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  1. The older you get the more games you want to play, we got a misconception that older people shouldn't game because our parents and grandparents were people that grew without gaming. I am in my 30s and I know for sure when I become a pensioner I'll be gaming even more than now.
  2. But until we find the reason of the bug a merge won't serve us anything else other than more hustle. You are lucky to be on DN, in KT we get whole days of unplayability due to the bug, people have lost sieges in altars because they couldn't port to the shared maps, many of us lost the daily runs of a few instances and when the restart occurred we didn't earn double entries, as we couldn't do the ones before the bug, while DN people have been cashing solid 2x entries per week because of the bug. Lets see how this is going.
  3. They addressed this, the chests weren't part of the event so they just left them in. Ignore those, the relics give super low AP amounts. You will still die in 1 second even end game depending on your class and the enemy's class. I've seen even templars hit harder than actual dps classes but they are super hard to kill.
  4. The chests were never part of the event in Korea so having them inside is no big deal, just ignore them. The thing is that some people have farmed enough coins for a paragon weapon already in day 1 and some couldn't even farm 5 minutes in there.
  5. @Kibbelz Last week the bug occurred about 10 hours before the maintenance of Wednesday. So if the bug was to occur again 10 hours before maintenance, we now gave the server +24 hours life span by this Tia bug maintenance. If we got the bug this week, they would know Luna wasn't to be blamed. But if we don't get it now, we won't be sure if Luna was the reason of the bug, because we won't wait 7 whole days to see if KT can live that long. Last week KT's life was almost 7 days. In short, Luna might not be to be blamed for this reason, and wrongfully attributed of the bug's cause. I
  6. What Melodica says is that you did another maintenance now and thus prolonged the life span of KT server by at least 1 day. Last week we got the bug about 10 hours before maintenance. So what you did now is you reset the server and reset the bug thus you kinda prevented it from happening. Effectively if luna is not to be blamed for this bug, it might appear it is because we might not get the bug this week because of this maintenance. I hope this makes sense.
  7. This is exactly what I had and eventually quit trying yesterday, lets hope they fixed it.
  8. DN would crash too if it had the amount of players+bots, so even if they put all KT players to DN then DN will be crashing too and even less days than KT because we will have a combination of the players.
  9. So it is true some people can farm 4 hours there while others get booted the moment they get into the map. I understand why you enjoyed this so much, less competition for you, no paragon for us. I stand by my meme.
  10. It is already 1/5 chance to enchant it to +3 so by Aion chances that means about not a single chance.
  11. The new launcher sucks big time, it doesn't make it better or easier on our part and ti an bring problems that we never had without it. I wish there was a way to simply start the game like the old days without a launcher.
  12. A duel is nothing but safe pvp with your own rules. If this is meant to make you good at any situation, then not draining dummies or animals is the best way to learn. People hate losing a duel and think they lost their life when it is carebear pvp. If you want to train for arenas where you cannot drain anything then make a duel and tell the other guy not to use anything outside, or enter the free arena that is open at all times but you get a random enemy. You can always go to coliseum of pandaimonium or sanctum (it is usually empty), you could even do a group vs group there, it is a pvp z
  13. You can still turn them back in pandaimonium or sanctum tot he same NPC we traded 5.8 stuff when 6.2 came. But those relics give really low AP, killing mobs there gives far more AP than going for the boxes.
  14. It should be possible but good question, this should be asked with a ticket to support to be honest. We would get a better reply.
  15. I'll post the paragon sorcerer weapons but on the right side you can find them all. if you hover over the +15 icon it shows the amounts of benefits you get in every enchant level. One thing to consider is there are two types of paragon items, the fighting spirit and the desperation. Their difference is that the fighting spirit gives more p.def and m.def than the desperation but it lacks m.crit/p.crit, on the other hand desperation offers the critical stat but less p.def/m.def overall. They have weapons and armor sets (no accessories of feathers) and they all act the same. They have 1
  16. People saying they preferred a +400% buff for one week vs having double XP/AP every single weekend are out of their minds, in the long run this will simply be far more XP. Obviously nobody will sit and kill bomb mobs non stop because of the weekend buff, but that is better, when they implement an insanely overpowered XP buff usually you can't kill anything that gives XP, everything is being camped (like bomb mobs). We prefer permanent solutions not just another event for one week and that is something we already asked for.
  17. Briliant Fragments were later added to the things to be deleted in the announcement. You weren't wrong originally, but just like George Orwell knew, the ministry of truth of NCWest decided that another truth is more true so they changed all mentions of the previous one.
  18. I don't know if this is done on purpose but we can't even go there to farm, while others can do that.
  19. So I heard some people are in there and XP for hours while most of us get booted the moment we set foot there.
  20. We had this in the past as well. Leaving the event items one more week and the npcs to trade is at least going to please the players and it wont' hurt the company in any way.
  21. Meanwhile I got none of these. They need to bring good items permanently not on events.
  22. Yes that was the most amazing time for the server to bug. They should make the event items last one more week after the event is over in all events so people can actually have time to spend the things they want, the way they want.
  23. I still have 0 Apostle transformations, no matter the amount of combines I did.
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