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  1. My all time favorite (probably due to nostalgia) is the Dark Elf Village from Lineage II. A destroyed underground city with gothic blue mood and a big Shillen statue in the middle that drain lighting from air.
  2. I am sure the aesthetics of a single map don't play that huge of a role for people quitting etc, but I agree 100% on this part by mere aesthetics. The abyss seemed like an unfriendly necessity that lacked any charm. You can make dark places with a lot of charisma, like gothic style, dark steampunk style, hellish style, vampiric style etc. Plenty of people could appreciate that look. The abyss though was nothing but a dark gray floating mass of rock, nothing to catch the eye, it was as stale as it could be for a map and it was also in 3D since we could fly everywhere so we could get a
  3. Will we ever get an update on those issues please? Either bring back the recipes to turn new mats to old or at least update the recipes to use the new mats. I was enchanting some gear and I wasted 32 enchants to get the item from +10 to +12 (I weas aiming at +13 but it kept failing so I stopped when it became +12 at some point). Those 32 enchants could have been turned to 6 ultimate enchants and it would most likely mean the item would have been +15. There is no way to get ultimate enchants anymore.
  4. I totally agree. There should always be a way to turn the current event currency to event coins.
  5. Because loot boxes are gambling and kids shouldn't gamble. https://gameworldobserver.com/2021/03/09/german-authorities-pass-reform-bill-loot-boxes/ Germany never ceases to amaze me, they have bestiality brothels (you heard damn correctly) but god forbid if your kid plays a game with a box that has RNG into it.
  6. "Obsolete" is the wrong word here, they were not obsolete, they have pretty much the same rewards, only 1~2 changes and some changes are only in the amount we get (same item different amount). Obsolete means it is useless or no longer relevant rewards. Some of our enchant boxes give us an [Event] Legendary PVE enchant, another one gives [BCM] Legendary PVE Enchant. Is one obsolete next to the other? Last year boxes are still as relevant as the new ones, it was a reward and it was deleted without prior knowledge. A main difference is that instead of transforms 62 types, we
  7. They could still try to fix things, we already had a game retardification in 6.0. They need to do something similar and this time bring back the good things and stop the madness about making every class a canon in dmg. Right now the game has everything wrong and misses everything right and fun. the wrongs are the exclusive things people have that make them walking machines, the special items like dazzling gemstones, high runestones etc, like they removed the godstones and they re-implemented more godstone-like items like runes and the imbued weapons and the passive skills from gear.
  8. It is a group kill. If you are in an alliance then the group with the highest registered dmg would get the kill.
  9. All they had to do is tell people beforehand that the previous stormwing chests would be deleted before the new event, so they should have opened them.
  10. This is why you never bother with any event that has a box with a very good reward but it is RNG and there is also a chance to get a sh!tty reward. I posted this one the weekly maintenance and boy was I right?
  11. If you duel an afk following alt, he won't auto-accept the duel. Apparently whatever he uses is auto-accepting the, so it looks like a 3rd party software. Imagine accidentally video taping it as well as "proof" and post it here.
  12. Yes he is having alts following him in a group so they get the 50 kills at once. He forgot to shut off the duels and apparently this is automated otherwise the bots wouldn't auto accept the duels. I mean I have done an alt following me to get the kills at one point (and I stopped now cause it is too much hustle) but if anyone dueled my alt, he would ignore it.
  13. I understand that you guys are putting 0 BCM worth coins and tokens in BCM when we have events, hoping to make people go there and potentially buy more things. But when BCM doesn't open, that is a problem. No I wasn't going to buy anything with real money (I wanted with an alt account but I still cannot buy), I just wanted to get the 3 stormwing tokens that are daily free. Next time when you make an event, and you want to give people free tokens, put them in an ingame way. BCM many times doesn't even work, it has the blue background and nothing else, it constantly loads. And it happe
  14. I logged from my mobile phone, I managed to login and then I paid and it returned "error 108" which means you have to try again from another browser! The list of errors here are different, mine was re-directing me to another issue. I wanted to give a few coins to buy the coin event thingy, on that second account I slacked and lost the first few days, so it won't be able to get the 400 coins to buy a legendary, so I thought about buying the cheapest option and make sure I get the 400 and get them a legendary. So far I haven't been able to buy BCM on that account.
  15. So I wanted to add some BCM coins to an alt account of mine, but to buy with it via paypal it requires you to log into the site now. As you can see I logged my main account (since I am writing this), but when I try to log my alt it says "make sure you are not blocking any features like java or flash". I try to log my main and voila, it logs. So @Kibbelz tell those people they are probably on a death wish. We cannot log to the site more than 1 accounts per IP/mac or something. My account is logging intot he game, so there are no restrictions, plus I have logged that account lately onl
  16. Well now I know why I get a dc when I go to shared maps, you try to reconnect to the game in another server which then brings this issue witht he pop up and then you might get a dc
  17. The c.speed is better, of course since you had Tahabata it woudl be good to get another .speed with more speed this time.
  18. It is some sort of a "siege" thing that you get from Katalam or something. I have never in my life seen any portals for it nor do I know anything about it and I doubt there is any documentation anywhere unless you search for it on youtube to find a walk through. Aion has stopped putting out information on patches etc, they just list things now and expect players to figure out things.
  19. I recently started having a dc when I enter any shared map. I can play for hours on Gelkmaros or other non shared maps, the moment I go to a shared map (usually Lakrum), my game lags, the character doesn't respond and a few seconds later I get a dc. It doesn't happen every time, I usually relog and try again and it might work this time. If this happened 1~2 times only I would think it is just a coincidence, but when it happens a few times per day it seems like a feature. I know many people might think it is my ISP or anything, but it makes no sense that I play the game for hours non stop
  20. Do a search in forums for "returning player" you will see a ton of responses that are relevant to your plea. If it is an old char you need to level a little bit to get to the next campaign or quest, it will automatically trigger once you reach the level. otherwise if you are not attached to that specific character, just make a new char and start normally, the game is streamlined to progress in leveling.
  21. Most of us just log to do the dailies only. It is like a habit we can't quit, and we don't want to quit and there is no reason to quit. We spend a minimum amount in game and that is it.
  22. The RNG is the No 1 reason by far, and that is mostly because many resources are either impossible to get or when you manage to get them ,they are rendered useless via RNG. The second most hateful thing is exclusive content and items that are impossible to get normally unless you pay real money or unless you do something that most people can't, like do a hard mode on an instance that only 1~2 groups can do. If you remember the biggest wave of quitters came when The Eternal Bastion was out and static alliances spammed it non stop.
  23. Red gemstone give you an additional offensive skill and it also enchants your existing offensive skills As for runestones, for pve it would be wise to get the two additional attacks and the one that increase your attack power Area ofEffect Additional Damage Increases Attack Power
  24. WTF... you mean photobucket is still existent? Didn't they shut down when they puled that trick to their millions of users? They are still obnoxious enough to put overlays on top of the images, use postimage.org or imgur, 100% free and hustle free (except imgur became corporate and requires an account verification)
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