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  1. 1 hour ago, Larra said:

    Loved the PVE when this game first came out.   A decade on and the PVP in classic is unchanged with grief players still about.  There are way better PVP games out now and way better PVE games.  This game had nostalgic feeling when I first made my character but it is fading fast.  All the old grief of PVP, gold farmers, AP farmers are still a thing a decade on.  Paying a subscription doesn't seem to be worth it if I have to pay even more to win or stand a chance at a fair fight.  I don't have the time to grind out AP for fancy gear. I have a feeling I won't be around too long in this game.  It was nice to visit, but the frustrations just to get a quest done or the pay to win formula gets tedious fast and becomes boring.  What are your thoughts?  How long have you played and do you see any future in this?

    You wouldn't be that bored if it was subscription only. At least not that fast. You are playing a social game where some people are free to bot, others are just subscribed and others can p2w.

    The model made the massive player exodus from the first weeks.

  2. Looks like the load keeps getting lower day by day in servers that aren't even 3 months old yet.



    Siel doesn't seem Asmodian dominated at least by the logs. You can't know who is an actual player and who is a bot but even if you see a lot of Elyos afk crafting in Sanctum, you see a ton of Asmodians doing the same in Pandemonium.
    Israphel is Elyos dominated by the logs, merging the two servers will break the balance of SL and give Elyos a slight advantage overall.

    There is obviously a difference in level 50s in Siel but that can change in future, that is Classic where people need time to reach level 50 and time to gear  themselves. Also you can't be sure how many of the level 50s are bots or actual players either, the count goes both ways. If we take the numbers just as they are, then Siel Server is sharply at 50%-50%

    People in Abyss and Total World Count can be interpreted as "actual players vs bots" or "attendance vs non attendance". People can always cherry pick whatever serves their narrative.



    Taken from this last post as of today:


  3. 3 hours ago, xXtinaXx said:

    just wanna update you man, i did submit a ticket and requested them but...

    "Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide assistance in this case since we do not provide the services of exchanging items for another type. You may check the full details of the Token-based Restoration Policy here: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035447472

    Thank you for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any other questions.


    GM Son
    NCSOFT Support Team"

    that's their reply.

    That utterly sucks. You wasted so many stigma enchants without knowing the mechanics.

    Why did they give you enchantable stigmas if they are not upgradeable int he first place then.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Aaabatery said:

    IMHO they are just making the situation worst to sell transfers and one or two months after everybody payed they'll merge the servers.

    Did they open transfers? I doubt, if they did IS would have closed yesterday!

    Nobody refunded me my 20$ that I prepaid before the servers went live when they were promising us subscription only and no p2w, which they lied blatantly. I played only 1 week of my subscription the other 3 I went offline.

    This taught me a lesson to never trust a single thing they promise and never pay upfront on anything they choose to mis-advertise in future. It is not the 20$ itself, I have spent more money in more stupid things, it is they promised me 20$ worth of sweets and they delivered a bag of sh!.t and all while expecting me to re-buy their bags of the same fecal matter probably wondering why people stopped playing.


    Anyways, they won't merge the servers unless the population drops too low. I doubt they will merge the servers because 10 people requested it in the forums. Retail has been going downhills since forever and people asked for a merge numerous times, they only did it when DN became a ghost server.

  5. 55 minutes ago, Wsnow said:

    TBH everyone knew to go to Siels as that's where everyone said they would go, players really only started to go IS when they stopped players making on Siels, sorry but NC should have seen what was going on way before they locked servers. 

    even EU players was going Siels I did not hear one person or players say go IS and that was before you could even make a char.

    But I remember a lot of people snobbing Siel, saying they would play on IS because they thought it was going to be a role playing utopia with no bs gamers because of the less population and somehow the player base was going to be the foam of the gaming community that would refrain from drama and would play with chivalry and fairness. They did it "in abduction" method, where they were sure competitive people would choose Siel so the good fairytale people would naturally go to IS.

    Meanwhile, less populated servers always tend to be the least friendly and the most picky due to lack of players willing to team with strangers.

