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  1. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    I had 670 snowflake crystals from last year so I turned them into 67 snoballs, got my 2 free and opened it. I ended up with 3x prisms (aka +10 snowballs). These are the rewards I got. 1) The ancient transform isn't really that big of a thing. 2) The ultimate engraved manastone is a selectable one so that really worth a ton (too bad it will most likely fail to socket). 3) BUT those 1.000 spirit fragments made the day, I previously bought items from broker to extract, and it cost me about 2m per fragment, that is a good 2 billion reward right there (even though I have little to no use of them now since I am done with gear)
  2. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    Thanks, if I ever get it and I get one of the active skills it is a waste of 1,5B kinah that I used to buy me an ereshkigal weapon in the previous event. If it is the HP restoration buff then it can be used without skinning it to the active weapon.
  3. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    You bet they are low chance. I am sure this will be a big fat p2w event and I am ok with it because this means money to the company and happy players. People already ask for a ton of icy shards in game, I made the mistake to sell mine for 4m each (I had like 4 of them or something) because last year they were worthless and I just didn't wait to see their prices, but they do go for quite a good amount, so I'll make some profit of those. 1k fragments sounds good but at some point they might be redundant, like I already have 4,5k of them and i am already full T2+15 so it is not like I make a big use of them. I did use plenty during the XP event because of the bobonerk gems. Sure thing they are welcome for future patches and gear upgrades. What skill does the wise dragon weapon give?
  4. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    Well that was pretty good if you excuse the last 2 rows, (ancient tranny and wings). The rest kinda paid off.
  5. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    I forgot to check exactly how it worked to draw statistics for the items upon failing before +7. But I have 67 coins. Every failed snowball would give me 1 of these: 1x wintry coin or 1x ice shard or spirit fragments (5x if I remember). If you fail a +7 or +8 you get 1 for sure (along with other rewards) and if you fail a +9 it gives you 3x (along with other rewards). And when you open a +10 one it it doesn't give a coin at all. So from 69 snowballs I ended up with 67 coins. ## And to do some math, if you have 12 character in your account 76+ lvl, you can get 12x2=24 snowballs per day and for the whole event 672 snowballs just by the daily quest. If you are a prestige user you can get an additional +6 per day per account so that is 6x28 days = 168 snowballs. Total so far is 840. So if you want the legendary transform you have to either be luckier than me or do a lot of pve instances with your main and alts to get the extra coins OR buy some snowballs from BCM (or buy them from BCM-> broker)
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 11, 2019

    Well it is +6 snowballs per day per account so it is not THAT big of a difference. I actually got 3 prisms today (I had like 670 snowflake crystals from last year, which turned into 67 snowballs) and one of them gave me 1.000 spirit fragments. And it seems it worth so much because to extract items for fragments it costs about 2m per fragment, so that was a good 2 billion worth of reward. Too bad I am already full in gear and I won't be needing them as much as I did before. Judging by the rewards you can get with a prism, I assume it will cost about 300m or more to sell one. Every reward from +10 snowball is very good.
  7. tabbing out and random crashes

    Tab in and out... are you playing in full screen mode or windowed? Because full screen is buggier than windowed mode. I even forgot how it is to play on full screen mode.
  8. In short we are a class that takes time to kill someone and dies within seconds. Also the fact people keep saying "sorc is good in the right hands" is the actual proof. If we need to be the most insane pvpers to win while playing a sorc, then duh, someone with 80 IQ playing a vandal can beat the majority of enemies.
  9. vs Say

    The ending was the best. Sins are tankier and dpsier than any other class.
  10. Gear should have a form of effort driven rewards but not to the point they are impossible to make. Transformations are one of them and based on pure luck (or events that we had). They would have to bring back all the content they deleted in order to simplify gear and still call it a game. Imagine if everyone got to end game gear and transformation potions and then have nothing to do.
  11. AFK Event

    ...I am a cursed sorc, to the point I no longer do pve instances AT all. They are literally a big fat waste of my time.
  12. About [Event] Legendary Contract - ¿Selection?

    If events provided things we can already take the normal way just with a little bit more fun they would be welcome. Like enchants, berdin lucky stars, abyssal stars, amulets or skins. I remember in 5.8 my friends would return just to play a good even that was on and then go away again when events were off (or when events were not good enough) But what they did is they made it impossible for people to get a legendary transformation and if they get one it is not for their class, and then one event gave everyone the amount of legendary transformations they needed and then they shut it down and never gave something similar again. Whoever didn't play that period is simply never going to enjoy the game as we do. This specific event should be awarding one legendary transform of your choice for sure!
  13. cyan ? A-rank minium

    I also suggested a type of morphing them, even if it is 1:100 ratio, they would still work. C-minium is absolutely useless at the moment. I enjoy the fact I can get 50 A-minium per week for 20 gold ingots.
  14. About [Event] Legendary Contract - ¿Selection?

