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  1. All they had to do was make the transparent transformation scrolls same fking price to other publishers. In other parts of the world 1 NC coin = 10/20 transparent transformation contracts. This would be reasonable, 1NC coin here is about 1.25 cent of the dollar, pretty good price for a consumable that you use for everything. A tiny micro-transaction item and more money for them. But imagine these are the people that originally put the price as 80 NC coin = 1 transparent transformation scroll!!! Yes 1$ to not look like hello kitty for FOUR minutes! Now the price is 20 NC coin = 1 transpa
  2. Welcome to the new Aion where a glass cannon is no longer a cannon, just glass. Now you have to play a semi tank (AT or Gladiator) to do the most dps. Being a sorc is redundant, since you die easier, you have less defenses and you do less dps. It is not like the dps nerf on chanters, they were stupid-op for a hybrid healing-buffing class, it got fixed, but when a true dps class is no longer the real dps then it is useless. Wait until 7.0 when our class is practically deleted Some classes at the moment shouldn't even exist, as their role is taken by other classes that kept their original rol
  3. ...only a handful of classes could do 6-man now. Gladiators got buffed in their pve pretty good, all of their skills got increased damage. they just got the 5 second godmode removed which wasn't the most important. Gladiators + AT and the healing class +chanter could do it, the rest are back to nothing. It is funny how two semi-tanks are actually the biggest dps classes in the game at the moment. I mean there was a term "glass cannon" other classes are still glass, no canon anymore and we have a tank-canon! people who design aion imbalanced clsses need to see a doctor.
  4. During coalition you couldn't form your alliances/groups with the people you know how to play, the last time I did a siege during coalition (early when it was first implemented) I was the ONLY active person on the group, nobody would heal, nobody would rez, nothing, they would even see me being active and they would put their chars to follow me so they were always on the right spot to take contribution and I was trying to make them lose me as a target. That was my last coalition siege and I didn't even siege for the rest of the year or something (don't remember how long it existed, a whole pat
  5. You could do a 4x repeat quest for upgrade mats for 75a2 -> 80a2 items, the rest of the entries simply gave you the AP and GP if I remember correctly. most people would be happy to be able to do the 4x wins (or at least 4k point even if losing) to get the Q item. EXACTLY, we gave a huge effort last year to turn that skunk off, it seems she was silent for some time but she is back doing the exact same thing. Everyone hates her and everyone exposed her, even her few friends can't even defend.
  6. Well sorry guys, 6.7 is already here and we have it shitted upon. It was a nice. I almost feel like quitting again, this brings back the early 6.2 days when nothing felt good.
  7. We won't stop trying though. Even dogs get trained to sit down if you repeat it many times.
  8. I also traded the 2000 dolls or something with prices high enough (anything lower than 60k on Asmodian KT was snatched, I did tests before I traded). Next day (today) dolls are somehow tradeable too!!! I wasted so much time and fees to trade those but oh well, I didn't lose anything except the fees.
  9. We are all going to quit it at some point, at least the fact they shat on the game made you take better life choices! you shouldn't need to have a game stupid to quit tho, your life is important and you shouldn't patronize it for a game. I never drink alcohol, I do not smoke, I am an amaetur cyclist and I work out. And I have stopped playing aion in the past 3 times in total. I'll probably quit for good at aion 7.0 when they delete the sorcerer class.
  10. I would still do it for the AP and the enchant stones, not anymore of course.
  11. The problem is that dual weapon users can selectively retuned whatever they want and two handed weapon users have it all wrong again. If we can socket the armsfused weapon, why not be able to retune the armsfused option stats as well? But lets be honest, the more Aion progresses the more unfair it turns. Classes are broken as fk, other classes are useless, some classes can do it all etc. I hope they find a way to fix this. You cannot make someone play the game as you design it only to change everything in the next patch.
  12. That is way too reasonable to even mention it as a suggestion to a stubborn and impotent publisher. They either have to return us the entry if we get kicked (but I see this will make it to be abused, when you are losing, you ask people to kick you so you get back the entry) or at least remove the kicking option now. Best thing would be to not be able to kick those that are active, the system knows if you did contribution or not, killing people, taking dmg, healing people, killing more, should give you a small buff that makes you invulnerable to the kicking option. But this is NC
  13. That is good news but it needs to be addressed now. We have people that are either spies or want more slots for their afk alts kicking active people. Yes this also happens, enemy spies take the lead and kick whole alliances from the other side just to win!!!
  14. OK, if you are going to keep the kicking option on this it has to be a secure one, we got "AFKTolerance" taking the lead and kicking people again. That skunk never changed, she just complied until she gets another round to ruin the game. I was kicked while I am never afk, I was kicked before the instance even started. I know I will be doing premades exclusively now, but this has to be limited. We only have 2 enties (prestige) per day and being kicked because someone hold wrath against you, should be punishable to them. @Cyan this needs to be fixed because EC is not infinite entries now.
  15. So you need ultimate gears to run an instnace that drops ultimate gears! That seems legit, not.
  16. I got kicked and I was active, you really are complaining you cannot afk in it? they need to change this, if we get kicked we shouldn't lsoe the entry, I am never afk and AFKTolerance got the lead and started kicking people, just like the old days in 5.8
  17. I never join groups/alliances because they are full of those people with tons of alts that bring them there to leech contribution and get rewards. I remember people were mad at us not going to siege because we didn't want to join coalition, they thought it was their right to bring as many alts since rewards were all same. We are never going to have good things because of things like that. This is the mentality of people. I go solo and I find myslf unable to play some times like when i get that SM debuff that cannot be potted out for a whole minute. But I'd rather be solo than carry people's
  18. Yes this is what the original post is all about, he kept asking for forgiveness and thanked the lords, leaders, gods and daemons for a reason I didn't understand. I apologize for apologizing to those who I didn't apologize in the first place because I had to apologize to myself.
  19. What is this? I just read like 30 lines of what he said and didn't understand what his cause is. Gather at Saturday after siege? Where? What for?
  20. Remember we have a nerfed game, everything we have is less than the official Aion. Lets hope 6.5/6.7 will be the real thing.
  21. OK, I always go solo, I didn't know about guard/door killing was contribution, I know the deity is the best contribution possible. thank goodness I am a soc, I always get max rewards on a winning siege.
  22. So what does count as contribution? Is it the amount of Kills in the fortress area? Is it the amount of AP you got from pvp in the fortress area? Is the the pvp XP you got from pvp in the fortress area? ...or is it a combination somehow? And if any of the above count, why do we get the message "you cannot get any more AP/XP from PvP because you earned too much in a short period of time"? Siege is a massive pvp event and people fight a lot of enemies, of course you kill many people. Side question: where is the contribution area? We thought it was the whole ar
  23. I am sorry he is the one who made that announcement and signed it with his name. He kept saying "we" he never tried to say that it was a decision others made. And who made those decisions? NCKorea or GF that have nothing to do with us? In any case NCWest is the one that decided to screw the game for us.
  24. If the official prices are like this, we wouldn't even dare to ask them to lower them because someone would jump in and say "this is how the game is designed" but the rest of the nerfs they intentionally did are awful. Who had the bright idea to destroy a game that is already dieing?
  25. Also please leave a comment below to keep this post alive.
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