  6. 32 minutes ago, Aaabatery said:

    People don't understand. It's more complex than "reroll SI asap". After two months You have one or two 50 characters, a bunch of level 30+ characters, Daevanion set, some maxed expert  crafts, master essence and aether tapping, AP stigmas, some AP gear... It's a lot of effort to just leave behind. And no, this is not a player's problem: it's NCW problem.

    They could have made the 1:1.2 rule from start. That would prevent both servers from having one dominant faction and would force population on both servers. This happened in 2009, it's nothing new, so yeah I blame NCW on this.

    You can't force population on any server, if people couldn't play on the server they chose they simply wouldn't play. I had friends in Siel, this is where I started, if they forced me to play on IS I wouldn't play a single day (of course we all quit around 3rd~5th week and none of my friends play there anymore).

    The problem is the model, the vast majority of people quit once they found out that you cannot blend "subscription + free to bot + p2w" and try to make everyone happy. This made the already less populated IS server's issue exponentially higher.


    If you have 2x level 50 chars on IS... you could have had 1x 50 on IS and 1x on SL. In 1 year from now you will wish you quit the IS server while you only played for 2 months. The more you stay on IS, the more you will regret it.

  7. 9 hours ago, Merrixx said:

    Re-rolling would take so much time nobody will do that 

    This is what people were saying from the first weeks, they preferred to waste more time on IS that rerolling as early as possible.

    I expect people 1 year from now, still playing on IS and still asking for a merge.

    13 hours ago, Crush said:

    People on retail begged for a very long time until the last two servers were merged. If people on IS want to play on a server with Siel's population I suggest that they reroll now.

    And we never got the merge until DN became a dessert and Classic was released. Even if we didn't beg for it, the merge would have occurred at that specific time because of population.

  8. When the two first free to play weeks ended it became an obvious thing on how empty IS is in the Asmodian side.

    Many people told IS-A players to go to Siel but IS-A players were stubborn about the fact they played for 2~3 weeks and they didn't want to quit their "progress".
    We told them if they didn't do it as early as possible it will be much harder later if they invest months in their chars and have to either quit or start over in Siel.


    They do not merge servers to facilitate the players and give them a better enjoyment of the game, this never happened.

    The only way they will merge the servers is if enough people quit IS and it becomes too costly to keep up a server that brings in no revenue.

    BUT  the thing is that IS server is populated enough because of elyos, and those meet the number+money quotas for IS to look populated overall.


    This might sound insensitive but whoever still plays in IS server is happy with the situtation, otherwise they would have immigrated already many weeks ago.

  9. 20 minutes ago, xXtinaXx said:

    thank you so much, i'll gladly take your advice😇
    by the way, what request should i open to them is it "report a bug" or "restoration request"?

    I'd go with restoration, they might even use tokens for that but it doesn't matter. If you get the stigmas done it will worth it.

  10. 1 minute ago, xXtinaXx said:

    yes exactly, its my jump character's stigmas..
    so.. did the same thing happen to you too? 

    and if i open a ticket would they apply it to all the stigmas i enchanted to +15? 

    thnk you  for ur respond.. much appreciated😇

    No I have never enchanted those, but I was skeptic about them from the beginning. The thing is that I got some old omega enchant stones that were never compensated for new enchants because we had many different types of them so not all were included by mistake.

    I would suggest you to open a ticket and tell them what happened, tell them that there was nowhere mentioned that these stigmas are enchantable but not upgradeable. So you enchanted them thinking you could have upgraded them aonly to realize you wasted so many enchants for nothing.

    Ask them kindly to turn all your enchanted stigma to normal ones, otherwise they should disenchant them all and give you back your stigma enchants so you start enchanting normal stigmas.

    They have to make it clear that those are not upgraded, because that creates issues.

  11. 1 hour ago, Musashi said:

    I find a rock in the abyss full of  asmo kisk and ranked elys farming alts.

    I kill all elys make 20k ap, come back 2 hours later kill em again

    At what point do you think Ncsoft bans me for "ap trading"

    Even though I wasn't really, how can they tell the difference?

    Do they even care at this point because they need to prove they doing "the right thing"


    You make a fair point here, but AP traders were doing it every day with the same chars, they would do the same kills every day, same chars and they would get an AP gain spike and then nothing.

