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  1. 16 minutes ago, UnforgivingOG said:

    wow..thats a lot of incorrect information mixed with a little truth. This explanation is from someone that doesnt really understand twinking, and explained it with based on his personal feelings.

    Twinks are players that do stay lower level and utilize the best gear they can get at lower level. They are people who like the pvp side of the game and build a low level pvp character. I like both so I have my PVE Characters and I have a couple of twinks. This way I can jump in with friends and run quest or dungeons or whatever we want to do. I can also log into my twink and do some pvp. 

    His explanation is pretty far fetched. When I go pvp I dont know who is wearing what gear, so to say twinks go after people in white gear is just idiotic and assumptive. I look at rank first and the better the rank, the more ap, and that would be my first choice. Not to many rank 5's running around in white gear. My guess is he has just been ganked a few times and butt hurt about it.  This is a pvpve game, I have been ganked and I have ganked, it is part of the game. 

    If you remember the massive population drop and server merge right after fast track was created. It didnt kill twinking, most twinks at that point were found in the abyss. NC Soft just made it a point to end low level pvp and that lead to the end of Aion.    

    That was a very good try of an Ad Hominem attack about me, you already wanted to imply I was part of the victims because of how vividly I painted twinks. But you got it all wrong about me, I was the maxed level and the geared char that came to the rescue (if you read all the post) in the old aion. In my free time I was constantly in lower maps because LFG was full of levelers asking for help that a twink is killing them. Then twinks would get mad that a high level was ruining their "fun".

    You cannot find twinks in the enemy map, elyos twinks go to asmodian maps and asmodian twinks go to elyos maps. But if you do stay in your map then all power to you. If you go to an enemy map, you go to find levelers.

    Lastly I remember it vividly when they implemented FT, every person was happy except twinks. They kept coming to forums whining about FT and how it killed twinking. You might have not been one of them but that is true in general.

    In present Classic Aion twinking might be closer to what you explained because leveling is much faster than the old aion so most levelers won't have enough time to be ganged by twinks but lfg still has people asking for help for twinks quite often.

  2. 6 hours ago, UnforgivingOG said:

    I just noticed a slight decrease in bots, but the guy in Slag is still shooting his bow  and killing mobs 96 meters away. He stand in Slag and shoots worms and slimes and never leaves the little town. Even hits the ones on the other side of the the hill. We reported him multiple times, but he is still there

    Can you take a video of him? I never saw anyone shoot from 96 meters away lol.

  3. 2 hours ago, Foxy Boxy said:

    Well that is promising :c

    At least I know I'm not the only one who has this issue.

    Sadly there was never a reply.

    I rarely tag @Kibbelz but this is the time you gotta let the forum developers know that their restrictions are not working properly.

  4. 31 minutes ago, Alvie said:

    Well it's working for everybody else, so why don't you fix your problem instead of trolling that there is something wrong with the game.


    Get someone to look at your computer and find what's wrong.

    No it is not just him, a lot of people have the same problem.


    You are turning yourself into a pepega with all the "no sht sherlock" replies

  5. 52 minutes ago, Alvie said:

    Ooh another 2 post troll.

    Yeah, like you lost a big part of your life in the 3 weeks Aion Classic has been alive. It takes months to build up a good toon not days or weeks.

    The real issue, is NCsoft West, not unlike a bad pandemic response, didn't close off the borders in time or effectively. As soon as they saw the imbalance, specifically the huge number of Asmos rolling on Siel, they should have cut of Asmo account registration on Siel, and left it cut off. So if you wanted to roll Asmo you could only do it on IS.

    Now we have the absurd situation were there are too many players on Siel in general, and it's heavily biased towards Asmos. Meanwhile IS feels like a poor 2nd. cousin with their own imbalance.

    People are not statistical data or just numbers that fill servers

    Every person who chose Siel did it because it was going to be populated and/or because they were from original Siel and/or because their friends were there already. If Siel people couldn't play on Siel they would have never played Classic and this was made clear in many posts when they implemented the Siel Asmodian creation lock for a few days and then they had to open it again in specific hours and then have it open all times.

    Both servers were far more populated during the first days, something put players off and most quit and the lower population led to multiplying the problem of population imbalance.

  6. 19 minutes ago, Foxy Boxy said:

    Not a game bug but a forum bug. Didn't really see where to put this so just went with this forum.


    Any-who, I have two issues. Some help would be appreciated.


    The first of which is if I try to log in to the forums on any computer other than the one I have Aion installed it says I need to have played in the last 30 days. I have no issues logging into the forum on the computer that does have Aion on it. I have tried logging out and in but the computer that does not have Aion will not let me past the "Need to play within the last 30 days" error.


