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  1. OK the names and photos and the order I put this is from the announcements section. Lets vote here our own personal favorites. I made the poll so you can only choose one favorite (although I personally would wear a few of these easily). Drop a comment as well explaining your choice and you can also write what you didn't like on some of these if you want to, keep it clean and non insulting Also unfortunately the photos are super small, we cannot even read the text there. Source:http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/announcements/06112018-leave-your-legacy-costume-design-contest-winner.php
  2. So we got winners, the top one is kawaii and nerdy. No shade I would never use that. The runner ups had some creativity, I liked some of them http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/announcements/06112018-leave-your-legacy-costume-design-contest-winner.php
  3. I remember the post when 5.0 threw acid on our faces and my char got the worst make-under on my face, I remember your post there too and I think he looks pretty identical to before. My char went from looking like a nordic vampire to an asian who got eye-surgery happy and his eyes became like he was squeezed to death or something. I also searched for Brian Wilson, he doesn't look like like him, he looks like most middle aged men who dye their hair pitch black
  4. I have friends who got like 3 dark void dragon skins so far and I have opened with golden keys a whole room with the gold entry, only to get spinel fragments, coins and AP crowns!
  5. And THAT is exactly what you should have written early on so people know you are working on it man. no hard feelings.
  6. ...here in the forums for a strange reason there are people who will always come here to dis people who are trying to fix the game. I have written about bugs and bad behavior and wrong game implementations etc only to get the same typical responses, it is like telling you "accept all the bugs, shut up and play" or something. Mark my words, there are people who not only don't want to see the game fixed, but really take advantage of the bad game mechanics to favor them. e.g. AFK in evergale was a problem, people complained about it, the typical ones came to dis them and tell them to accept
  7. I understand there must be some bad rewards as well so RNG will be able to make it a total random thing, but 1 Spinel Coin would have been better than those 5x +4 manastones! Some rewards are so outdated or bad that giving some tiny relevant reward would have been better. But then again some new players could benefit from thsoe free +4 manastoens, I said "new players", I am sure everyone go the joke.
  8. Well be happy with this solution because server transfers are now closed for everyone else, a friend of mine wanted to go from DN-Asmo to KT-Asmo and they told him it is closed due to server imbalance.
  9. Whoever hasn't read (or listened in an audio book like I did) 1984 from George Orwell is still sleeping. And that book doesn't even cover all there is in real life. Imagine this. It was written half a century ago and it simply shows why our first world is being destroyed at the moment by "others". It is a political dystopian book, that literally explains the present day politics, fake news, corrupted politicians etc. It also has a dystopian love story.
  10. So this is the bugged Arcyus' entry that is always 24/24 and is sitting there. I didn't know the characters on that alliance would get such a hustle. I mean we were more than sure that Arcyus would not be able to get in, but that is the whole alliance. The sad thing is that some people could have gotten enough soul stones to upgrade an accessory and enjoy the power up week. If this is being fixed after the maintenance and even if you get all the soul stones, you will still lose the potential upgraded accessory that you would have been able to power up safely. Sadly, the support in Aion i
  11. Is he based on someone specific (like a real life actor or character from a movie)? If you skipped the super short legs he could look like an ex-gangster who lost a little bit his shape. Now he kinda looks like a middle aged Canadian who just got a divorce and decided to go on vacation to Hawaii, no shade, he looks kinda funny in a good way. Pretty unique char, most people want to make something super hot and sexy, you sure went another way.
  12. It is bugged, I never did that timing. There are people who have 3 minutes left, it is impossible to eat it in 0 seconds. It also looks like we can transform in Crucible Spire again, with Wind Form it can be eaten pretty easily. Did they re-enable the transforms in there or is it another bug?
  13. OK, it seems you get 90 coins per day (not even 1 minium per day). 30 the first 10 minutes and then 20 each hour for 3 hours. The "remaining XX" that says indicates how much you can take today. 90 per day is still not worth the prestige for me, since I do not do most of the things the prestige benefits me (like upgraded rewards in sieges that I do not go, more entries in many instances that most of them I do not go etc). Oh well, I was your guinea pig for today folks.
  14. Those relics gave me 30x minium (2x 15 minium from two relics). As for prestige I'll write what it gives later on, I'll let him online for some time to see what it will give me. If it is what I assume then prestige is a waste of money (unless you use it as another entry boost pack). Like Mirash gets +1 entry so that will be +12 minium per week. Edit: Those godstones are like pre 5.0 ones or something, all blue and worthless, even selling them on NPC gives you pennies!
  15. Ah yes, i got like 24 of these. OK I just made the mistake to get me prestige, that gives like what? 30 coins in the first 10 minutes and then another 20 in the next hour? That is 50 coins per day? I should have done 3 new cars at lvl 10 in less than 1~1,5 hour and get me 60 per day!!! And that vending machine is worse than starbucks, 100 prestige for 1 minium! But it says 60 remaining, so this coul dbe given 2x per day, so that would mean 70 coins per day? I am not sure, I will have to wait.
  16. I was just making a joke, apparently you were raised without it. I do not blame you, I feel sorry for you.
  17. Remind me what Divin Relics are and where I get them from, and I'll give a check on the vending machine, I might have to become prestige
  18. 1) I already use a ping reduction service and it takes my ping to 200~220 (Reduce The Lag). Ping reduction services can only do that much when my ISP is not the best. 2) My ping also makes my char sit there sometimes when I hit a skill waiting and that might delay my dps. Like I hit a skill, I think it will be casted and it simply doesn't. 3) I requested a video to see, because in any grouped pve instance I usually am the one getting the agro due to the highest dps. What is your suggestion for rotation? Since you are that high, have you made a video?
  19. Guys I get Minium 12x from each entry on Mirash Sanctum and there is a daily in Norsvold that gives 2x minium per day! Apart from broker, and events, is there another way to get it? Someone told me that my Sheba will need 600 minium for the first upgrade and then 1000, I do not know that yet, since I need 3 more weeks to get the 50.000/50.000 points. Shout out to those that have a Sheba. Thanks for any tips.
  20. We asked for a way to remove the afkers, there is aDOs and DON'Ts and one fo them is "do not kick people just because you dislike them"... we opened a ticket many times for this person and they did nothing, she is still there, still taking vice, still kicking people just because she dislikes them and then brags about it on forums. I made my point so many times, I have received the copy-paste ticket support reply "we will investigate but due to privacy we can't say more" etc. I wouldn't make a post here hoping for a change and this post is self titled as "you can kick people for whateve
  21. I was more than sure that you would try to brag about this. Learn the difference between constructive trolling and blatant shitposting you newbie. Also Git Gut about what you wrote, apparently you didn't read any patch note translations and you simply wanted to come here and hijack the post, pretending you know what we don't and that you didn't even need to explain. This reminds me the high school drama. So basic.
  22. She is always afk and at that point she simply replied. If you are new to this game I understand you. But she afks and that is when the grudge started because I called her out. Read what Maika said "he gave zero lead" because none of our alliance understood why would he give her the lead. Also she enters with two characters with identical names and she always afks at least one of them. She pretends to be leading EC when she is worthless at it. She even claimed in the group that she "teaches people how to win". We know what happens now, she always asks for lead so people cannot kick her.
  23. Yes, and I understand having many alts and benefiting from events could be a problem to them but they could make all event rewards soul bound. What will be the point of going to an instance, getting an item that you do not need if you can't sell it to get some money and buy something that you need from someone else? The economy of a game is one of the best features of the game, and Aion did a very good job at it. Wasn't it in the patch notes or the crude translations people did from the Korean one, that the trading ability will be removed and only skins will be tradeable?
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