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  1. Pretty much. I am already way too pessimistic about 6.2 and in 6.5 it might get a slight better game play. But I am sure that my class ends in 7.0, my class gets practically deleted. No they will not hit /delete on the class, but they render it useless even more. Just take a look at the sorcerer, they must have thought that we are so OP so they decided to nerf it all. It is not like we can heal and dps like SW and Clerics, or debuff and render the enemy useless and still dps like SM, or be able to semi-tank and still dps like gladiator or AT... we are supposed to dps and that is it. We ar
  2. And it is something that was already previously implemented and dare I say successfully since it didn't hurt anyone, cause those maps weren't anything super important. So it wouldn't be too much for them to make. But do not expect this to ever happen, after all this is a feature that I am not sure if the GMs in a game can make, it surely has more than that to do like developer stuff. And expect people to come here and write an essay of how you should "stop whining" and "get over it" and "learn to play" or even better "uninstall aion" and such. Forum grinders are in need of post count.
  3. ...really? Because as I said I wasted 12 legendary enchant stones just to take one single ancient item from +12 to +15 and the max it ever went was +13 and then back to +10. I have 600 legendary stones waiting to be opened by compensation of my temperings and omegas, I know if I use them all I might make like 2~3 items from ancient to legendary and that is it. I am literally hybernating through this degrade for an update called 6.2 I am holding everything, until I see 6.5 and start playing again. Unless you mean ultimate crafted gear, then yes, everyone could have had ultimate items even
  4. I took my ancient wings to +10 with ancients only, I just let it do its thing since I had an abundance of them. I think it took as much as like 70 or something for that one item. Then I was taking the item to +12 with ancients (same way like before, failing a lot but not caring) and from +12 I would use legendary. I wasted 12 legendary stones and all failed either from +12->+13 or +13->+14... yes, not a single legendary stone could get an ancient item to +14 (even worse +15). As a matter of fact you will get geared because gear is capped now, at some point everyone will end up wi
  5. I preferred 5.8 than 6.2 for sure! There is nothing good in 6.2 actually to make me like it more than any update prior to 6.2
  6. The one and only way to obtain enough shards is by farming with the main char since it is not tradeable. But I cannot farm, it is so boring and repetitive and we have to face the fact we are full of bots farming non stop. I would really love to see shards broker-tradeable or at least be able to share them between our chars in the same account. This way I could do CoE solo with all my chars in that account and share the shards because open world farming is literally cancer. And shards are not even meant for 90% of pve but rather for pvp (yeah using it in bosses' instances does play a
  7. I really wish those Daevanion books were stackable, I already traded all my skins to an alt so I can make room, I have like 7~8 inventory pets, and like 135 slots in my studio. legion wh cannot store them I think and my wh is also almost full. They do not have any variations, so making them all be stacked by type wouldn't be hard. By the time 6.5 launches I will be having like all my inv slots taken by daevanion skills. I get about 10 per week (5 from coe and 5 from FM, the other instances I cannot/won't bother especially BoS)
  8. I couldn't agree more, I also finish most of my weeklies the first 1~2 hours after wednesday depending on how much pvp I have to face to finish them especially in enemy side. Other than that it sucks having nothing to do since as early as Thursday. After that I only log a few hours when something happens, like EC or Idgel and a siege. 6.2 is a dessert, nothing to do.
  9. I also mentioned that in other posts, sharing kinah in one account should be possible as before, it is not kinah selling when you share kinah between your own characters in the same account. They literally took the kinah trading limit to another level with this one.
  10. That was a feature that did exist and they removed. It wouldn't hurt, I usually run out of time there so this wasn't a big fat problem to me.
  11. Whatever they invent in hope of attacking the bots/kinah sellers, they always end up hurting real players more. Not being able to directly trade items is something I understand limits the botters from transfering the loots to their mains. BUT kinah should at least be account shared somehow either via warehouse or via a shared inventory, just like transformations and cubics are. Being able to pass your own kinah to another character in your own account shouldn't be that restricting. You are not kinah selling to your own chars after all. If you have kinah to one character of your account, i
  12. I hear you, in today's Lakrum siege I had lag spikes as big as 20 seconds. I play from Europe, I used to be an Aion-EU player but then NCSoft decided to sell us on GF so we all left. I wish they made an west-Asian server close to Europe for us to play or even better a northern African one. But I wouldn't even dare to think this would ever happen, this game is in decline.
