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  1. I assume these things will happen: People that are from Danaria and have a unique name that doesn't already exist in KT, should be able to somehow keep it without a rename and a ticket People that got houses and will obviously lose them should get compensation on the amount of money they spent to buy them at least Prior to the merge, Danaria people will most likely get an exclusive event so they won't feel ripped. I think something similar happened in EK server when it got merged Turn "shared maps" into normal maps, there is nothing to share anymore lol! Once you
  2. Hello no, I didn't log on classic yet after maintenance, so if this is true then lets hope it was a mistake on their behalf. That filter made LFG readable again. I even removed the WTB and WTS comments as well and it was such a nice channel all of a sudden.
  3. Everyone should take a backup of that file because our personal additions are better than what the GMs will add if they bother to do so.
  4. A live server is better than a dead one, you might find it easier to grind because of no competition but eventually the goal is to have a massive online game. The potential chaos of a more crowded server is giving an appeal. I wouldn't push anyone to change server, many people love to play solo games so an emptier server might be better. It is just after some time it would get pointless.
  5. Each tot heir own, if you made your char worthy within 3 weeks, you can redo it on Siel and it will be easier there. There were time in original Aion Siel that Asmodians were overly outnumbered and I know I didn't like it so this is why I made the suggestion based on what I would do.
  6. @Tyd The mere existence of this thread is because of people like you. The guy had to go to the extra step to provide proof because the last 2 weeks every elyos came here to make fun of Asmodians and still give their opinion on why they lose calling them bad etc. While the Asmodians kept saying it from day 1 that they are outnumbered. @Forthyn - Asmodaes Pea-k already said he wishes he had done this from day 1 to simply have the solid proof. The IS Asmodians already proved they are better than you because at least they provided proof for their argument while you still write you
  7. I have been writing peacefully so far you have been writing aggressively trying desperatelly to go against the whole IS Asmo server calling them impotent at leadership and pretending you know the reason why they don't. You are the only one hurt here. They are those playing on their side not you, so stop trying to pretend you know anythign about their side. I have an Asmodian on IS, do you? You never had the numbers on week one, yet you keep making claims of "same numbers". You are just trying helplessly to provide your own proof to your faulty arguments. If it wasn't for this thread you w
  8. I could make the exact same argument on why should people play on a server where they will always lose no matter how much they try. Even better why do elyos play on IS when they always win "at any cost" as you said? They should also reroll on Siel so they get some balanced action. See... every argument leads to "immigrate to Siel"
  9. ...this is literally a thread that shows the number difference and you still go on about it. Everyone knows Asmodians on Israphel are far less and they have been like this since day 1, even your grandma knows it. I already have a character in IS and all towns are empty of players. You are being proven wrong at every post you make and keep on pretending you know something we don't. Elyos have enough people to have the artifacts, dps 2 fortresses and still enough time to go wipe Asmodians that went to one fortress from start and failed to dps enough to capture it, all while you got 2 a
  10. They are not showing up because many reroll on siel already I heard. I suggest you do the same, it is still early you can catch up pretty fast.
  11. If you have another profession at 400+ you need to get that to 499 before you can have a 2nd master profession. You might already know that I am just saying it in case you missed it.
  12. I am from Europe, I rarely get a dc but I did get asked by a friend if the server is down, he is also from EU. Not sure why.
  13. If there is ANY asmodians playing on Israphel, they should simply reroll on Siel. We haven't even finished 1st month, you still have enough time to catch up. There is nothing good about playing in a server where your side has absolutely no power on anything. And the server is already more empty than full in general. If you are not into pvp, come to Siel, our maps are safer due to the numbers we have in players defending you while you play. You will also get plenty of LFG for instances.. If you are into pvp, come to Siel, we have enough people to pvp and form leagues. If yo
  14. Thank goodness you were there and you saw the numbers. The rest of us should shut up because you know and we don't!
  15. BUT... Elyos are 3 times more in numbers not because of numbers, because of great leadership!
  16. ...oh hell no, Asmodians might even have more number of elyos on Israphel someone told me in another thread and told me not to talk about a server I am not active. Elyos are just smarter (on Israphel only) and they know tactics, you know. They play DnD and YuGiOh so they know! They are real hard core role players, they study war tactics and apply them to Aion and win against the retarded Asmodians (of Israphel only, duh) who outnumber them by tenfold probably. You said Elyos have 5~6 groups for SR and Asmodians none? But that because they do not have good leaders to tell them to make
  17. I have also said this multiple times, kinah is very important in a game that everything is tradeable. I have heard people saying that whales can't play the game good because they paid for it and never learned it. Someone needs to tell the aethertapper that aethertapping for 5 hours, morphing for another 2 and then afk crafting for 3 hours... is not making you a better player at all. We have all seen a whale or two that purchased a ton of things and still lost pvp from every player they found, but predominantly p2w people are those with the extras that usually kill you in no time. The
  18. So let me get this straight, Asmodians went straight to one fortress and started attacking it, elyos had enough people to the artifacts, took 2 fortresses and still had time to go to the other fortress and wipe Asmodians... but that has nothing to do with numbers but tactics! The intelligence is so tough there. You guys should come to Siel, elyos have nothing there! You are so smart you are wasting yourselves on Israphel!
  19. They could have done it because Siel was getting overcrowded and they thought this way people would play on Israphel. But originally they locked creation on Siel Asmodians only, they later did it for the whole server because it was getting many more players than Israphel in total.
  20. Whoever I asked about balance everyone said that Israphel is elyos dominated. Siel has more Asmodians, it was evident by the first day that Asmodian creation on Siel was blocked. Core and top abyss are Asmodian (two forts are balaur), elyos have 2 lower Abyss forts only, it would be a cliche for Siel Asmodians to come here and pretend that the victory is because Elyos are impotent at leading which, is exactly what happens when elyos are dominating a server.
  21. I have been playing Aion since the beginning and these excuses were identical every time. There were times that Asmodians were ruling and the elyos side kept arguing who's fault it is and then times that elyos dominated in numbers and it was always the same accusations. It was ALWAYS about the numbers. The only times that tides could turn were when artifacts played a major role especially in core, that hellfire was literally giving everyone a chance to wipe the enemies. BUT apart from the numbers and balance there is always a threshold, if there are not enough Asmodians to dps the bo
  22. Yes but since everything is scattered around and my attention span is too short I rarely ever make any sense of these short stories in quests. I get what you mean. Also when a quest is super hard it gets into my nerves. Many times some quests aren't even giving enough information, I remember back in the days you either got told the walk through in LFG by someone that already did it or you found the solution on google. I used to play WoW for some time and I never needed any out of the game help to do any of the quests, especially because of the user-made addons that helped in quests and al
  23. I personally never read the quest chat, most of the times it makes no sense and it is not contributing much to any of the lore. If anyone wants to read the lore they can do it in a site like this: https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Game_Expansions https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Empyrean_Lord or search for other in the lore like who is Siel: https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Siel who is Israphel https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Israphel
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