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  1. Why is there a penalty for leaving Evergale? Nobody is going to leave a winning EC and thus "hurt" his side, waiting slowly to die in an all-afk side is stupid. The one and only reason I even bother with EC is because it is the one and only way for me to get soul stones, which is the only way to end game items. Evergale has the most poor design when it comes to game matching and mechanics. Do something before this game dies at May forever, there is little to no joy playing Aion anymore. Being kicked (which means you are afk) should give you a penalty. And yes if a bad leader kicks you fo
  2. I would also like to know and I must trade all tradeable items I have in my alts before 6.0 so they won't be 100% useless.
  3. A protection system fails when the average user gets errors and cannot solve them, while hackers and cheaters are more dedicated to those things and they can even bypass those "protection" services. In short XIGNCODE made the normal legit player suffer while the cheaters give little to no damn about it. How do I know? Well Daeva Dash has been an eye opener for those cheaters using all sort of glide and gravity hacks to get in front and win the instance.
  4. Yes this is how the game is, and this is why we have suggestions. A game can cater to everyone if they care enough. Why have BT normal mode and hard mode? Why cater to those that cannot do the hard mode? The pvp items used to be soul bound already, they made the archdaeva ones tradeable and then they made the upgraded ones -> soul bound again. The high end medals were also untradeable but then spinel medal were already tradeable since the beginning. Nothing occurs in a vacuum, everything is a choice of the developers and they create content that will draw more and more people. Having dif
  5. I would love to have all instances be able to choose not only the difficulty but also the amount of people in it. Effectively why not have all instances be able to be run with 1 char as solo with minimal rewards? I am 75 lvl (pretty close to reaching 100% in my bar too since I am 75 lvl since summer 2017), I have graywolf accessories +7 or something, nice pve weapon and all... but I am not doing 99% of the instances because it requires a static team to do them. I never been in frozen monolith that I need for the soulstones. People have told me to either get more social or quit the game, pre
  6. You could all put some photos as well with the ingame code and the name.
  7. Effort is good, aetherforging doesn't take effort, it takes money. truth to be told crafting weapons and armor did require pretty much an effort, but now there are no crafts, just upgrades and morphs I could get a ton of materials by aethertapping and morphing. I didn't even touch essencetapping. While on aetherforging you can only buy your materials from broker which takes an even bigger drawback on it since everything is super expensive. Aetherforging is rich exclusive at this point, it doesn't require effort to run around gathering, morphing and crafting. You either have
  8. I deleted many myself, like 30+ small keys an about 10 of the big ones. The chests spawned pretty slow and the keys were dropping pretty easily. This was an event, in real Tiamaranta getting a key was worth mentioning in lfg, followed by some "gratz" replies.
  9. Well I to0k them at +2~+3 and sold them, they sell pretty low sine everyone has them.
  10. I dislike the new crafting with aetherforging because gathering is useless, morphing is useless and aethertapping is useless. Crafting: Pros: 1) You could gather the materials directly with essencetapping, or you could aethertap aether and then morph it, making crafting pretty cheap 2) You level it extremely cheaply with work orders, profession upgrade recipes used to give you a hard time but now you have the proc'ed version already. It was also pretty fast before we even had amulets or weekends for crafting boost. 3) It gave a whole new meaning to effort, go gather or morph, craft
  11. ...and how much does a recipe level your aetherforging? I mean in normal professions you could get +40 lvls of the level of recipe. So is aetherforging similar?
  12. I have a video on an alt that someone is attacking me, will a ticket do anything to that person?
  13. Correction: Prevent others from finishing before their team mates I mean
  14. These would do, the one that looks very nice, I think it is a refurbished version of the ingame. All these photos were found on the internet.
  15. I say a good 7 day ban would be appropriate for this, and check the IP so they 7 day block all his alts. I understand people purposely dieing in the end to prevent others from finishing, it is a game feature it seems, but this is clearly something irritating like the kisk item that ports you to the enemy base and people stealing the hero forms. But how can she hit you when you cannot hit her? The image says "you cannot attack in your current stance.
  16. That instance has plenty of bugs and glitches and tricks, and so far almost everyone it (ab)using them.
  17. I am not sure how the tavern outfit looks on women, but there is an outfit that has the name "maid" in it. She will probably look like a lolita
  18. Excuse me, I lost some brain cell with the last phrase: "I'm tired of SM being the 'nerf' class." ...my friend, if they want to fix SM they need to delete the class, it is one of the most OP classes in game. And just becaue the cleric is an equally broken class that doesn't mean SM needs a boost. You got the most r3t@rd3d skill in game -> fear, and not only one, plenty of them. you have a summon that takes dmg for you, making you effectively the class with the most HP in game. You can drain HP/MP, debuff your enemy, bury silence easily... Just fear the cleric and then dot him, yes t
  19. ...meawhile they bring some basic event and theya re full of bugs, and yet here we have a day dreamer asking for new classes and a subclass add (like Lineage II or something). I know this is suggestions and trust me, if we could, we would all suggest the craziest things, but we know we gotta keep it real.
  20. I find it r3t@rd3d they remove so many things that used to matter just to stupify the game. Aetherforging was a big fat fail, leveling it is insanely expensive. I think Aion will stop being what we all loved as the time passes. They want to remove 90% of the content and make a game so basic as Lineage II when it was launched (minus the grinding) or something.
  21. The only one that is a pain in the a** is the mage boss that you need to use the fire form. That one hits hard, the add do a lot of damage if you do not kill the correct one etc. In the final boss, the easiest is the one you need to use the earth form, probably too easy to be there as a final boss, just make sure you are close to it when he does the dagger thing Wind is easy enough, but you gotta make sure those 2 shaddow adds do not hit you, they hit for 10k per hit, so make sure you kil them, they die easily Water is easy enough, you can also heal yourself, just try to avoid one of th
  22. So storage is not enough, let me excuse everyone here, I have my main's inventory expanded pretty good, the personal warehouse and I also own a legion just for the legion warehouse, in my studio I have like 135 slots, I own like 5~6 storage pets that have individual storage (not shared) AND I have another account with many characters with their personal inventory and warehouses... full! Yes, all of the above mentioned are like 90% full My studio storage is all full of skins I collected and I do not even have all of them (I exclude all ugly ones and those stoopid kawaii stuff and of cou
  23. Well it started, my team was afk, I started running, elyos seemed to be afk too so I said lets take some pints and let win it, so I was moving and no points were given, then I stopped and let it finish, it seemed that elyos were not in the instance, don't know what happened and why it happened. But in the end we got 6 keys so no problem. So if you get 0 points that means you can stop, you already won.
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