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  1. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    We also have the blue quests in lakrum siege base, 4 quests 4x repeatable each.
  2. Ancient Pvp Box limit to 5 per week

    I forgot the 4x repeatable quests (4 times each) indeed.
  3. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    For pvp they are definitely pushing people into resetting more pvp instances to get the enchants. But for pve as I heard it is impossible to do get enchants from pve instances anymore (I think they simply removed pve enchants from pve instances). Of course for pve you only need to theoretically enchant your end game ultimate gear once, while for pvp you need to keep enchanting every tier to +15 before upgrading.
  4. Ancient Pvp Box limit to 5 per week

    As we discussed in this post too we can get about 2569 crystals per week or something That is a 51,38 boxes per week, so we can only get 5 pvp and 5 pve per week. That is a big fat limit.
  5. Back at it again asking questions

    Haven't played 7.2 but Katalam is not the actual map as it was before they deleted it, it is Red Katalam, a wasteland that has no towns or obelisks or anything we know like every map so far. It is designed to be something like a battleground of what I understand. Definitely not the real Katalam we remember.
  6. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    ...what! they are tradeable in Korea? Why the hell do we get the most nerfs than every other region? Geez, if they want NA servers to close why don't they sell the rights to another company (not GameForge please)
  7. Daevanion Skill Enchantment Success Rates (Korea)

    Chances are OK, it is that daevanion essence is an exclusive item. There was a time it was on BCM for a good amount of money and limited time obviously... now it is not so whoever had the real money to get those and was active at that week, probably has +15 skill set. Now we have a 6-hour afk event for 1 free per day which is ok, but still not enough to make all your skills +15 obviously. You used 7 daevanion essences to make that one. It is a whole week of the current afk event. There is no ingame way to get daevanion essence without an event or via bcm->broker (when possible) ~~ Because getting daevanion books is not impossible as long as you have 80 lvl alts to go in an check for you, which of course has to do with rng on whether you get a golden shugo or a normal one.
  8. @Cyan Genesis Crystal Limits

    714 genesis crystals from 9 camps 2x51g weekly quests in lakrum 945 genesis crystals from 9 camps 1x15g per day x7 days per week 910 genesis crystals from lugbug daily x7 days per week --- 2569 crystals per week we can only consume 500 of these for 5x pve and 5x pvp enchants so we will have max 2k crystals waiting for nothing. I never wasted genesis crystals for spirit fragments, but it will be the only reason for surpluss genesis crystals to exist now.
  9. Hopefully 7.2 patch update fix server transfer bug

    The bug only exists in specific characters, the client has no issue, so uninstalling won't fix that.
  10. you've butchered your own game...

    The difference is that back in 5.8 even normal players could get themselves money and gear to play, events were everywhere and as the guy above said having 11 chars was enough to make you billions or gear that you could use on your main to be able to play. Now only those that can run 100 luna chars can get money as you said, and those are the ones left in the game for the same reason that they can still make money. Normal players with 11 chars simply quit, because they either had to become themselves herders of 100 chars or they would have no way to play the game. Limiting the game to an extend gets rid of the every day normal players, it gets rids of people who enjoy playing the game without having to spend a fortune or invest in having 100 chars
  11. Daevanion Skill Enchantment Success Rates (Korea)

    I must have the best RNG in enchanting daevanion skills, my +4 raging inferno went from +4 to +3 with a raging inferno book!
  12. Ancient Pvp Box limit to 5 per week

    I have turned more than 20k genesis crystals into pvp enchant stones, and morphed them into legendary, I have close to 400 legendary pvp enchants now (many from pvp instances as well obviously). It sucks they are limiting the game even more. I assume they want to force people to reset for pvp instances if they want more pvp stones. Someone said that pve enchants drops from pve instances are highly nerfed so people are lacking those so I should have gotten the pve instead, but pve gear is impossible to obtain in NA, since they nerfed the drops, so I am still running with my pre 7.0 pve gear (T1) and I wouldn't waste crystals for pve enchants. But sure thing having 5 boxes per week only is a limit that nobody understands. It is not like we are being awarded those for free.
  13. Patch Notes 7.2

  14. Hopefully 7.2 patch update fix server transfer bug

    If it is only the icon that is missing can you try to bring the window by the default shortcut Shift+N or try to use the menu to get there? (If the shortcut is removed somehow you can put a shortcut for that window through options). I assume someone already tried this and it didn't work, I am only trying to help to see if the whole thing is missing or just the icon.
  15. returning player with a few questions.

    1) Getting pve lakrum gear from campaigns is better at pvp than your old 65 pvp set, because most stats from pre 6.0 are irrelevant now. You can get the basic ancient pvp set from doing lakrum weeklies in camps (once you hit lvl 80) and get the whole set the first week, then you enchant it to +15 to upgrade it to legendary and then ultimate. 2) They were never able to be removed anyways, but godstones are not usable in new items, only in old items and old manastones are also outdated, so you also do not need those. 3) Yes in Pandaimonium and Sanctum, the NPC is still there, but not sure if it still gives anything. 4) They are doing fine, there are some op classes that are tanks+self healers + dps machines, and archer is not one of them. But archers are like sorcerers, but toughre with more survivability and more mobile, so as long as sorcs exist you know you will never be in the bottom. your class is still an anti-cloth in a way, especially anti-sorc. 5) MR was useless before 7.0, now MR vs M.acc got some boost, so if you fully tune your optional stats in pvp for m.res and you fully socket m.res manastones, you get something like a +20% more m.res than the m.acc of the enemy if he socketed full m.acc. So if the enemy didn't put m.acc at all (at least manastones) this can jump to a 30%. I am not 100% accurate on numbers, but fully defensive stats are not as op as they used to be in pre-6.0 where someone with MR would simply run around resisting everything. These resisting sets are usually preferred by clerics. Clerics get more than 1 sets, they get an evasion/pdef combo set favoring evasion when possible, for fighters and an m.res/m.def combo for mages. but only if they can afford to get many sets. That is because they are true healers and evasiong hits makes them win in arenas. But most players do not invest in fully defensive sets
  16. NA-Transformation Contracts Balance

