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  1. 4 hours ago, JuggernautBitch said:

    Ah. Would be nice if the Launcher would just say so and prevent the game from attempting to launch or the game closing and saying the servers are unreachable instead of a software crash! Thanks for the quick response though. Much appreciated. 

    Welcome to the upside-down world mate. I see you are new here so let me tell you a basic rule for forums:

    Stop posting suggestions that have common sense, this is a place of insanity, the launcher is nothing more than a few extra steps to login, nothing valuable about it. You can't expect it to show you whether the servers are up or not, that would have been way too convenient and reasonable to ever be thought of, much more to be implemented.

    Lets not ruin the matrix.

  2. 17 hours ago, Ele-DN said:

    Theres no troll here. Would you join and help someone who stole from you? rubbish talk? screwed you in some way?

    If they were to lead, and did the above to many others, how would that go? Would it be easy to get people to trust them with lead? Remember 5.8 or around there where you were forced into collations and if you had issues with them, they would kick? Theres these 2 famous  "leaders" that did that and screwed themselves later in 6.0 because they had no power for being dicks.

    If I could single one thing NCSoft noobed hard on it would have been the coalition feature. Probably the msot stupid thing they ever came up with in the history of Aion.

    20 hours ago, HeartStrings-DN said:

    You have to keep in mind that the chart was made by an asmo manually then asking you to take his word for it the numbers are correct.  Secondly how many asmos have created an account with an elyos character also and logs in afk .  If you like the numbers look no further than the in game number of ratio of influence the Elyos have which is "0" or look at the number of times they have taken a fortress since classic started.   It alright if you want to keep this imbalance going in favor of the asmos but when the game is destroyed because the Elyos are tired of going to siege for nothing then good for you just ruin another good game.

    You could make the charts yourself or anyone could simply take a simple look and test it. He would have to be a total noob trying to scam the numbers only for someone else to come and post different numbers and disprove of every effort he made so far.

    He didn't make the charts to persuade anyone for anything. His thread simply shut up every elyos that came to the forums to make fun of IS-Asmodians for not being good "at leadership", implying that elyos win because they are good at it.

    It was them doing a service to themselves by trying to make the enemy look bad.

  3. 5 hours ago, Rakionrql said:

    It wont get better by giving up.

    They didn't give up, they still play but on Siel. The only people who wish for IS-Asmos to try is IS-Elyos because sooner or later their server will be empty of enemies.

    These positive "don't stop trying", "don't give up" are good virtue signaling. There are people who do not want to be the underdog and in huge disadvantage.

    Don't treat people with a server suffix, Asmodians of IS or SL are the same, the difference is the first were underpopulated than the second.

  4. 2 hours ago, Ashlayna-DN said:

    Anyone can, but who's going to?  So you don't play here, but you're wise to what's going on?  The people that were willing to step up and actually lead, instead of talking about it quit doing it.  Whether they quit the game or not is irrelevant, they quit trying to lead, with the end result being that nobody stepped up to fill the void, despite all the "well, I can do it better".

    So yeah, anyone can, but what happens when no one will?  Here's an example:  "we need a server merge".


    • Some players tried to siege, failed and then never showed up again
    • Some players tried to siege, failed and they rerolled on SL
    • Some players didn't try to siege at all

    The "leaders" didn't quit, a leader is not a title someone has exclusively. It is just high leveled chars with gears that tried to take forts in the first sieges stopped showing up and some rerolled.

    We are beating a dead horse here and we are playing with words.

  5. 3 hours ago, Ashlayna-DN said:

    So who's supposed to lead those that are willing to participate in sieges?  Were you one of the people deriding the people that at least stepped up to try, while linking your blue Kromede weapons?

    ...no I didn't play actively on IS because it is dead. I just made my char there played a while and saw it is empty. The phrase "the leaders quit" is wrong, anyone can lead a siege if they want to.

    It is like "the leaders" were some sort of company employees and they quit leaving the server without a necessary feature of the game.

  6. Isn't it funny how elyos are either

    • Very good at sieging tactics (when they outnumber the Asmodians and win on IS)
    • Outnumbered and need help (when they are equal in numbers but don't participate on Siel)

    The charts show the numbers, not the dedication of each faction. And yes there could be some gear imbalance but that will fix itself.

  7. 3 minutes ago, Mitsukuni-KT said:

    Hahaha np at all! All goods, it helps me a lot to have 2 people suggesting me how to get better :D 

    That's true about the Frigid Wave! Coz the Freezing Wind, having to go really near, was a bit too much. Imma still try to get Raging and Thundering Spear!

