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  1. ...ok you answered my thing, you never did FM so far, I get the message for shugo WHEREVER it spawns just from the start of it down before the pods. It doesn't matter where it spawns, the area is so small that you are within the range of it wherever you stand, you do not need to be near it to spawn. Otherwise I would have never gotten a single shugo since I never eat anything unless I get the message and I get the message just from the start. I have gotten shugos spanwed inside the boss area, in the door right outside the boss entrance, int he ladder etc and always got the message from t
  2. I opened a ticket, they offered a Beshmudir temple reset scroll :> but that happens to all characters, all my alts got that problem and not just me, everyone gets 2~3 days of waiting for reset. The only reason why I need Beshmudir is that it is needed for legion upgrade quests and one Beshmudir ticket won't solve the problem, cause once I get in it will again have 3 days. I hope they will fix it.
  3. So you played in a server without any competition, you got dressed and now you want the real thing? Excuse you, but we are running in the old servers, some people had +15 80a2 items which were good for 5.8 and they were exchanged for shitty ancient +15 ones that are junk. And there were +25 items but not everyone had it so to us it created a disparity and peopel that played for years saw their toon get practically reset and all their efforts thrown to garbage bins. Effectively you could have made an ancient set within the first month, that was what compensation many people got while they still
  4. The only thing I kinda agree is that templars shouldn't die easily, but to want more dps on the templar that is not how classes' roles should be..
  5. Sleep is slow to cast and many times they break it, and also in this game it is never 1 vs 1 unless you speak for the arena. In all other cases sleep might even be useless since there is always someone to wake up the slept enemy. If sleep is a problem I wonder how people feel about fear!
  6. Yes RNG is driving this game and it is never in the favor of players. At some point we have had additional items to help us do out thing, like supplements or proc version recipes, and that was the outcome of years of problems with RNG-only play style, at some point they decided to roll the game backwards and remove all the fixes they did and brought the game back to a state not player friendly. And now they offer solutions by fixing what they broke while it was working as intended. For example in 6.5 they start reverting th game backwards, they removed archdaeva skills and essences but now the
  7. I never understood why they take the time and effort to design sets that are unique, and then remove them from game. Skins are a big factor of this game, I am a hoarder, heck I would revamp the whole remodel thing so you can keep your skins forever, like a luna wardrobe but bigger and not that expensive. Removing skins is even worse than removing maps, because skins do not change the row of a game, they are there for aesthetics, no reason to remove skins at all.
  8. My Beshmudir Temple was supposed to reset every day, but I did one yesterday and today I saw it needs 2 more days to reset!!! There is defo something weird in resets.
  9. Unfortunately this type of reward will be abused A LOT.
  10. You should get 1 bundle for taking specific points then, not just participating, that is going to turn it to even more afk fest. Afkers should never get rewarded in any instance.
  11. Merge, in a game were the end game is one shared map infested with bots? Nah, whoever quit his original chars to play on EK got played, the same way you quit years of game play to start fresh, the same way you should simply come back and start in KT/DN. Leaving from EK is not like you will lose years of game play, just 3 months or something.
  12. Am I missing something here? I did Beshmudir yesterday, today after the reset it says I still need 2 more days for it to reset. That is practically three days waiting on an instance that is said to reset daily. Is this bad translation or am I missing something?
  13. When do sorcerers get buffed in tanking? I guess never, tanks should never be dps as well. You either tank or dps, you are either offense or heal. This is what destroyed Aion the fact they made all classes dps as well.
  14. If a lot of people report a specific bot then that eventually gets an automated prohibition. The more it gets reported the easier then it gets to get prohibition. But making a lvl 80 chars i 1-day matter so in 6.2 they literally shat in every real player and favored the bots in every aspect. You cannot get money via instances, only via grinding -> bot friendly You cannot trade anything to your main, you have to broker things, you lose money this way -> bots do not care, they are faster snatchers than humans Report a bot, gets prohibition -> the next bot will be logged and conti
  15. So people made the tankiest class in Aion and complain they cannot dps! This is what aion 5.8 did to them, in 5.8 templars were self healers, tankiest class and overpowered damage dealers! Please, there are broken classes indeed, but you cannot complain your class is not broken overpowered as well.
  16. Have you ever done FM? The place is one spot practically, if you go down where the npc glides you to, you are practically in the whole range of shugo message. You do not need to move or anything. Wherever the shugo spawned (in the boss area or the door spot) we got the message right when we glided to the start of the instance.
  17. Last week we took 12 alts in 4x entries each and we got 0 shugo spawns.
  18. This is not from our server right>? This is from EU. What si the fix we get here? do we get it more fair like it is supposed to be?
  19. Ever seen a 195 gigapixel 360 photo? Click here to see it. You zoom in in the faces if you want. http://sh-meet.bigpixel.cn/?from=groupmessage&isappinstalled=0&fbclid=IwAR0SRVVvtRwQxcTNUBmIp5rknAFr-DAIvlgFZskVLdA8kKXYdleVYjeF0i4 Some samples: Someone even spotted us!
  20. Well will give it a check this week, I am more than sure they fixed it now because we took notice or it will still be like this, 48 entries and not a single shugo, there has to be an algorithm responsible for this.
  21. Then nobody killed twinking except twinks themselves, you said it took forever to enter dredgion, doesn't that mean there were not enough twinks to fill the numbers? But even before, there were not enough twinks to make a huge base, the only reason why there were twinks is because low lvl non twinks would apply for dredgion and after that leveling became faster so there were not enough low lvl characters for twinks to play against. Another thing that killed twinking was when it became too irritating people who were high lvl (I did that too) would patrol low level areas non stop of our side
  22. Since they locked my thread about the golden shugos in FM for no reason, no insults were made, no harsh language, nothing, we kept talking about our chances in finding a shugo in instances and we got locked! I guess that means I am true. The proc rate of crafts for masterwork used to be 1/4 or 1/5 (20~25%) and now it is even less, I could be wrong on this one or bad RNG. But shugo spawn is indeed nerfed. Now I mentioned many times I was not really active, getting in to do this and that and log out, I am about to quit until 6.5 if I am stil interested in Aion by that time. Making
  23. ...is this why every twink kept complaining about Fast Track server? Twinks prayed on under-geared leveling people. When FT was implemented twinks had nobody to pray upon.
  24. Some people didn't even reach end game because of constant ganging of overgeared twinks back in the days. Twinking was not about low level characters doing pvp between themselves, it was about people intentionally keeping a character low lvl, dressing them from head to toe with the best gear for those levels, and then go to enemy areas and gang people with white or green gear with 1~2 hits. Usually they were either assassins or archers so they could also do this with hide and most importantly when higher level players came to kill them, they even had the audacity to make forum posts complainin
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