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  1. Coe + Mirash = full ancient gear drops. You can also solo Coe as a gunslinger (it is a 3-man instance), just use someone to hold group. You can do these with lakrum gear FM + BoS = full legendary gear drops. Right now most likely every player that played since 6.2 is fully geared from legendaries so you can get geared yourself pretty easily since people will not roll on things you need. You can do these with full ancient gear easily. PF + IDD = full ultimate gear drops. You need to be almost full legendary for these, you could miss 1~2 items that are still ancient, as long as you are
  2. You probably misunderstood how awesome it is to use 2 weapons instead of 1 You only need to make 2 weapons: 1x pvp +15 1x pve +15 This way you get all you need for everything, full pvp bonus, full pve bonus, full dmg and all! It shouldn't even matter what weapon is main hand and which offhand since they both usually have same base stats as long as they are both the same grade/level. When you need to upgrade, you upgrade one weapon only also. ~~~ Meanwhile we need 4 weapons 1x pvp +15 with another weapon armsfused 1x pve + 15 with another weapon armsfused! We need 4 weap
  3. This would be something, if itis 7.0 tho sorcerers are practically deleted from game, everything is nerfed on us as if we are the broken class here. Meanwhile broken classes get boosted. Just look at the competition ranking in arenas, the first sorc is 30th place in the list and the second sorc is 107th in the list, the 3rd sorc is 125th in the list and so on.
  4. Customs chains with normal skill chains are never working very good. Especially when there is some conflict going on, for example if I have a skill on 1st chain custom, and then put a second skill after that, which has his own normal chains, and you use the 2nd skill and it activates its additional chains, but the 1st skill meanwhile cooled down, it will probably stop the normal chains from happening because the custom chain always prioritize the skills you put in order, bypassing the need to finish a normal chain that was activated. This probably didn't make sense the way I expressed it,
  5. ...did this guy log all his alt accounts to make this weird conversation?
  6. Boon of Quickness is meant for pvp, hence the really big cool down. Only Kaisinel transformation would make that skill redundant.
  7. What does BnS do to sell NC coins? NCWest makes some money from me indirectly because I have purchased NC codes from my friends with kinah which is not prohibited but it is not safe unless you know the person you exchange those things. If NCWest wants to make more money from me they should make the codes easier to get between players without the need to have the trust between them.. Lastly if NC codes didn't exist, then NCWest would be making 0 money from me.
  8. The problem is that in previous patches getting GP was "easy" number wise. There was a load of GP in everything in 5.8, and now nothing. One single winning Dredgion in 5.8 gave more GP than a winning siege does now with the prestige. My issue is that GP from previous patches that allowed for GP farming via pve, or GP obtained by loads, is carried to the current patch. We got out kinah reduced by 2.5 times. We got our items rendered useless, we got maps deleted, we got items and professions deleted.... ...but they forgot to clean the GP glitch they created throughout the years. The ra
  9. Hence it is better than power up since it can remain the same. Also I haven't been able to +9 anything during 5.8 power up events, most were +7 or +8 at best and I was happy. Now I did them all, one of my stigmas is +10, not to mention that people sell +9 stigmas (Asmodian Katalam) for 200m only on broker. Weird thing is that the system allows me to enchant the stigma more. I mean if you try to enchant a +10 one it doesn't gray the option, it allows you to hit the enchant button. I wouldn't dare to do it of course. The chances for the new stigma to succeed are better at least by my stati
  10. Yes if they make buying NC codes or NC coin with kina possible then they solve this issue. I have eprsonally purchased NC code with kinah in the past.
  11. To make this a little more viral, leave a comment or propose something better if you have a better idea.
  12. We have said it so many times so far, that BCM items should be brokerable, there are people willing to spend ingame money for transformation contracts for example, but can't, while there are people willing to buy transformation contracts from BCM and then put them in broker. NCSoft will be selling more People who can spend more real money for ingame currency would buy more items to put them in broker And free to play players can buy everything they want with extra work to get the kinah needed. Everyone wins and most importantly the game doesn't die out.
  13. Transformation* not transplant. And yes we already made a ton of these posts about who everyone hates the animal look on our chars. It is probably the most stupid thing they could have ever come up with. At least in other official servers (EU/Korea) transparent transformation scrols are dead cheap, while her they cost a fortune!
  14. I even got Daevanions from gold ingot shop, some of them gave me doubles! 200 gold ingot for one daevanion and it was one I already had. the gold ingot SB box should let you choose which one you want since it costs so much to get and it needs so much time to get all the gold ingots.
  15. Yet in this patch I did mine +9 because the new stigma enchants are a much better version of the power up event. They do not break the stigma If it fails it might go -1 or remain the same It can enchant a stigma +1, +2 or even +3 with one go If you want to get a ton of these for free, make a whole new account, do 8x lvl 10 chars there and simply afk them in luna weekly once a week. In 7 weeks all your chars will have 1 free stigma enchant box for a total of 8 per account. that requires "a lot" of work, to log each char and afk luna weekly once per week for 7 weeks.
  16. Remember we, Europeans, had Aion servers and then they were sold to a 3rd party publisher and in practice there is no more official aion servers in EU. GF is exactly like every private (and illegal) aion game to me. Just because they got legal rights to have the servers that doesn't change the fact they are not affiliated with NCSoft and they have a modified game like all private servers do. Problem is they took all the wrong decisions, ALL OF THEM, and the game started dieing, once it started dieing it is impossible to revive it.
  17. I have gotten 200k AP for a losing siege and 800k Ap for a winning one in lakrum. I remember the 800.000 number in the mail box when the siege is over. For that I am sure. But if you buy luna entries you can literally get al the AP you need for all items within 1~2 weeks max, you can do +10 entries per day in the instance that runs at that moment and we have the instances open for total of 8 hours, plenty of time to do a lot as long as you can spare some real money.
  18. Also where are the Aion cheating tools made? If they are not made in the same country the lawsuit is filed then it could have no effect at all.
  19. Another problem is breaking gear to get spirit fragments takes AP as well. We are doomed
  20. so not killing that extra boss has no effect? I assume we will 6-man it from now on since our dps is good.
  21. My only concern is the AP it takes to break gear for fighting spirit fragments. It needs a lot of AP and we need even more for upgrades.
  22. When i said removed I meant there is no way to get them actively, I had 200 of them since 5.8, getting it from a sh**ty event is not a way to accumulate those. They used to sell on BCM as well, I would gladly buy them, but NCWest wants to end the game, they have removed all means of making money from people now, people cannot buy from BCM and sell in game for example.
  23. less chance to get a legendary i guess ...oh and what is the difference with it? Less drops or easier instance?
  24. I have Aetherforging to 300, proc'ing recipes has an insanely bad chance, it is pure RNG and there are times I crafted close to 100 ancient piece, to end up getting 0 ultimate legendaries. BUT can we do something about those 1000000000 codexes I need to craft? Each one takes 4~4,5 seconds to craft. I have to leave my char aetherforge for so long on each tier and I do not see any reason to this. In 5,8 we could trade materials so we had like 6~8 people crafting the basic mats and then handle them to the main to craft the final thing. Now it is not safe to trade via broker since people snat
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