    So if someone killed a group of AP traders later that day does it mean he participated too? Of course not, BUT again how do we know how NCWest handles it.


    Some people mentioned the example of killing a bot that keeps coming back, and doing it every day because the bot is in the same spot all day. If you only kill that specific bot in your logs and no other pvp at all, that can look sketchy. But then again you won't be the only person killing that bot so the logs of that specific bot won't be sketchy themselves. Does NCSoft look both ways?


    An image is a thousand words and a video is a thousand images, you can understand a lot from a set up with both sides in a secluded area with kisks up.

    The logs are numbers and need to be seen carefully, this is why they take their time to take the decisions.

  12. Turning the chars back to level 1 without anything on them wouldn't be that bad indeed. If someone uses a hack that is a different scenario. But if someone abuses a system in game that is against the rules, they need to address it in an ingame way. Like jail, or stripping of the items, AP, levels etc.

    It would be fun to see those people back to level 1 again.

  13. 44 minutes ago, Musashi said:

    I am defending those who were not intentionally trading and got banned or where the ap was insignificant.

    How do you participate accidentally though? AP trading isn't something that suddenly appeared in front of you.

    If your friend was killing bots over and over again, or if he kept killing a person or people (because they did pvp and the people dying kept coming back and kept dying) then the rhetoric would have been different.

    But you admitted he did AP trade at some point then "ap trading a little bit" sounds more stupid than "AP trading a lot" because if you are going to AP trade and hope not to get caught you either have to do it smart or you just go full blown AP trading and enjoy the game until you get the ban.

  14. 10 hours ago, Aaabatery said:

    [Spy] The Spirit's Letter


    Is this quest ever possible at level 26? First it need to use high level rifts, and you spawn in higher level mobs, and the reward is just no that great... Why this quest since it can't be completed?

    Many quests are labeled as lower level than their actual difficulty so people can try to do them with friends if they can.

    O course quests that have technical necessities (like a higher level rift) won't work until you get tot he rift's level. I assume they simply designed all quests to be accessible by -5 levels as well but of course forgot that some won't be possible to do because of that.

    In this case just do it later.

  15. 2 hours ago, Musashi said:

    A lot of ppl assume their opponent hack or isnt legit in some way simply because they lost .

    I lost , this guy is a hacker.

    I lost this guy has gear and I haven't  he is an ap trader. 

    Most of these guys are playing am awful lot , dont quest , get up at 6 to run 2 DC and Adma and farm non stop.

    They didn't buy loot rights for their weapons .

    Just not in the same league .

    You are going to have lo live with that .

    But then if enough QQ i guess they will be banned as well.

    Since they do not give out the way they check the logs for AP traders, people can always claim they never AP traded but did legit pvp.

    People were mad a the blatant ones that they saw and took videos of them and screenshots. Nobody knows what NCWest is going to do and if any legit player gets banned or not.

  16. 7 hours ago, Bip said:

    Who HONESTLY thought that they would ban all the abusers? They will get the dumb ones that do 1 character over and over. Those guys are on a whole new level of trading. Most likely will never be banned.

    It is NCsoft and they are not going to change. We will have our asses handed to the traders for a very long time before we catch up. Get over it, or quit, sadly. It is what it is.

    At this point I'm not even sure why I keep repeating the same sentence over and over. You guys just wont listen. ^_^

    I bet you all that they banned a handfull of non factors that did 12k AP trade and consider it resolved. Hahahahaha. It's laughable at best.

    The thing is that if someone is doing it very cleverly then it won't be easy to find them. AP trading isn't only done by setting 10 kisks in the abyss in an arrangement that looks like blatant AP trading.

    But Kibbelz said they will get more ban waves. Of course this wont' change much in the long run, if someone wants to AP trade they will simply be more careful.

  17. 10 hours ago, Airashi said:

    That was the original intention and justification of the SR ban. Execution was a disaster. The differences in execution between SR and the AP trade banning is night and day.

    Still yet to see anyone proclaiming their innocence on the forums yet for this ban wave. Fair to presume ban hammer is spot on.