    The second is an annoyance. I can log into the forums on my phone no issue so long as I am at home on my home network. As soon as I disconnect from WiFi I get the error that my IP is not recognized and I have to wait about 15 minutes for an email with a confirmation link. It does this every single time I try to go on the forum while on mobile.

    It happens to me as well and there is a friend of mine who plays every day and he cannot log into forums for the exact same reason from any browser.


    He is not very fluent in English so he made me write a ticket with his account, it kinda went like this:




    ...we never got a reply from anyone from that email and that friend of mine still cannot enter the forums.


  7. 35 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    This is what they should do I think. However, let’s wait for the official details on Monday before discussing further.

    What they should have done long time ago is to not allow people to make different factions in the same account regardless of the server. They did have a merge in the past too so they should be aware of it that collisions could happen.

    If you remember in the past, you could do the maximum amount of players in every server, e.g. 8x in Siel and 8x in Israphel. Then due to merges people were found having twice the amount of chars into one server, (16 char on one server). So eventually they made a rule having the max amount of char in the account, not each server.

    I remember I had to delete some chars because my account had more than the maximum and it didn't even let me log into the game unless I deleted the extra ones.

    What happened when they merged EK to KT, did they give the people the ability to transfer chars into other accounts? And even so, the "other account" won't have the collections, transforms etc, so they need to make a new rule and not allow elyos and asmodians to exist in the same account in any server which at the moment is not even necessary since we are down to one server, our servers are been deadin' so hard!


  8. 14 hours ago, Zhaneel said:

    Hi! I’m an old returning player from the beta promotion days of Aion.  I started up in classic recently. I also have characters on each of the base game aion servers. I have both Elyos and Asmodians. Will I have to delete characters from one side or the other? I mean, I’m willing to do it, I have fond memories from both so that’s going to be a bit sad. Just wanted to clarify how that’s going to work. Sorry if it’s been answered already.

    You won't, they will be in the same server/faction and as long as you have both you won't be able to make any new chars if you have vacant slots.

    In the past they allowed people to transfer their colliding characters into another account but that was when we still had personnel dedicated to Aion, I doubt they will bother doing something similar now.

  9. 9 hours ago, Jagblade-DN said:

    Back in the day (before free to play) my money maker was Adamantium ore something needed for mid tier armor crafts and some of its beloved skins. A stack of 200-300 regular adamantium ore could net me anywhere from 400k-600k sometimes a bit more and sometimes less depending on the market at the time. Either way it was great because I made kinah but I also sincerely enjoyed gathering / mining. When Classic launched I couldn't wait to relive that. I got to level 30 as quickly as I could and grinded up my gathering so I could mine that green gold and sell it to crafters while it was still relevant.

    Imagine my disappointment when I find my beloved ore is virtually worthless because a sea of bots have already dumped immense quantities of it onto the market. I can never sell my stacks taking into account the labor (time I spent gathering at that level) because an entire group of bots worth of mats will just be dumped onto the market at a deep undercut, the time spent is nothing to them because it was all automated.

    I reported the same bots farming the same nodes for around three weeks and nothing was ever done about them. Later on I encounter those same bots farming different nodes in another area.

    NCSoft West is probably too understaffed to deal with these things in a timely manner but their "wait and see" approach to absolutely every complaint and critique the player base brings to them is causing these servers a slow and untimely demise. Launch day showed us how great this could have been, but their slow response time, lack of foresight, and Laissez-faire attitude towards hot button issues has squandered the opportunity.

    AMEN... What I used to do was to check the most expensive materials and go gather them, usually ores were more expensive as they had only 1 gather per node later and they were only near the feet of mountains. Later I would do aethertapping and I would then morph materials by killing enemies etc.

    Of course I can always go slowly gathering, slowly crafting, slowly killing mobs, slowly progressing, and somehow I should "enjoy my game at my pace" as those p2w+bot defenders keep advising me.

    But this is not Diablo where you play yourself, it is an mmorpg where you compete. I can go essencetapping in retail too after all, it is also useless there as much as it is in Classic. I can do Aetherforging a useless material just to "feel I am crafting" as well.

    It is not the action of doing a repetitive thing over and over again I had nostalgia about, it is the fact that I felt a sense of progress while doing those, planning my game play and getting something in return.

    Right now we have f2bot + subscription + p2w. We cannot have all of these and expect it to work for everyone. This is worse than retail where at least I can play for free and not have to give 15$ per month just to sit around feeling useless.

