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  1. We already got a nerf on that one in 7.5 or something. And it is a lame excuse for a drain, it only works on pve, for pvp the amount it drains is literally nothing and if the enemy has a skill that evades it, we lose the multi-cast on it! We are back to not having a self-healing skill effectively.
  2. Lol that is even worse than getting a random s-minion that you don't like. And the event was clear that you could use more than 1 characters for this, but they should make it a survey. Did you check if it is account warehouse storable? They should at least make it like this.
  3. ...which is like rubbing alcohol on the wounds, like\ "hey we are giving skill changes, class changes but you are not on this club pleb, go back to casting your illusion gate to pandaimonium"
  4. And this is exactlyt he one I wanted, the HP viola, since the healing boost viola is useless, but I could use viola's active skill. I would do a deadly Sheba + HP Viola, so I would have the good toggle from sheba, the extra critical from it and the active from viola. But it seems i'll do a Deadly Sheba - Deadly Sheba now... it is giving the most of the stats, but I wanted viola's skill. Yes, indeed, I didn't level this and it will be the one wasted for the opening of the slot.
  5. You have to have 4x A-rank minions, fully upgraded and combine those, regardless of the outcome you would be awarded a box with an s-rank minion and it was random, but you had the chance to re-roll for the outcome up to 10 times using s-minium. And I also got nonsense results.
  6. They already had it, they just improved it. It gets better options for better botting.
  7. What a failure, half the times UI was given an option for kromede and it is useless for me, not a single time did I get a viola that I wanted, my very last roll was probably the most useless s-minion of all, a courageous Hyperion... the one that gives pve defense >< I do not know what I was expecting, I knew it was RNG but how on earth does your RNG know very well which s-minions sucks badly and made sure these are the ones I was constantly rolling? Thankfully I have better minions for when we get the SS minion thing that are far better.
  8. I have dots as well and I they reset exactly the same distance, nothing changes. With my suggestion we should be able to gather a ton of mobs from big distances without resetting at all.
  9. ...5 seconds, I would be glad to last that long in some cases, I might even die in literally 1 second. Some classes auto-pilot by default and also some people playing those classes have gotten insane items that nobody else can get.
  10. Well I didn't see any changes worth mentioning apart form the SS minion feature. They boosted the rank transforms as well.
  11. Apparently they will, and if not they will give it next day, they just forgot to mention it on the maintenance notes.
  12. When does EU get it? I hope we get it soon, at this point just the notion we are getting a "change" is enough to make me want to log a little more. 7.7 has been probably the biggest mistake they ever did (along with the whole 7.x)
  13. I was so triggered by these typos I couldn't sleep Same, I log to do dailies, I do not have prestige as I have no incentive to get one and I am just logging in dual boxing to get some paragons, which I haven't even gotten much because I am bored and I know I won't be able to even enchant it.
  14. I guess I was just unlucky at that time or too lucky now
  15. Could be this, but I didn't remember getting any minium from luna for quite a long time to be honest. I'll give it a check tomorrow.
  16. There's not any effort to be honest. It would take more effort to make a portfolio of all the things, copywrite memes and try to build a career on that and then fight with people that claim it as their work, if nobody claims ownership there is literally nothing to talk about just a meme that came into existence on a vacuum and the one who made it is utter irrelevant as the meme itself serves a purpose and the purpose existed on itself, just someone illustrated it in a funny way.. Making memes is like catching a hurt wild bird, you feed it and make it well, it would take much more effort
  17. Thanks, it all comes naturally to me. I did lose my grip with it once I deleted all my social media and many of our accounts in "other places" got banned. I guess they wanted us to break the structure, but we will find a way to remake it. Once a memezident... always a memezident. **** But there are unwritten pre-wired rules, we never show our reddit names or other meme aliases we have, never brag about the memes we did even if they are original, never make a profit from them and never get hired to do this, as all of that would kill the same sense that makes it possible. It has to
  18. I adore "Area of Effect" skills and I remember in other games AoE groups were great fun, especially in L2 (before they nerfed the amount of mobs you could hit with one spell), we would make LAN parties and do AoE for hours, because the game was grindy and it was the most effective way to get money and drops We would make a group with healers, a tank to gather mobs and aoe chars, the mobs would never lose agro, you could practically train them in the whole map as long as you kept it in attack mode against you. But in Aion mobs don't even move at all practically, their max distance fro
  19. I am going to put this for everyone to get the clarification, some people already understood why the reduction was that big already. This has been discussed in the renown posts kinda long time ago when we started having the reduction back because people forget you drop level and the amount of reduction might be much higher than you thought according to table.. The shortest answer is the maximum amount of percentage you can lose back to level 4 renown is literally -62.23%, if you are at level 5 +0% sharply. ~~~ To explain this look at the table If you are sharply at 1.
  20. Lord what have I done, I fed the troll while trying to reply to a question she asked and she is unstoppable now. The other person defended her and she came back attacking. Reminder to my future self, never feel the empathy to reply on a known spammer.
  21. Can anyone remember if we got miniums from the S-rank Luna lately? Because I use all my B/C minium for transmutation and I remember the only way I got them was from lugbug weekly (300x B-minium). After we started getting the survey I get the A-C minium pouch pretty often, there is not a single day I don't get at least 2x pouches from the 3x luna highest grade bundle (survey) ones.
  22. Nobody acts bad on you, you come off as aggressive to everyone and you attack people. Don't expect or demand people's kindness when you are not ready to give any of that yourself. Also if you reply in a bad way because people treated you badly then how does that separate you from them. Why did you turn into the people that you say are the ones to be blamed? You effectively became them by now.
  23. We didn't get the NPC bug though, this instability was caused by another factor. We still can't test if Luna causes the NPC bug because we need to see 7 whole days of the server working as intended without the NPC bug.
  24. But that also won't let us check if luna causes the NPC bug.
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