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  1. Oh yes you are right, I remembered a 99m fee but didn't remember where it was.
  2. I also uninstalled it just in case, plus make sure to snooze your updates for a few weeks to be sure it won't redownload it.
  3. Lumiel transmutation also gives timed XP crystals including the 15% ones, does 8.0 still have transmutation?
  4. I do not remember which one, it could have been one of the videos linked to you in the above comments, I forgot, I got these the moment the Slotted minions were out in EU servers. I watched a video about it and made sure to capture the combines to have them as jpgs. This is why the minion names are in EU naming and not NA.
  5. You are never a bother I actually got the images from a video on youtube, I took screenshots of the video parts that showed these so as to have them easier available and not have to go back there and constantly look for the right timer on the video. Save those to a folder, they come handy. I also forgot to add some more information. In short: Max Level S-rank minion is the one you will open the slot, it will give the main stats to you as it does without a slot. To open the slot you need to consume/waste/sacrifice another s-rank minion that you do not care about
  6. Yes they give 17m because this is how much 5% is at level 80. If you use one in 79 level it will be the amount of Xp equivalent to 5% of that level. Same for smaller levels, it gives the amount of XP that is equivalent to 5% of the whole bar of the level you are currently. So when we went to 81, it would give 5% of 81 level which would obviously be more than 17m. ~~~ Anniversary coins were giving 200k XP flat, no matter your level, at level 10 it would take you to level 20 with one anniversary coin. At level 80 it wouldn't even move your bar. An XP crystal at level 1
  7. They give 17m Xp because this is how much 5% is in our level, pay attention when using it, it is 1 slot of the bar exactly. There are also upgraded Xp crystals (you get those from transmutation too) which give you 15% of your XP bar in current level. And yes, Berdin's favor buff does work with them too. https://aioncodex.com/en/item/188900062/ https://aioncodex.com/us/item/188900064/
  8. When you have a maxed s-rank minion, you now need another s-rank minion (doesn't need to be upgraded) and you consume this to open the slot to the s-minion of your choice, the minion that is consumed is lost and becomes the slot. Now the S-minion you have has a slot where you can put another minion of your choice as long as it is maxed level (i can be any grade or any type, but S+S is the best option) When you put a different type minion in the slot, you can also use its active skill, they share cool down with the main minion active skill though. When you use a same minion since
  9. That is great news, not being scared of getting a full bar too fast. If 1 XP extractor is 4% that means with a full bar you are making 25x XP marks, a pretty good buffer of XP to be sure you are not capping the bar too fast. The XP crystals are 5% of your current level, it is not a fixed amount of XP. They have the exact same effect to the pre 76 level lugbug Xp crystals, even thought they are not the same item ID. If they are locked to level 80 then we would have to use them before the new patch otherwise they would become useless. I still have like 3k of them on me if not mor
  10. Did they give classes new DP skills? Because I as a sorc have no DP skill worthy of trying, they are either sleeps or that big aoe skill and they all have ridiculously high cool downs. Also in NA we can reach level 85 in 1 minute if not less, Abyssal Splinter's XP crystals give 5% of your skill bar, 20x of them = 1 new level, 100x of them =+5 levels (and that is without berind favor buff). Can you do a check please? Take an experience extractor and use it and tell us how much of your Xp bar it is removing so we can calculate approximately how much XP is in the whole bar. Because I fi
  11. I have farmed a paragon set (more than 1 actually) but the issue is the fact it breaks with a chance. And I am sure a lot of people have abused the token system to fix breaks or failed enchants since they are tradeable.
  12. The event is over. It should take you 1 day to reach 80 thought. What server are you and what faction?
  13. Amen! The stormwing egg itself should have been account wh storable. Imagine how easy it would have been for everyone to simply give the pet to whoever needs rewards in the same account. No tokens needed and no extra apostles from a transfered egg and now issues at all.
  14. This one is like when we had abyss tiers by doing weeklies etc I assume. We needed to get to level 9 or something for some NPCs to spawn and sell goodies.
  15. Thanks for the extension of events. I love the minion promotion art in the background:
  16. For me they don't, I had to reroll again to the oldest I could and sadly my card is so new that it doesn't support anything as back as October 2020. My pc can do real time render of 8K resolution and it fails to launch Aion some times having the client to freeze. What GPU do you have? My older pc has an RX480 and it doesn't have as many problems because that is an AMD card and it doesn't have the issues new Nvidia cards bring with new drivers, for old games. Plus if it ever gave me issues, I could always use older drivers for that to fix it.
  17. If you have an Nvidia card, the drivers are not Aion compatible anymore, you better use an older version from before October 2020 or something. I have a very good GPU (an Nvidia RTX 3000 series, yeah those that cost a mini fortune now) and I also get fps drops in Gelk. I also get client freezes when I change map and go to shared maps. Many times I get the client to freeze right when I am in the character selection and lately the pin bug is back for me. All hell breaks lose and nothing works anymore. This game doesn't need another patch. It needs an engine upgrade and become compatibl
  18. ..more exclusive content for legions. Depending on what this is, I get some melloon exclusive sales vibes from this. ...why does that give me Archdaeva vibes too with the archdaeva skill point system? Can I put all my hoarded mount collection there at least? Unified stats are fine Yeah, they made their stance on disliking pvp in aion during 7.x when they made everything related to pvp either obsolete or just blatant unfair. At this pace we have an option: play Diablo I & II solo for doing pve only and reliving the nice story telling, or do 100 I
  19. The private store fees can't be "bigger" than broker. Because if you are going to transfer (let say ) a dazzling in broker you would have to put it for a few billiosn so nobody would snatch it. In a private store you would put it for 1 kinah so there would practically be no fees and it would be a direct way to trade again without the broker. I am not against re-opening the trade or private shops, but I think the only solution they could defo do is lower the broker fees or at least the listing fees. But this is upside-down world, there is not a single player that likes the broker
  20. I do not remember that event and if it was an open world one I am sure it wasn't fair. but having a renown event to give you renown for the enemy map because it is otherwise impossible is not the way to run the game. So far the only thing that matters is playing the events. Instances, game mechanics etc are all 100% irrelevant to the progress. you simply wait for an event to hand you something that otherwise was impossible.
  21. But don't you get starlight from Altar instance as well?
  22. It is the enemy map apostle that is practically impossible to make since there is no way to sustain at least level 7 renown (let alone 9 to be able to do it twice as fast). The 1500 XP marks are an issue, but we keep having XP events, so that would have been possible. I am personally raising one of my main account alts to renown 7 in our map to get him the shards and I am doing the garden of growth as well to get him as many XP marks, plus he has like 2000 XP crystals from SAS since I have been doing it for over a year on my account daily and with the use of abyssal stars I could make him
  23. I never said any details about the event. Maybe it would be log in, get a token, and once you have 10 we exchange it for an apostle of your choice as long as you do not have it. Logging in and out is easier than spending tokens. Otherwise lets hope they do something better than just letting it slip and continue.
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