  10. 1 hour ago, Alvie said:

    You don't understand because you don't think like normal people do,  you just want's a word in every thread. Not too many round here with over 4,800 posts are there?

    I read the daeva pass description, it made perfect sense to me, and it's something I won't be buying, a clear case of spending too much for too little. That appeals to some folk, not me. The basic sub will do just fine, don't need more P2W trinkets.

    ...you absolutely totally utterly missed the point again. Nobody cares if you like the daeva pass or not, and nobody here argues on whether the daeva pass is worth it or not.

    These people purchased the daeva pass because they saw it and wanted to buy it AND THEN they changed the rewards... after they paid for it, and the new rewards are much worse than those they were showing while people were purchasing it.

    Jesus! The other person that acted like you stopped entering and all of a sudden you appeared. You seem to be the same stubborn person with a different name. Same antics.

    Do you need a drawing or are you thinking like "normal people do" because 99% of what you write makes no sense to the subject of any thread.

  11. 2 hours ago, Malikai-EK said:

    Then its not stolen then.

    The post clearly explains it all, not sure which part you didn't understand. The guy who made aiondatabase had his work stolen by the guy who was merely having everything under his name.

  12. 36 minutes ago, Alvie said:

    Well, if you had read the description of the product first,  you would have known the contents changes each season. The first season just ended.

    Yeah he did read the description, he even checked the list of items he was purchasing for the new season, once he purchased them... they changed the list afterwards.

    I do not understand most of your posts, these people got scammed, they got a list of things shown to them and once they purchased it that list was changed to much worse items.


  13. 8 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    As you can see, NCsoft is at fault here. Honestly, I'm not bothered by it, so it doesn't really affect me. But I'm trying to see it from the viewpoint of those who purchased based upon the fact that they wanted coins or whatever the case may be. However, they didn't get those items. They deserve to at least have the Quna go back into their inventory to spend on something else. NCsoft isn't losing money this way, and the player can buy something else they want.

    OK it all makes sense now, I thought you purchased the daeva pas meant that you simply got all the rewards instantly.

    And yes I am not even paying for subscription anymore so it defo doesn't affect me the least but there is way we are not teaming with the people that got affected since it is not fair. we should all support each other when unfair things happen otherwise when something wrong happens that affects only me, I would want people to have common sense and support me too.

    They made the wrong rewards, they need to take responsibility. The least they can do is refund the quna spent on it and put them back to the account for future usage and remove the ability to take that daeva pass rewards for this season.

  14. 1 hour ago, Vantheria-DN said:

    You can see what the items are BEFORE  you purchase it. However, in this case, the items that were shown were not the correct items. So people bought the Pass based upon what they saw, but NCsoft had the wrong items showing. NCsoft is completely at fault despite people victim-blaming the players.

    As mentioned above, if I pay someone for a listing that shows an iPhone, but they send me a different type of phone, then that is their fault, not mine.

    So sorry because it still makes little sense, when they purchased the Daeva Pass with the good items shown... didn't the items get into their inventory or something? Or do you buy it but still need to unlock it somehow like the normal one? I am asking because I would never spend a dime on the game that is already decided to die from the publisher itself.

  15. 22 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

    The pass, for what's worth in there, isn't near enough the $30 price tag, and that in itself is a scam. I purchased the first one because I found it only "okay" for the stuff in there, but I was very hesitant to do so. We can already tell what Season 3 and 4 will looks like because of Korea, meaning NCWest has no plans whatsoever to change its contents to cater to their Western playerbase. Don't think I'll be renewing my sub either, seeing how NCWest treats their players as sh*t.

    Exactly, but what is worse is they made people buy it with good advertisement and then they changed the rewards.

    And the daeva pass is a waste of money for most of the people but those willing to pay for it are most likely people who don't mind wasting money in classic, so they can't treat their good supporters like this.

  16. 27 minutes ago, Alvie said:

    The daeva pass is a distraction, unnecessary complexity inspired by the prestige and lubug quests of Aion 7. The old Veteran rewards system was better, more straightforward, you knew what you were getting months in advance..

    The core of the revenue is the subscription and the Quna shop, not the daeva pass.

    Yet the daeva pass costs plenty of Quna and those willing to spend money on Daeva pass are most likely people who pay a lot of money for their necessities anyways with quna. They will be skeptical about buying more Quna to buy anything if they get scammed like this.

  17. 5 hours ago, Easycrow said:

    Hey man one thing you can do in the meantime is this:



    He still needs to be there and keep clicking the macro once it is done, while his mouse can do that while he is away.

