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  1. I recently started having a dc when I enter any shared map. I can play for hours on Gelkmaros or other non shared maps, the moment I go to a shared map (usually Lakrum), my game lags, the character doesn't respond and a few seconds later I get a dc.

    It doesn't happen every time, I usually relog and try again and it might work this time. If this happened 1~2 times only I would think it is just a coincidence, but when it happens a few times per day it seems like a feature. I know many people might think it is my ISP or anything, but it makes no sense that I play the game for hours non stop in Gelkmaros or other non shared maps and I get a dc only when I go to a shared map. It most likely tries to connect to a new server (the shared one) and that is what causes problems. Even if my ISP has something to play in this, it wasn't happening all these years I have this specific ISP with the specific static IP.

    What I figured is that if I freshly log and go to a shared map pretty fast, I get no dc, but if I play for quite some time in the normal server and then go to a shared map, then I get the dc.

    I hope they are not pulling any strings again in their services and have problems with the connection.

  2. 18 hours ago, Sharlama said:

    I have returned after a few years. I am lvl 13 in Belarus and can't find any quests. can someone help me?

    Do a search in forums for "returning player" you will see a ton of responses that are relevant to your plea.

    If it is an old char you need to level a little bit to get to the next campaign or quest, it will automatically trigger once you reach the level. otherwise if you are not attached to that specific character, just make a new char and start normally, the game is streamlined to progress in leveling.

  3. The RNG is the No 1 reason by far, and that is mostly because many resources are either impossible to get or when you manage to get them ,they are rendered useless via RNG.

    The second most hateful thing is exclusive content and items that are impossible to get normally unless you pay real money or unless you do something that most people can't, like do a hard mode on an instance that only 1~2 groups can do. If you remember the biggest wave of quitters came when The Eternal Bastion was out and static alliances spammed it non stop.

  4. 7 hours ago, Ekho-DN said:

    Hello daevas,

    I've been back on aion for a few days now and I was wondering what I should be aiming for the gemstone and runestone as a Chanter who is mostly doing PVE.?

    Thanks in advance,


    Red gemstone give you an additional offensive skill and it also enchants your existing offensive skills



    As for runestones, for pve it would be wise to get the two additional attacks and the one that increase your attack power

    • Area ofEffect
    • Additional Damage
    • Increases Attack Power


  5. 6 hours ago, Islanmir-DN said:


    Well for me its like this....

    WTF... you mean photobucket is still existent? Didn't they shut down when they puled that trick to their millions of users?

    They are still obnoxious enough to put overlays on top of the images, use postimage.org or imgur, 100% free and hustle free (except imgur became corporate and requires an account verification)

  6. 3 minutes ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    Thats why there needs to be a balance, a middle ground where the mob requirements for events can be solo-able without costing much time while also being afked for. 

    We are in middle ground now, we do not have auto hunt and we have one tenths of the requirements for events that rely on auto hunt for amount of mob killing.

    The other option is to get auto hunt and have the events as they are designed with ten times more kills.

    You wouldn't expect them to give us auto hunt and keep the events nerfed because that is convenient for us.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    But if auto hunting is incorporated then people are capable of that 3 hours. People dont play aion every second of every day, we all have things to do outside of aion so while doing said things its much easier to get stuff done. You won't have to worry about the daily luna or those events, because you can set up your toon to farm while you're out shopping or doing stuff with friends,

    The only thing I will agree is the 50-kills for luna, it will take it from afk luna to legit bot the sht out of it and earn the same if not more now because there will no longer be bans for luna.

    But I will have to skip every single event that is based on auto hunt, I cannot leave my pc running for hours just to do an event.

  8. 11 hours ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    There has to be a balance. But i know i would much rather leave up my computer running for afk farming and get the event over while i am doing other things. I’m sure there’s a whole lot of player who don’t literally play this game 24/7, so it allows the opportunity for people to leave the game in the background while doing work. And even if they do implement the afk feature, it’s not like it’s fully broken. People can still die or be killed and it’ll stop the entire thing. But overall it’s something we need in NA.

    But the problem is that an event that takes you 10~15 minutes to do manually would en up being 3 hours worth of botting. And there is no other way around it, you either waste 1,5 hour doing it manually or leave it 3 hours afk since the auto hunt is at least twice as slow as an actual player. Not to mention the potential of dying and coming back and see no progress.