    SR thing was easier because they could check who entered SR and how many times etc, that is easy because it gets logged. They did noob on banning people that simply did multiple quest returns which wasn't a hack or a glitch, it was game mechanics.

    When it comes to AP trading... this is open world and can be done anywhere, there are people who keep killing the same enemy char because they killed them and they kept coming back and kept dying whether because they were stubborn or because they were botting. Killing a char more than 1 time in small amount of time doesn't always mean AP trading. So this is why they take way too long for this.

  18. 26 minutes ago, xXtinaXx said:

    hello, eveyone.. is there someone here experience having +15 stigma but cant be uprgaded to advance stigma? 

    Yes this must be it, you apparently enchanted stigmas that were given to you by the jump character, those stigmas are not tradeable.

    I didn't know they wouldn't be upgradeable, you should open a ticket and tell them to turn it into a normal stigma so you can upgrade it.

  19. 20 minutes ago, xXtinaXx said:

    ow.. my bad.. i have'nt noticed i posted on the wrong forum.. 
    yes i have more than enough ap and kinah.. but 1 thing i noticed is that the stigmas i enchanted to +15 is 'untradable/unsellable or cannot be brookered'
    is it that the problem?

    Edit: this is classic so my reply is on the other thread. My bad too.

  20. 4 hours ago, IllusionGate-KT said:

    ...too long, didn't read a single word

    Of course you need BCM to load, there are also free things there like the breath of transformations.

    It happens to me too, you need to close the client and re-open it hoping it will work this time.

  21. 6 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

    Yeah, I was kidding, it was not mine, it was Arhangelos ‘s suggestion to disable the BCM.

    Fam, someone else did it and he said he got 2 days forum ban for suggesting it. You are getting us in trouble, BCM is like Hilary Clinton, if you talk against it you vanish. Keep the dirty talk against BCM away from me please, I got 2 strikes already!


  22. 17 hours ago, DevilNefilims-DN said:

    what you trying to say? i dont like ap traders i dont like either violence or impunity, but i dont waste my life complaining all day about it, and making my life salty, just enjoy and do ur part to improve the current situation

    The only way to fix the situation is to address it, there are no GMs inspecting the game, if players never wrote about AP trading in forums, take videos and post names, this would have never been an issue for the stuff.

    I will never understand people like you, when someone posts an issue in the forums or posts a video proof of AP traders you call that "waste my life complaining about it". How does one address an issue without triggering you to think they "complain" about it?

    The only complaints are about NCWest slacking and doing nothing for months now.

  23. 14 hours ago, Buttershotz said:

    If I wanted politics in a damn game , I'd run into a wall over and over again screaming I'm cocooo

    But this is what old Aion patches were, it seems people wanted Classic just for nostalgia, not to actually play the awfulness of the old patches.

    I still remember when they changed the siege mechanics in 6.0 where the highest dps legion would get the fortress no matter who was the leader of league or whether there was a league or not. Low dps legions were mad at the one big legion for constantly taking the fortress because they said "they should give others the right to own a fortress too" until they realized legion politics are over, you are either contributing and taking a fortress or you try harder.


  24. 13 minutes ago, Mitsukuni-KT said:

    🤣🤣 the more we think about it... haha it surely isn't clear.

    Buuut.. from that sentence I understand that for each week we will get AT LEAST ONE of the boxes, which means not 2 boxes for sure.. and is it random to get Gift Box or Special Gift Box?!? How will it be 12 gifts then?

    And the most important.. what's the difference between the boxes?! Coz from what I read, they seem to have the same rewards. Or my eyes missed something. Maybe one is selectable and the other not?

    The Special gift box seems to have some rewards with more quantity, like the enchants are 5 instead of 3, the miniums are more, the blessed socket stones too. So they do matter which one we get.

    But, the deadline is from 8~14 to use the extractors which is the first week and the rewards will be given at 22/9, which is the end of the 2nd week.


    13 minutes ago, Mitsukuni-KT said:

    soon we will be able to understand! Amen

    Soon? We gotta wait 2 weeks for them to be delivered so:


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