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  1. ...most obnoxious "reward" in the daily. These cost pennies to buy from GST. They are an alt char's nightmare to fill more slots and have to constantly delete them.
  2. They are labeled as Black Friday and Thanks Giving at the same time with a twist on Black Cloud Market. The title is a mix of Black Cloud Marketplace and Black Friday itself. This is nto an event, it is sales on BCM, we have had it in the past and people were still confused to call it an "event" as if it is an ingame free to play event. ^^^^^^^^ ...they could at least ive us anotehr anniversary passive buff and a big turtle that gives something similar to coffin buff.
  3. Yes, they need to add one zero in the end of every XP given right now to simply make it possible, it won't even be too much or too easy, just possible.
  4. I say coffin buff isn't even enough, we need a passive XP like the anniversary one. Otherwise we will have to go get it every hour.
  5. Yes limited time items are useless. I would love to add this to my mount collection.
  6. Well these are Black Friday sales, it kinda makes sense, but yeah, right now there is no reason to log in game, no XP buffs, turning XP marks is impossible, and the rest of 7.7 sucks.
  7. It is sales on BCM for black Friday. https://www.aiononline.com/news/black-cloud-friday-returns
  8. Yes the changes we get are in par with Korea but Korea has this feature, thankfully we do not have autohunting but that makes it impossible to get XP marks. As of now, I run out of them completely and I can't find another way of making any since we do not have XP bonuses.
  9. I would like them to do something about weeklies in the enemy maps or silentera etc because on those maps it is impossible to get renown. In your main mapand Lakrum it is super easy to maintain level 9. Gelkmaros for Asmodians is like 5 minutes once a week and you aer done, in Lakrum you can get more renown than any other map, it just takes a little bit more time, but still doable.
  10. Yes, of course, plus the mobs there are quite tough to kill solo or even with a group of ungeared people. So far I am going there to claim the 10 cheap soul vials so I won't have to buy the expensive ones if I ever decide to go farm the new gear. I have almost 900m AP but that extra grinding and the solo-unfriendliness of 7.7 is making me wanna go idle once again (which I most likely will in the end) A shared map that is a necessity to gear, what could go wrong.
  11. After 6.x destruction, only 6.5 was actually not that bad because progress was made, pve and pvp were separate, you geared for pvp by doing pvp instances, pve was possible, a cubic instances for cubicles. It almost made sense. How the hell did they go so wrong in 7.x patch I wonder. It is like they are trying hard to find all the ways that the game won't work.
  12. Can we please get back the weekend buffs? It will make people log more during weekends and also help everyone. We already had something liek this (XP/AP/Drops/Crafting) and it was good to have. We do not need any crafting bonus weekend and the drop rate bonus might not be the most important for many people. My suggestion would be 1 bonus per weekend, round robin those: XP bonus weekend AP bonus weekend Drop bonus weekend Renown bonus weekend OR 1 kinah retune weekend Think of these as mini events please!
  13. If he is not a new player he already has DT+15, if he is a new player I wouldn't suggest anyone to invest in DT unless they can get a ready chest like I did from the normal transmutation (I used potions from GST, about 4m per transmute). But then again getting a erady ultimate DT is stil in need of enchanting, retuning, selective retuning and socketing.
  14. Morphing recipes will be back, it was addressed by Kibbelz, the reason they vanished is because it is a regional thing and when they got 7.7 they forgot to re-add it. As for Dark Talon it is a second grade pvp gear now, the Bitterthorn is so much better in every aspect, especially the gear.If you are going to waste enchants RNG and AP it is better to go for Bitterthorn. The weapon's main offense is almost identical 4794 vs 4796, but look at the p.def and m.def and all the other stats As for main gear it is a big difference if you take the whole set. I do not know about opti
  15. Exactly, I doubt they would do that because then it means alts work for one player. I would love that too as I said. The best scenario is to make every weekend have XP boost buff onlike we used to have, and the next weekend make AP boost because people are running short on AP now.
  16. We need an XP event at every weekend like we used to have. Or round robin the weekends, one weekend AP boost, another weekend XP boost, another weeked drop boost (I guess)
  17. If you are Asmodian you do not need the dailies at all, with the 5 camps and 5 weeklies (where id 8 coming from?) you can do 5x 163,595=817,975 renown and that is without prestige or the nabaru, you get more than 1m renown from the weeklies in Gerlkmaros with prestige and Nabaru fruit higher than 50% in your buff. If you are an elyos then as Moomoo said it is impossible to get renown past level 5\ The camp weekleis are 5, what are the 3 others you mentioned?
  18. ...you guys stop, so many good suggestions one after another, I just can't
  19. Of course reducing XP would be easier for me that I have billions, right now XP extractors matter only when we have passive and active buffs for free, any other day they are impossible to make. If they reduce the XP necessity it will be a breeze for us with luna alts but not the average player. I used to turn like 50~100 of them during coffin+passive buff days and that is up to 50m per day, it is all gone by now because they are easy to spend, so if I could personally change anything that would have been the XP necessity for sure. During coffin + passive one little bomb mob gave me 3
  20. Exactly this, the problem is that now it includes a really awful RNG at the expense of grinding which is gone to total waste unless you get what you were hoping for and AP that is hard to make. They could have made a more secure way with more materials I guess.
  21. You need to send a support ticket via the site : https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/
  22. They need to make the XP extractor cost 50.000 kinah, the difficulty in it is that you require 175m XP, so even if they givethem for free it is not like people will walk around with 1000 XP marks, but the price is also making it impossible for many people to do their daily needs.
  23. Yes me too, in the options it allows to select which sites it will work on.
  24. How do you leave a lane? Going out of instance is impossible and if you use a scroll you go back to Gelkmaros/Inggison and then have to go on foot back to the instance that changes locations. That +45k AP doesn't justify any of this. I wish HM went back to its 6.x days, static position in the camp and giving the good amount of AP again. But even if they at least put it in a static position that would help a ton!
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