    If you could not spend 10 minutes to do the 100 kills every day then you have 0 time to play the game and autohunt won't make it better for you, you will only come back to check if it is dead to simply re-bot it.

    The auto hunt will make itself mandatory since everything will be based on it. You will run out of the 24 hours you have in one day to do the things you need and most of it will have to be auto hunt afk.

    If the autohunt based features get a reduction to 1.10th of the mobs need to be killed, then it is a game worth playing than afking.

  9. 9 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    Hmm I thought it was combine 7 times with 2x each (getting no dupes back).

    You need 7 to combine 6 times, so you will lose 6, but register 12 (you register 2 for each 1 you lose if you always get dupes), you will eventually end up with 1

    6 wasted +1 left = 7 transforms to start with

  10. 7 hours ago, nyerkNshiT said:

    Hi guys, not sure someone have asking this before, but to get an Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types) reward, should we just Consume 12 Legendary Transformations or Done 12x Legendary Combination?

    You need to "waste" 12 legendary transforms in combination, for example if you combine 6 times with 2x transforms each time, that is 12x used and you should be eligible, unless of course you managed to get an ultimate while combining. Similarly if you combine 2 times with 6x transforms each time, or 3 times with 4x each time.

    Tip 1: if you combined the 12x you had to and you didn't get an ultimate but you have more double legendaries, don't continue to combine. Because if you keep combining and you get an ulti during the promotional dates you won't be awarded one for free. If you want to do more combines, do them after the promotion. This way you will get the free one and might get more afterwards.

    Tip 2: It is also the only time I would suggest anyone to never combine more than 2x.
    --> This way you can do the 12x combined with less transforms (if you fail and get one you already had, you combined 2x but you got 1 back, so you only lost 1 but still registered 2 as combined).
    --> If you get a new legendary that is a double win since you now will be able to have more legendaries for the collections and you will still earn a new ultimate by the promotion.
    --> You do not want to get an ultimate by combining now, getting a legendary that you didn't have is far more useful, since the ultimate will be handed to you 100% after the promotion (unless you combine 6 times with 2x each time and you get like more than 2 ulties or something )

  11. 15 hours ago, Vasilios-KT said:

    NEVER go after anything that gives an ultimate transformation Thats rng based. And most of the time don’t buy anything that is majorly RNG based.


    As long as the "box" says it can give a super OP reward but also has useless rewards in it... people need to stay away.

    When anyone buys a box they should be happy with the worse rewards to begin with, if you are not happy with them, stay away. Never take a box hoping for the best reward in mind, it will most likely never give the good reward.

  12. 26 minutes ago, Shokhan-DN said:

    I was very clear in my statement, NA needs auto hunting, all the events launched after the creation of this system require the need for auto hunting, as was the event of chocolate and melons where it was necessary more than 2 thousand items to buy the things in the npc sometimes, that way there are two ways to solve, or provide in the game simpler ways to get the cubics and also drastically modify the price of items in the npc of the events or simply deliver the game the way it was designed by the creator including even the vip equal to the asian one and with the same value of 10 monthly dollars

    But the chocolate event required normally 1000 mobs to kill with autohunt, we got just 100. I prefer having to manually kill 100 super fast than have no other option and have to put my char to auto combat for 1000 because there is no way I would have sat every day to kill 1000 mobs for the chocolates.

    If we have autohunt it would be mandatory to do the events afk, now we can do them by hand super fast and enjoy the game. By hand I could kill 100 mobs in 10 minutes, the 1000 would have taken me more than 1,5 hours and if I had to put it on autohunt (since it is much slower than a player) it would have taken the char like 2~3 hours to finish in which case I wouldn't be able to play the game.

    The meloons were an early event that required the auto hunt and after we mentioned it they made a change so all mobs dropped meloons.

  13. 3 minutes ago, MeIodica-KT said:


    3 months have passed and aion is still under maintenance on the geforce platform

    Is this something NCWest has to address or Nvidia? I mean it is their platform and they are those that put games there. To support a game, they have to make it possible there.

  14. 9 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

    There was a survey given and an Appearance Selection Box with 2 hairstyles (1 male and 1 female) and some skins. One of them is a big soccer ball skin.


    But that thing is huge and it is meant for AT while on the mech right? But ijn any case, I do not like the Denku set myself so I wouldn't be a good candidate to tell you what to delete.