    Add to this that casters still need attack speed for the animation speed, while attack speed users rely on attack speed 99% of the time (unless they have that one casting skill or two maybe). So nerfing attack speed in favor of speed makes the offense of casters even less, while it gives attack speed users all they need to be capped and an additional speed to favor them even more. Speed is indeed important, but it also kinda negated our slows, speed is capped at 12 yes, but the bonuses interact with the speed debuffs, so increasing speed bonus made slow debuffs less powerful because some classes get a surplus of speed so even with a slow they can still run close to top speed. With Kaisinel I am capped at 0.4 c.speed (with tahabata I was capped at 0.5, kaisinel takes the +50% cap and make it a +60% cap) but my attack speed is 1,2 and with WoW it can go as low as 0.9 and that is the cap. After they removed attack speed Spellbooks we still can't reach max attack speed with self buffs and we need it. I can have capped speed with my old 5.8 weapon for example (which I still have to buff myself with the buff it has). Casters in general are pre 6.0, every class is so fast at attacking now that a casters can die some times before he can even cast a key skill that is too slow. Sleep for example that has 2 seconds base c.stime, a sin or a vandal can kill you in less than 2 seconds. This is why sorcerer is at the rock bottom of the list because he is the only true casting class left int he game, it is both dps wise but we also never got a survivability boost like all classes did. ~~ If they didn't nerf the attack speed and casting speed, effectively most classes would have been good enough with a legendary transform while kaisinel would only benefit the break of the cap (which as stated adds a +10% bonus to the cap). Now kaisinel is still not capping you in some cases.
  17. Patch Notes 7.2

    Learn your meme my friend. If we take this situation too seriously we will either lose our minds or quit. So we joke about it.
  18. Patch Notes 7.2

    ...how about we get them 1 week later or not at all. This is NCWest we are talking about, so don't bet.
  19. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    We will never know if they ever look the suggestion box or not. We never got any feedback there. This is NCWest we are asking for changes, other regions already have a ton of skins everywhere. In gold sand traders the first skins they put were the only skins nobody would ever use, especially those "triangular head" or "square head", nobody ever used those and someone purposely made sure they were the ones we were getting. There was someone that took the time to code them into the game and he chose those. Did they ever make a single penny when those were in BCM? I doubt, so why did they choose skins that nobody wants? Someone really hates this game and makes sure we get the worst changes in every possible way.
  20. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    I would suggest them to simply make things tradeable again as they were pre-6.0, including kinah, because so far the only ones benefiting from this are the botters themselves and the abusers. People tried to trade items through broker and they lost it to broker snatchers. Or they had to trade items and lost a ton of money for the broker fees since they put the items in a high price so they won't lose them to snatchers. Effectively the people who tried to trade items lost them and the actual abusers got them, so the untradeability of the items benefits those that were supposed to be hurt by this measure, while the actual players are those that suffer from this every day. These measures not only made kinah sellers and abusers more powerful but they also drove hundreds of normal players away from the game because it became impossible to play and keep up.
  21. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    They should put EVERY possible "clothes" type skin permanently in BCM or at least the Gold Sand Trader appearance tab, because those are true skins and have no other stats, so it is easy to simply put a big fat list of them and simply add them. They should have a normal price, not too expensive so people can treat them as consumables. People are willing to change their style often if they know they can do it.. If a skin is 100 BCM I can even see myself spending money on this game again, if a skin is 2000bcm I would have never touched it. They need to start doing micro transaction style sales if they want a little bit of extra icnome. I would argue that we should have every possible old skin set from normal pve/pvp sets because a lot of people would like to get the old golden pvp sets or the platinum etc, but that would take a ton of time to add them somehow. BUT every "skin" type should be permanently added, no rotation or anything. Let people choose whatever they want, whenever they want, skins are just for aesthetics, the last thing left in Aion and that was also patronized by the forced transformation look. It is obvious whoever is responsible for the game has NEVER played it a single day.
  22. 7.2 Coming January 29th

    I assume they won't change anything from the official releases other than the already regional things. We were the first to get the boborunerk coins, nobody else had them, then EU followed. We were also the first (along with RU) to get luna daily and weekly a few years ago, other regions like EU got it in 6.2. So I believe we will have the boborunerk coins intact. As for items that are account warehouse storable, since they didn't mention any regional nerf we can assume they will keep it like this as well. The fact hey nerfed PVE drops for us is what kills our game even more. I have stopped doing pve instances 3 weeks after 7.0 launched because 3/4 of the times there was no ultimate and when there was, it was always something like a mystic leather or chain. As for the new transformations, I doubt we will get the actual stats, we will get a nerfed version like we have in all transforms. I still never understood why they had to over-nerf the stats so badly.
  23. Token-based Restoration Policy..

    Johngunmad: laughs in banned +50
  24. Hopefully 7.2 patch update fix server transfer bug

    Is your window not opening or does it open and is empty, or does it open, is not empty but quests never update? I have never bothered with lugbug quests myself, but how the hell did they make lugbug quests broken after a transfer. They always have the weirdest ways to glitch.
  25. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    It was a joke, your messages usually confuse us than they enlighten us in some cases.