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  1. Let make a comparison in how bot-friendly this is then: Previously: * Make a fresh new account * Level 12 toons to level 10 in a couple of hours (probably fully afk since we are talking about bots) * That's it, you can start kinah farming by afking 12x naked 10lvl toons in the most bot friendly instance. * Keep the toons near a warehouse to be able to deposit the kinah so one char can have them all, or have them all near broker to instantly be able to buy things when you trade kinah (to your main or to illegally sale to others). * In case the account get banned for afk lun
  2. Well this is their goal, they wanted people not to be able to do it on alts and make it less bot friendly so ungeared level 10 toons cannot simply start faming kinah boxes.
  3. I just did luna daily and yes we got the pouch. So they better fix this before they mess it more.
  4. Now for a compensation we need 1 month worth of luna pouches!!! #reparations
  5. I was going to comment the same, the pouch cannot be opened
  6. The bad design is that we can hardly progress in any way and then an event comes and gives us everything for free. This is what happened to daevanions, ultimate transforms, stigmas, paragons etc.
  7. Wow didn't know they were actually reading posts. Thanks for adding event coins too. Lets hope every mobs drops 1 event coin ALWAYS! As for the rest, lets see how this open world luna pouch will go. Theoretically it is better, easier and faster for us, but that open world part is where I am skeptic about.
  8. The true RNG is supposed to come from human input, and in this case it is the randomness of the time the human clicked. But if the algorithm is very simple or just badly implemented, some results are favored. We had a whole course of "random number generation" (RNG) in the university and one of the things that was mentioned to us is that usually RNG algorithms tend to shift from looking like real random numbers and favor some results and thus are prone to cracking of the algorithm and risking security (especially when they are implemented in lucky digital lottery games where total randomn
  9. You mean if the enemy is already losing then doing a dc helps not losing more points by more deaths, right? Because if someone is winning, then doing a dc to keep the points is like a sure loss. I do not know the exact math on the times but being offline in arena is very punishing.
  10. We do not have downgrades so the percentages here are off. Example, using 2x legendaries was 2,75% to go higher, 67,25% to stay the same and 30% to go lower. For us, the "go lower" chance is added to the "stay the same" percentage, so using 2x legendaries, you have 2.75% chance to go higher and 97,25% to stay the same.
  11. It would be great if we could either mount more than 50.000 shards or somehow auto mount more when the ones we have get depleted, like have shards waiting in our inventory and they get auto mounted when our shards are gone. I always keep 1000 bags on my char ready to be opened because if my shards end when GST is not reachable I am in bad situation, but also 1000 bags = 1 million shards in one slot so that is an effective way of having a lot and not have to restock every time I might have to use some bags. Also as I said, mounting more than 50.000 would help as well.
  12. It is also the classes, there is 0 balance, some classes are like world bosses and some are not. You said "cast a spell", if you are a sorcerer don't accuse anything other than our class, our class is literally one they need to either revamp or completely delete from the game, we are a pre 6.0 class and we never got upgraded to 6.0+ There are also a ton of other things many people have gotten that make them even more powerful like imbued weapons, lunar weapons etc. You can't just get end game gear and start pvping, you have to get into the special items that might not even be available at
  13. I had a green and I wanted a red, and reset the thing and kept getting a green 4 times in a row, eventually I got a blessed green so I kept it for future which I now use. Gemstone/Runestone slot reset is not working with any randomness, it is guarantee you will get the exact same colour at least 10 times before you get a new colour, it is as if items have a predetermined attribute to them and that attribute is having the biggest chance to happen. I am more than sure that this is their design of the game, developers are selling reset stones and people think they work, eventually when you g
  14. Don't you get less points for less time being online there?
  15. That wouldn't be bad. We should all be happy this way, it will be faster for us to do out luna pouch every day this way so people wouldn't about this.
  16. The problem with everyone hitting like an elite boss though is that some classes can survive a burst attack better than others. so the defensive classes can stand more chances. plus some classes have effective defensive shield that negate most damage taken while they still hit like elite bosses because of the stats you explained. Right now the supposed "non dps classes" are those that are the best for pvp because they have their class' defensive abilities plus the insane stats that make every class a nuclear dps. This is why Templars, Gladiators, Clerics and AT are so op, and of cour
  17. They need to make it a league kill count so 192 people can get credit for 1 mob dead
  18. There were times in the past an account would get blocked for IP reasons and security. I think they removed that because a lot of people got that. There was a message like "your account has been locked due to suspicious activity" which 99% of the time ended in the account given back with an apology. Not sure about your friends' case of course.
  19. I agree with everything but the only problem is "open area grinding". Which means that bots will be in every corner of the map now, adding to this auto hunt function we will get, then it is like a recipe for disaster. It will matter on how many bots actually exist. If the number of bots are a lot, it will be harder for actual players to find mobs in open field to do your 50 kills Yes there were times that bots were in open field too, but not all in one map. Of course we will have to see how it goes. All of these are speculations and things we think will happen. Lets wait and see
  20. You need to be level 80 to enter that. In Gelkmaros, it is right next to the Abyssal Splinter entrance.
  21. Of course preventing the existence of bots would be the best. But so far they failed. These "nerfs" usually end up hurting actual players more. Bots will be back no matter what and they will do the hard stuff better than the humans will.
  22. If it is the existing "kill 50 mobs in gelk inggi" then it will be bad. Bots will still do it and now we will have infested the main maps with them. You could bring a new lugbug daily for this, if it is killing mobs it should be kill any mobs either in end game maps (gelk/inggi, lakrum, demaha, karalam) and also include the end game instances in this.
  23. Yes the only thing they would have to do is allow for custom chains to be used, then half of our skill tree would have been usable. I doubt they will give us any additional change to the auto hunt as a regional edit. The reason they bring the auto hunt is so they won't have to make edits on events and game features that relied on that, so they m ost likely won't do an edit on the auto hunt that they will constantly have to keep at every mini patch or update.
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