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  1. Well I saw that message RIGHT before the mass disconnect in Evergale Canyon, but I wasn't fast enough to screenshot it since the client automatically closes or crashes, so I only had a fraction of a second to capture the thing. I was going to post this on the bug section, but this is not a bug, it is a feature meant for the korean servers that the developers forgot to remove in our version. Right before you get a disconnect, you get 1 buff icon, a debuff icon and then a message that says you are not playing from an internet cafe, thus you get kicked, because apparently there is an algori
  2. Heck he even includes my name in the title now
  3. I didn't read all the comments, I stand corrected then, the others did try to degrade the conversation by doing personal attacks. No ego either
  4. @Pandastein-DN @Cheesecake-DN @Forgotten-DN Goodness lord, basic offense tactics, even people who finish high school are better than that. But I have to admit that 12 years of school and 4 years of university taought me the basics, I gotta thank 4chan and the trolls for allowing my brain to expand even further. who knows, you might get educated and be better next time. You guys forgot to like each other comments, that would make your attack better, only not.
  5. I tried to use a tga file myself and it NEVER worked. I tried all possible things and it only work when I used a bmp file which kinda sucks since it has no transparency. I tried with photoshop and gimp (p.s. gimp has probably the worst user interface I ever seen) and it still didn't work with the tga file. It keeps telling me that the file is not 24 bit when I am not trying with a bmp file.
  6. Things that matter... you mean being good at having friends who are dressed and can carry me? Yeah, I am not good at that, you start to catch the meaning. I give you an E' for effort
  7. The problem of my side is that we are like 100 active people on the server, everyone else is the alts of these 50 people and they decide to put them in EC with them so we all lose. Our abyss is perma green constantly unless we have the buff lvl 12837183 or something. We have no people, the numbers are just afk alts.
  8. There are 3 static premade alliances done in Asmodian Katalam. They get their own same static people all the time, you just have to quick queue and be lucky to be in their league. You forgot the 4th option is to either quit the game or just roll an elyos and start enjoying the game. I'd say remove the auto accept premades, what is a premade when auto accept exists. Or better yet, keep auto accept in but they shouldn't grab the quick queue players, auto accept premade means you apply to that premade and it automatically accepts you. KingCannon from our side also does this today, h
  9. No I called them idiots because they could literally go there and say "we love our pve that gives pvp rewards because we suck at pvp", instead they tried to make this about me. I want to do pvp and earn pvp rewards, they want to do pve and earn pvp rewards, find the problem. P.S. I have plenty of friends in game, they are lower lvl and not as equipped as me. Let me show you how you are an idiot here, you said: "I have no friends that carry me on FM"... I am 75 lvl, I have +7 gray wolfs, I have all my manastones +10 etc, I am good at everything. Did I ever ask to be carried? Did I ev
  10. I agree, the rewards we have in events, in luna craft, as drops and in aetherforging make the prestige a little useless. The venting machine with prestige coins is insanely expensive. It is like buying coffee from starbucks, nothing special and too expensive.
  11. If it is a she, then she needs to get laid and get a life. Can you link the group please or at least take a screenshot?
  12. Can we at least get a feature that when you block someone he cannot kick you from EC or you never team with him again?> Fix this game before that bad community kills it.
  13. Zerotoierance and Zerotolerance on Katalam asmodian is a problemn. Not only he afks in EC, but when he gets in, he asks for lead and if he gets it, he then starts to kick the people he dislikes. He usually puts his chars afk and because I called him on that he now hold a grudge against me and others that called him. Let me tell you one thing that is not banable for sure, kicking someone because you want to. @Cyan lied to us in Dos and Don'ts post about the league and coalition and EC entries. So if you have a problem with someone, go ahead and start kicking them, they will do nothing to yo
  14. This guy here does premades with auto accept, this way he opens new instances on EC, seconds later his alliance gets an entry, he cancels and remakes a premade with auto accept. This is surely an elyos alt on our Asmodian side. Does blocking any of these chars work on not being teamed with them? And WHY do we even have a post offer with auto accept in it? Will this game ever design something that cheaters can't take advantage of?
  15. I made a post about soulstones for pvp given in pve instances and we should have them in pvp instances, and I got a ton of idiots calling me names because they like how pve can give pvp rewards. And yes Dux is every final boss in a fortress, if you are an Asmodian and respect yourself, you call it Dux!
  16. I have never been in a siege ever since they introduced coalition, I went a few times, realized it is an afk feast and never been back there and never will be till they fix or remove the coalition system. So I am left in the good old days of siege. Hence the Dux.
  17. This is main costume (I assume a one piece that covers all body skins) and a head piece.
  18. Yes they either leave it as it is, if they put it on BCM though they would either have to make them tradeable or it would be a pure p2w thing. Putting at least 1 manastone in every archdaeva pvp instance would make people wanna go. Heck even put it in sieges to the winning team, so people wouldn't go there to afk. Only Divine siege gives 3x soul stones if you kill the dux
  19. I don't think Kumuki instance will return anytime soon, they literally burnt it in the last 3 months of 2017 and I doubt it will ever be back.
  20. I'd love to see pvp soul stones in pvp instances, not just EC. Give us the chance to work for it, BCM soul stones is a p2w for sure. If they are tradeable then I personally will not have a problem since, ingame I have plenty of money that I worked hard to make, so I wouldn't mind spending my money on soul stones. But if they are untradeable it will only raise the division of those who spend a lot of money with those that don't, in which case I couldn't care personally less or more, since I will eventually do my sets the slow EC way.
  21. ...this is where you stop the bs please. Just read what you wrote and take a moment to realize how stupid that sounds. NOBODY will kick you for being undergeared or for dieing, you could go to the pve group since it is easier to help there than get ganged easily at pvp. You said you want and try to learn, does afk help you on that too? The elyos dominate because they have 3x the number of asmodians at least in Katalam, this is why the whole abyss is green. There was a day that I had 13/13 wins on EC and I am an asmodian-KT because we had the luck to be in a premade and the rest of the pe
  22. http://na.aiononline.com/en/news/events/08082017-secrets-of-the-ancients.php Will you make it for plumes and bracelets too please?
  23. Note: the reason you see the change in the green text, is because the green text indicated the alteration of the base stat, in this case additional bonuses or debuffs are shown there. If the debuff is a lower number than the bonuses then the green text is still green and the base stat doesn't look to change, if the debuff number is bigger than the green text then there is no green text left and you see your base stat with red letters.
  24. Alright this seems to clear things up a little bit: My base p.def is 1.583 and the 163 is some additional p.def bonuses I have from some stats My base m.sup is 1.638 and the 1.809 is from bonuses. So that makes sense, the number it is affected, is the white one. Int his case Base p.def: 1.583 * 35% = 554,05 this should be my reduction. My total p.def went from 1.751 to 1.198, which is obviously 1.751 - 554 = 1.197, the +/-1 difference must be some rounding that we do not see. Base m.suppression: 1.638 *35% = 573,3 and this should be my reduction My total m.suppression
  25. http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/168000271/ Testing on my main (I gave this to an alt and did a duel) There is defo a bad translation, it doesn't decrease physical attack debuff and spell debuff, or whatever that means. It reduces your p.def and m.sup. I am not sure how good this would be to be used by a p.attack user but for a magic boost class to use it, it would increase the dmg of all spells As I say above, the m.supp is lowered less probably because my m.suppression is the outcome of both knowledge stones, but also my armor's and accessories' attributes. I am almost sure
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