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  1. Last night, a hated character, got with me on EC. This guy has a cleric and a sorcerer (high ranking) with the same name (one written with a lower case " L " and one written with an uppercase " i ". This guy at some point requested vice, the moment he got it, I was kicked and then I learned from others that they also got kicked. This guy puts his chars afk (at least one of them) and then when he gets called out for this, he holds a grunge against you. The problem here is that HOW can I report the incident with log proof? When you get kicked from an instance server dungeon, your chat gets
  2. With so many outdated pvp instances why do we have Frozen Monolith, a pve instance, giving soulstones to upgrade pvp gear? Evergale Canyon seems a reasonable thing since it is a pvp instance. BUT you can get 5x soulstones from Frozen Monolith and with 4 entries per week that is 20 soul stones. (Unless I heard wrongly about the numbers) How about we got 1 soul stone instead from every winning pvp instance, EOB, OW, IDL... heck even Dredgion has pvp along with the pve aspect. Even a winning siege could be more reasonable to give you a soul stone. All of these don't have to give soul st
  3. Solo was practically impossible for end game things back when getting dressed was a personal thing. Meaning that you couldn't buy your medals and buy your gear, now you can do that. With ceraniums and even further back, you had to compete with others in sieges, instances etc and hope to get AP and medals. Peopel would beg to be in a static group that spammed TEB (The Eternal Bastion) for medals. Now you can buy your spinel medals or even better (after the daeva dash event) you can dress your char in full 75a2 items with about 100m~130m per piece. So 2 weapons + head + main + legs + boots +
  4. I used to feel the same and not only I as a sorc lack the healing abilities and survivability of the others, but I also play with ping. Now that I have a ping reduction service (which doesn't really take my ping much lower but it stabilizes my connection making it a solid client-server connection) I am doing all floors. First I couldn't kill floor 36 and I still find that the hardest for a sorc, since we cannot evade any magic attacks so that boss can lethally kill me with 2 consequent skills if I do not pay attention. Then I could only kill last boss with wind form, now I can od it witho
  5. Just read the changes that will occur in 6.0 so you won't bother with things that will be changed/deleted. For example I have +10 essence cores and I will be rewarded something because of them. But I did them in the enchant event when they didn't break, so you shouldn't bother with those.
  6. So 2x from amulet and 3x from the event buff = 6x and he gets all the XP by himself.
  7. Well I still haven't been there, this instance is one of the hard ones and only static groups do it.
  8. There is no reason to wait. Sure some things will be deleted in 6.0 but you can always get ready for what is coming. For example don't socket +11/+12 manastones, they will be deleted. Don't bother with essence cores now, they will be deleted as well. Getting in now and getting money or getting items etc, won't hurt anything when you return, even better when 6.0 comes you won't feel like you are new again, you will be used to it. I've quit Aion 3 times in the past for personal reasons, each time from 6 to 10 months, and when I was returning I felt like I didn't know what I was doing wit
  9. Thanks for the information. It is just I saw the above videos and realized that the dmg done is too much and if something goes wrong a 2nd cleric would come handy. Of course if you are used to do it, then maybe 1 cleric and one support should be enough.
  10. I got plenty of these on my alts, too bad they are untradeable and the gear I am trying to reduce is also untradeable.
  11. Kicking a whole alliance shouldn't be possible though. Kicking specific players from the alliance is a good thing.
  12. Actually 2x clerics are probably needed. and yeah being 75 lvl is probably essential as well
  13. Hey, I have never been on that although I am 75 lvl and pretty dressed to kill (graywolfs to +7, harvesters etc). Are there any people that want to go there but can't find a group? Maybe we should make a group and try it, the instance is not just shoot shoot shoot, it requires you to do things timely so it requires some practice alright. So I am an Asmodian in Katalam server, I am a sorcerer. What would be good is you to be 75 lvl with some good enough gear. This instance is not a safe zone for anyone, it is end game instance and it is pretty tight, if you are lower than 73 lvl for exa
  14. This is bad translation, it is exactly like the other illusion godstones, it has a chance to break.
  15. There is no reason to use sleep godstone for the effect only lasts 2 seconds and it is useless, if sleep is not an active skill that you use intentionally and avoid hitting a second time, then it is even more useless. Paralyze godstone is still the best in my opinion. With fear the enemy walks away, you might have to move to be able to hit. But I took the tests on the dps godstone and it seems for mage classes it doesn't worth as much as Strengthened Tiamat's Fury. See this here, I have updated info https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/2225-illusion-godstone-valontes-strike/
  16. Case dismissed, I tried Strengthened Tiamat's Fury godstone which is m.boost affected like all the previous dps godstones. This only has 3% chance instead of the 4% that the Valonte's Strike has BUT the dmg is practically double: So for a m.boost class, the new godstone isnt' as effective as that specific one godstone
  17. Alright, I took tests in Luna, it seems that the dmg is affected by the last HP left on the mob, so yes, when it proced on a mob that had little HP, it as much damage as the remaining HP. It also seems to do 12.525 dmg consistently. Now I will have to test it outside as well. The godstone is affected by m.attack and not m.boost as others states in other threads, in this case, maybe another godstone would be better for sorcerers and mage users. Some times it said the effect as activated but I saw no dmg, could it be that the godstone was activated in a mob that just died so
  18. Looks like the godstone might only be worthy for melee/direct attacks. If yes, then I wasted a good 90m on this godstone
  19. I did some testing and now I come to realize maybe this godstone is too bad for my sorc https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/2225-illusion-godstone-valontes-strike/
  20. I doubt the dmg has anything to do with the amount of HP left. I have used glacial slowly to enemies and mobs, only to finish it right before the HP was like 3~5% and the dmg number was the same high as normal. But w do have to take more tests
  21. Correct - Augment + Condition cannot be armsfused Correct - Higher level weapon is always on top, Same level weapons can be on top either way (e.g. two lvl 75 weapons, can get either way) Wrong - A level 77 weapon reduced to level 75 cannot be placed on top of a lv 76 weapon Example: 77 lvl weapon (base) cannot be on top of a provenance weapon (base lvl 80) reduced to 75. The base level of a weapon is its armsfusion level permanently, no matter the reduction stones. The reduction stones only give the stats the ability to be used 100% or less depending on character's level.
  22. This new godstone requires some digging to see how much it worths having it over the other dps godstones. Info: Godstone damage proc'ed when using /attack on a mob outside Norsvold with my spellbook Godstone damage proc'ed when using my very low lvl Erosion skill on the same mob outside Norsvold with my spellbook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The other godstones were affected by m.boost if I am correct and their dps was a specific solid one on normal proc and critical proc, it had no other variant.
  23. But if they reach 4k points and they afk they get the rewards right? If you get 4k but lose you still get some rewards, if you have 0 points you still get the basic rewards. Daeva dash doesn't have a threshold, that's all, you do not like the system, I would also make it mandatory to finish to even get the 3 keys as a losing team. Welcome to the club of not liking the fact that afkers can get ANY rewards at all.
  24. I broke my Ahserion necklace this way, you are wrong on that. But either way, try to temper something, the info shows whether it goes to 0 or breaks.
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