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  1. 16 hours ago, Spectralknight said:

    After the patch we all get today, my game client gets some weird frezzes. 

    Anyone with similar issue?


    I used to get that in retail too after we got 7.9 second patch and it went away after some time. I would get a freezing for 1~5 seconds and some times I got a shop error too.

  2. 9 hours ago, XRECARD said:

    when using emotion a few times (any emotion) in a row or even once, you can no longer get the NPC target, other plays or artifacts, some area skills to be used, but not even msm to attack an enemy it works, but when you die or change characters it goes back to normal, so guys, be careful when using emotions it's buggy. if it ever happened to you guys comment there, thank you and see you later.


  3. It looks like everything in game still has decimals and they get rounded. When we had some luna materials doubled in some recipes they look like they previously had a decimal which was taken into consideration.

    If you see the weekly lugbug it gives 15x legendary breaths of transformation, I think previously it gave 7, so it must have been 7,5 in number originally so the doubling made it 15. We get these edits and local customization with multipliers so they decimals are omitted  but they are taken into consideration when other multipliers apply.


    Also I think the memory shards that come from the chests are excluded, for example the memory shards that you buy with XP marks from renown NPCs still give the same amount.

    I assume the chest we get from the lugbug is also void of the event multiplier.

  4. 9 hours ago, Farorre said:

    For people saying "It's just copy paste from what was 12 years ago".

    If you just past what was the original 1.5, you'll get the same bug as there were at this time. So you need to take in account every bugs that have been fixed later. Also remember that classic own some 2.7 adjustment, so there's a need to adapt those into 1.5.

    Also, you need to update the code. It was 12yo ago. Aion wasn't an optimized game (if you played during 4.X, remember Prades siege with 2fps), so it needs improvement, and classic is the perfect solution for it. Remember as well that code was running on 32bits OS, not on 64bits, and lots of language did evolved during this time. Crying on staff won't make them work faster, sending tickets will only make them loose time answering you rather than finding real issue.

    It may be true about the 3rd month subscription to get money though, money they could invest to hire more staff :) 

    Nobody needs to update the code for NA, Korea already had the new 1.5 in their classic so the only thing they would need is to implement it here.

  5. This perma rift thing gives cloth users nightmares, as if having the most obnoxious classes that use hide being the utter anti-cloth wasn't enough, now we have to go do the 50 kills while wearing pvp gear because you will die in 2 frames worth of time to someone in hide, with pvp gear on you might die in 3 frames worth of time still better than 2.

    12th anniversary hasn't come yet as far as I am concerned.

  6. 6 hours ago, Forthyn - Asmodaes Pea-k said:

    I've essentially dropped back to only looking at Sunday sieges due to nothing really happening between the servers and Saturday back-to-back sieges take up too much of my time for me to reasonably designate.

    However, due to a Balaur fort on Siel for Miren expect the next update this Friday.

    The world class count for Siel didn't take, and I have left that area blank. Bracketed number is past placeholder.

    If I could make another suggestion to make it less clustered, the first image you could put is a gathering of the important numbers only per server/side/upper or lower abyss.

    Something like this:


    After that you can put the whole image with individual classes etc (because people might still be interested to see how many clerics, tanks, dps classes there were)


    You already do a good job but that tiny addition will simply make it easier for everyone to look at the numbers that matter more to understand balance, attendance and max levels vs population.


    1 hour ago, Ceooek-KT said:

    What healthy server lol? Siel lost over 2k players since it started. And IS is NOT the lightweight server everyone hoped for. And if you read my posts, my uber point is merging would not impact attendance that much. Anyways I'm done with this topic lol. We have too many selfish players that think like NC rather than hearing the outcry of IS players wanting to transfer to siel. 

    Siel is still healthy enough, it peaks at 26%... not that bad for NA with this awful model.

    Current attendance of August and early September means nothing in the long term as well. The amount of total players seems balanced, who says that those non attentive players wont' start attending in a week or so shifting the attendance balance.

    The selfishness comes from those in trouble asking for others to address their problems. Siel people are minding their own business and have no saying on what happens on Israphel, so if you were not selfish you wouldn't have a saying on what happens to Siel server.

    You and everyone are welcome to play on Siel server though, if anyone thinks their time spent on their IS chars is more important than the IS server problems, then they made their decision. If IS's problems are that huge as you paint them nothing would keep you there, at least 2 months worth of playing.