    Oh how I wish I had created more vandals and glads XD it was suggested to me to create all 12 classes to get to know them better for pvp, also to know the classes in general, in case I want to reroll someday. Sheesh.. what a mistake.

    Gunner is a pain in the ass coz pistols - 1 area, loong cd but it heals me really good and insta shots. But cannon - lots of areas, long casting and no heals! No idea how I should do it.. I've tried both pistols and cannon but didn't succeed, guess bc of the order and wrong choice of skills. I don't know many Gunners to help me with this! :(  

    The templar's issue imo are the area skills.. I really use drain HP skills, buffs and shield, but the fact is that templar has almost no areas and the areas are too short ranged and not so strong you know. Killing one by one takes longer to kill Dukakis coz they focus too much on centipedes since they outnumber Dukakis.

    Have you tried gunner + canons + GST potions, since he has no drain he will run out of MP/Hp eventually. If potions are enough to keep him running and alive then it will worth it if the aoe of canons can do it.

  8. 25 minutes ago, Mitsukuni-KT said:

    Since Gabrielis explained it, now I understand! As I mentioned, I have never thought about how auto-hunt works, I mean, if the orders are important or you just put the skills you want your toon to use and that's it.

    Yesterday I got Frigid Wave trying to get Raging Inferno.. one day I know I'll get it hahaha

    Thanks a lot for the help!! Your skills settings worked out pretty good for me! Many many thanks :) Imma stick with it, finally using a good setting to make it better with my sorc. 

    One last thing, do you have any idea of skills I should use on Gunner or/and Templar? These are the other 2 toons I can't do it very well, they collect way less coins..

    Sorry I didn't see someone else gave an explanation right before me, also it looks like we made our replies at the same time, he must have hit "Submit Reply" earlier than me lol.

    Frigid Wave is also good because it is OK dmg, it is enchantable, slows the target and it is ranged, theoretically the fact your char won't lose some seconds trying to go near the target to hit with Raging Inferno might end up making him more dmg overall with Frigid Wave.

    As for the other two classes, I have never in my life played them. I would still get the same scenario, if they have any good aoe then put it first, make sure you put a self healing skill drain or passive either on buffs' section or in direct skills. And then put some low cd fast skills. Gunner defo has some AoE, but not sure about Templar.

  9. On 7/4/2021 at 3:31 PM, Catgirl said:

    I've heard the term Twink thrown around quite a lot, what does it mean?

    A twink is a character who purposely stays low level and over-gears himself for that level and then go to the enemy map to terrorize levelers that wear white and green gear getting easy kills due to gear/stat difference. When higher level chars come to the rescue the twinks will die but they will not "lose" anything other than some time because if a player is 9+lvls higher than you then you do not get any loss on AP, twinks were notorious for being mad when a high level came to kill them, some even asked in forums to ban high levels from killing twinks. Also most of the times twinks are either archers or assassins because they can use hide to avoid getting killed when possible.

    The low level is important because when a twink faces an opponent of the same level range, they usually outgear them and thus win. When they face a much higher level char they will die but lose nothing.

    Twinks themselves constantly advertise their virtue of not attacking levelers and only other twinks but in reality twinks of both factions most likely never meet each other because they both go to the enemy map to have fun. Asmodian twinks are in Elyos areas and Elyos twinks are in Asmodian areas.

    Additionally I have met die-hard twinks that were talking on discord and I realized that they had friends of the enemy faction and they were all in the same channel talking about who they killed. Because twinks like each other since they both have the same mentality of killing an easy pray.

    Another falacy they pretended to do was that they liked killing much higher level characters. If a much higher level character had white gear they could defo beat them and the best part is if they killed the higher level they got AP, but if they died they didn't lose anything themselves, which again had to do with stat difference. A high lvl char with reasonable gear is untouchable by twinks because of stats again, so the prideful claim "we kill higher levels too" was only because here and there they would find a higher level with green gear, jump on him and then pretend it wasn't about stats but because they are better.

    Lastly twinking died when we had the Fast Track server which was a pve-only integrated server which had all the leveling maps. Twinks found nobody in the enemy maps since levelers went to safe mode and the only equal-level pvp they could have is to fight other twinks which is exactly what they claim they currently do but of course no twink wants to fight another twink because now there is no gear advantage which is what they rely on to win their fights, so twinking died with the FT server.

  10. 12 hours ago, Jagblade-DN said:

    Honestly? This. I don't care much for MMO PvP, I don't have the time to dedicate to that gear grind. I just wanted the things you've said.

