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  1. Most people will be hit hard with how much harder classes were back in the days and how awfully slow their attacks and casts were. Now pretty much everyone solos everything with maxed out c.speed/a.speed and speed. Forget about all the boosts and special skills etc of 6.0+
  2. Bots don't do it manually, KR has a ton of bots that log... farm for 1 hour... and then they close and a new account opens and starts over. Nobody is sitting down playing manually a bot account 24/7. Someone with 24 accounts could bot 24/7 free of charge with 1 account open at a time. In retail we have had people running hundreds and thousands of accounts because it is free. As long as it has something "free" people will take advantage of it. If you have subscription only to have 1000 accounts you would need instantly 15.000$ per month to make them able to generate profit. With the 1 ho
  3. The thing is that a ton of players are from EU and when a game wants to survive it is better to cater to everyone. You can defo not please everyone in ONE server with countries from all over the world. But we already have 2 servers, one could be a different time zone and if there are a lot of EU players they could have had a 3rd server that is EU zoned. If they decided to have an actual EU server that would be good ping-wise. I am European and played in Aion EU until NCSoft sold the rights to GF and it all went down and then I had to imigrate here. **Imagine Blizzard selling WoW righ
  4. Either send a message to support at support@aiononline.com or try from another computer if you get errors, like try from an internet cafe or a friend's house.
  5. Do not let cancer posts change your attitude towards classic. Play it for what it meant to you.
  6. That is absolutely true, the only people anticipating that 1h window is those who want to make multiple accounts. We already know what happened in KR, we can avoid it.
  7. They are already going to make 2 servers so it could be wiser for them to make one with different time zone so people from the other side can also enjoy it. I want to play in Siel but I would play Israphel if I knew the time zone fits my schedule more in this case.
  8. Siel was once full blue in Abyss, for quite some time then it became full green for quite another time... I know because I saw the tides. Asmodians were never too many in numbers but when we got close to elyos we got them because we were used to be outnumbered so we got trained harder. When I first made an Elyos char I was shocked at how calm their LFG was, Asmodian LFG was "gitgud or gtfo" or something. We used to make fun that Elyos don't play on Sundays because they have school tomorrow.
  9. Current retail Aion is defo not the outcome of a good survival story though. The fact we are getting Classic and people demand a subscription and no p2w is proving NCSoft wrong in all levels of their choice to go f2p and insane p2w. Don't get me wrong, f2p itself wasn't the main factor, but their thought that p2w would make the game better and their wallets bigger. They didn't go free to play to survive, the game was pretty alive back then. It was a tactic because plenty of games were like this and relied on side transactions in in game shops and they were quite successful. The success wa
  10. I'll put it differently... a full subscription without 1 hour free play per day will stop the poor people from Latin America that will make 1000 bots to farm that 1 hour window. It is not about completely stopping the bots, but it will stop the vast majority of them. As long as there is even a tiny fully free window, the amount of bots will be exponentially bigger, so lets get rid of 99% of the bots and then focus on those 1% bots that will pay. Once you ban a botter that had to pay for his account you already put that person at a loss and eventually making kinah farming harder for them.
  11. Yes Asmodian, I was in EU since I am European but then NCWest sold the rights to GF an they ruined it, so I played about 6 months into GF Aion, and then came here, not sure the exact date, but I started playing in Siel because it had a lot of Europeans too.
  12. Yes that is good, but they should also make losing XP on death impossible until (lets say) level 25 so bots cannot stay low level on purpose to be able to generate even that lower level kinah non stop. Take your pace, no time limit, just reach level 25, after that you can always login for free but to fully play you have to pay for subscription. But then we have another issue, if you have a level 50 and you want to trade things, you could use your level 24 lowbie via account warehouse to do so. This is why a timed free trial would come more reasonable and secure. So the reason they sa
  13. I personally wouldn't have a problem with this either since I know what Aion is and I am ready to already pay a subscription if I choose to play. Just free to login only would still do it for me.
  14. But twinks were taking advantage of the game in ways that it wasn't against the rules but still in an obnoxious way. Twinks, p2w heroes and cheaters share a lot in common and one of them is ruining the fun for everyone while usually bragging that they are the best and always in the scenarios that favor them. They would even quit the game out of shame when someone else better than them made a video beating them at one point breaking the glass dome they had made around them. ~~ On a totally funny note, the forum named you "edgelord" lol these people are lit!
  15. I have nothing against you but you said "until I got banned" as if you dropped the bass on a Dj party. If you cheated and got banned then people will treat you as part of the reasons why aion went wrong or something and will demand you burn on the stick for the salvation of humanity
  16. I would really like to hear everyone's opinion on this without hatred and without name calling. Aion Classic has a potential to be an actual game and avoid everything that turned retail into an awful and dead game. I am not sure if developers will ever take this into consideration but giving opinions is free. ~~ --> Suggestion 1: give every new player the chance to get a 7 day free trial that will acts as a buff. It would work exactly like the "Lugbug's Whistle" (see image below for reference). This is a buff given in the form of a consumable, once you use it, it gives you a 15 da
  17. Yes, if you think about it that 1 hour per day isn't really playing. I doubt anyone can enjoy the game like this. I was going to make a suggestion but there is no suggestion section here. So I'll think about it and elaborate in a separate post.
  18. Yes but pvp on all levels was supposed to be a streamlined part of the game, like when you meed an enemy at your level and you fight. Twinks were abusing the game mechanics by staying low on purpose and overgear their chars for that level so they could kill anyone in their level range with 2 shots. And it is not like they were passive, they actively went to the other region in order to kill as many as they could. To them it was about the kill count on easy mode and they even complained when a higher level would be there to kill them protecting the lowbies. If Fast Track proved anything is
  19. I doubt anyone can do it, maybe someone could end up logging in and doing killing quests to level and later on pay for subscription. It is good to be able to log without paying for any reason, but a person who wants to play classic won't be able to do so free of charge even with 1 hour per day. There will always be other people that play 10 hours per day and that person would be playing against them or will have to play with them for instances.
  20. I am not, I've done quite a lot of pvp in 6.x when things were more fair in terms of gear, I do not understand why you are coming after me in the last 2~3 posts.
  21. Usually the most populated server is the least roleplaying friendly as it usually revolves around people trying to compete in the actual game. and ruin the fun of those trying to roleplay. In a parallel universe we would have a ton of Aion players and we would have like 100 servers, many of which would have been pve exclusive (like WoW) where people could focus only on the role playing.
  22. But what he proposed isn't "the" solution to botting itself in general, he merely mentioned that this is a loop hole that will be exploited in mass just like in Korea. The key thing here is "free botting" that makes botting appealing. As long as you and I can log into a game, anyone can log and put a bot, paid or not. Active inspection is the only thing that can prevent it for good, but when someone pays for his bot account and then gets it banned this would hurt that person. If someone spent no money on a bot it is easier for that person to make more accounts since they are all free and
  23. But you pre-order the game with your existing account(s). The account you have is not an "Aion Retail" account, it is an "NCWest account" and you can use it to play all their games. Since you pay with this account, you can use this account to play.
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