  8. 1 hour ago, Kumquat said:

    They should really make some way to prevent griefing, whether it be a temporary "safe" time after being killed, or make it so that you can only attack players within 3 levels of you unless its during a siege. There are a lot of players out there who simply sit in stealth and wait for an unsuspecting person to come along doing quests, and then attack them for no reason other than to grief them- especially when they know they will only get a ridiculously low amount of AP for the kill. 

    What you are asking here is the Fast Track Server. This was the only way you could enjoy leveling away from PvP. And after some time FTS wouldn't drop much things so bots wouldn't take it over.

  9. 1 hour ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    It can actually be fun when the both sides have comparable forces and the rewards are nice because you can buy daevanion essence with battle coins and sell for 60mil at least which is good for farming kinah. But you need a pre-made because going on sorc without templar and without heals in the group means you will die 2-shot.

    Do they even do premades for EC anymore? I know kamar is good, 12x12, easy to form premades, and if you win you get 10 coins.

    The other instances are giving less.

  10. 46 minutes ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Just make a pre-made alliance from lfg and mention « no afk ». If you apply for a quick entry it is normal to have some people afk.

    I didn't do EC for ages and I entered about 3 weeks ago out of boredom. We ended up winning and the rewards didn't worth it. I will re-enter it if I am bored, but personally I do not stress it. I only replied to the person above that said that EC is still a thing, EC and every pvp instance is made obsolete in 7.x and even so Ec is still an afk cesspool. I even see people who do not seem like alts with quite a lot of HP and shiny gear to be there afk.

  11. 2 hours ago, Amarah-KT said:

    Are people aware that this is still a thing?  Making an alliance for evergale did not allow the instance to open.  Just wanted to try having some fun tonight but got stuck dropping  and joining all the quick entries =(

    You need 24 elyos and 24 asmodians to pop it. The instance sucks big fat time ever since 7.x destruction of pvp came. No pvp instances worth doing anymore. Especially if you lose.

    Last time I entered we still had people afking it... so they can get 2 battle coins when they lose!

  12. 1 hour ago, Larra said:

    Loved the PVE when this game first came out.   A decade on and the PVP in classic is unchanged with grief players still about.  There are way better PVP games out now and way better PVE games.  This game had nostalgic feeling when I first made my character but it is fading fast.  All the old grief of PVP, gold farmers, AP farmers are still a thing a decade on.  Paying a subscription doesn't seem to be worth it if I have to pay even more to win or stand a chance at a fair fight.  I don't have the time to grind out AP for fancy gear. I have a feeling I won't be around too long in this game.  It was nice to visit, but the frustrations just to get a quest done or the pay to win formula gets tedious fast and becomes boring.  What are your thoughts?  How long have you played and do you see any future in this?

    You wouldn't be that bored if it was subscription only. At least not that fast. You are playing a social game where some people are free to bot, others are just subscribed and others can p2w.

    The model made the massive player exodus from the first weeks.

  13. Looks like the load keeps getting lower day by day in servers that aren't even 3 months old yet.



    Siel doesn't seem Asmodian dominated at least by the logs. You can't know who is an actual player and who is a bot but even if you see a lot of Elyos afk crafting in Sanctum, you see a ton of Asmodians doing the same in Pandemonium.
    Israphel is Elyos dominated by the logs, merging the two servers will break the balance of SL and give Elyos a slight advantage overall.

    There is obviously a difference in level 50s in Siel but that can change in future, that is Classic where people need time to reach level 50 and time to gear  themselves. Also you can't be sure how many of the level 50s are bots or actual players either, the count goes both ways. If we take the numbers just as they are, then Siel Server is sharply at 50%-50%

    People in Abyss and Total World Count can be interpreted as "actual players vs bots" or "attendance vs non attendance". People can always cherry pick whatever serves their narrative.



    Taken from this last post as of today:


  14. 3 hours ago, xXtinaXx said:

    just wanna update you man, i did submit a ticket and requested them but...

    "Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide assistance in this case since we do not provide the services of exchanging items for another type. You may check the full details of the Token-based Restoration Policy here: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035447472

    Thank you for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any other questions.


    GM Son
    NCSOFT Support Team"

    that's their reply.

    That utterly sucks. You wasted so many stigma enchants without knowing the mechanics.

    Why did they give you enchantable stigmas if they are not upgradeable int he first place then.

  15. 12 minutes ago, Aaabatery said:

    IMHO they are just making the situation worst to sell transfers and one or two months after everybody payed they'll merge the servers.

    Did they open transfers? I doubt, if they did IS would have closed yesterday!

    Nobody refunded me my 20$ that I prepaid before the servers went live when they were promising us subscription only and no p2w, which they lied blatantly. I played only 1 week of my subscription the other 3 I went offline.

