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  1. I couldn't agree more with you on everything, as you see I also wrote "I won't bother listing any other things that I dislike about 6.2" because nobody likes the deletion of maps, nobody likes major changes and especially limitations. The only reason I didn't want to bloat this thread with things that are just a matter of choice on the developers is that I wanted to pin point the most important things that WILL kill this game and if we had to add everything bad about it then the list will get big and plenty of people will start having different opinions so it will get lost in another thread.
  2. Ah yes thanks I knew about it, I just thought there was a bigger amount to buy other than that,
  3. Not really to auto attack. Before 6.0+ books and orbs gave different stats, now in 6.2 the only difference is direct attack power (a normal hit without a skill) which is practically useless. Before 6.2, a book had +40 m.accuracy more than an orb, and an orb had +40 m.boost more than a book. And orb also gave more maximum MP than a SB and some SB didn't even give any MP at all. And of course one was melee in auto attack, while the other was ranged. The reason people preferred a SB for pvp and an Orb for pve is that M.accuracy is highly needed for pvp and for pve you don't really need
  4. P.S. i know you can buy 1 transformation contract per week for 9,9m but that is absolutely nothing. people have opened 200x contracts only to get nothing good.
  5. I do not want to make this a negative thread but I would like to point a few things I think will make the game bad and possibly make plenty of people quit. MOST important: Transformation Contracts: I am a totally free to play person, I would gladly pay kinah to buy contracts but there is nowhere to buy contracts with kinah (unless I missed it), those from BCM are untradeable and unbrokerable, so my question is: ...is there a chance to change the system, like make the BCM ones brokerable or somehow include them ingame with ingame currency? I put this first because at the moment a
  6. Well out of my 11 friends, 7 of them quit already and the rest of us are regarding the same. You will walk around a shared map where some enemies with red gear and imbalanced transformation will kill your whole group and camp the spots you need to farm to get dressed yourself. This is the game now.
  7. OK, this is resolved, the Gold Ingots were deposited in the spot the Essence Cores were supposedly stored, not in your inventory. I was 100000% sure they were in the inventory, I searched the warehouse, legion warehouse, studio warehouses and I was sad. Then I opened my pets and it seems I had placed them there (I was sure I would never put anything exchangeable in my pets' inventories) and the ingots were there. It seems I had about 28x Essence Cores +10 sitting there so I got another 2240 Gold ingots for a total of 3516 GI Sorry for the hustle, it is all resolved.
  8. Thank you for replying so fast: Request #22462448
  9. Well first impression after I logged is really bad, if indeed all my 10x essence cores +10 are simply deleted then this is it for me, I am calling it a night and this time I promise to delete my chars as well so I will never have a reason to return. I had some spaces and I could make some room, I just didn't know there was a neccessity to have the essence cores to my inventory to get them exchanged. They gave us the fking list the last week, so many information, so little time, and they made it so tricky to get any exchange by having things in inventory etc. They sure did delete my essence
  10. So... did Essence Cores +10 in my personal warehouse get exchanged too or just deleted? I had 25 billion kinah which should give me 833 gold ingots or something and I was wearing 6x Essence cores +10 and had at least another 9~10 of them in my warehouse! shouldn't that be about another 1200 gold ingots for a total of more than 2000 gold ingots? Why do I only have 1316 gold ingots? ~~~~~ Same question for enchanted items, did my +8 master harvester hats, sitting on my warehouse get exchanged at all, cause I have the feeling I got less boxes in return. I am one step before l
  11. I leveled Alchemy and all professions back in the days that it was hardcore to do so. I leveled alchemy lately in alts to have more crafting speed, it took me 1 day and the amount of money was not a problem rally for the current economy. This is what I meant. I also leveled aetherforging to lvl 300 and that took me about 2,5b kinah and I even used a +500% crafting amulet and when the passive crafting buf was on... if they ever decide to remove aetherforging that would be a really bad move. This is exactly my point here, one day you play the game as they designed it, the next day the
