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  1. Now now there, here is what I find insulting, previously I would take alts into FM, hoping to get a shugo announcement, if I got one, we would either go in with the team claim the shugo, roll and then do the boss, or later on I would take myself and a friend (or even solo slowly) just to claim the shugo. I would get shugos some times in a row, other times it might have needed like 6~10 trials to get one, RNG is what drives this game. BUT the last week, we took in 12 alts, 4 entries per each, that is 48 entries, none of them got a single shugo announcement. Is this another willing nerf
  2. I voted yes, events were what kept people from leaving in 5.8 altogether. We do not want Aion to be event driven? then what drives Aion now? Is it the pve instances that are useless after you did them for 100 times? Is it the non existent pvp or the rewards for it? How about they make another type of events, more pvp driven, like capture bases, or kill enemies and actually earn something, or... ok let me shut up, these people cannot change some basic enchant rates from nerfed to normal, they ask for allowance from NC korea or something to do so and there we are asking for events that take e
  3. Accidentally have low prices for Tiamaranta event --> NCWest fixes it within 1 day Having broken enchant rates, broken drop rates --> NCWest:... there are known issues Having no events at all, or broken event rewards --> NCWest: works as intended, we dislike events.
  4. A double post, today I tried to enchant my legendary boots from +10 to +11 and I used 7 legendary enchant stones. NOT A SINGLE ONE took it to +11. That is about 350m new kinah worth of enchant stones and my boots never went to +11! If there is anything we know, it is that we didn't get the Korean official enchant rates for sure, we got a regional nerf and I find it insulting the GMs here pretend they are trying to get 6.5 enchant rates because regional nerfs are what THEY request. It is not like Korean NCSoft said "hey lets scroo the US servers", it is the regional publisher who is responsi
  5. Calling name sis prohibited in forums, yep, you cannot do that because it is defaming, what you can do is when you see a bot, simply use the report button, I do it all the time and I even have the report button on my skills bar now for easy access. They get probation or whatever that is called.
  6. I was wise and had my aetherforging to 300 during 5.8, but this info here is so much needed, many people are giving up hope for aetherforging because they do not calculate the amount they need and think they wasted billions or something. I am happy I finished it in 5.8 but at least now you have to craft codexes only and that is enough, you can still sell those to the broker and get back money from those that want to actually craft items.
  7. I did both bmp 24 bit and tga 32 bit and they were both accepted while I was editing it, the icon was loaded and it was letting me do the edits. When I click OK, it simply takes the money as if it is successful and then the emblem is not changed to the one I input, it changes the the default you get when you first make a legion. The problem here is not the file I am using, otherwise it wouldn't take it and it would bring me the message that my file is not correct etc, but since the icons are correct, it does the procedure, and even "finishes it" and takes the fee for changing it, so far I
  8. I suggest you keep the boots only for the extra speed which you will love, also wings when enchanted they gives plenty of flight time. The rest you can upgrade, you might as well keep the gloves for the c.speed they give so you also do not fall back in that. For pve you will be pretty good with the rest of the items only. He can play with the old gear partially, cya bye!
  9. People blame the current forum/site/game because they are putting information on a game we never registered to play while they forget to write important fixes on this game. In Facebook , twitter, the official site and forums etc they are advertising the mobile aion which is a game most of us (if not all) won't be bothering to play, while we are waiting day by day to see what happens to the current situation of the game this forum and site are dedicated to. The original poster finds it insulting to get "bombarded" by information for a game 100% irrelevant to our game, while every day we are
  10. I had the legion emblem since forever and decided to change it, but that seems it was a mistake, although the NPC takes the legion emblem, allows me to change the colours etc when i click ok, it takes the 950k it wants but the emblem becomes the default and when I try to change it again I see this image: I tried again, made sure everything was ok, if your image is not compatible, then it gives you a message and doesn't accept it. If the image is correct, it launches it in the little box and then allows you to play with colours, when you click ok, it says "legion emblem changed" bu
  11. I have 13k m.acc on my sorc (because I literally stacked m.acc manastones everywhere) and after floor 11~12 it gets like 2/3 of my skilsl fail and then I am left witjhout mp, and I am fully pve geared with armor and ultimate in weapon. I guess mobs have more m.res than evasion or something.