  15. 11 hours ago, Ferk-DN said:

    The truth of the matter is, if you have not used last years Stormwing rewards by now, then they clearly are not important to you.

    Therefore this thread is just an exercise in QQ.


    All of your posts have either troll worthy content or terribly ignorant comments.

    I personally had like 7 boxes if I remember, I didn't open them because my gear is done and I didn't need anything specific for the time being. I was keeping it as a box so when I finally need something I could open them and get that specific something I need.

    The boxes are a rewards and they deleted our rewards. I have like 1000 legendary enchants and I have them for quite some time, I haven't used it, apparently I do not need those, they might delete them as well. The last 2 years I am using Kaisinel transform, I haven't used my tahabata since then, maybe I do not need it and they can delete that too.

    When they are going to delete ->rewards<- that are still relevant they have to let people know the time frame, they are alienating players by pulling the carpet under our feet this way.

    Now we know not to keep boxes unopened but we are learning it the hard way. I wont' cry over my 7 boxes but others lost much more.

  16. 13 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    Dueling is one of the most popular past times of MMORPG's and it has never had reward...in-fact cost you millions of kinah to do it yet despite that you always saw duels going any time during the day.

    People stopped dueling because there is no incentive to get better because there is no PvP in PvP content creating a situation where should people really get rewarded for just entering a dungeon against their own alts?

    I never did a duel in my life to be honest. And I was religiously doing all pvp instances during the 6.x era where they mattered to gear up for pvp items. You no longer gear up in pvp by doing pvp, you go to pve instances and a shared open map.

    PvP instances are empty and many people have been getting end game accessories by glide hacking.

  17. 12 minutes ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

    People should be entering them to PvP so the reward should not matter at all. If rewards are the only reason people go in to PvP then that is a core playerbase problem not a game problem.

    Of course, but whatever gives little to no incentive to do people will opt out. Imagine going to training arenas non stop just because it is free pvp without any loses and without any rewards.

  18. 18 hours ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

    Transmutation feels like a scam, I've tried the xp one probably 100-200 times total across various toons, and have never gotten the 30 xp marks. It's a nyerking joke.

    Yes because the 30x XP marks in the XP tab is the best reward and there is no way you will ever get that.

    On the other hand in the first tab one of the worst rewards is cubicles, so you pretty much get those constantly and you do not get 1x, sometimes it gives you up to 5x. You can do that with potions purchased from GST, but now that kinah is sinking down the drain I wouldn't bet on this.

  19. They simply need to tell us those things beforehand. It would take them less time to tell us about it than code it and delete those. They clearly took the time to delete those, they could have taken 1 minute to write about it.

    Aion is not life, it is not like they are trying us to see how ready we are for their next move. This is a game and i should be fun to deal with.

  20. He clearly asked best apostle for sorcs, the best apostle in general is the one that gives the most c.speed, the most c.speed you can get from those is 35%. So then we check if any of them gives attack speed... and two of them do. So there you have it a c.speed/attack speed apostle transform is the best for sorcs.

    Lumiel's Apostle and Vaizel's Apostle would do.

    The reason he is asking is because Stormwing Orb will give you a select-able apostle when you update it in the last level.

  21. 3 hours ago, Islanmir-DN said:

    Well I have to say that we keep being droped two times. And I saw how: if you are lvl 6 with 4% you drop 20% of the lvl 6; but since you dont have the 20% and go to lvl 5, you get droped the 37% of the lvl 5 aswell. Sorry devs but that algorithim is wrong. It should drop only ONE lvl, not jump to the second.

    I see that who dont have time to do renow each day staying endless in one lvl....

    You are not losing a % of the renown, you lost a specific amount which is 575.800, the percentage you are in is simply the amount you have interpreted into levels.

    If you were level 6 and 4% that means you were at 3,5m + 4% of the 2.829.600 which is about 113.184. So your total was about 3.613.184.

    You lost 575.800 from that so you went down to 3.037.384 points.

    That translates to 1.927.800 (level 5) + 1.109.584 (into level 5)
    Which means level 5lvl + 1.109.584/1.572.200 = 5lvl + 70% (approximately)

    ~~Forgive me if I did any wrong calculations, but renown is actually being treated as a total amount, the levels are just an interpretation to know what you can buy form npcs etc.

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