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  1. They can make a new event for transformation promotion and where you gather materials and can get these 4 apostles, but only if you do not already have them.
  2. Lol they are turning this into Lineage II open pvp. Can't wait to drink the tears of everyone complaining on how bad 7.9 is. But I think we deserve a 7.9, the whole 7.x patch is horrible and 7.9 can be the cherry on top and stay in our memories as the most obnoxious patch in the history of Aion.
  3. Lol in 6.0 they wanted to divide pve from pvp and based the whole destruction of Aion in it. In 7.x they started mixing pve into pvp with the accessories and eventually making accessories a pve thing only. Now they make the whole pvp and pve merged, talking about knowing what is good for the game. I'll personally call this a good thing since I hate having to change sets while on the field. But we will have to see how it is implemented before we judge. Because getting pve has been the hardest thing in Aion since 6.0 and forward while pvp gear was pretty linear with less RNG included (e
  4. I only have one bitterthorn piece. I am defo not going to waste time or resources to get the set. I have been to TT when it launched to see what it is, I saw how gang infested it was in KT and decided it wasn't for me as a soloer, I only entered like the first 1~2 weeks and ever since I haven't even set foot there, it has been months. I think they have depleted all their bad ideas with 7.x and TT was the cherry on top of it.
  5. I just downloaded those and installed them and everything went to hell for me. Frozen screen in character selection, unresponsive client, getting erro about the "resources in this machine" etc. I will have to downgrade again.
  6. ...wait until we get 7.9 first.
  7. This will never change for sure, you either have to take 1000 lashes while doing the hokey cokey and then slaughter a few virgins to Cthulhu and drink their blood until you get the chance to get something at about 1%, OR you simply wait for an event where you log in, talk to an npc and get the same item for every alt you own.
  8. You need to tell her name in front of a mirror three times for her to summon. Cover all mirrors in the room. You do not want the cousin to beetlejuice to summon our of nowhere.
  9. Passive skills from items or runes do not stack. The only thing that works independently is when an item has an effect by chance but without giving you a skill for it. For example a rune has a chance to do an additional attack, but not directly from weapon, it actually gives you a passive that has a chance to do the additional attack, putting two same skill runes wont' give you additional chance. A godstone (from before 6.0) had the chance to hit, but it was a direct hit from the godstone, so if you had two weapons with two same godstones, they worked independently.
  10. Lets hope they learned something from the worst patch ever 7.x. Too many random things in items, randomness in drops, randomness in stats, in slots. They need to understand a game that is pure gambling is no longer a game, this is like a casino.
  11. Exactly. Personally I have never managed to make an ancient item from LUT to +15 with ancient stones exclusively. I usually take them to +13 and then use legendaries. The chance is nowhere near 48% that it is supposed to be. But now with morphing recipes gone for so long, it is quite tricky to enchant LUT items to +15. How long is it that we do not have them? Half a year? I still had some old mats laying around, but I used them all.
  12. But how do we get to know if it indeed happened? At this point the game feels like a private server where the GMs and their friends are getting exclusive content by GM commands while thee rest of us simply exist to be the dummies for them to kill.
  13. He would probably have summoned apostle transformations without the need of an egg.
  14. Thanks, the 1 kinah retune is a good thing to have recurring, like once per month in a weekend, it is not a deal breaker for you. so far whenever we had it, I was always done with my retunes so I never managed to get advantage of it.
  15. There is defo a problem in the enchanting algorithm, once your item gets to +10 you have to stop enchanting for a while, it kinda gets stuck and you can have like 20 fails in a row when the enchant rate is close to 50%. and it happens pretty consistently, it happens every time I tried to keep enchanting. Itm ight appear like superstition but changing map, relogging or waiting for some time seems to have a good effect on negating this enchanting bug.
  16. If anyone got more than 3 tokens then yes that is totally breaking the rules. In the past we had GMs that helped their friends ingame and they got kicked and the players banned.
  17. Nah that sounds like a person called "ozzie" in katalam server, he is constantly writing things like this. Valedia didn't write these types of self derogative comments.
  18. And then EC was off for 6 months before they re-implemented it adding more salt to the wounds to those that didn't exploit it depriving them from the most important and rewarding pvp instance at that moment making us unable to catch up with those that took the 1 week vacation with full gear. Later they gave rewards for those that were affected while others that were "not affected" were given nothing, like players that came later than the EC take-down so those people still missed EC but somehow they were not worthy of a compensation. ~~ The scariest thing is that they urged peopl
  19. Defo a delay in some sort. At least if you can see the real timers in the program on your pc that is what matters. But if the whole lgo on your pc is not same to the log uploaded then the site is pretty much giving false information.
  20. You are absolutely right, but the stormwing was tradeable and now it is not, some people ask a solution to this and this is what this thread is about. The fact stormwing was transferable is not a problem to us, they deem it not right based on their judgement, the problem is that it was tradeable and now it is not which created the injustice. Can we all at least start getting along at one point and stop picking fights in forum posts?
  21. Actually there must have been a tiny mistake, I swear some of them attacked me without me attacking them, so I assumed it was team agro, but now that I check it, I do not see it happening again. I think I might have had the rune for additional aoe strike and thus some more worms got hit, in this case they are passive and non social agro as well.
  22. But you are telling us that you wish it never happened right? I wish the Nazis also didn't attack Europe and slaughter millions of Europeans, so good will for both of us hoping the past was different, but we live in this version of life and things already happened.. So now, that the stormwing transfer DID actually happen, there needs to have a resolution, many people got more apostles, others got only the default. So unless you have something to propose here for the actual universe version we are currently living, I do not see why talking about "what should have happened" is going to
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