  12. I have come to the conclusion the algorithm they have for enchants (there is no real random numbers in algorithms) are making it so you will keep failing. No matter what they tell you or promise you, the enchant fail algorithm is one that makes sure people will keep wasting more and more, they think this way we will give real money to succeed, they do not understand this is a good reason people actually quit! they surely nerfed the enchant rates or have a special algorithm that makes it impossible to enchant.
  13. Pretty much yes, unless you are like me who I do not play other games and I am not a "gamer for life" I am kinda attached to an mmorg at any time and now I am an aion player since there is no other mmorg that I like. I am only waiting for 6.5 to come.
  14. I was going to write what Na is next to other regions but this will be a ban. I always thought GF is the worst publisher and by a big amount they still are, but NA really needs to get a grip with reality. Read it here: https://www.aiononline.com/news/producers-letter-nov-2018 ...beat me with a stick! All content is finished in Wednesday after the reset, the rest of the week we are afking.
  15. I agree and also the transparent transformation scrolls on Asmodian KT got for like 150k each, I also am not paying that money to look like my char. When I made that huge post about suggestions it seems Cyan took notice, he said they are discussing with the developers to make it possible to turn off transformation look on your client, meaning you will not see any transformation look on any char either they use transparent or not. It is an aesthetic part which really makes people not like aion look anymore. Transparent scrolls could even cost the same to normal ones, if you want to look li
  16. I am doing a trick with friends to do that. If you are well dressed you can even do it by yourself. The theory is the same but FM is harder since mobs are tough. Get your main and an alt (dual boxing), group them together and enter your alt in the instance, in FM you get the message isntantly when you port to the mob area, if you get no message it means there is no shugo. If you get no shugo, take the char out and repeat, regroup, re-enter and take him to that spot to see if there is a shugo. In case you get a shugo you have to get your main in and possibly a friend to help if your a
  17. All they had to do is stop deleting stuff and stop allowing people to over enchant past +15. That was all they had to do.
  18. They said that Cyan himself said that they do not want 6.2 to be event driven like 5.8 was. Not only they deleted 90% of the game, but they also want to remove the last good thing left in aion -> events.
  19. it is 10% of the base attack of the fused weapon, it was always like this. Not +10% generally. So if you fuse a weapon that has 1000 m.attack you will get +100 magic attack on the fused weapon.
  20. I find the Area Antiaircraft to be clunky at best, I had it targeted at some point to see if it works, it might have hit like 4~5 times during the whole instance. It either doesn't attack all mobs or it bugs and this was the same to before 6.2 I had the feeling the 2x 1-aether canon did a better job than the 1x 2-aether canon but according to this you always want to upgrade the big single canon if you can afford it and then if you are left with 1x aether only just use it to get one last 1-aether canon P.S. thanks for this info
  21. Number imbalance in KT server is a well known issue, there are hoards of elyos coming to our side some times and stay there killing everyone. We never manage to do that to their side. I do nto even do their FM camp ever because 99% there are like 10~20 elyos waiting there.
  22. M.attack manastones are weak, +15 m.attack is not that much given the fact we get like 12~14k m.attack with good gear. What you need is crit spell because you can get close to +20% crit spell with the manastones and that will do a difference. You have 17x items that take manastones (fusion or 2 weapons), 3x manaslots each. That is 51 manastones 51 manastones * 15 m.attack (lvl 80 stones) = +765 m.attack, that is not anything mentionable when you will never land a critical this way 52 manastones *58 m.crit (lvl 80 manastones) = +2958 crit spell, according to a spreadsheed I read about
  23. So apparently CS is not mage unfriendly since magic classes struggle to hit most of the times past a lvl 7 floor or something. I as a sorcerer run out of mp close to floor 10 easily, most of my hits fail and I have like 12,6k m.acc or something. Even with the 1m elemental rush (+3400 m.acc) buff I might see 1~2 fails. If you did this mainly in pvp gear as the video implies, then crucible spire is meant for fighting classes now, I even see your class was amazing against the vampire boss since you could avoid the paralyze skill, I have to get the paralyze skill twice and have no way to avo
  24. ...apparently you didn't play 6.2 anywhere else then because we have the korean enchant rates at least officially. It might feel like we have them -20% at all times because this is what Aion RNG has always been. 6.2 was not an update, it was a downgrade, a lame excuse for a patch. They destroyed 90% fo the game and now are trying to flush the economy hoping that people will like it. I will never understand the people behind aion's developing Our enchant rates suck big time, there is no way you can upgrade an ancient to legendary.
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