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  1. Kinah trading is removed in an effort to "hurt" the kinah sellers, but the whole map is full of bots and al we see now if people selling one ancient guiding stone for 2 billion waiting for their kinah seller to buy it (losing the fee). They didn't change anything other than the broker fee is removing some of it while both kinah sellers and kinah buyers won't be discouraged from doing so (losing 14% of the kinah, big deal for those who spend thousands on this game) But the truth is that we SHOULD be able to trade kinah via the warehouse, all characters in our accounts belong to us, hence the
  2. Use the "Gear Set Setting" shortcut/macros that change the whole set.
  3. Screenshot it and let us know what your problem is exactly
  4. The mosnters are surely harder now, I could kill up to floor 15 if I remember correctly (the single mage boss) and I went up to floor 16 with the bunnies but had only 10 seconds left so I run out of time before I could do anything. With the new patch most of the time I either kill floor 13 and run out of time in floor 14 or just run out of time in floor 13, it depends on my crit and resists. And I even have better gear now. ----- But the rewards are not updated, we cannot buy the new manastones with the coin of challenge.
  5. @Ace-KT These options "exist" on my windows but I cannot click or edit them or even enter to see the options. I am not sure why. I fixed the issue by deleting the whole 64bin folder and then re-downloading it.
  6. In the housing section there are two Cabinets: Pleasant Camping Cabinet - 3 drawer Comfortable Camping Cabinet - 3 drawer ...I know the cabinets with same "types" share slots, but my only 3-drawer cabinets are "simple" and "convenient" and these two are "pleasant" and "comfortable" to their name and in the description on the BCM it is not mentioned otherwise. So I purchase each of them for 1440 NC coins, for a total 2880 NC coins (aka more than 30$ worth of NC coin) only to place them on my estate and realize they are also convenient and simple!!! I am going to open a t
  7. I welcome myself to the club where this problem will probably prevent me from playing the game. What the hell is the point of having a broken program attached to Aion when the whole map is full of bots and everywhere you turn we see hackers? I did restarts on my pc + router, I tried the firewall thing closed etc. I was playing the game, then logged out for like half an hour, returned and now I get this problem. I deleted the 64folder and tried to restart hoping to redownload it, and now it opens the 32bit!!! This game is doomed. I do not want to play on 32bit
  8. Mobile games are just apps that fill your gap time when you are waiting in the bus station or when you are taking a small break and you want to pass time. Do they really think people will play an mmorpg in a mobile using the touch screen to command the characters?
  9. I sometimes think they are putting effort to make us hate it.
  10. Aion 2 = mobile game... this is where you stop. I would never play a mobile game. Also who said we do not like how Asmodians look, the only thing I disliked was the mane and the right choice was to let us opt out of it or keep it. I loved the claws and I love the red eyes during combat. I heard most asmodians complainign for the removal of claws, the mane option is good to have, and the red eyes is a must. I like playing the daemon type of characters, if Asmodians were not successful how to you explain people playing the race?
  11. I heard it affects all Balaur type mobs everywhere they are. So even PF/IDD and all instances practically should benefit from it. All instance bosses are Balaur type.
  12. The biggest bs on developers is right now the biggest dps classes are two semi-tanks: Gladiators and ATs. I play a sorc and I am almost full ultimate gear (some drops, some crafted), I used to be top dps back in 6.2 while the 2nd best dps was like 2/3 of my dps (i./e I was at 16m dps while the second was at 11m or something). Now an AT friend who is mostly legendary (god forbid when he is full ultimate) is top dpsing me by a small margin and he has like 1~2 ultimates only, while I am practically 90% ultimate. Same thing to gladiators. They outdps a glass class while glads are practically ta
  13. We had resets being broken in the past as well, it was supposed to reset after maintenance but it didn't
  14. Yes there is one here, not sure how updated it is though. We used to have a problem with the updater so someone said he/she will post it and update it there. I repeat, I do not know which version it has, whether it is updated or not. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BykLPkSQSO45TWFieXRYWWk2NGc
  15. @Liianna-KT @Amarant-DN @TrunkV-DN @Aji-KT @Bangau-EK @Teeha-DN @Dhanto-KT There are rpoblems in the site as well, if you see error or that you logged too many times this is a site issue. Unfortunately my suggestion as for those that couldn't get verification on their client login but did get it on the site. It worked for me and plenty other people. The verification process is problematic and also the site returns errors. I suggest you log in with secure mode or private mode to avoid having any previous cookies etc. BUT you are all right asking @Cyan for a fix because if people c
  16. If you had your IP changed, then trying to log in the client and wait for that verification won't work. It asks for verification but you iwll never get a single mail no matter how much time you wait. Temporary solution: Go to https://www.aiononline.com/ and log in there, it will ask you for verification and it WILL send you a verification in your mail this time. Put it on the site and save your IP and then log in the game. In short, it doesn't work in the client verification, but it does work on the site.
  17. They have to try to be bad, in order to be THAT bad. If they are putting effort to fix this game and fail so badly, thent hey shoud quit their jobs and give to people who know what they are doing.
  18. GF had the worse reputation until 5.8, in 6.2 they simply implemented Korean Aion. NCWest took the joke in 6.2 and decided to ruin it all.
  19. This item hasn't been added tot he npc outside Crucible Spire that was supposed to sell legendary manastones pouches for 300 coin of challenge and ultimate manastone pouches for 900 coins of challenge. Will this be added, or are we going to get a super nerfed version of Aion again?
  20. When elyos are in our base of course people stop trying, what is the point of trying but that is not "afk", it means it is over and we wait for it to finish. People get kicked when the game starts and the afkers are at base afking the whole thing. THESE people are getting kicked and it is normal and it should be encouraged. Nobody will kick you because the enemies are overpowering us and we stop trying.
  21. Alright then, but how do you afk because you go to bed? If you are on your bed does your char apply by himself? If you are still there to play the game why not be active and finish it faster so you can go to bed faster? And yes for AP it is better to use lunas for Herelym mine now
  22. What the op means is: Aion without prestige = Sh!t Aion with prestige = Sh!t + sugar on top of it He adds that no matter the amount of sugar, he will always taste the sh!t into it. ------ Back to the op, I am not going to tell you to quit, just keep playing without prestige for a while just to keep up with some things and if it gets fixed then good, if not then you could quit and find a better game.
  23. Yes of course people can afk, but I wish there was a way to make a fully premade EC and let the afkers go in their own thing. Right now the kicking option SHOULD be removed because it is being abused and we have limited entries and we are made to pay for additional ones. I am sure this will continue like this, the company will lose money from people nto paying luna anymore for EC and they will wonder why the game dies! ------ Wow so you login to afk in a "game" that you are supposed to play. Hand me tissues? you are the one that will get kicked more now cause I am going to do pre
  24. People being afk in EC is the reason this is implemented. Please if you quit the game because you cannot afk in it then the kicking ability actually serves the purpose and nobody will miss an afker that suimply ruined the game for others. Do you know how many times we lost EC just because we had too many afkers? I pay real money to enter more EC entries and someone thinks it is his "right" to afk, ruins the game, I thought twice before I paid real money to re-enter because of afkers and now with this thing being open to any idiot I will never pay a single dime re-entering EC at all. The game r
  25. Don't change the server timing if this is too much hustle but change the schedule of the instances then.
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