  12. I played in both GF and NA, 1 year in GF and more years in NA. I will never ever go back to GF because when people were coming to NA they kept telling me that skins and mounts we had here in luna craft they didn't even know their existence in EU. Also luna daily and weekly was a NA-only thing so far, Korea just adopted this and EU too. It was an event for them that was once and never again, in NA it was a permanent event. NA has much more freedom, which of course led to a problematic gaming community since hackers and bots weren't regulated. You either get 100% freedom and live in an ope
  13. This is what EU and Korea got (or something similar). I am also not pissed off deleting alchemy and other professions since it takes you 1 day to take it from lvl 1 to lvl 499 with all the crafting buffs and amulets and I really made a big profit back in the days, it kinda paid off already. But it is never wise to make such decisions so sharply. I'd say if we knew like 3~4 months ago that "these items will be deleted or rendered useless" people like me who have a lot, we would have had time to sell them and obviously we would stop crafting any more. This was a last week call on behalf of th
  14. Because GF will have to be willing to sell it back and I am sure they are determined to ruin it totally before they are willing to give it. They hold hostages most of the European players, cause most of us aren't willing to go to Na with high ping, not everyone is like me. If NCWest buys back European server this will be the biggest gift ever to the people of Europe. And this is the biggest and fattest mistake, that Aion should come in all languages. Why is there a need to have German, French and other language servers at all? Russians are doing this because they make their own tr
  15. I have a different approach on skins, I'd love to be given the opportunity to change my skin on a daily basis if I want to, I do not like to simply gather skins and have them as collection. I do agree skins shouldn't be the easiest thing to get, some skins should be exclusive to things you managed to do (like be first in ranking for this month or whatever) so people could feel an accomplishment wearing them. I just have like 40 main armor skins and a ton of head skins etc and I cannot use them on my armor because I know they will be deleted this way. Luna wardrobe already has some rare and
  16. I totally agree, at least for skins there is absolutely no reason they can't just make it right for players. Just make one shop, that has all the skins so we can have access to them. Make the skins easily available and not costing a fortune to get. Skins are the fun of Aion and it should be clearer/cleaner way to have access to them.
  17. I started in EU since I am European, but I had to leave it in late 2012 after almost 1 year of GameForge own-age. I left it and came to NA and I never had a single second thought of returning back to Aion EU, since there is no longer Aion EU. As a matter of fact, comparing NA Aion to EU Aion is like comparing NA Aion with a private server that happens to be in EU zone (thus low ping for us). Europe is the only continent in the world that had Aion but no longer has it, only a custom version of it, in the hands of a greedy 3rd pary company that has nothing to do with the development of t
  18. ...only one gets it. Get ready for LFG flame on ninja looters.
  19. I'd love if they gave us a wardrobe type of inventory for skins only that will have plenty of slots. Skins do not affect the gameplay when you wear them, but they are the fun of it. I am a hoarder, I had to sell some that were not that good because I have no slots anymore, studio, inventory, personal warehouse, legion warehouse and like 10 or more pets with inventory... not enough slots for skin hoarders.
  20. Then I guess it is no problem. They could at least give an explanation on them being removed so people wouldn't wonder. Thanks for the information
  21. Removing skins is a very bad idea. Like why? But then again the same people thought it was a good idea to remove maps that worked so well, and they removed them too soon. So forgive me for being naive with this question.
  22. Then I guess I will be having like 20 exchanged bracelets. I hope they will give me something when extracted (if extracting is still a thing in 6.+ and if bracelets are extractable)
  23. Bracelets and plumes are tradeable items at the moment (even if you wear them) will they be tradeable after the exchange as well? Like if I have more than 1, will the others be tradeable (or sell-able to broker)?
  24. As far as I read, whatever is already socketed will remain in your armor, whatever is not socketed will probably be converted to +10 version of the manastone (or something else)
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