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  1. I didn't get 70k dmg myself but I sure got enough to have like 1/3 of my HP bar go down in 1 hit while I was perma-disabled and 2~3 more hits later I was dead... and it wasn't from another "dps class" it usually is an ex-tank or hybrid. Whoever thought that having templars hitting like they are vandals on steroids, is a good mechanic is an idiot. I used to be told I am a "cc" class, yeah tel that to all those paralyzing classes, or pulling classes, or perma-stun classes and knockdown classes, now that is what I call a true CC.
  2. The final nail has been long time ago with class imbalance, everything else is just small talk. Tanks hit harder than ex-dps classes and they have the survivability of a world boss. And I say ex-dps because you are no longer a dps class when your enemy takes no damage from you but you take 10.000~20.000 dmg per skill they do to you.
  3. Technically most bots that did luna were on level 10 gear, so they might need some time to adjust.
  4. And it is not that things fail, it is that they are dead expensive in BCM and they fails.
  5. So much wrath and sarcasm on this thread, I am loving it. After all those changes in the game, the forums have been on fire, finally entertaining.
  6. I like how based Ferk is He is the "I told ya" friend we hate to have. He takes no shit from anyone 🤣.
  7. I also keep pouches with many options, but that luna one was a one thing. Anyways I was only curious, looks like it was a habit for people to keep things unopened.
  8. What was the reason for not opening them when luna was over? No shade, just asking why would people keep them in pouches, it is not like you save space, you already must have had other mats opened already. The reason I am asking is because so many people came here to say the same thing, it makes no sense to keep them as pouches and open them later. What was the incentive for keeping them closed?
  9. Yes it is true the end plants when they become farmable at 10:00 they also seem to drop one coins each, this is why we get more coins than the dukaki mobs
  10. I got 100% 1x coin on dukaki swindler and 0 coins on the other mobs.
  11. I played WoW a lot, before I tried Aion (I went from L2 -> WoW -> Aion), but I got bored quite fast and the graphics were a big turn off. After some time all mmorpgs feel just repetitive farming games and WoW back then lacked sieges which I was used from L2. Of course I enjoyed the gathering, selling on broker, the crafts, the professions etc. I initially played a gnome mage because everyone said they had the best stats for a mage but then I started a blood elf when they were implemented, my best friend did a Draenei (or whatever they are spelled). That was when we separated and it
  12. Luna was initially supposed to be an event, it originated in Russian servers where it was first implemented. Then they brought it to us and EU/Korea got it on 6.0. There was another event that had the same map but we never got it, EU got that one. The issue is that this is a permanent "event" like Abyssal Splinter so after some times it becomes repetitive and time consuming especially when the rewards are the best in the game and everyone wants to do it with 1000 alts. The event of luna map had "good old days" because it had a reason, you had to try to get S-rank, not afk it and
  13. The problem is that they have the IPs blocked and you have to get around this issue with a VPN. Other than that the Russian server at least has more fun. It would serve me good since I am from Europe.
  14. They want to make it hard and sell you the things you miss, they didn't think people would get creative and exploit the loop holes. So they are patching their million-hole game, one hole at a time. We got the most brutal change for kinah recipes than any other region. In EU they doubled the materials needed for the recipes and they are ten times more effective at banning bots for luna, our team doesn't have time to keep checking for luna bots, so they did it harder and it might be easier for them to find bots when people see weird behavior in open field and report characters. But I a
  15. This has to be in the off-topic section though. And yes, when Aion turns fully auto-hunt mode we need to start playing something else while our char grinds passively.
  16. Imagine if Luna daily went back to the good old days where to get S-rank you needed to have both fences up, losing one fence was A-rank and losing both fences was B-rank (in which you wouldn't get Luna's Light) and keeping up even the first fence was a tough job that only a few with a good godstone could do. People would still complain that "iT wAs AfK AnD NoW I hAvE tO mAnUaLlY KiLl MoBs". We can all agree that the "sure S-rank afk luna" babysit everyone for 2 whole years and people need to learn how to walk again.
  17. You apparently still get the pouch from luna daily, it has everything except luna materials. I haven;t done luna yesterday after the fix but people said the pouch still drops, but has only the other mats.
  18. So luna daily still drops the pouch, it is just empty of materials for crafting luna recipes. I thought they would have totally removed the pouch from there. They didn't say they will keep the pouch but make it empty, so they could have told people "use your pouches now". I never thought there were people that were keeping the pouches unopened, they take one more slot this way.
  19. Don't "seriously" me man, the difference is there because this is what you asked. Their only aim is to make it easier for them to simply ban a bot account if they find it and make it harder for non legit kinah farmers to do it as easy as before. Will they succeed, hell no, they are too lazy to check all bot accounts. Will it hurt real players... of course it will, whatever people can do, bots can do better and the difference is bots don't get bored or sick of doing repetitive things. Also any legit person that was doing luna afk with 2~3 or 5 accounts won't be able to do it now. That is w
  20. Yes they have been coming to Gelkmaros back to back to kill the camps, some Asmodians opened a rift and went there to do the same for revenge. Some times people love to be obnoxious for no reason.
  21. I am so totally impatient, I would have never been able to wait to open the pouches, but I understand people's frustration. That move was defo not necessary, after all you didn't have to change the pouch ID at all. Now I know for sure that the s-rank pouches you gave us during the week that luna was down were indeed different because I was getting better rewards from those than from actual luna. Anyway, the old pouch is no longer dropping in luna so keeping the materials in them wouldn't hurt anyone, people would simply be told those pouches would be deleted.
  22. You cannot open those or when you open them they are empty?
  23. Of course they did, this is the whole plan to stop bots from doing luna. But hey double noobed. Lets see if they removed it now.
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