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  1. I do not see them complain when they can rule the other ranks like arenas because some of them are either broken or have healing+dpsing+tanking abilities when they shouldn't. Sorcs suffer in arenas for example because our class is getting weaker. Class imbalance is not an excuse for giving people the ability to buy their ranks. We can ask them to balance classes, this would fix it. And if people can pay 10x luna resets per day they most likely already have prestige. P.S. we can make a new poll asking them to give more GP via pvp means and less by killing guards. Excalibur is 2nd but h
  2. I know 3 people above me wouldn't be there if it wasn't for luna resets, YES I dislike this. Be productive and go vote here. Monthly reset = perfect Luna reset for GP = awful VOTE and tell your friends and legion members to vote:
  3. ------------------ If you guys want to be productive, go vote here lets make it viral and lets tell the publisher we want a real ranking list, not a way for p2w people to get on top.
  4. Thank you for making the GP ranks monthly, this is making it competitive again and p2w whales that did EB non stop in the past, or those that got GP from things that were wrong and fixed, like AP->GP, or coalition afkness, or insane amount of GP in everything during 5.8 are gone from ranks already. GP needed a fresh start and even better we get a fresh start every month. BUT please, remove the ability for the ranks to have a p2w ability. Some people might have done like 40 luna resets to get where they are, this is money to your company but this tells people they need to take a second se
  5. 3 days, 2 free IB per day = 6 days right when I wrote this comment for my total of 736 GP or something... oh my god stop replying! you make yourself look worse. This is the 4th day since reset and I am about to do my 2x free IB, for a total of 8 free IB so far! Also siege is over I got 64 GP only since rewards are bugged and went from 12th place to 8th. And I am about to get 50 more Gp from the two new free IB I have. …and no I didn't want luna resetting instances to give GP, I was hoping and still am only siege can give GP. Our 1st slot wouldn't be there if it was like this. Rese
  6. ….also this ...my today GP from siege was 64 from killing those few guards that spanwed, also no reward box (we lost the siege, I should get 120 GP with prestige and a box). No pay to win for that either.
  7. No I didn't because I got 314 GP from attacking guards, 300 GP from winning the siege and like 150 GP from the 6 free IB I have every day or something. 1st day I had 50 GP, 2nd day I had 50 GP +the rest, before siege I was in 34th place or something, after siege I was 6th, a few days later and without a siege, I am 12th and Luck is back to 1st place, he surely resetted with luna. Learn how to play the game. that 324 gp I got from that siege was too little, BEFORE the reset (and after guards started giving GP), I once got more than 1k in one day. I noobed on our first siege and I promised
  8. Arenas should give GP and they should have a slightly smaller window to play so people cannot pre-plan those to team with their own alts. Maybe make them pop every 5 minutes sharply for everyone. Example, whoever applies from 12:00:00 to 12:04:59 would get a pop at 12:05:00 whoever applies from 12:05:00 to 12:09:59 would get a pop at 12:10:00 ...and so on this way everyone would get a pop at the same time and within these 5 minutes enough people will apply so the system can decide who gets with whom based on the points already existing.
