominate it for some times and us dominating it for some time as well. there were times the whole upper abyss was full green or full blue and there were no siege buffs back then. As for the best event for transforms, that was Shugo Emperor's Vault that gave you a sure legendary random transform, or a sure legendary that you could pick. Everything else sucks. https://www.aiononline.com/news/shugo-emperors-vault-may-2019
  13. Arcade Tokens

    As a free player without prestige, I got my 2 cents er.... 2 tokens, they both failed and I got the basic rewards. Someone PLEASE come fast and write that this is better than no event at all before I start complaining about RNG and bad events, thanks.
  14. ...hey hey now there friend, lets get our facts straight, we got an anniversary card design contest, they value us *cough* *cough* a lot.
  15. 3 Weeks W/out Evergale Canyon

    I made a similar post and people logged their alts to smear me as if it is my fault they disabled it. nobody asked the GMs to indefinitely disable the instance until they find a way to fix the bug. Allthey had to do is find a way to disable kicking for now and then fix the problem. My post is almost identical to Aly's, I am glad at this thread people didn't want to jump on her.
  16. Well I belong to those that I literally played 6.5 because it allowed us to progress and I had a ton of mats for upgrade accumulated in 6.2 that I was wise not to waste enchants on anything. But ever since April or May 2019 I am hibernating, and now I find myself dying to Vandals in 1 second along with geared sins and archers. If there was a game out there that has the appeal of Aion back when it was still new, I would gladly immigrate, but every mmo so far has either limited character creation or gender locked classes and are either full sandboxed world (like BDO) aka botter's heaven and p2w machines, or is pretty linear in game play so it doesn't give you enough freedoms. I could wish a ton of things for Aion but at every patch they make it easier and easier to simply dislike the game. At one point I simply log to see what they did and I decide whether I keep hibernating through it or simply wake up and go.
  17. What you do with your right hand ?

    Jump casting is not going to save a sorc, it is not those extra few fractions of a second that make the class good or bad, every class can do dps and some classes more than sorcs, and sorc doesn't have defenses, no good shields or any tactic, while sleep is the worst defensive skill and only works under certain conditions in 1v1 only and many classes can even resist it or just kill us before we have time to actually use it.
  18. What you do with your right hand ?

    I am a sorc, I need to cast everything and I have already accepted the fate that sorcs are walking dummies now and one of the worst classes for pvp. But yeah, other people might move with arrows with right hand and use skills with left hand. A 12 button mouse could easily make this much easier tho.
  19. Playing Aion as in Dolby TrueHD possible ?

    It is useful to hear that one skill you might need to take special action for, but when you have to hear that "aaaargh" every female chars does in every skill is a sure brain cancer. And when you have a place with a ton of people how do people handle the s̶o̶u̶n̶d̶s̶ noise? Mute all the way
  20. Bring back rifting to Heiron and Beluslan please:)

    Rifting was never good, those who wanted to rift were geared and ready for it and they were rifting in a leveling area full of people with white or green gear. Rifting died when the levelers were given an option to go to Fast Track server so twinkers found no easy pray to kill. Twinks never wanted to play against twinks, because if they did, rifting/twinking wouldn't die when FT was launched and it would still be alive at least until 5.8 High level rifting is obsolete when the end game maps are shared and it is like a constant rift pvp thing.
  21. Craft a Weapon calcs

    This must be on elyos side. I did something similar for Asmodian site on another thread. I managed to get me a noble soldusk Spellbook and I wasted about 2,5 billion or a little more.
  22. Lakrum / Demaha Magic Crystals / Ancient Alcemium Mobs Spawn Maps

    Very helpful, what folder should the files be saved so the client sees them and opens them?
  23. Nice job rigging arena lul

    ...and I do not see what is wrong with someone entering after the timer starts so he can have a chance to actually play in the arena than be alone. If you do not like it it doesn't make it wrong. In the end if you do not see an enemy until 5 seconds before the fight starts, simply leave the arena to avoid having someone that you are not willing to fight with.
  24. Bring Back EC - temporary disable kicking

    I am pretty sure those 2 weeks that the abuse was rampant they were waiting for korean devs to disable the EC on behalf of them because they couldn't even do that. Now I imagine they cannot enable instances on demand to fill the gab of EC. For the same reason they cannot implement a simple kick-disabling, they cannot enable or disable EC by themselves, or enable/disable any instance by themselves. The fattest problem is that they never gives us a little bit of an insight on whether they are even working on something or not.
  25. Abusers - got their whole set upgraded free of charge within two weeks worth of abuse. They walk perma geared now and are untouchable. Legit players - we have been kicked without consent, we many times ended in losing games and got losing rewards, we couldn't upgrade our items because of the whole situation and now we have EC disabled, which was the best etium source. Right now the legit players walk with T1 ultimate items at best, while the abusers are perma geared. So the whole situation with the abuse and the disabling of the instance hurt ONLY legit players. IB gives only 1 ultimate etium ID gives 4 ultimate etiums AD gives 2~3 if the enemies are active and up to 5 if there are no enemies and there is a middle boss Kamar gave me 2 ultimate etiums and is not resettable EC was giving 6 ultimate etiums on 4-4 alliances and wining, best etium source and it is luna reset-able. ------------------------------------------------------ Until you guys fix the EC problem for abuses, might as well re-enable it and just disable kicking. And find a way to punish abusers. Make them pay for the free entries with luna or NC coin and if they don't have enough NC coin or lunas, block their accounts until they pay for that. If you can disable a whole instance, you defo can disable just the kicking ability.