    All I wanted were the old maps, old quests, old lore, old items / skins and old professions back. I don't care of the maps are dead or if it's not an efficient way to day things. Just give me the option and I'm content. Honestly, I was hoping classic would be all of these things BUT with some major QoL upgrades from more modern patches. The rose tinted goggles have fallen off very, very quickly.

    And the weird thing is we were told that they will have better QoL since we got the 2.7 client thus some things would be already there.

    The only reason they put the 2.7 client is because this it heir final update at least officially for now and thus we won't need a major patch update, every Wednesday maintenance should do it while they add content. Which tells me they could have had the QoL already there, they just wouldn't bother.

  11. On 7/18/2021 at 11:15 AM, Arhangelos-KT said:

    Well they now changed the way the filter is being used, you have to edit the .bat file according to your liking, zip it (not rar) and then rename the extension from .zip to .dat and apparently it works.

    Another thing they forgot to mention, but I think they also don't know how it actually works. So they better  read the forums to learn.


    12 hours ago, Alvie said:

    This advice is incorrect and wont work.

    Please read this thread on how to do it


    instead of ".dat" it has to be renamed to .pak, I wrote it wrongly here

  12. 6 hours ago, Mitsukuni-KT said:

    Atm I'm using this one but Imma try the one Arhangelos suggested and see if it's better for me!

    I have just noticed I also don't have Thundering Spear... Imma keep crafting daevanions till I get Raging Inferno and this one, so for now I gotta use Spear of Gust and Freezing Wind.


    You put the longer CD skills first so they act whenever possible.

    Your first skill is a melee one (Freezing Wind)  and thus it will already try to go close to the mob first thing which is wrong.

    Glacial shard is not the best option if you go for an ulti, better use Flame Spray since you you can spam it twice as often or even better use flame harpoojn or ice harpoon. The mobs there are not that hard, it is just they are too many.

    I still think the normal AoE we have is better because it will hit up to 10 targets and will make a bigger overall dmg than glacial shard and on top of that it has lower cool down.

  13. 49 minutes ago, Daemonic said:

    The problem with Candies and Kinah Sellers being two separate issues are not really the same. 

    Not all Kinah Sellers are loud, or Bots. I know, everyone always says "well good game company will stop RMT" they never do, because they just can't, they may catch a few less savvy buyers, and the loud Sellers but thats all. 

    At the end of the day, it comes down to P2W is just reality in today's world. Whether the game embraces it or not, if you want to dwell on it, and make your own experience a bad one is a personal choice. No game has ever stopped the Bots, and Sellers, so why would this one be any diffrent? The best way to reduce them, is to sell Gold/Kinah whatever your self. 


    As to people leaving and the game Dying, sure it will, but not because of Candies or Kinah Sellers. More so because of the actual gameplay and content, and bugs. 

    Everyone I know has pretty much already quit, it wasn't because of Candies or Kinah. It was because the lack of polish, it's a 2009 game, so I am not knocking the polish myself, but the glitchy combat, clunky air combat, constantly getting stuck in Environments, extremely grindy leveling, Bad PVE, blatant hacks, and already declining base are more so factors. 

    I am not sure if I will continue myself, I have a 3m sub, and have spent quite alot of money, my will to continue has also been drained by above and my friends leaving flat out. On top of yesterday's Asmos big brain move of taking the forts, driving everyone to MM and Lephs which are now insanely crowded, which was the last straw for a large number of my friends as we are 38-40. 

    Thats just my 2c, see ya in the next most likely. 

    Exactly, the truth is the quality of gaming with the old game mechanics sucks. Nobody wanted classic because we have one pouch for quest items and normal items together, or because they will run with 6 speed on green boots and their flight time will deplete in every 2nd node gathered. Everyone wanted to have a more full mmorpg.

    But we couldn't expect them to refly the old aion with the necessities of the newer games. I log both in retail and classic and when I log in retail I simply feel so much better, running at fast speed, having as much flight time as I want etc.

    Maps+professions+gathering+skins... these are the things that could have saved retail.

  14. 1 hour ago, Alexandriae said:

    While I really do appreciate you putting this together with every siege, it's only made the Siel Asmo-Elyos population (and siege participation) appear more balanced than it actually is. I'm also concerned that IS-Asmos are seeing this and rerolling to SL-Asmo, worsening the situation. 

    He is only putting the numbers, the difference in level/gear/overall participation is another story.

  15. Yes, the worst of all is the mail. I get mail from level 1 chars spamming for kinah sales. There is an option to block mail from chars lower than level 10 and they have this option disabled on purpose.