    @Rag-DN I doubt opening bundles will be seen as botting even if you do it with a mouse that clicks on itself. If you do use your self-clicking mouse to automate farming or other things it can be a bannable offense most likely.

  18. If anyone purchased the daeva pass before the items changed then they should refund them the Quna so they can use it elsewhere. They did make a mistake obviously and they should have resolved it better if they want the people they scammed to ever spend a dime on their game.

    Now someone explain to me how this daeva pass works, you buy it and somehow you don't get the items until you claim them or something and people bought it and didn't bother getting them until they changed? I have never purchased it and never will obviously, it is just so many people purchased it and then they saw the items changed or something.

  19. 1 hour ago, Frambi said:


    I started an expert quest chain & completed the first quest, let's say I changed my mind & want to become expert in another profession, is it possible? 


    According to this thread there should be an option to relinquish my crafting skill but I simply don't have it.
    Also merge IS & SL please! 


    You can be expert in two professions BUT first you make 1 and you cannot make a 2nd until you take that first one to 499. Once you take it to 499, you can now make a 2nd profession to expert as well via the quest.

  20. On 7/21/2021 at 4:49 PM, Vantheria-DN said:

    Exactly. Tbh I still have a mansion, and I haven't played retail in 4 months. It would be better for my mansion to be taken away so that someone who is actively playing can use it. Will it suck losing my mansion? Yes, of course, but I'm not using it since I'm not playing.

    But to keep your mansion don't you need to log in and pay for the rent otherwise you lose it? If you think it is not fair to keep a mansion you could let it go.

  21. 11 hours ago, Enzo said:

    That's very narrow thinking. The bots are farming regardless of the 1 hour Aura where the majority of their kinah gain is from NPC'ing white/green items. Do bots even directly effect your gameplay? Aside from the LFG spam, the answer is no. The bots aren't the issue. The players buying kinah is the issue. If players stopped purchasing, then bot farms would never invest their time into this. It is unfortunate but bots are here to stay, just like it is in Aion Korea or ANY other mmorpg. And if you think otherwise, then you're delusional.

    As for the p2w, I assume you're referring to candies, is fundamentally no different than someone purchasing kinah from a bot (except money goes to NCSoft instead).

    Now that we cleared up how the two are essentially the same issue (p2w) and that there is no permanent fix for it, we need to address other issues that we actually have control over instead of just whining hence my solution of encouraging casual players to remain on the server and bringing more in.

    I understand ncsoft is a business and makes money off subscriptions so fully f2p won't be happening any time soon. But going a hybrid f2p model like they have now should not make it a chore to play. Subscription is meant to limit frequency of fun endgame and extra content, not prolong the worst part of the game which is grinding mobs to level. Again, keep players on the server.

    Bots and candies do change my game play, vastly. Whatever I do, someone else does it better due to 24/7 botting, whatever drop I have, someone had 20 of them because they have a bot, whatever I gather, someone has 100 times more because of his bots or because he bought candies and he emptied the broker of those mats so eh can craft, whatever kinah I make, someone has 100 times more either by kinah or by candies.

    The game is a social game and it is  a competitive one. I am not playing classic to become a farm bot. When you spend 2~3 hours gathering and crafting you were supposed to have an advantage over the guy who simply went pvping for fun and now is penniless. Instead my 3 hours gathering/crafting are now purchased within a second from someone who paid and he can go back to pvping while I must go back to gathering and crafting because the money I made is nothing compared to those with 30 bots or those that bought 1000 candies.

    If there is p2w at all and/or bots, then casual gaming doesn't exist. And when casual gaming dies... so does the game eventually.

  22. 7 hours ago, Alvie said:

    Oh rubbish, there are more people in Sanctum on Siel atm than the whole of KT. Classic is doing just fine.

    The vast majority did quit, there were times we had to wait to log into the servers because they were full in the first days, a week later and servers were halfway full, Siel is now like 20% full at peaks and Israphel is like 10% or something.

    I mentioned my subscription, it did end and I am not renewing. I do not need it to log in an see the old maps for nostalgia.

    Lastly nobody compared retail to classic. Of course retail is even more dead than before. This is irrelevant to the topic.

  23. I personally prepaid for the 1st month and won't pay for another month for two reasons:
    1) The aura of 1h gives bots free pass to bot and it is evident on the amount of bots
    2) P2w from the company from day 1 made most people leave
    ...you are asking for the game to be free-to-bot friendlier now with a less restrictions.

    The vast majority of players who were lured to try classic are already gone, they can make it 100% f2p for all we care at this point.

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