  13. Imagine the bots botting in safe mode in Lakrum though. Your suggestion could have been more possible to act like Sarpan and Tiamaranta that some times of the day it was pve and others it was pvp. I mean if Lakrum turned pve mode for like 1 hour every day, I assume everyone would be logged on at that time to finish their weeklies :D. I would have absolutely no saying on this, I do not farm myself, I do my weeklies the first 1~2 hours after the maintenance and it involves plenty of pvp especially when I go to the elyos side in Katalam where elyos are so many more than us.
  14. Fear problems are as old as Aion, it is the single most irritating skill in game, since you cannot avoid it, you cannot self dispell it and it lasts a pretty good amount of time, enough for the SM to render you useless with 2 rows of debuffs and remove all your buffs.
  15. What program are you using for the paintings and what for the 3D models?
  16. T H A N K Y O U Now I know why my aether hold is practically useless and never works: Aether's Hold m.accuracy mod = -250 Thank goodness I have the daevanion mass aether hold which is only 30 seconds cool down, unlike aether hold which is 2,5 minutes. I'll remove this from my skills bar once and for good.
  17. I have very little magic critical and it si from anything but manastones, since I didn't stack any yet. As it seems I was right, magic critical is the only way to go with manastones, you can get pretty close to 30% chance with end game gear if not a little more.
  18. He means he cannot progress, lvl 55 and 75 are capped unless you finish a campaign
  19. I've beaten up to stage 11 if I remember correctly and some mobs on floor 12, but I got a pretty good exchange gear from 5.8. Heck sometimes I use the elemental rush (magic assist skill taken to daevanion) which gives me a ton of m.accuracy and I still fail some skills. I even stacked magic accuracy manastones on my pve set for this reason and it still becomes too hard. My problem is that I start running out of mp at these floors since my refracting shard does little dmg or fails so I cannot get regenerated.
  20. Evasion is virtually useless and magic resistance as well. These two have a reason to exist only when you stack them with same manastones. They work only if your evasion is higher than the enemy's accuracy and when your magic resistance is higher than the enemy's magical accuracy. You realize if you are not going to put any evasion/m.resistance stones then these two stats are literally useless. On the other hand physical defense is an active defense stat, it reduces the damage taken in every skill done by physical classes and magic defense for mage classes. Even if you do not stack any m
  21. The problem is not exchange gear, is the fact you cannot progress your own gear with the current enchant rates and the difficulty of getting legendary (or even ultimate) enchant stones. I would prefer the stones to drop even more rare but have the rates increased, so it still takes you some time to level it up but at least it will be possible. As I said on another post, you gotta wait till 6.5 to enchant/upgrade gear where they fix the enchant rates to something more reasonable. I agree with your with disparity BUT the problem is not the secondary gear given to 5.8 people who played
  22. you promise you won't return it? Also why 30 days only though?
  23. The only problem is that in 5.8 getting end game gear + enchant stones was possible either through instance or better through events and the enchant rate wasn't that bad. So for people who played, making even +25 80a2 gear was possible. Now getting gear means to make it +15 first and it is impossible to +15 even ancient gear. For example my ancient wings got to +10 with ancient enchant stones, then I kept getting it to +12 with ancient (tons of them) and after that I would try legendary... I wasted 12 legendary and all broke either from +12->+13 or +13->+14, not a single one took my
  24. There was once Aion 1.0 and it was simple, people liked it, then it was Aion 2.0 and it was better and people liked it more than Aion 1.0, then there was Aion 3.0 and people liked it more than 1.0 and 2.0 because it had even more things... fast forward there is Aion 6.2 and nobody likes it more than previous releases since it is not an upgrade but a degrade of the game. Every new update brought an -->upgrade<--, crafting, gathering, sieges, camps, new gear, new stuff etc. then they started deleting things and called it an upgrade. Now they are degrading the game even more. There is
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