  9. That would be amazing to get, I would dedicate myself into getting the legendary this way on all my account chars for sure
  10. I love the monthly reset because it is the right thing to do. I was hoping arenas would give GP. Or maybe only sieges and be it. Arenas would be more reasonable to give GP than luna resetting instances, it is pure pvp and something could be done to avoid people timing themselves with their alts to always win. If there are people willing to pay a ton of money to be on top ranks every month then I guess their pockets will be full of money and NCSoft will be happy. Monthly reset of ranks = best decision ever Luna resets for GP = wrong @Cyan
  11. The current state of the game is because it was unfair and allowed people to take advantage of the liberty to be tyrants in the game. Back in the days were holding a fortress actually DID matter to the faction and the legion who owned the fortress got benefits. You didn't play in my server Siel to know then I guess. I love how some legions during 6.2+ demanded from Incoming legion to be handed the fortress to them because they also wanted it and because "you always get it, don't be selfish", and then Incoming tried to give it to them and couldn't. The only way other legions could get the fortr
  12. No fortress was ever capture just by doing pvp, every fortress was captured by killing the fortress boss. This has been since the very beginning of sieges (since you said you play for a long time). Meanwhile in the past a legion could have 10 people only, doing almost nothing, but they were into the right politics and could get a fortress at the expense and contribution of the other legions. These types of politics ruined the game back in Danaria and Katalam sieges where big legions refrained from going to a siege, hoping the faction will lose so they show those politic elites that they need t
  13. I have been playing since 2012 or something here (I came from EU when they sold it to GF). You mean back in the days the leading person would grant the fortress to his legion even if his legion wasn't the best contributor? Guess what... there was politics because of that, people who made pacts with other legion would round robin the fortresses between themselves. NOW on the other hand the legion that does the most contribution, solo or in group/alliance/league gets the fortress. I understand people not liking it because they cannot simply get handed a fortress just because they had the l
  14. ...there we go again about those imaginary new people or those poor ungeared refugees we all need to help. If you see the arena ranks, you will see plenty of those "support" classes be on top lists, you know why, because they can survive their own and dps good enough, please in Aion every class is a dps. Everyone can solo if they want and those that can support themselves with heals and buffs are better at this. Whether I log for a siege or not, whether I go in a group or solo is literally my business. When you join a group/alliance and afk then THAT affects the people that carry you. Wh
  15. the dps you do while in a group is shared in the group, dropping after this makes them lose that I think. so they have to drop right when they go to dux, and dps alone. But as you clearly and rightfully stated, those that drop just before dux only to get more points, refuse to get them in for buffs and heals at start. You either stick with the group or you go total solo from the start. If you go solo you get the potential to get more rewards as long as you stay alive, if you go with a group you will get heals and buffs and surely survive more giving you the ability to last more and thus con
  16. ..bots are beneficial to the botters, if you bot you benefit from it. If you do not bot you are literally racing in resources against a program that can farm 24/7, never gets bored, doesn't have to sleep, has no other real life job other than grinding ingame and doesn't have children to feed. Kinah sinking in the game is a real thing, but you do not fix this with bots, because most of them are kinah sellers or people that use them to their advantage. Bots would have been "beneficial" if it was allowed and thus everyone did it. I have a friend who used to manually farm guiding stones to
  17. I never did coalition siege (except like 3~4 times until I understood what it was), because everyone had like 10 alts there and I had to do the job for them. I refused to go into any alliance now for sieges because of the higher-than-me ranks in the alliances that stayed afk in the walls. I asked people to kick afkers but everyone was mad at me because afkers are not aliens... they are alts of the same people who make those alliances and advocate for additional afk people. I also already said that luna resettable instances shouldn't give GP because this would be a real pay-to-rank mode.
  18. And you also "cashed" on that permanent rank for many years from rewards, anking status, social status etc, nothing to complain here, that rank had a few years worth of expiration, it now has a monthly expiration. Show up again and you will be rewarded just like you have been rewarded all these years. We got our kinah reduced, our items rendered "useless" in every patch because we kept getting new levels and new gear... we cannot complain, we played with those items for the time they were relevant, time to re-gear, to re-level, to re-rank. The rank you worked for was enjoyed by you for the tim
  19. there I fixed it for you. I never understood why that bug bugged you so much.
  20. I never spoke against people who are mains but ungeared, only those that afk or those that put their alts to cash more rewards against the real players. I'll let you be the afk-friendly worthless player you are, you are the reason this game goes downhills. UYou guys love locked ranks, pve-afk-friendly ranks, afk possibility in everything WITH rewards. If anything, I personally am better than you in playing the game because I actually play it instead of afking it. --- Also to do the Ad Hominem attack you at least need to be better, you are the one who lowers everything in your game j
  21. [Event] Aether Bloom is from another event and [Event] Aether Blossom as well. These Aether Blossoms have not [Event] in front and are a different type
  22. I also play from Europe and the times are kinda harsh and I only acknowledge the schedule is meant for USA players thus they will not even consider us. There are people who play from East Asia and Australia, people from Europe and USA so we have people from all time zones. I still wish the times were better especially during weekend, it is 3 in the morning now, the everyday sieges are at 6 in the morning, which makes me an early bird
  23. EXACTLY, because no mater how better I am next to that AFKTolerance for example, she is still like pretty high, no matter how afk she is in the league, she still has her rank because all she cares is to afk enough to keep the locked rank. If I end up much lower than what I currently am then I guess I deserve it. I get 300 GP at EVERY siege, thanks for pointing my rank. So what is your rank, there was no Vessttemona in the ranks
  24. link me the thread, I will support it, I hope it has a poll because polls help the overall outcome better
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