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  1. *breathes in: we are already 7.9* 😅👉7️⃣.9️⃣
  2. If it is an NVidia and you have either Nvidia Control Panel or GeForce Experience... uninstall these both. These are what cause the issues after some time of playing. Removing those totally eliminates any issue.
  3. I had this issue before Classic even launched. Both Paypal and my Debit Card were having issues. In the end I used my cellphone's browser to get in and pay so they have these stupid security checks that never work.
  4. There seems to be instability issues in the game servers as well in forums too the last week or so.
  5. ...their story and lore was only a wagon for them to destroy the game. Developer 1: Hey lets delete this map to make room for another useless map as if the amount of maps we can have is finite or something. Developer 2: Yeah but how do we make it so people won't be mad? Developer 3: Lets make a story where a pale snowy lady with big boobs called Ereshkigal destroys the place or something. Developer 2: And that won't make the players mad? Developer 1: It will and they will probably quit the game I guess. Developers 1,2 & 3: Sounds like a plan, lets do it.
  6. Yes, I know that and it will be awesome, but I was wondering if they will continue the double XP weekend in general.
  7. The pet pouches are not in your cube, you have to summon the pet, select it, get its pet information window on and then there are tabs, there must be a tab for the inventory it carries.
  8. The "Greater Memory Shard" reward is useless and on top of this we lack the additional item we need to combine the shards (greater breath of memory) someone said the glyph box you get only gives you a glyph and no enchants, so it is kinda useless for mains. Lastly you get the typical useless gemstone and runestone shards for the lowest tiers of items. ~~ I'd prefer if they gave berdin stars that are tradeable or at least brokerable.
  9. Did they remove this feature from Retail?
  10. I haven't logged in Classic the last weeks but as far as I know they made a change so it can still work, you only need to take extra steps. Try this: The filter is in this path: ...\NCSOFT\AION_CLASSIC\l10n\ENU\Data\Strings\aionfilterline.dat You need to add any key words you want in that dat file (with notepad) and then save it. Then zip the file (not rar), so now you have "aionfilterline.zip" Then rename the extension of this new file from .zip to .pak so it will be "aionfilterline.pak" ...this is how the new way was supposed to work, not sure if they changed i
  11. You do have suck a command. It takes you to belisk and it has 1 hour cool down /escape
  12. Yes they have bot accounts and loads of kinah, which they sell for real money and buy them Siel's Aura with that money so they can bot more. Jesus Christ why the hell am I still trying to explain the same basic 101 life here. Some people are lost cases.
  13. Of course any limitation they implement for bots, they end up hurting actual players more than bots. They thought that instead of being afk in luna, killing 50 mobs per day would be harder for bots but actual players could still do it... not sure which universe they come from but in our universe it is the other way around. They should have removed the kinah box recipe if they wanted to prevent luna from bugging the server.
  14. I could possibly not be able to keep my estate because I would have to outbid for one and frankly I probably wouldn't be able to do against people who have tenths of billions. That is because after they nerfed the afk-luna and removed the bundle I haven't made almost any kinah at all since I am not going to go around killing 50 mobs for every char to get the s-rank pouch and hope to get the recipe and hope to get more than 5m per box. But I see a lot of chars doing the 50-kill and many people have a lot of billions due to that.
  15. Funny thing is that DN people were indeed asking for transfers and many people have quit because it never happened and they had to stick to the dead server. This merge is a little too late I say. As for housing, most KT players also cannot have a good house because many people keep houses of themselves and alts and don't even play anymore, the fee is so minimal that they can keep paying it for years without playing at all.
  16. There is absolutely no way you are not trolling everyone here with the nonsense you come up with. The game is supposed to be crowded and balanced in population which is exactly what Siel looks like now (population wise and number of Asmodians vs number of Elyos too).
  17. People who do not pay cannot win because p2w people paid so they would win instead. Duh! Whenever you pay ANY amount of real money, to get progress you didn't do yourself in game, that is p2w. Unless the item you purchased is merely cosmetic or just convenience (like buy a potion instead of crafting one which would take you 5 seconds to do).
  18. ...duh, if that is not p2w then what is p2w? When you use real money to get something out of the blue, that is p2w! It is that simple, the moment you pay with real money for something instead of farming it, that is p2w, that is the definition of it. "Everything"... no, when you grind in game, you gather your resources, gets the drops, enchant your gear through ingame ways... that is gaming, there is nothing p2w about it. When you pull out your wallet and pay real money to get anything other than a subscription, that is the definition "pay to win".
  19. Crafting can be profitable only if you gather everything yourself. Because everyone does it so there is a lot of competition and thus the prices can be very low due to competition.
  20. So you re-rolled an ELYOS on Israphel to see the situation. Yes... this is where I stopped reading. 🖐️😆
  21. The only thing that can solve the IS problem is for people to re-roll there and frankly this is not going to happen. Maybe if you gave them free Siel's Aura for like 3 months they could stay there and some new cheapskates could start there for this reason.
  22. I am more than sure you will never understand or you pretend not to understand because it makes it convenient for you. Player 1 has kinah, Player 2 has $$ Player 1 gives kinah to Player 2, Player 2 sends $$ from his bank account to Player 1 bank account Now Player 1 has $$ in his bank account and Player 2 has the kinah Player 1 uses his $$ from his bank account to buy Siel's Aura He effectively purchased Siel's Aura with the kinah he gave to Player B ~~ Kinah is not p2w? I am not sure which universe you come from, but in our universe it is p2w. Player 1 h
  23. They think but putting it out there someone might buy it as if people are doing these purchases by accident or because they got advertised. It doesn't work like this of course. I pre-paid for sub, played about 3 weeks in total (2 for free and about 1 from my sub) and then never relogged, the last about 3 weeks of my sub went to rubbish and I won't be buying it any time soon since they never delivered the Classic we had been advocating the last years and they promised before launch. That advertisement only reminded me how I got lured into pre-purchasing the subscription luring me by misadv
  24. I wouldn't expect them to make it so easy and planned by code on their end, but the renaming of chars that didn't log since october 24th 2019 is utter bs. They could make this rule "not log since June 2021" or something.
  25. This is why I told people to go on KT as early as the announcement and keep their unique names by making a char with that name. Of course someone with the name "Love" or "Bad" already exists, but you could have kept the name Pharoahra since it looks pretty unique.
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