  16. On 7/16/2021 at 4:07 AM, 2s184EE1 said:

    Seems like blatant cooperation with kinah sellers does it not? Anyone think NCsoft is getting kickbacks to delete filters and nyerk things up?

    They didn't even show anyone how to use the filters. 

    Well they now changed the way the filter is being used, you have to edit the .bat file according to your liking, zip it (not rar) and then rename the extension from .zip to .dat and apparently it works.

    Another thing they forgot to mention, but I think they also don't know how it actually works. So they better  read the forums to learn.

  17. 11 minutes ago, Cute-DN said:

    clearly this post wasn't meant for you. both servers are same age both have around same population sure kt has more but if you exclude amount of bots on kt difference is not that big , even with bots included difference between 2 servers is around 100 players. and no you cannot go to take a name on kt now. go try my name if you can , i tried close to 100 alternative names because of servers old age it was all taken. thats why they should be fair to both servers and reset names on both, you arent losing anything by them reseting names on both because you can still submit ticket to get your name back if it gets stolen, but dn players on the other hand  have their hands tied no chance to get their names back no chance for decent new names. its more benefitial for you aswell to make both servers have names reset as that will make less people quit. its simple we lose our names we had for years upon years with no chance to get it back nor to get even decent new one. we quit the game.

    If the person that holds your name hasn't played for a long time can't you ticket and get it? Merges are awful in general as they are the outcome of a dying game.

    In KT we still see people getting into the enemy main cities, we have active map pvp, our gelk/ingi camps are being flipped by enemies and sieges are full. You can hardly let your char afk in Gelkmaros city burried into a deep room because elyos hordes come into the town to pvp. Same thing for Ingisson.

    When I logged my DN char none of this ever happened. The camps are 99% of the time up on the map and you can afk the whole week in your main city and nobody will scratch you. The player difference is bigger than that.

    11 minutes ago, Cute-DN said:

    clearly this post wasn't meant for you.

    ...lately the forums became so cancerous, people cannot express an opinion and everyone jumps.

    This post was for me and all KT players since you requested our names to be changed because DN is getting a transfer to KT.

  18. The fact KT doesn't get renames means most people can keep their name by going there now and making a char with their name and keep it. Unless of course it is already taken in which case one of you would have to choose a different name anyways. Usually pretty generic names/word are already taken.

    Also this is not a KT problem since we still have people playing and our servers are probably still viable. They taking action for DN server because it is the one which is empty and they have to close it so they give a free ride to everyone into KT.

    Imagine if a populated server, that still brings money to the company has to suffer because a 2nd server is dead and has to merge with us.

  19. 4 hours ago, Daemonic said:

    Life is Pay to Win, get over it stop playing the game

    I think the people mention this for the reasons they quit the game. In this sense we can all happily accept the slow death of Classic that will eventually come. If xx amount of people stop playing due to candies then the candies are a good reason to argue.

    Yes, if candies didn't exist, something else could be blamed, but candies are not accidental. They are implemented by the company itself. If people were happy with p2w tactics from the company itself, then retail would have never ended in this situation and most people wouldn't beg for classic AND subscription.

    Candies and kinah sellers are both problem and both irrelevant to each other. Candies shouldn't have existed, and kinah sellers/botters should have been addressed. NCWest went wrong on both of these actual problems.

    In the end of the day, it is what it is, people will complain, they will quit, classic will end up with 1 server and that is for sure, and the whales that spend real money will once again outplay themselves and lose money in a game they killed.


    I myself made a few alt accounts to buy candies for 80k and resell for 100k making 200k per account because why not! But once my subscription ends in a week or so, I won't renew and most likely will stop playing. And it is not only the candies, I was never over-hyped for classic and now that I tried it I am going to skip wasting time on a game they already decided to ruin so what is the point.

  20. 7 hours ago, Arazith-IS said:

    I personally hate crowds in general, and this extends to questing. I like being able to find a quiet area just be the only player against the NPCs. I also prefer small scale PVP over sieges or zergs. Not everyone likes their MMOs to be have lots of people

    The irony, MMO stands for "massively multiplayer online" game

  21. 7 hours ago, Mephesti said:

    Hey I have a 2080 Ti and i79700k and I get quite a bit of hitching lagging and stuttering in certain parts of sanctum. I remember this back in the day. Is this just an engine issue ? 

    If you have GeForce Experience installed and/or Nvidia Control panel simply remove those. This is how we all resolved our stuttering gaming and the spastic mouse movement.

    Aion is not optimise-able and GeForce is trying to make the game "better" is only ruining it.

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