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  1. It would be better if they said it will be given "this week" instead of saying March 24th. They need to cut themselves some slack for these cases so people won't be pissed on them and they won't appear as if they are never keeping their promise.
  2. Yes, the GPU's power is not the issue when the drivers are incompatible. I'll download it now just in case i need it. Aion never needed a relaunch in 6.0, they should have simply upgraded the engine like they did with their other titles.
  3. hm... weird I have the latest and I can play, maybe because I have a beast GPU so it can take the extra load with no effort. I might downgrade to those ones and see for myself, you never know it might be even better.
  4. I was in your feet for quite some time, I was always getting books I already had. At some point I had hoarded a ton of them and was like "lets try again", and out of nowhere I got both of them back to back with 2 more tries. Now of course making them +15 is nearly impossible because after +10 it gets insanely low chance to succeed, I forgot how many ones I wasted, I think it took me more than 15 tries to go from +10 to +11!!!
  5. It is game changing to have the morphing recipes back. It would be better if they are upgraded to the new materials so we do not have to morph new mats to old mats.
  6. Why is this buffoon still here? Enjoy your auto pilot class, enjoy buying your way to success, you were never good and never will be. I am a 100% free to play gamer and reached governor status when I bothered to be active. Nobody cares about your existence. That is actualy someone born with a tiny brain paying for his success thinking he has a reason to exist.
  7. Thanks, I have 2 weeks left to try on my main, I won't be doing any other chars since this seems impossible to get even though the weapons are brokerable. The problem is when an event is pure RNG sieved. Some people got it the 1st try, they got a 110$ worth of reward the first ever try, others got all 3 weapons easily. I got 0. This is what RNG does. The right thing would have been to have a way to give more materials and have a secure way of getting the weapon of choice. Those who want to gamble can gamble, those that want the safe route should have one. So far I feel like a 2n
  8. Thanks, I missed that. Not that it makes a difference to me, I am playing less and less everyday with all the changes. I used to afk alts in luna and got me lunas for my main, while I was working on my other pc. I got used to it and once every half an hour i would check them. I haven't made a single kinah since the change. I am running out of money and lunas at the moment, there is no way you can play the game without kinah or lunas.
  9. If you see lugbug gives you two hourglasses, one for free and one when you finish a lugbug daily. The free is 120 minutes, the other one is 60 minutes. You can also buy additional hourglasses with xp marks from renown npcs of Katalam, Lakrum and Demaha, they sell a 60 minute hourglass inside a pouch for 1 xp mark, and you can buy 2x per week.
  10. This hourglass counts down when you are on a shared map, when you are on the normal maps (or instances) it doesn't wear off. And of course it doesn't wear off while you are logged out. It wears off in Lakrum, Demaha and Katalam, it doesn't wear off in all other maps including Timeless Terrace. Also if you enter an instance in a shared map (like Lakrum->Herelym Mine) while you are in there, it doesn't wear off too. When you claim the hourglass from lugbug it starts counting down on itself, if you do not use it within 2 hours, it will simply vanish. To use it you need to have enough room
  11. What are the specs: GPU=? RAM=? CPU=? if you go to task manager and you see a resource being too high then you got your issue, if you see your CPU/GPU/RAM very low then it is something else. For example in my case running one client on my beast pc is at 1~2%CPU, like 3~4% RAM (I have 64GB, I'll put more because of my work, so it will get even less), and my GPU is also very low depending on where I am, usually less than 5% in full screen in a place with a lot of players. So my stuttering was because of Nvidia Control Panel.
  12. My 10th attempt on my main by the lugbug, another fail obviously, so far 10/10 fails
  13. Well I did try 9 times so far and I will try 4 more times by doing lugbug on my main, so if at 13 times it doesn't give a weapon, it is what it is. when are they giving the ultimate contracts? Is it next maintenance?
  14. The fps drop cannot really be a ping issue, if you are lagging you should simply not be able to move or have huge delays and rubberbanding, your client should still be high in fps just low in response to your input. This has to be something from your pc. If you have Nvidia graphic card and you have nvidia control panel then uninstall it (keep the drivers of course, and keep geforcenow if you want). Nvidia control panel is supposed to make your games "look" better while performing better... it fails in both of these aspects and the fact they named it "control panel" makes people think it i
  15. Was it mentioned anywhere when we are getting the ultimate promotion rewards? Is it next maintenance?
  16. I tired these with enchants too. The issue I have is if 9 tries = 9 fails what tells me I wont fail another 9 times trying with alts. If I got at least 1 I would have known, 9 tries could possibly be 1 weapon, right now for me the chances are 0%. anyway this is 100% gambling, there is no effort-driven reward system. Some people will post their success with 1 try, others will say they tried 20 times and failed. So it is what it is, pure gambling and nothing else.
  17. So you need all three weapons to get the spellbooks. No wonder people quit this lame called game. How the hell are normal players supposed to compete with p2w ones?
  18. Because mobiles as you said are readily available and rather cheap but most importantly portable. Those games are also made for mobiles hence they do not have the best graphics nor does anyone expect them to run at 4k 120fps. The newest generation is used to touch screen games, they cannot differentiate so much the games when it comes to input. Their first gaming experience is probably on tablets or the old smartphone of their parents so they are kinda used to them. I've played Unicorn Attack on my mobile and it needs 2 inputs, the jump and the dash. I can't play anything else, i am
  19. The exact same day all our camps in Gelkmaros were killed by elyos that came to our side. Yes this 2 hour waiting is stupid design. They need to remove it from the mechanics.
  20. What about that quest that gives you the 2 spellbooks? You need 3 pieces but that quest gives you 1 piece of each. Do you need all 3 weapons to finish the SB?
  21. As much as this event failed me, I think people might wanna have the clean image of the background. Something mystical about the way they made the face and the colours. Click it on its own video to see full size.
  22. Of course you never play an mmorpg on mobile with touch screen. Even on keyboard the amount of skills is insanely too many to use them all by keyboard and we have to click some skills. Touch screen is made for arcade games at best or non real time action games, like candy crush where you can take your time figuring the next move.
  23. The solution is right there in their hands, all they have to do is re-implement the things they already implemented in the past and don't hurt having them. Anything about cosmetics, crafting, housing etc should simply be added. And then they should see how to make the game feel like having progress without sieving everything through rng. 7.x is p2w exclusive, even events revolve around it and apparently they make money so they think it is a success, they don't understand that when the normal players quit the game the elite p2w will simply have nobody to play with and thus the game dies wi
  24. Go to the aion folder and you should see a 32bit and 64bit folder, are they both there? If yes, delete the 32bit and run the game again.
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