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  1. I broke my Ahserion necklace this way, you are wrong on that. But either way, try to temper something, the info shows whether it goes to 0 or breaks.
  2. Welcome to the English speaking work, German. We do not speak your language.
  3. Hi, I just managed to get my 118 soulstones to upgrade my weapon, so slow since I can only get soulstones from EC (I haven't found any group to get me to Frozen Monolith so there goes my soulstones) So I took the weapon to +15 again and then it kept going to +16 100% of the times and 9 out of 10 times it went back to +15 when I tried to put another stone. I finally managed to get it to +17. I know the system, every 5 enchants, you get safe enchant pad, which is the only reason people can enchant this up to +30 or something. So to all +30 people (or more) how many omegas did it ta
  4. I am defending afkers??? We have afkers in EC that ruin my game, I'd rather give my attention to those for example. Afkers in Daeva dash don't bother me, they do not affect me in a negative way for sure, if they are my enemies, good for me, I got an easy win with little to no effort. The reason why we do not understand your problem here is that you seem to have a problem with one semi-afk team getting 6 keys while another one (semi) afk getting 3. Did you complain so intensely with afk people in dredgion getting AP, they do not even have to go to a fence to get the 7k AP? Did you mak
  5. There comes team ugly SJW-ing against beauty.
  6. There are so many problems in that instance and afking is not a bug. It is a feature. Numerous times people said to remove rewards for totally AFK people, in everything and I am the strongest supporter of this. Your problem here is that there are 2 afk teams and one will get 6 keys and you have something to say about it. 2 afk teams are not a bug for us to fix. If you make a non-afk premade and one of your team players goes afk.. then that is an issue that needs to be taken into consideration, because that person messes with your group and your rewards. But we do get it, you do not lik
  7. You are trying to change the rules and points, if I was to make the rules for example, I would make everyone have to pass through every check point in order to get 1 key and if you are the winning team you get those doubled, effectively giving the winning team 6 keys, the losing team that tried 3 keys and the afk teams 0 keys because to get a key you need to pass from a point. THAT would make it a non afk friendly event. Or give the first team 6 keys and the losing 3 based on points as it is, but don't port people in the end when the timer goes to 0:00... you can stay in the instance for as
  8. What he fails to understand is that this is not an olympics games race, or a specific race that you have to "finish", you run through checkpoitns, gathering the points, trying to pass from those first to claim the most points possible. How many times did I finish first in the finishing checkpoint, BUT I wasn't passing first from the previous checkpoints because an enemy was slightly faster, but I got ahead later on by using skills or not falling from cliffs or caught in terrain obstacles and traps? This is why when someone using a glide/gravity hack ported instantly to the finishing chec
  9. ...but we don't live in that world. And I find bears cute even though they want to maul us.
  10. But the price for proc the recipe were nowhere near the prices we have to pay just for the NPC materials we need. Forget about the prices of the dropped items ,that has to do with the economy of the server and the fact they removed armo/weapon mythic drops from world monsters so the enchant extraction items are much more expensive now, BUT the items you need to buy from the AF NPC, they are expensive themselves. Aetherforging is better to use if you have it at 300 only as an ability. The materials to craft anything are insane, because they are not gatherables, but rather drops from monsters
  11. Thank you so much for listening, we would also like to let you know that giving both untradeable omegas and tradeable wasn't necessary. Also some of the rewards could have been stackable, like the transcendence weapon chest. And some of the rewards were being given way too often like the essence cores, which will be removed so they are pretty useless at this point right before 6.0 In short these are the known bugs: Fix the ability to open the door before the red timer was 0:00 by clicking on it. Rubber-banding in specific terrain, like the steep bridge with the gaps, if you run
  12. Might as well give everyone 6 keys for finishing then, regardless of who finished first? Listen to yourself, you are talking about 2 afk teams and you have a thing to say on why one team will get 6 keys because they were faster than the 2nd team. The teams decide where the race ends, if both teams stop in the first fence, then guess who the winner is... the one who got there FIRST! Same thing happens if both teams decide that the race ends at the finishing point... you know who wins... *drums* the team that went there FIRST! Because every check point gives points and every time someon
  13. Of course taste is taste and personal opinions are everywhere. Otherwise people wouldn't love their children if the neighbors children were "prettier" or "more handsome". BUT facial harmony, body harmony, variety of vivid colours etc are imprinted in our brains as good looking though. It is like arguing whether a turkey is better looking than a peacock. The first looks like the ugly cousin of the second. This is why global beauty standards incline towards something specific and others complain that they are not included.
  14. The winner team is the ones who passed the 1st fence first so they got more points than the other team who passed the 1st fence later. If both teams raced till the first fence only, then one team was better at it, they get the 6 keys. If you want, move to the next point, it will give so much more points, enough for you to win while the rest 2 of your team are afk and the 3 enemies as well.
  15. I was at 50 and only did 15 hours of it and took it to about 227 (the thing doesn't want to go to 230), 500% amulets (I have another 15 of them but weekend was over too quickly ) and the 100% weekend buff. It still took a lot of money though. The average person will never be able to level it unless we have like a +300% crafting boost week and with the amulet that will do the thing.
  16. I didn't say anything directed to someone specific. But beauty is math before it is an option or a preference. Φι (phi) from the ancient Hellenic golden ration where all the ancient Hellenic (Greek) statues and temples were applied to. It has to do with universal harmony and "beautiful" mathematical proportions
  17. that sounds nice, we never had something like this though
  18. I did and so did others (at least they said so). I also prompted them in the chat (in 2nd photo) to take screenshots themselves and report it. I am not sure what is more pathetic, that he cheated so openly or that they lost regardless?
  19. Get ready to see kawaii-vomit style people thinking their digital waifu is very cute with bubbly eyes and super punch-cute outfits, having them with tiny legs so they are small, being offended they didn't win this.
  20. If you can't win in EC, "You better Run" (the name of the legion he is in). This happened yesterday in Evergale Canyon, 5:10 am Hellenic time (GMT +3). The guy kept on top of the camp, continuously taking the artifact. Name Install - KT @Cyan take a look
  21. They could just make the Fast Track server accessible to all levels then, that should fix it. And give you the ability to change server once a day so you cannot take advantage of everything.
  22. Why is there a penalty for leaving Evergale? Nobody is going to leave a winning EC and thus "hurt" his side, waiting slowly to die in an all-afk side is stupid. The one and only reason I even bother with EC is because it is the one and only way for me to get soul stones, which is the only way to end game items. Evergale has the most poor design when it comes to game matching and mechanics. Do something before this game dies at May forever, there is little to no joy playing Aion anymore. Being kicked (which means you are afk) should give you a penalty. And yes if a bad leader kicks you fo
  23. I would also like to know and I must trade all tradeable items I have in my alts before 6.0 so they won't be 100% useless.
  24. A protection system fails when the average user gets errors and cannot solve them, while hackers and cheaters are more dedicated to those things and they can even bypass those "protection" services. In short XIGNCODE made the normal legit player suffer while the cheaters give little to no damn about it. How do I know? Well Daeva Dash has been an eye opener for those cheaters using all sort of glide and gravity hacks to get in front and win the instance.
  25. Yes this is how the game is, and this is why we have suggestions. A game can cater to everyone if they care enough. Why have BT normal mode and hard mode? Why cater to those that cannot do the hard mode? The pvp items used to be soul bound already, they made the archdaeva ones tradeable and then they made the upgraded ones -> soul bound again. The high end medals were also untradeable but then spinel medal were already tradeable since the beginning. Nothing occurs in a vacuum, everything is a choice of the developers and they create content that will draw more and more people. Having dif
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