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  1. Here is the thing most people forget, when we get a buff we get }100%, it is not 100%, it is PLUS+100% So yes, the base XP is the 100% XP of the server, when we get +100% it is base (100%) +100% (buff), so that is a total of 200% aka 2x. The base is always never told obviously because even though we call it 100% it is not a percentage, it is what it is, the base XP the default. Also buffs for XP should be better not portrayed as +%Percentage because they multiply each other but it is also simple to see the outcome. Example: +200% passive + 100% amulet doesn't make it +300% total
  2. I asked ingame and not a single person knew. I am referring tot he Katalam instance that you need level 7 renown to buy a ticket and enter. But I can't seem to find the entrance.
  3. That is not mentioned in the BCM description. It is good to know, but I wouldn't even pay a single penny for such a thing.
  4. Nobody: Literally Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Valedia: ...stop insulting me.
  5. The fact they constantly bring up this specific video with the bad accent and the illegible "dual" is only making people realize someone is targeting MechEagle on purpose and not because they think he is botting with alts. If this was meant to make people dislike MechEagle, at this point it does the exact opposite.
  6. They shouldn't bring open world events to begin with and you guys want an extension... let me guess you are elyos. There is absolutely no fun there, it is going around a few fatties, killing, trying to loot and have elyos hordes coming to our side to kill lowbies. That's not fun for anyone except those who want easy pvp.
  7. This proves that the boxes were pre-wired towards specific minions, or maybe characters themselves. Everyone practically kept getting a specific minion over and over again. Only a handful must have gotten the one they wanted. I sure didn't.
  8. I understand that there is 1 blessed and 20 normal ones and that is it.
  9. There is a "chance" tog et a blessed? I thought the pouches had a specific amount of normal paragon enchants and a specific amount of blessed ones. Do you mean a chance for them to succeed?
  10. I think the boxes had a prewired chance to get something and that something wasn't same for every box. I have the two kromede types already and I kept getting kromede. Other people were also getting constantly a specific minion, but not Kromede. Each person was rolling and there seemed to be a minion that was persistent in the rolls. For me that was Kromede for others it was Viola etc. I didn't get a single viola for example which is what I wanted.
  11. You need to paste direct image links, not forum thumbnails or other smart links. once you do this, the image is embedded here. This forum has the worst code in it, in other bulletin forums we could paste thumbnail images that once you clicked would bring the actual image, saving space and not overwhelming the posts but this forum has none of it. ** I also do not have twitter, I never did because I never understood its layout.
  12. Me too, I was like "how do they give us that good of a reward with 4000 coins only"? And now lets shut up before they see this and put the amount to 20.000 coins or something.
  13. I'll be the simple guy and post everything here, sadly the names are from EU so some aren't easy to understand which is which. But here they are: Modor (Grendal), but the other adjective is not same to our server, so I don't know their special name. Hyperion, I know the second one is "courageous Hyperion" because I have it. Kromede, Ferocious for pvp bonus, Courageous for pve bonus Sheba (Sita), I have deadly Sheba which is the same here Viola (Weda)
  14. All of these are broken link. I click on them and it has a broken media icon only
  15. If you take some time to level another char and you give him the basic renown ultimate gear, they will be able to do those quests easily. It is a long term investment to have 12 chars in your account, there is a ton of things you earn by having 12x instead of 1x
  16. Major disaster is when someone gets his needed minion the first time while another tries and keeps trying and constantly fails. Instead of an RNG based event I would rather tel us "combine 10x a-minions and get a selectable s-rank", I already have 5 s-minions by combining 4x at a time plus the one we got from this rpomotion.
  17. They could have simply made it a selectable s-rank minion of our choice, getting one s-rank minion isn't that big of a deal if you play more than 2~3 months, but getting the one you want is the real deal. Thankfully deadly sheba likes me, I got 2 before and I also got it when I was rolling, but since I already had 2 I kept rolling hoping to get a viola.
  18. It is 4000 prestige coins and it is a ready leveled one so that is actually pretty good. It is not even that hard to get 4k coins if you are aiming for it. There are two quests that are "easy" to give you 100 prestige coins per char per week, so that would be 200 prestige coins per char, for a total of 2400 per week (not counting any other coins you get from being online, drops or other quests). One is to kill the last boss in Herelym Mine and even ungeared chars can do that, they just choose the right path which is the easiest. The second one is to kill 100 mobs in Lakrum (50 in m
  19. I got at least 5 times a kromede, 3 times it was abck to back actually. There is defo a pre-wired algorithm to them. I would have been lucky with any viola as I wanted to put that in the second slot just so I can use the skill (the type of viola matters only if you use it as the main minion which I wasn't). I have always said there is no real RNG in Aion, nothing truly randomizing, it is a badly made algorithm or even worse an algorithm made to fail you more than not. I have done the course in university we had a whole lecture about the digital dice and how it should act and the only
  20. Apparently you are not a geared cleric. Because clerics have had their ups and down but mostly they are pretty good on pvp because their class is supposed to have the most survival due to heals but they are also packed with a ton of offenses and disabling skills against the enemies.
  21. I run the whole instance with my main and I didn't get a sendlog. Delete the 32bit and 64bit folders and do a complete file check.
  22. I'll go there with my main to see if I get a sendlog too
  23. Some of the nerfs are actually "fixes". The healing classes aren't weak by any means. This is probably done to bring some balance, when a healing class can totally outheal your dps against them and at he same time dps you pretty hard, then your class has no reason to exist.
  24. Yes making you waste a token to fix their bad implementation is obnoxious.
  25. If they wanted to avoid all the problems they could have figured out simple things like this. Now support will be full of tickets they have to individually address. Survey or account wh storable or both, and that would have saved the day.
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