    and the funny thing is that when 6.2 came our publisher said they do not want events to be game changers... then they proceeded to nerf everything, making it harder for everyone to get anything and then they brought events that actually changed the game for those that were playing at that time (still through a retarded RNG filter, my friend OneManArmy has done twice the amount of effort on that event for legendaries and never got a kaisinel which I find retarded, he then proceeded to stop playing for a good amount of months because of that). At any given point, limited time items either via events or BCM are game breakers. There should have been a safer way to eventually manage to get the one transform you need.
  15. I find it amusing clerics find it hard not to be top dps and top survival healing pools any more with just a toggle. I kinda agree this is a little too drastic, they could make Sacrificial Power be a -pvp attack instead of a general -magic attack. But let me sit back and enjoy the fact one of the longest broken classes is finally getting a nerf hammer for a patch. Next step: delete Painter class from the game and we are on the right path.
  16. 7.2 Enchanted +15 Daevanion Skills

    They were selling daevanion essence on BCM for 300 BCM coins so I assume some die hard payer got it. and it was also brokerable but I only saw a few on broker for an insane amount of money.
  17. I know your class has gotten godmode in 6.2 and then a fix in 6.5, and I call it a fix while you call it a nerf, chanters had godmode survivability and top tier dps which was nothing but a bad thing. In Aion every class that was never meant to be a dps god, got to the point of being one at some point that now everyone thinks their hybrid class needs to be a tank+healer+dps because it was in the past and they liked it (and many classes are still like that). Asking for a direct dps increase on your offensive skills just like that is like you ask to be a true dps class again and chanter was never supposed to be one. Chanter was supposed to be a supportive hybrid with some heals, plenty of defensive and offensive buffs and some dps, and all that depending on the stigma build. I agree that your mantras should be more relevant again, your class should get a mystic support again like it used to and indeed some other skills are obsolete. If you ask me, the class should get a healing mode with the right stigmas with little dps and a dps mode with the right stigmas with little healing, but not to the point that these two will meet and make physical dps cleric like chanter was in 6.2.
  18. Missing item

    ...for that I am sure: no! They usually look at the history to check whether you indeed had the item if it was lost long time ago I doubt they will even bother. But you never knwo, give it a try.
  19. Couple quality of life improvements we would like @cyan

    their problem is they didn't have a global cool down and also the XP consumption had some delay. So I had to slots of them separately, I used 1st slot and while it was in cool down, I used the 2nd slot to turn another one. If peopl did this very fast, you could waste one coin because you would use it while you still had the XP that was about to be consumed by the previous gem you made (because of the tiny delay in XP consumption). 0.5 second for delay and 0.5 seconds for exchange would be awesome!
  20. Asmodians in DN are more than Elyos and Elyos in KT are more than Asmodians. Generally DN is less populated, Asmodians kinda dominate it for this reason and elyos almost have the upper hand in KT. But because in sieges there is a buff to help the underdog, there is an equilibrium in those things. also when you have 100 transformers in every side then this also balances things a little bit.
  21. Legendary transform BCM item

    Since it is a 1 per account transform they could have had it to be select-able. Because one person might take the one transform he needed while another won't, but both people did the exact same effort for this. Not to mention Irnin is out of this. The only way to get it is through a combination.
  22. Couple quality of life improvements we would like @cyan

    Or they could simply make the conversion faster and remove the 2 seconds of cool down! Or at least make it as we are opening a stack of things, like when we open pouches of transformations or shards, we put the amount we want to open. Same thing to crafting xx amount of materials. I am quite happy we have the gems because other regions don't and I have made a ton of them during this event, but the speed could be better.
  23. Returning player PVE armor questions

    Bastion of Soul is solo and you get basic items Frozen monolith is a 3-man isntance and many people can solo that too, but if you can solo it it means you do not need the items it drops, you just do it for money Primeth Forge is a 6-man and it has an normal mode and a hard mode etc, But if you want to see what every instance drops, simply hover your mouse over any instance and it tells you what the instance drops. Here Primeth Forge for example shows you both normal mode and hard mode drops.
  24. IB Broken/Removed?

    I have the feeling everyone on this thread is an elyos. Elyos characters take like up to 10x times the amount to pop than Asmodians for... drums.... character number difference. Most of the times I get a pop within the first 2 minutes. Rarely do I get a pop after 5 minutes. There seems to be an algorithm for matching though, I have spoken with an elyos friend in discord he told me that IB doesn't pop easily and I told him to apply together with our groups to see... we both waited like 2 minutes before I got a pop and they didn't. What I mean is that although there were at least 1 Elyos and 1 Asmodian groups applied, we still didn't get an instant entry. Then we got an entry but elyos had to wait another 10m or so.