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  1. BCM bugs and doesn't open

    @Cyan a friendly advice, in the next events please skip the necessity to enter BCM to do any part of the event please. Or we could get the pet from there once, but the 3 daily tokens from BCM could have been in the lugbug daily free hourglass quest or something. I know you might have thought that if people are forced to open BCM every day they might get lured to buy something from there too, but not only it is rather empty and expensive, but it also bugs. When the below bug happens, nothing solves it, other than totally closing the client and reopening it. And I do not even know what causes this. I guess having the character logged online for many hours jumping afk in studio, bugs it. But a few times I saw this right after I logged a client.
  2. ????Questions marks instead fonts

    I have an old weapon and old items and non of them have question marks, that is defo a problem with your client.
  3. Returning after a long time, ping is INSANE

    I play from Hellas (Europe) and I play with 200 ping without any ping reduction services, so yes there must be a problem to your connection.
  4. Jumping a toon?

    You confused jumping action in game with Jump Toon button in character creation. He clearly asked if he can jump a toon and if it is still available.
  5. Bugs... and what is the "3" in the icon?

    Hahaha this makes it even funnier, I have 12 chars in KT and 0 in DN but I am asked to select my server. This also explains why my alts never lose the transform or pets from skill bars and only my main. Thanks for the reply.
  6. This situation with the virus and the quarantine is making me have autistic attention to all these tiny pet peeves in game. I recently saw that "3" on top of the account info icon. I only have prestige and when I click on the icon and roam the tabs, it doesn't get removed. Also check that irritating "5" on my skills, this only happens to my main (apparently because he is the first char I log on my account) and it shows the skills from collections that I apparently keep auto-getting every time I log in. Does anyone else keep getting his transform and minions removed automatically from the skills bar every time they log out and log back in? Another irritating thing is that if you have more than 8 characters in your account, you are always forced to select the server you play. I asked if anyone has ever found a way to make this auto select my server, or the most populated server (the one that has 12 chars yes), but nobody ever found a cure. people in EU also have this. And do people in DN have DN server pre-selected? Because mine has pre-selected DN, because Katalam is alphabetically after Danaria, so I need to manually select Katalam before I hit select server. Jeez listen to myself complaining now! Relate to me people. I am turning into a grumpy self, I haven't cycled for over a week and it is raining outside on top of it.
  7. Jumping a toon?

    Jumping a toon is no longer available if you mean the button that created a new character 80 level already. If you want to transfer a toon from DN to KT this is still not available I think. Server transfers were closed due to problems. He asked about jumping toons, not the daeva hatchling event.
  8. Deava Boost Clarification please Cyan

    Yes that is true, but even if it did, the chances are already near zero.
  9. Level 5 event pet @Cyan

    I will update my alts' pets soon with the 70 marks (I do not have them 24 hours afk obviously so it takes them longer to do, on my main I made sure I level it as fast as possible for the selectable daevanion). I'll check it then on them and I'll let you know.
  10. Make Daishunerk's GOF Items Brokerable / Tradeable

    Yes that mount selection was in an alt of mine and I couldn't pass it to my main for my collection of mounts. I would support everything being brokerable.
  11. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    Correction: He's the only one that is obliged to log in and face us each week. He is allocated to Aion by the company and he has to come here, it is not like he is doing it out of good will or that he is not obliged to come and he is doing it on his free time.
  12. Thanks for this, I mean it doesn't affect your casting speed number, but your casting time of spells. Aion still had two different ways for casting skills, one that affects the number and one that affects the skill casting taking into consideration the c.speed number. I didn't see a change in my c.speed number but my char was casting so slow and I was like, this must affect the c.speed too.
  13. Deava Boost Clarification please Cyan

    Where there is a "+" in front it means it adds this amount to the existing. +100% XP = 2x XP +25% Drop rate/Gathering/Crafting = 1,25x drop rate/gathering/crafting +50% AP = 1,5x AP That +25% means 1,25x success rate than before which is again near 0 proc rate. I crafted 43 ancient mystic monarh bracelets (because I had a ton of old mats and wanted to get rid of them and I wanted to give it to an alt), 7/43 became ancient masterwork and then crafted those 7 into legendary and 0/7 became legendary masterwork. Fortunately for pvp gear the new recipes give you the chance for a sure proc outcome with just 2x the mats of the normal recipe, but not for pve, only for pvp items.
  14. Level 5 event pet @Cyan

    I think I got one form that are you sure you didn't already have some from somewhere else?
  15. Songweaver - returning player

    If you go to Lakrum city, there are new npcs in the main upper area where the Veilbreakers NPC is (the one that gives dailies for Mark of Wisdoms). With legendary bloodmarks you can get the real equipment and with ultimate bloodmarks you get the skins that also have skills in appearance.
  16. Lockdown...

    Exactly, and this is we need more drops in things that bots won't bother doing or can't do as easily as open world farming, like boss drops and instance quests or even pvp instances for the winning side (cause bots can enter and afk). Of course judging from the video, none of the awesome drops were tradeable.

    Sell GP on BCM? Really? GP is only for the ranking, you cannot buy your ranks, it was possible the first 2 months with GP on Illumiel Brawl and it was a bad idea because the governor was buying his rank, displacing everyone else below him. And the ranks are there for those who are active on sieges. 100 people can have a transform, so it is normal that some people cannot get enough to be on top of others who try harder. If you don't siege enough then having a bought rank would only be bad for the whole faction, as it was with the perma ranks, before 6.5 FINALLY made it a monthly ranking thing.
  18. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    Yes the BCM being still the emptiest next to all other publishers makes no sense. Like you put code in it and ti works, the template is there, it is ready to accept everything they want. They could be adding ONE item per day, they would have been done since 6.2. It's been like what, 1,5 years since then or something.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 25, 2020

    Is the XP/AP/Drop rate boost passive it a buff we have to get every hour and we can't re-take it until it wears off first (like the anniversary cake buff)? Just asking.
  20. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    An alt of mine got a beautiful horse mount, it is white and wears golden armor. It was from the luna game of fate and the box was not tradeable unfortunately. They could have had ALL the mounts in BCM permanently so people could simply pick the one they want or get them all for their collection of mounts. I still hate myself for not craft in the 5.8 aetherforging sonic speed and light speed tiger mounts.

    Like female Kaisinel and Marchutan. I'm like:
  22. Please take stupid Snake costume(s) off BCM

    These snake skins were dropping like rain drops when we had the awful snake event and everyone simply discarded them. If they had a simple way of knowing what people like and what not, they would have known that the snake costumes are as awful as the "extra square/round/triangular head" types of headgear skins that nobody ever even dared to look out of utter ugliness. There are some golden glowing fairy wings a friend of mine wanted to buy for so long and they are nowhere to be found.
  23. OK try this, if it says windstream in the city then we both have one for our sides. if for any reason it doesn't mean that then there are a total of 5 windstreams (the 5th is actually two of them but they are almost connected, one windstream leads you to the other in a big loop that you can be like forever if you want). So you can go try all of them. The blue arrows and dots are where the windstream starts. To the middle windstream you have to go near it and jump down, the middle section of the map is lower than the perimeter.
  24. BCM daily sale reset

    Does it reset at a specific point or does it reset at a specific amount of hours since the last purchase? An alt account could buy the 3 tokens instantly after the reset but another one still said "your exceeded the purchase limit".
  25. I do not know which quest this is, I never did the new yellow quests after 7.2 myself either.