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  1. Excuse me, I lost some brain cell with the last phrase: "I'm tired of SM being the 'nerf' class." ...my friend, if they want to fix SM they need to delete the class, it is one of the most OP classes in game. And just becaue the cleric is an equally broken class that doesn't mean SM needs a boost. You got the most r3t@rd3d skill in game -> fear, and not only one, plenty of them. you have a summon that takes dmg for you, making you effectively the class with the most HP in game. You can drain HP/MP, debuff your enemy, bury silence easily... Just fear the cleric and then dot him, yes t
  2. ...meawhile they bring some basic event and theya re full of bugs, and yet here we have a day dreamer asking for new classes and a subclass add (like Lineage II or something). I know this is suggestions and trust me, if we could, we would all suggest the craziest things, but we know we gotta keep it real.
  3. I find it r3t@rd3d they remove so many things that used to matter just to stupify the game. Aetherforging was a big fat fail, leveling it is insanely expensive. I think Aion will stop being what we all loved as the time passes. They want to remove 90% of the content and make a game so basic as Lineage II when it was launched (minus the grinding) or something.
  4. The only one that is a pain in the a** is the mage boss that you need to use the fire form. That one hits hard, the add do a lot of damage if you do not kill the correct one etc. In the final boss, the easiest is the one you need to use the earth form, probably too easy to be there as a final boss, just make sure you are close to it when he does the dagger thing Wind is easy enough, but you gotta make sure those 2 shaddow adds do not hit you, they hit for 10k per hit, so make sure you kil them, they die easily Water is easy enough, you can also heal yourself, just try to avoid one of th
  5. So storage is not enough, let me excuse everyone here, I have my main's inventory expanded pretty good, the personal warehouse and I also own a legion just for the legion warehouse, in my studio I have like 135 slots, I own like 5~6 storage pets that have individual storage (not shared) AND I have another account with many characters with their personal inventory and warehouses... full! Yes, all of the above mentioned are like 90% full My studio storage is all full of skins I collected and I do not even have all of them (I exclude all ugly ones and those stoopid kawaii stuff and of cou
  6. Well it started, my team was afk, I started running, elyos seemed to be afk too so I said lets take some pints and let win it, so I was moving and no points were given, then I stopped and let it finish, it seemed that elyos were not in the instance, don't know what happened and why it happened. But in the end we got 6 keys so no problem. So if you get 0 points that means you can stop, you already won.
  7. Can you add a big fat heroic NPC in each starting location so if the enemies go there he will keep killing them 1 shot or that will slow them for like 10 minutes (effectively making them useless int he instance? In the end remove that little portal thing, what is the point of having it in the game to begin with? People that scam this way should be penalized.
  8. Reduction stones are a broken thing. They fail like 9/10 and when they succeed they have -1~-3 levels. I would suggest they remove the -2 and -3 chance but at least raise the chance to succeed -1, by a lot. My previous items, I traded them to alts doing luna, so they were reduced free and fast but the non tradeable ones are a pain. I still walk around with a gray wolf lvl 76 because I had stacked up 8 luna reduction stones and they all failed, leaving me with a 76 one and I am keeping it like this. The reduction thing shouldn't even be here, it is pure RNG and has absolutely no rewarding
  9. They can also grab the transform they want from their base and then take the same transform from us so they leave us with an important transform less. This thing isn't even necessary, why would you need it in the first place, you transfer to the start of the run and it won't benefit you anything. are you acting like an id!ot or are you a natural one? I am a Katalam Asmodian and so far whenever it happened to me it happened from Elyos enemies. The only reason why you see asmos doing it is because you are an elyos and you play against asmodians. I have never seen any asmodi
  10. Yes, I got slowed, pulled and stunned even though I had it on. P.S. if the enemies take your statues, just port to their side and take a statue from there (it should work). Have the last word on this
  11. I got the elyos ported in our base and they used all tricks to win. Also do not bother with hero shoes tranform, the shiled doesn't work, the enemies can still stun and pull you. If enemies are not afk ,I'll afk it, not worth it. the other always know more bug and tricks than I do so why bother?
  12. I meant that some classes are passively faster than others. I expect a lot of people to put their alts in to afk
  13. It is one of these events that you read it "you get inside, 3 asmodians vs 3 elyos, you choose heroes, they have special abilities, you have to run, you have to avoid obstacles etc, you have to do this and that etc" I need to see this walk through on video, these events are giving me a headache. And then I realized that this event is not for all classes. It is retarded.
  14. So we are at evergale, we are lower in points and we decide to at least try to get 4k points for the Q items... and boom a mass dc. I log back in SLOWLY because it wasn't just a normal "you are disconnected from the server" type of dc, my client also crashed so it took my client the loading screen to go back. I log back in, everyone is offline, the whole map is elyos, they are killing bosses and are like 4k+ points ahead and more than half the people didn't even make it back on time for the sh!tty rewards of the losing team. Whatever bug this is FIX it, get the stupid snake even
  15. And this is my Chanter alt, her name is Shakira (lol). I think I have many many more skins for her (and like 10x more on my main). I need to find some time to get all of them and arrange them and take screenshots
  16. I have plenty of keys and never saw a single chest. I am more than sure you have to be drop dead lucky to find one the moment it spawns before someone else finds it.
  17. I am an Asmodian 75 lvl, full gray wolf +7 accs with harvester weapon and all, I have never been in Frozen Monolith since I am a soloer and it is a grouped instance. I saw the videos on youtube, it needs a few things to be done correctly so probably for the first time you need some sort of teamspeak/ventrilo type of communication. If people are willing to take a sorc I am down for it too. Asmodian though.
  18. They are also removed in 6.0 so they won't have their design.
  19. What I meant about the hackers is that all classes have an insane amount of people who cheat and that puts our class in ever worse position. I already mentioned that hacking is not taken into consideration when you chose a sorc, but if there is a class that suffers from hackers it is the sorc, since most other classes have more survivability than us and thus they can probably try to do something, we will most likely die in 1 second. And yeah, if he is going to cheat a sorc cannot benefit from those hacks. But that wasn't what I wanted to tell him.
  20. You should be good with it, and screen size plays a role in the resolution you play the game into obviously.
  21. A non official rule is that when an archdaeva item is trade-able, it breaks, if it is not tradeable then it doesn't. So whatever archdaeva you can buy in broker for example, it will break. Whatever you need to upgrade yourself (like 75a2 items upgraded with soulstones or harvester items upgraded) they will not break. And graywolf is one of them, you buy it and it is already soul bound. And also it is mentioned in the tempering window too, "reset" not broken.
  22. Yep, just keep them there without doing them, they won't pop up again ever.
  23. I remember that screen and I kinda think it looked prettier
  24. Yes weave was misused, I meant use the skills one after another, the global cool down is shorter.
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