    This taught me a lesson to never trust a single thing they promise and never pay upfront on anything they choose to mis-advertise in future. It is not the 20$ itself, I have spent more money in more stupid things, it is they promised me 20$ worth of sweets and they delivered a bag of sh!.t and all while expecting me to re-buy their bags of the same fecal matter probably wondering why people stopped playing.


    Anyways, they won't merge the servers unless the population drops too low. I doubt they will merge the servers because 10 people requested it in the forums. Retail has been going downhills since forever and people asked for a merge numerous times, they only did it when DN became a ghost server.

  16. 55 minutes ago, Wsnow said:

    TBH everyone knew to go to Siels as that's where everyone said they would go, players really only started to go IS when they stopped players making on Siels, sorry but NC should have seen what was going on way before they locked servers. 

    even EU players was going Siels I did not hear one person or players say go IS and that was before you could even make a char.

    But I remember a lot of people snobbing Siel, saying they would play on IS because they thought it was going to be a role playing utopia with no bs gamers because of the less population and somehow the player base was going to be the foam of the gaming community that would refrain from drama and would play with chivalry and fairness. They did it "in abduction" method, where they were sure competitive people would choose Siel so the good fairytale people would naturally go to IS.

    Meanwhile, less populated servers always tend to be the least friendly and the most picky due to lack of players willing to team with strangers.

  17. 1 hour ago, Wsnow said:

    not going to happen don't even think EU will get classic

    Don't reply to FictionGirl with reason. "Force everyone to play classic"... this is where you should understand this person is trolling. I cannot believe anyone with more than 2 brain cells would make such a post seriously.

    Force me to play on classic? Like how... at gun point?

    If there is no Retail Aion for me there is no Aion at all, I won't play classic if this is the only option left.

  18. 32 minutes ago, Aaabatery said:

    People don't understand. It's more complex than "reroll SI asap". After two months You have one or two 50 characters, a bunch of level 30+ characters, Daevanion set, some maxed expert  crafts, master essence and aether tapping, AP stigmas, some AP gear... It's a lot of effort to just leave behind. And no, this is not a player's problem: it's NCW problem.

    They could have made the 1:1.2 rule from start. That would prevent both servers from having one dominant faction and would force population on both servers. This happened in 2009, it's nothing new, so yeah I blame NCW on this.

    You can't force population on any server, if people couldn't play on the server they chose they simply wouldn't play. I had friends in Siel, this is where I started, if they forced me to play on IS I wouldn't play a single day (of course we all quit around 3rd~5th week and none of my friends play there anymore).

    The problem is the model, the vast majority of people quit once they found out that you cannot blend "subscription + free to bot + p2w" and try to make everyone happy. This made the already less populated IS server's issue exponentially higher.


    If you have 2x level 50 chars on IS... you could have had 1x 50 on IS and 1x on SL. In 1 year from now you will wish you quit the IS server while you only played for 2 months. The more you stay on IS, the more you will regret it.

  19. 9 hours ago, Merrixx said:

    Re-rolling would take so much time nobody will do that 

    This is what people were saying from the first weeks, they preferred to waste more time on IS that rerolling as early as possible.

    I expect people 1 year from now, still playing on IS and still asking for a merge.

    13 hours ago, Crush said:

    People on retail begged for a very long time until the last two servers were merged. If people on IS want to play on a server with Siel's population I suggest that they reroll now.

    And we never got the merge until DN became a dessert and Classic was released. Even if we didn't beg for it, the merge would have occurred at that specific time because of population.

  20. When the two first free to play weeks ended it became an obvious thing on how empty IS is in the Asmodian side.

    Many people told IS-A players to go to Siel but IS-A players were stubborn about the fact they played for 2~3 weeks and they didn't want to quit their "progress".
    We told them if they didn't do it as early as possible it will be much harder later if they invest months in their chars and have to either quit or start over in Siel.


    They do not merge servers to facilitate the players and give them a better enjoyment of the game, this never happened.

    The only way they will merge the servers is if enough people quit IS and it becomes too costly to keep up a server that brings in no revenue.

    BUT  the thing is that IS server is populated enough because of elyos, and those meet the number+money quotas for IS to look populated overall.


    This might sound insensitive but whoever still plays in IS server is happy with the situtation, otherwise they would have immigrated already many weeks ago.

  21. 20 minutes ago, xXtinaXx said:

    thank you so much, i'll gladly take your advice😇
    by the way, what request should i open to them is it "report a bug" or "restoration request"?

    I'd go with restoration, they might even use tokens for that but it doesn't matter. If you get the stigmas done it will worth it.

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