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  1. True, no matter the amount of effort it requires, the flower event can literally make him promotion-ready super fast But he asked for an event now so if he is not ready in 4 months from now, he is not ready now either.
  2. Yes but imagine the present day "old dedicated players" played for at least 2 years without a promotion to begin with (since 6.2 launched in NA up to 1st promotion event). People have given thousands of $$ to gamble on getting one and most failed and now it is "handed" with just 12 consumed. There was a time that getting a legendary was a reason to celebrate. Not to mention that we have a ton of ways of getting legendaries now 100% free and secure as long as you stick around long enough to accumulate them. Ultimate transform can never be an issue again as long as we get a promot
  3. Obviously getting as many unlocked is the best thing. The only sure way to be able to do it is if you have 12x doubles, this way even if you get any new ones you still have the 12 you need to consume. The 7 I mentioned was the best case scenario.
  4. I'd be damned if I had to sit for days jsut to get one more old 10-type legendary transform. Just no interested in it. I have geared my alts and a few more accounts slowly since SAS is out and I can run SAS in multiple accounts and do s-rank easily. It is 100 times faster to do that than go flower hunting.
  5. I stopped supporting the game the last year or so since the game was going towards insane p2w and ebcause of the new imbalanced class etc. But I was never p2w myself. I merely got prestige and usually from broker (which was still money on their pockets). But I have a good friend who used to spend a ton of money and she refuses to buy anything. she is hibernating just like me after this paragon issue (which is also a rune issue and a gemstone issue and a yornforged issue). She could barely make a decent game by paying a ton of money and she can't go around being a training dummy for c
  6. YEP, forgot that one for now, you can pretty much get up to 12 legendaries per week because flowers are account wh storable so you can buy the legendary transform with every alt of yours. I forgot about it because I am not participating in it at all (I haven't even done the first pre-requisitive quest with those 3 items 5x each). I could still edit my above post so I added it there with a mention to you.
  7. But what would this do? If you seek to get posts deleted then GMs and Admins don't even bother with those unless many people report them. So it works already. If you need "communication" a forum moderator that is a player is as good as a cow in communication. What will the player know more than you and me just because he/she has a "moderator" status? If we ask for information we ask for someone that works for the company. Making a player a moderator would only bring him/her more hustle because people will assume they know something we don't, or have direct access to GMs and Admins.
  8. We have them every 6 months, to do it you need to "use" 12 legendary transforms and not earn an ultimate in the process. In the best case scenario you can do it with just 7 doubles if you combine 2x at a time, because for every 2 you "consume" you get 1 back and if that one is again a double it means you can use that for another consume. My advice to you is to keep trying o farm legendary transforms a a priority and end up with a lot of doubles. Lugbug weekly Current Garden of Growth gives event coins and if you haven't gotten the 9800 coin legendary transform, you can get it
  9. Did I ask for a rollback? i said about a revamp in a future update. People have worked hard to get the good godstones too and in 6.0 they were impossible to use in new weapons. We worked hard for our 5.8 items to get them past +25, we worked to have professions, craft difficult items etc, all gone in 6.0 These new items brought in 7.+ are what brought the whole injustice and the cheats here are based on them. But in reality it is not the items I find wrong, but the way they are implemented. You cannot earn anything by working, you constantly gamble on what you get. All of these items
  10. I was told it is not only paragons but gemstones and runestones as well. They need a new revamp of the game again and turn all the 7.x items useless and we should start over. Literally nothing good ever came out of this patch with all the exclusive op items that only a few managed to get And how is it not a GM abusing? If it is not then this is more serious, if this is an ingame bug then the same person will repeat the same thing over and over again with another account. You cannot ban a real person, you only ban his account.
  11. Exactly, because everything else looks like a coverup
  12. They will remove the weapons so we cannot inspect them. We need GMs to look up on log files not some ingame /inspect action.
  13. Siel is the server we all play, katalam is a skin they put in Siel.
  14. Gear in 6.x was available to everyone, even better at 6.5 they fixed the enchant rates and everyone could get their end game stuff by simply getting the encient and upgrading it to the ultimate. If you played in 6.x you simply ended up with the exact same pvp gear that the whales were playing. There was no exclusive gear to anyone, everyone hit the exact same ceiling and there was nobody relying on gear to win. Unless you misspelled 7.x where all the extras came with extra slots, extra weird items, runes, gemstones, different tiers, different effects, extra skills, enchanted vs non e
  15. A person with 4 post count came here to tell us that the issue is over, everyone got banned, babies are happy, butterflies are flying again and and we should all stop addressing the paragon issue. I am like:
  16. Exactly, you need it to be like +8 or more to make it worth it. Yes if they refunded the kinah it would be ok, but if I saw the logs in the broker purchase and a +15 paragon was traded for 1B that is defo real money involved. A +15 paragon should go for at least 20B to be regarded a legit broker purchase. That weapon is so OP you practically do not need to know how to play any char, you hit 1~2 buttons and you always win.
  17. I recently made my browsers not keep any cookies or history and the truth is that with chrome i see it less and less. But with mozilla it keeps coming back a few times.
  18. Then the quest seems bugged. Housing is turned kinda obsolete other than for the aesthetics (and the passive buff bigger houses give). I didn't even know there are still quests attached to housing.
  19. After the late problem with paragon items enchanted to +10 ~ +15 and the non existent support... we should be happy if we still have 1 server left by the time we get 8.0. Give it some time, if people who are pissed at the paragon thing and the stormwing orb transfer thing, stop supporting the game or even worse quit, we will have to see one last merge before the final fall of Aion. At this point a final merge would be the only solution to the numbers we have.
  20. This item was made to create injustice. I cannot imagine the designers saw what they did and said "yep, that sounds good for the game". it is not just the chance to enchant which is near nothing, but mostly the fact it breaks too. You would need a lifetime to even try to make it +5 and it would be useless next to existing gear unless it was done +7 or more. The only reason why we got paragon is because of Tiamaranta event which gave a ton of the items. Enchants for it are also super slow to get, trying to get a blessed enchant (that only deters it from breaking but still goes -1 at fail)
  21. Now a legit question, I assume people who made paragons sold some in broker for kinah. If I saw (lets say) a paragon orb/SB +10 or even better +15 for like 10B (just saying again), I would have bought it myself. Someone who buys something from broker legit, doesn't require to know how this item ended up there. Then imagine one day NCWest finds out that these items were made with a hack and they decide to remove them, the person who legit purchased the weapon is now screwed pretty well. Of course if someone buys a paragon with real money the trade is still done via broker, but imagine some
  22. Sorry but this is not a way to make a video to expose the company. That music is cancer. A friend of mine saw the video and didn't understand what happened, I explained to him that the p2w vandal died in 2 shots from that gladiator because he wears apparently OP gear that is impossible to get.
  23. It would still be too weird that somehow so many people now have paragon +10 though, even if this was just a visual glitch. Some people have +15 or advertise they sell paragon +15 which indicates there is something going on. Gear that can be infinitely enchanted (like we had in 5.8) or super hard to get items that have insanely low chance to get enchanted shouldn't even exist. Because the legit people will never get them, some people might spend a ton of money thinking it is a good way to progress and most likely fail due to low chances while wasting real money,and then you have abu
  24. He was clearly sarcastic. If there are any +15 paragons they are done by abuse. no way you can have a +15 paragon, even +10 are too hard to make but a +15 is out of question.
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