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  1. Well my comment was full of sarcasm and it was obvious in the last section where he "needs to burn on the stick for the salvation of humanity". I said this because people who judge pretty hard others that got banned, are those that hack as well and are the first to point fingers. I have no problem with him, at this point it doesn't matter what he did back then.
  2. I was referring to 7.9. Twinking is not a hack, but kinda like abusing the game mechanics in order to create a situation that favors you without losing anything if you die. Twinks kill their level range easily due to outgearing them, and if a high level comes to kill them off they do not lose AP. But that is not a hack, it is taking advantage of mechanics. I sure do not like twinks myself, it is the pvpers with micropenis, kill the easy pray.
  3. Because you seemed like coming after me and continuously replying to something that was a reply to someone else who made a suggestion that didn't make sense. I tried to explain and you kept coming back and making assumptions about me trying to make me look like I contradict myself. The "generous" thing was a reply to that person who wanted more f2p and his suggestion was to give full f2p until level 9 and then require subscription which made no sense and I told him that the current situation with the 1h per day is more generous than the thing he suggested for more f2p friendliness because
  4. Lets hope we get even more then. And yeah, they could have a totally f2p server for those that can't, but they would probably also have p2w there.
  5. I replied to "how do you level". XP is still earned, half from mobs and full from quests.
  6. I'll defo get me one at some point. I have been slacking all these years lol. My right hand's thumb could literally click a gazillion buttons on the left side of the mouse. I have remove shock and healing potion at the moment in those 2 buttons.
  7. ...you are not pro unless you click even the main number hotkeys!!! Just kidding, I have a mouse with like 2 side buttons, two normal on top and the wheel that also has a click. I am regarding getting a multi button mouse for Aion eventually. So many skills and so few fingers to click on them. Also I never understood how do people click alt+any key. Shoft and ctrl are easily clicked with the pinky.
  8. ...blaming your loss to ping, tsk tsk tsk, that is so "classic Aion". You better join. 😁
  9. This photo with the big carcass looks like the bots are feasting on it. You get half the XP not 0 XP, you get 0 kinah drops from mobs and only white drops. Questing is not affected, you get full Xp and rewards.
  10. Imagine if this was their goal... someone coming in mid August and wants to play "yall need to wait till September 1st to start playing so as not to ruin the flow" 😆 Subscription is 30 days, not a calendar month worth of days.
  11. Try with your mobile phone, it worked for most people. Strangely mobile browsers get less of a hustle since they are lighter so the weird additional protection they place on actual pc browsers aren't necessarily there (lighter cookies, lighter addons, lighters necessities to launch the site etc) These seem irrelevant, I have freshly installed 2 browsers for this reason to know that I have nothing weird on them. ~~ @Nalariel-KT this thread is for known issues and bugs. I understand the things you mentioned but Class/Race imbalance is not a bug. I sure can ruin a game but it is ir
  12. Exactly, plus EU has the mmorpg gaming countries, Poland, Hellas, ex-USSR slavic countries play a lot of mmorpgs. In Lineage II my country had a server almost exclusively populated by Hellenes. This is why EU has far more players and servers. Russians themselves are so mmorpg addicted they have their own servers. Also NA servers are mostly populated due to South Americans which aren't getting addressed in Classic due to the subscription being kinda expensive for them.
  13. Yes that sounds sketchy on their part, a friend of mine has been playing every day and still got the "you have to be logged in the past 30 days to post on forums". So this seems to be some sport of security part coded wrongly.
  14. I have spoken to many people who paid a ton to get geared with niche items and they won't go to classic. They haven't spent thousands in that game only to quit it and go to a game that has no p2w and they would be equals to everyone.
  15. They could have had a different server for different time zone. I am more than sure the EU-zone servers would be more populated.
  16. I doubt we will have enough people for 3 servers, and if we do it will be great. But we already have 2 servers, they could make one server fully subscription and one with the way they actually will make the servers This is suggestion No4 in the poll. People who are willing to pay that 15$ per month should have a server dedicated to them. Catering to both subscription and f2p is pretty much not catering to any of the two.
  17. I will stop replying to you because you do get fragments of conversations and replies to other people, but I'll do it one last time. The "generous" thing was a reply for a person asking for more f2p but then proposing to the same post to allow free to play until level 9 which made no sense. I told him that if he thinks that free to play is good until level 9 then NCSoft is already more generous allowing for the f2p to exist for 1 hour every day unrestricted. This is the post of the reply: ...nobody assumed anything, stop putting words into our mouths, adding more words or removin
  18. Full subscription would mean far far less bots, 1h free = a million bots available for free. We have explained this multiple times. For someone to have 10 bot accounts with subscription that is 150$ per month on day 1, if they end up losing the account because of reports before they even manage to make enough kinah to compensate then they just wasted a ton of money and they will think twice to invest again. They also just handed the company 150$. 1h free to play means you can instantly have 1000 accounts, no need to spend a single dime. You lose an account... nothing lost other than
  19. I have been against the 1 free hour since the beginning because i know for fact it won't be f2p friendly at all but it will be bot friendly. You haven't read whole posts about that issue so you assume I am for it, not my fault. And yes my survey is my survey, if they told us classic would be f2p I would have been "bye" before it even launched and most people would also do the same. If they turn it into p2w we will all be leaving and it will die once again. If I am going to play a version with awful speed, c.speed and attack speed and on top of that have p2w heroes then what is the po
  20. I remember it was in Katalam map when we had the blood mark gear.
  21. Yes it was later on, you had to be a specific rank to wear those and apparently we will never get those.
  22. In pvp you get a restriction on how much AP you can get in a period of time. You lose AP when you die in pvp, Krotan guards won't kill you and if they do you won't lose 4k AP since it wasn't pvp, imagine doing pvp to kill a rank 1 that will give you 400 AP and then end up dying and losing 4k AP in the process because his buddy showed up and they beat you together. Additionally a higher rank loses more AP when he dies, than the AP you get from him dying to you. So it means in pvp there is an AP sink overall. If a 5 star player A kills a 5 star player B, and then player B kills player A..
  23. This is partially true. I know when we got the perma ranks removed and got the monthly reset a ton of people complained, it was then when the exact opposite people got the ranks. I did play back on those AP days, I knew a lot of people that would wait when Tiamaranta eye would be safe zone and would play until the next day. When pvpers want to get a rank they will either have to quit pvp or just drop in rank. So no matter how much they want either of them, they can't have both. I know I sure made fun of all of them with memes back in 6.5 and then I ended up being the governor for a f
  24. On a second thought though, high ranks will be pve heroes aka not as pvp oriented as now. You won't have perma geared people running around with an OP transform killing everyone. So maybe an AP ranking system that favors pvers is the best thing for every day life, not so much for sieges.
  25. Mark my words, we are repeating history (not that I care too much for this), the AP system is not a pvp ranking system but a pve one. You do not even need PvP gear to be high in ranks. Not only you do not need to be in a siege to be a high rank, you must actually avoid going. High ranks get marked 1 and everyone attacks them. You could lose a ton of AP by going there and you could barely earn any if you do not die. PvP will never award nearly as much AP as pve does.
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